10 Best Garden Games (Android/Iphone) 2022

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The number of games in the market today is limitless which makes it hard to decide on what kind of game to play. Having said that, we have come up with ten best gardening games for Android and iPhone 10 years from now based on a large database of reviews!

The “old gardening games” is a list of 10 best garden games that you can play on your phone. The list includes both Android and iOS apps.

How many of us like gardening? I believe a large number of us do. Gardening has a relaxing effect on us since it puts us closer to nature. But some of us choose to accomplish all of this via a gardening game, and believe me when I say that you will like the gardening games available today.

Anyone may participate in the gardening games (girls, boys, adults and even kids). Although there are many gardening games available, not all of them are worth your time, thus we have compiled a list of the top ten garden games to save you time.

Games for the Garden

best garden games

1. Lily’s Garden (Android/iOS)

best garden games for android

There are riddles, garden decorations, and beautiful love tales in this garden game, which is why it is ranked first on our list of greatest garden games. What else can you expect from a game set in a garden? Renovate the garden and tackle hard challenges in this garden game (that will be a good exercise for your brain).

You’ll be assisting your aunt in renovating her garden by matching flowers to answer the large blast puzzles. You’ll meet a variety of fascinating individuals who will add to the story’s twists and turns.

You’ll also find some secret sections in your garden, as well as hundreds of different blooms, making your garden one of the nicest in town. Your aim, on the other hand, is to decorate, refurbish, and enlarge the garden, as well as to gather and match flowers.

The plot is fantastic, and the gameplay and controls are simple and intuitive, so you’ll have a great time playing this free garden game.

2. Gardenscapes for Android and iOS

best garden games for iphone

I fell in love with this garden game just like its over 100 million players did, and they awarded it a 4.4 rating, which is really high. The intriguing plot, which is full of unexpected turns and twists, is one of the reasons for its immense appeal. This free garden game will undoubtedly get addictive.

You’ve been tasked with restoring a magnificent garden to its former glory and making it as flawless and spectacular as it once was. To accomplish so, you’ll need to design and restore various places, which will need you to complete match-3 levels. Get to the bottom of its mysteries and discover some surprising discoveries.

You’ll take on the role of Austin, and you’ll meet a variety of intriguing personalities who will provide depth to the plot. You will undoubtedly enjoy yourself while playing the game and maintaining a social network among your pals.

You’ll like the game’s hundreds of three-match levels. Gardenescapes is definitely worth a shot, so don’t pass it up.

3. Children’s garden game for Android

best garden games for ios

Children’s garden game Some of the greatest in this sector where you may introduce and teach children about this game. learn about the importance of gardening and how to do it. You may produce a variety of vegetables, fruits, and even some lovely flowers on your own. But that’s not all; you can turn your organic fruits and veggies into a business by selling them to local markets or dealers for a profit.

You might also create flower shops, vegetable garden stores, or a greenhouse where you can sell your fresh produce straight to clients. However, for everything you want to create, you must first prepare and do tasks such as removing grass for vegetable gardens, creating flower bouquets, and ensuring the ideal temperatures and atmosphere for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables in a greenhouse.

You’ll receive a lot of tools to help you create various sections and grow over 20 different veggies and fruits, as well as realistic images and sound effects.

4. Match 3 puzzle decorations in Royal Garden Tales Iphone / Android

android garden games

What could be better than a garden? An opulent garden!! This is one of the greatest garden games for ladies who desire to visit a royal garden and live in a castle with the nicest garden in the world.

Play the match 3 game to uncover the various mysteries hidden under its roots and learn about its enigmatic past. One of the finest aspects of this game is that it can be played both online and offline. Become the princess of gardens by downloading this garden game.

5. The Butterfly Garden Mystery: Scapes Match 3 Story for Android

garden games

Play the greatest garden games and immerse yourself in a lovely world. With the help of fairies and her pals, you will solve riddles and master the art of magic. What’s more intriguing is the plot, which is full of fantastic twists and turns.

It features hard match 3 games, as well as strong boosters and original gameplay. Play this magical game and make friends with other fairies to further your narrative. This garden game for boys and girls may be played without an internet connection.

6. Garden of Hidden Objects – Mystery Games for Android and iPhone

garden games for adults

One of the finest garden games for adults and children is Hidden Object Garden. This one should be your first pick if you like uncovering hidden stuff and being in the garden.

You won’t get bored since there are over 1000 hidden things to locate in a strange garden. Many genomes in the garden will be your friends and assist you. This game’s 3D setting will undoubtedly make you fall in love with it. Collect the points and locate all of the things, and if you like, you can even obtain tips.

7. Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic and Agriculture for Android and iPhone

farm garden games

One of the greatest garden games for kids is Fairy Kingdom. If you like both magic and farming, this is the greatest option for you. You will control your kingdom in this game, which is set in medieval times. This game takes things to the next level, allowing you to battle the bad guys and rescue the princess. Collect all of the mystical creatures that call your land home and construct a city.

Fruits Garden is a scape match 3 game for Android and iPhone.

fruits garden games

If you like match three games, this one is for you! Before you run out of moves, you must match three flowers of the same hue. You must finish the match 3 game in the appropriate number of moves in order to gain points to upgrade your house and garden.

Its garden is breathtaking, with blueberries, grapes, and a variety of other fruits. Proceed to the game, where adventure awaits you. This free garden game is a fantastic treat for people who like gardening and match 3 games, and it is fully offline, so you won’t need an internet connection to play it.

Android 9. Inner garden

Top 10 Best Garden Games Free Download (Android/iOS) 2020

It’s all about your imagination and gardening talents in this garden game. Inner garden will put your gardening abilities to the test and allow you to create your own garden. You must be aware of how calming gardens can be, and our game has done all possible to keep you comfortable.

As your garden grows, you’ll see that there are numerous flowers and creatures that join you. There will be nothing to bother or distract you here, so don’t hesitate to play this greatest garden game and unwind.

Garden Mania 3 is an Android game.

free garden games

Garden mania 3 is also a fantastic garden game to download and play if you’ve always fantasized about having a large garden and know how to take care of one. Here, you have complete control over your garden and may grow anything you choose. Harvest the crops you’ve grown and sell them to earn a profit.

If that isn’t enough, you can get a real pet and train him to protect your garden. Invite your friends to join you in the game and compete to have more fun. We couldn’t have a garden game list without this game, which is famed for its spectacular animations and eye-catching visuals. In this garden game, you won’t be alone since you’ll be surrounded by a variety of entertaining characters.


So there you have it: the top ten garden games we believe you’ll like. We sought to add garden activities that could be enjoyed by all members of the audience. We hope you enjoy your time in the garden with these activities.

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