10 Best MTG Commander Flip Cards (2021 Edition)

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While many Magic: The Gathering players enjoy the game by playing custom-made decks, others like to play with the cards as they were originally printed. These players enjoy casting spells, summoning monsters and watching as the outcomes are decided by the whims of chance. It’s a fun and addictive way to play, and one of the most popular formats for competitive play. If you’re looking to get started with this format, you can’t go wrong with any of the ten cards on this list—and you can find them all here.

The Commander format in Magic: the Gathering is a player-created format that allows you to play a game with a deck of 100 cards of your choice. The “Commander” card (hence the name) is a legendary creature that functions as your Commander and can be cast whenever you could cast a sorcery. There are a variety of ways to win the game, but the most common way to win in Commander is by reducing your opponent’s life total to zero.

It’s that amazing time of year where we all get to see the best and newest magic cards. Recently, the 2021 set of Magic the Gathering was released and with it came some amazing cards to play with. But, what do these cards do? Which ones are the best? Which ones are cards that you should avoid? Well, that’s where this article comes in! Today, we’ll be doing a review on the top 10 Magic the Gathering Commander flip cards!

word-image-4379 Throughout the history of Magic: the Gathering, many unique card types have been developed and tested. Some were more successful than others, and most sets included new items, such as the planeswalkers .. Other types of cards do not achieve the same popularity and become niche pieces that were only printed in a handful of editions or even a single copy. Flip cards are an excellent example of this type of card. Since Commander is one of the most popular formats in the game, and the format that has access to the most cards in Magic history, there are some insane options for any deck. These features include fold-out maps. In this guide, we take a look at the best flip maps in MTG Commander. We will also define what they are and answer some basic questions about them. Let’s begin… Use these links to navigate through this manual >>.

What is a flip card?

Technically, Flip cards are a series of 21 cards printed in a Kamigawa block. These are cards with different names and options at the top and bottom of the card. They appear in one form, and if a certain condition is met, they are turned over and become another card with new abilities. It would be difficult to list these cards individually. There aren’t many, so a list that would select the best of them would be, by definition, very limited. Fortunately, a Magic: the Gathering layman can also interpret the term flipped card in another way: as a double-sided transformation card. These cards have printed halves on both sides that act as separate cards. When certain conditions or requirements are met, they transform so that you can turn them around so that the other side is facing up. We include transformable cards in this list. Many people think of smart cards, even though that is not their technical name. Also read : Which MTG sets have lottery tickets? (And what does that mean?)

MTG CommanderBest Flip Cards

Coat tail, Kitsune Ascendant

word-image-11606 Runtail, Kitsune Ascendant is the perfect card for a list like this. Not only is it a literal card from the Kamigawa Saviors series, but it’s also legal as a Commander. It comes into play as a 2/2 creature. If you have a life equal to or greater than 30, it enters the Enchantment category. As an enchantment, it protects your creatures from damage. It’s like creating indestructible creatures. Runic Tail is a good choice for those looking for decks with one white creature.

Nezumi Tomb Raider

word-image-11607 Unlike Rune-Tail, Nezumi Graverobber cannot become your own commander. But we think it would work well in a Rat Tribe deck with a Mono Black commander. Nezumi works by exiling cards from your opponents’ graveyard. If you try to use this ability in an empty graveyard, you can flip the card and get an awesome Rat Mage. Nightyes the Desecrator is a powerful card. You can use it by paying four generics and one black to steal creatures from your opponents’ graveyard….. Hopefully, if you turn it around, you’ll have plenty of creatures to choose from!

Growth rituals of Itlimok

word-image-11608 There is a reason why Itlimoc’s Growth Rites are more expensive. It enters the battlefield as an enchantment that allows you to see the top four cards of your library and put a creature from it into your hand. The situation improves if there are at least four creatures on the battlefield. Then you turn it around and it becomes Itlimok, Cradle of the Sun – a phenomenal mana generator. You can then tap it to get green mana or green mana for each of your creatures on the battlefield. So, Itlimok is all the more effective the more you are on the battlefield. Consider using it in creature-oriented green decks.

Liliana, Heretic Healer

word-image-11609 What we like about Liliana the Heretic Healer is that she can be your commander, because she comes into play as a legendary. When one of your creatures dies, it turns and becomes an animal planeswalker. As a planeswalker, he has the ability to force players to discard cards, bring a non-legendary creature from your graveyard to the battlefield, and bring dying creatures under your control to the battlefield, among other abilities. She’s just a great card. Moreover, the aspect of reversal thematically fits Liliana’s story as a character in the story.

Nicol Bolas, Bandit

word-image-11610 This was the card everyone was looking forward to when it came out. Like the previous map, it starts as a legendary creature that can become your commander. You can pay for four generics, one blue, one black, and one red, to turn Nicholas Bolas, Raiders into Nicholas Bolas, Reborn. The other side of him is a flying man, and a very unpleasant one at that. He has four different loyalty abilities, which already puts him above most others. All his skills are good. You can use it to draw cards, destroy creatures and planeswalkers, draw creatures and planeswalkers from your graveyard, or remove most player libraries. It’s a vicious planeswalker that your opponents will do anything to get rid of. Also read : MTG Commander’s Exile Rules: How does exile work in Commander/EDH?

Theft from safe

word-image-11611 If you’re playing a red and blue control set with artifacts in the middle, we highly recommend Storm the Vault. First, it helps you generate mana by creating treasure tokens whenever one of your creatures inflicts combat damage on someone. If you have at least five artifacts, it gets even better. Storm the Vault turns into Vault of Catlacan, which is a land that provides a large amount of mana. You can get any color you want, or choose to make one blue mana for all artifacts under your control.

Nissa, son of Wastwood

word-image-11612 You’ve probably noticed a pattern associated with several cards on this list. We’ve used several legendary creatures that turn into planeswalkers, and Nyssa, Vastwood Seer is another one. Nyssa, in keeping with her green color, is perfect for building mana quickly. If you have seven spaces, make it a planewsalker. If it becomes a planeswalker, you can use it to get even more lands or play a card, make legendary creature tokens, or turn lands into huge 6/6 attacking creatures. Most green decks can benefit from using Nissa, Vastwood Seer. There’s really no downside to using it.

Journey to eternity

word-image-11613 It’s really weird. Journey to Eternity comes into play as an enchantment that you attach to a creature. Unlike most other spells, it does not harm the creature. It becomes useful when the creature it is attached to dies. It then becomes Atzal, the Cave of Eternity, a card that can be used to generate mana. You can also touch it, pay five mana, and return a creature from your graveyard to your battlefield. The important thing right now is that it’s a piece of land. Land destruction is rare in Commander decks, so you’ll likely be able to use Atsala, Cave of Eternity many turns.

Bloodline Watch

word-image-11614 Vampires are one of the most common tribes of black people. If you’re building a Vampire Tribe deck, Bloodline Guardian is a good candidate for a spot in your deck. A 3/3 flyer that can generate Vampire tokens is fun enough without it. But once you have at least five vampires, you can turn him into a powerful 5/5 flyer that gives all other vampires +2/+2. Of course, you can always use it to make new flying vampire tokens. If your enemies don’t do their best to destroy it, you can use it to build an army of vampires from scratch. Read also: 10 best MTG Commanderboard wipers

Primal Amulet

word-image-11615 Primal Amulet is a card that just needs to find its place in a caster deck, or a deck designed to let you cast a lot of instants and warlocks. First, it lowers the cost of casting such spells by one, an effect that is decent in itself. He gets a token every time you cast an instant or sorcery action, and if he has four tokens, you can turn him into Primal Wellspring. Primal Wellspring can be used to generate mana of any color, and also allows you to copy instants and spells and choose new targets for them. In short, Primal Amulet will eventually allow you to copy all your instances and spells. This is an incredibly powerful effect that will make your enemies flee in search of answers.

Flipchart questions

Can reverse cards give orders?

Commanders can usually only be one type of card: a legendary creature card. If not, the card should indicate that it can be used as a commander. The same rule applies to flip cards, whether you count real Kamigawa flip cards or transformation cards. To be used as a commander, a card of any type must enter the battlefield as a legendary creature. If not, and the other party is a legendary creature, the card cannot be used as a commander.

Can reverse planeswalkers be commanders?

Why not a card that turns into a planeswalker? Can they take the place of the commander in your game? The answer is the same as for the previous question. Yes, they can be your commander, but only if they enter the battlefield as a legendary. They cannot be a commander if they appear as a planeswalker, unless the card text specifically states that they can be a commander as a planeswalker.

Are reverse cards considered legendary?


Magic: the Gathering has a rule, called the Legendary Rule, that prohibits legendary cards with the same name from existing on the battlefield at the same time. The reason is obvious: Legendary cards should be legendary. If you could release them by the ton, they wouldn’t seem so legendary, right? This is why many people wonder if a flipped card is considered legendary. For example, if you play it and then flip it into a legendary permanent, can you play the other side of your card? Or does the legend rule apply, i.e. the card can only be played when both sides of the card are on the battlefield? What matters here is which side the game is played on. If one side is legendary in the game, the card is legendary. If the terrain is in play, no. In Commander, however, this is unimportant because you can’t have more than one copy of a given card in your deck, with a few exceptions. In other words: You don’t have two of the same cards face down, so you can’t play both sides of the same card at the same time.

ending in

Flipped cards are a fun and unique dynamic to experiment with in Commander decks. We’ve tried to add a little variety to this list, so you can try something the next time you’re looking for inspiration. There are many other interesting keywords you can check too. Infect is a particularly brutal keyword, and we’ve compiled a list of MTG artifacts with Infect for you.(No intro needed.) (Make sure to write an intro! ~Sebastian). Read more about mtg coin flip rules and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best card in Magic The Gathering 2021?

Magic The Gathering is one of the most popular and successful card games in the world. The game is designed to be played both casually, for fun, and competitively, where players participate in tournaments for cash prizes. One of the game’s most popular formats is called “Commander” where players choose a legendary creature to lead them into battle, with three other “loyal” cards assisting them, and one “casualty” card designed to be killed off for fun. The idea is to make the deck as powerful as possible, while keeping it balanced against others. Here’s a top 10 list of the best MTG Commander Flip Cards in 2021. There are a lot of great cards in the latest edition of Magic The Gathering which are well worth a first pick in draft, but in order to determine which one is best, you need to have a good understanding of the metagame and the format that you’re drafting. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype about a shiny new card and pick it, but it’s important to consider what decks it fits into and whether it’s going to be able to do anything in that deck.

What is the best MTG set for Commander?

Believe it or not, there is a lot of debate about which Magic: The Gathering set is the best for building your Commander deck. Some say the best Magic set for Commander is the set that was current when the format was created, while others claim the most recent set is the best one for building a Commander deck. So, what is the best MTG set for Commander? If you play Magic: The Gathering (MTG), you’ve no doubt heard of Commander (also known as EDH or Elder Dragon Highlander). It’s a popular format in which you take the game’s most powerful (and expensive) cards, use them as your commander, and then play with (and against) decks of similar power level. (You can find a list of every single Magic card ever made on the MTGSalvation wiki  in case you are interested in building your own Commander deck.)

What is the best commander in commander legends?

Commander is a Magic: the Gathering format where you can play with 100-card decks containing up to four of each card. So basically, you can play with way more awesome cards than you can in a normal game of Magic. But you have to build your deck a certain way, and you can’t just play any decks you want like you can in a normal game of Magic. (No, don’t go ask your friend to play Commander with cards from his Black Lotus deck. His deck isn’t Commander-legal.) Commander is a 100-card singleton format that is a casual variant of Magic: The Gathering. A deck can only have one copy of any card except for basic lands, and each card is restricted to a single color or color combination.

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