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You’re a real boy!

Over the years, several versions of Pinnochio have appeared. It’s a story that filmmakers have retold over the years, with Disney’s original 1940 version still being the most memorable and recognizable version of the story.

If you’ve run out of Disney+ shows and are looking for alternatives, don’t worry! We’ve combed through the archives with a fine-tooth comb and saved you all the hassle by offering you our best selections for alternative viewing.

So, without further ado, we present you 10 movies to watch when you are done watching Pinocchio.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Steven Spielberg’s fascinating and challenging science fiction is set in a not-so-distant future where the polar caps have melted and seawater has flooded many coastal cities.

As humanity gathers, a company of Mechs stands up and builds David, an artificial child who shows real emotions. These feelings manifest themselves in the form of an endless love for his mother, Monica. She adopts this child to replace her real son who is in a coma. But when she wakes up, Monica is left with two sons and a big dilemma.

With interesting ideas about humanity, love and our purpose in life, A.I. Artificial Intelligence is an intelligently written film worth watching.


Something like: Animation (CGI)

On the surface, this nightmarish Tim Burton-esque animated film has all the ingredients to unleash a childhood nightmare. From the talking cat to the mother with the piercing eyes, Coraline certainly has her share of quirks. Yet the film contains a rather important thematic hook that gives these surreal elements an engaging and important character to the story.

Although the story has already been told in various forms, Coraline is one of those artistically and intelligently written titles that will stay with you for a long time.

E-M Wall

Wall-E is one of Pixar’s best animated films and a well-written dystopian story with many warnings about the future of humanity. When the world is uninhabitable, the first images of an eerily silent earth folding up to reveal our little cleaning robot, surrounded by skyscrapers full of garbage, are a pretty painful way to start this movie.

This is where the adventures of Little Wall begin – we see how he embarks on a faraway journey that takes him to space, where we see the fate of humanity and what has happened to it. With strong themes around the future, classrooms, global warming and AI, Wall-E is a solid option in science fiction.


Dumbo is a short but very entertaining Disney animated film of just over an hour. Sure, it’s pretty dated, but the film remains one of the best animated films of the 1940s.

The story here revolves around a stork who has a baby elephant as a lady. Jumbo, a veteran of the circus in which the film is set, likes. With his huge ears, Dumbo is mocked, separated from his mother and sentenced to clowning around. All seems lost until his trusty mouse friend (aptly named Timothy Q-Mouse) helps Dumbo reach his full potential.

The scene with the pink elephant is also very trippy, and some of these wonderful visual references are definitely from Pinnokyo.


Cinderella is a classic Disney film that hits all the emotional notes you would expect from such a film. Cinderella is also the name of our main character, a beautiful girl with a big heart whose life is turned upside down by the death of her mother and the remarriage of her father. Unfortunately, he marries the evil Lady Tremaine, who has two equally evil daughters, Anastasia and Drizella.

When Cinderella’s father dies, Cinderella is forced to take responsibility for the family. Fortunately, she gets a glimmer of hope in the form of her good fairy, who helps her develop a plan to attend the royal ball.

Most of the story is well put together, with a story that has been adapted so many times over the years that it’s hard to know how many times it has been adapted! Still, this film remains a true Disney classic.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Pinnocchio was a musical and told from the point of view of a puppeteer of Geppetto? You don’t? That’s what this movie does.

Geppeto is a lively musical version of the 1940 film, with a rather polarizing response from audiences and critics, playing on the ideas of raising children and the adversity it brings. The essence of the drama here is really focused on Geppetto, who brings the Blue Fairy to him and asks him to try to fix Pinnocchio.

It’s finally the trigger that makes the toy run away. It’s not perfect, but it’s a wonderful tribute to the film and certainly one of the most unique ways to present the story.

Brother Bear

In 2003, Brother Bear became one of those long-forgotten hand-painted gems that gave way to the most famous works in the Disney catalog. Nevertheless, it is without a doubt a very good film.

The story takes place a long time ago, shortly after the earth emerged from the ice age. The story itself revolves around three brothers. Their family is torn apart when a bear kills his older brother and the impulsive Kenai, in a fit of rage, is determined to get revenge on that same bear.

Only when he turns into a bear does Kenai discover that he is being hunted by his own brother, Denahi. The only way for Kenai to survive is to team up with his worst enemy, a baby grizzly named Koda.

On the surface, he’s nothing like Pinnocchio, but the themes and strong ideas around love, brotherhood, and camaraderie are definitely there.


Frankenweenie is an animated film by Tim Burton, full of raw visuals on a black and white color palette. With well-designed characters and a well-developed plot, this is certainly an interesting animated story.

The story revolves around a little boy named Victor. When his dog Sparky is hit by a car, Victor decides to bring him back to life. It’s only when the garrigue monster begins to ravage Victor’s neighbors that he must try to prove that Sparky is still the same loyal friend he always was.

With strong themes of compassion and light touches of suspense, Frankenweenie is another movie worth watching.


Fantasia is a deep and hedonistic dive into classic Disney animation, handwritten against orchestral Western music – and it works wonders!

The film itself is cut into two hours and divided into several stories to tie everything together. In The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Mickey Mouse is a budding wizard, with his broomsticks and buckets of water at the ready, and by far the most memorable of all.

The Rite of Spring is an ode to evolution, and the Dance of the Hours is a comic ballet performed by animals. The film ends with Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria, both of which deal with the idea of darkness versus light.

While it doesn’t have much in common with Pinnochio on paper, the artistic style and ideas from this period are very similar and make this animated experience unique.

Pinnokyo (2020)

Last year the remake of Pinocchio came out with very little fanfare. Of course, some of this can be traced back to a specific virus, but it has largely been forgotten due to its gradual international spread.

But unlike Disney’s 1940 film, this adaptation is much closer to the classic Italian fairy tale. The result is something completely original and familiar, with a unique angle that makes it stand out.

Given the many other remakes, this one, despite its fairy tale origins, remains unique and appropriate. If there is a version of Pinnochio, watch it after the Disney classic. Do it!

So here they are, our 10 movies that will keep you busy after watching Pinocchio.

What do you think of our selection? Don’t you think? Are there any glaring omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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