10 TV Shows Like ‘Behind Her Eyes’

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Focused behind his beam

Behind Her Eyes is a terrifying and psychologically charged show that could well be one of the most polarizing endings in a long time.

If you’re done with this one and looking for something similar, we’ve searched the archives and saved 10 choices for you to look at as an alternative.

To make it easier for scrim readers, we’ve added the similarities.

Of course, we’ve also included a handy link for all the series we’ve reviewed, so you can read our thoughts on the series and see if it’s something you want to waste your time on.

So without further ado, here are 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite after watching Behind Her Eyes.


Similarities – characters and drama

It was clear from the beginning that something troubling lurked in the sinner’s shadow. The first season begins as a usual mystery thriller; a short build-up leads to young mother Cora Tannetti stabbing a man to death on the beach for no reason.

Since the crime has already been committed and shown in detail, there are two main questions animating the show: why did she kill him and what drove her to commit the crime? This question hangs over the series like a black cloud, and as investigator Harry Ambrose begins to dig deeper, a slowly opening box of clues sheds more light on the motive.

As truths and lies come to light, this methodically constructed mystery lets the plot continue until the climax is over, with the why instead of the who.

Harry Ambrose is the glue that holds the seasons together as various crimes crop up. The first season is by far the strongest of the three seasons.

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Loss of Alice

Conventions – Sign and Mystery

Loss of Alice is a slow-burning Israeli erotic thriller. With a cast of intriguing characters at its core, the series tends to meander a bit in the middle, but it certainly has many similarities to Behind Her Eyes. The story revolves around a woman, Alice, whose life is turned upside down when she agrees to make a film for the writer Sophie, femme fatale.

Over the course of the series, Alice realizes that she is stuck in a nightmare she created herself and she doesn’t know who she can trust or who she can tell the truth to. With very good plotting and a fairly consistent tone, the beginning and end of this series is enough to recommend soldiers during the middle chapters.

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Ghost hunter

Convergence – Dark Drama

When it comes to knowing what to expect from a crime thriller, Mindhunter meets all the requirements. Intelligently written, brilliantly performed and technically sound, Mindhunter is a rare and definitely not to be missed television series.

The concept here is simple. In the late 1970s, two FBI agents were tasked with interviewing serial killers to solve ongoing cases. This unique concept paves the way for terrifying dialogue and a truly captivating plot throughout the series’ two seasons. With a third season yet to be announced, Mindhunter has two seasons to look forward to, making it a must-have for anyone who enjoyed Beyond Her Eyes.

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Conventions – visuals and history

Legion is a complex science fiction series that exists somewhere in the strange space of the X-Men universe. It is also one of the most unusual and amazing shows you will see in the near future. If you watch Legion, you’ll understand why it’s on the list, especially given some of the twists and turns in the series’ closing moments.

The story here revolves around a super mutant named David Haller. This disturbed young man spends his time in an institution after being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

What follows is an unforgettable journey in which David tries to understand what is going on and why he is there. The series has three seasons and definitely ends, making it a solid and highly recommended series.

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Convergence – Slow Burn Thriller

Based on the Swedish novel Störst av allt by Malin Persson Diolito, Quicksand is a surprisingly well-written and compelling series that perfectly translates the novel into one of the best dramas of 2020. With two timelines separated by Maya’s flashbacks and a school shooter that anchors everything in place, Quicksand is a series that is easy to drop and hard to put away.

Blood spatters on school desks and the floor set the tone for the series, which begins after filming. Shocked by the gunshots, 18-year-old Maya sits with the murder weapon next to her.

When the police catch her and take her into custody, we learn in six episodes about the events leading up to that day, with Maya’s mentally unstable boyfriend, Sebastian, and all the drama that played out between the victims in the classroom. The slow build around all of this opens the way to a truly satisfying ending in which Maya’s fate is revealed.

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Big Little Lies

Similarities – Symbols that keep secrets

While the pointless second season somewhat detracts from the experience, the first season of Big Little Lies is a damn perfect story. With incredible acting, a mystery that slowly burns out and amazing discoveries in 7 episodes, Big Little Lies is without a doubt one of the best miniseries in recent memory.

The story essentially follows the three mothers and their families. A struggling Madeline struggles with her children growing up and no longer needing her, while dealing with conflicting feelings about her current husband, Ed.

There are also tensions between Nathan and his new wife Bonnie, while Jane struggles to find her son Ziggy again after he moves to the city, accused of biting Renata’s daughter at school. Their feud is the glue that holds everything together, but there’s a much darker central secret at work.

And she comes in the form of Celeste, who seems to have a perfect life with her twin sons and handsome husband Perry. Unfortunately, underneath this painful veil of smiles and laughter are unsustainable relationships based on violence and fear. It’s something to look at.

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Similarities – visual relationships and connections between characters

What do we get when we mix the Cosmic Odyssey, Brazil, the Twilight Zone and the Eternal Sun of the Immaculate Mind? Probably something along the lines of Netflix’s newest genre series, Maniac.

The first episodes immerse us in this alternative world of the 80s and introduce us to the two main characters and their personal lives, the other episodes constantly reinvent themselves, taking the series on a hedonistic journey into a fantasy dream world. This is where Maniac really shines, standing out from the other series and becoming one of the best Netflix originals of 2018.

It’s not for everyone, but the trivial visuals and interesting premises make for a solid picture.

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Conventions – Sign and Mystery

Japanese drama Switched is an interesting, psychologically charged series, as compelling as it is unique.

The story unfolds quickly, with an opening of about 10 minutes that sets the tone and pace for what follows. In a faded purple sky under a red moon, Zenko Umine, a depressed high school student, commits suicide while her classmate Ayumi looks on in horror.

After Ayumi passes out, she wakes up and finds herself trapped in Umine’s body. From there, the journey of the two girls as they try to adjust to their new fate begins, with their classmate Kaga providing Ayumi with a much-needed empathetic anchor.

Like Behind Her Eyes, this series is distinguished by the fact that it focuses on a set of three people exploring dark themes and ideas. It won’t be for everyone, but it’s definitely one of the most unique entries to watch.

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Conventions – Drama

Another gem to look out for is the creepy original Hulu Act series. The villain’s ideas surrounding Munchausen by proxy are really well written and fit perfectly into the main plot.

Spread over 10 episodes, The Act focuses on Dee Dee Blanchard as she overprotects her daughter Gypsy. However, the gypsy tries to avoid a toxic relationship with her mother. As she begins to break through her mother’s protective shell and fight for her independence, she opens a Pandora’s box full of secrets and surprises that will ultimately lead to murder.

Because it is based on a true story, The Act has a raw energy that leads to a truly dramatic ending. You’ll almost certainly come out of this with a good opinion.

Tabula Rasa

Likeness – Mystery Slow-burning

If you’re in the mood for a slow-paced thriller, look no further than Belgium’s Tabula Rasa. With an intriguing premise, solid characters, and a suspenseful mystery that makes you want to go all in, this detective drama is well worth your time.

The psychological thriller revolves around a young woman with amnesia named Mi who is locked up in a mental hospital. When Commissioner Volkers visits them, he claims to be the last person seen with the missing Thomas Spectre.

As a witness and prime suspect in the case, Mi is forced to remember what happened that night before she can even think about being released. To fight for the truth, Mee is forced to retrieve lost memories. But the more she remembers, the more Mi begins to trust the people around her.

Atmospheric, ambitious and very well written, Tabula Rasa is a solid series worth checking out.

So we’ve got 10 TV series for you to watch if you’ve ever watched Behind Her Eyes on Netflix.

What do you think of our selection? Don’t you think? Are there any glaring omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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