15 Best Countdown Apps (Iphone/Android) 2022

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The countdown app is a must-have for all people that need to keep track of tasks. You just have to know which apps are the best ones.

The “best countdown app android 2021” is a list of the best countdown apps for Android and iOS. The list includes the top 15 countdown apps and their release date, as well as a brief description of each app.

If something wonderful or special is going to happen in your life, and you’re constantly checking the days, hours, or minutes before it happens, how about having a countdown app that reminds you how much time is left till the big event? Isn’t it going to be so wonderful and interesting? Most people just check off days on a calendar, but how can we leave you with antiquated countdown techniques now that everything is digitalized and virtual?

We’ve chosen the greatest countdown apps for Android and iPhone to match your enthusiasm. So check out our selection of the top countdown apps and choose the one that best fits your style!

Apps for Countdowns

best countdown apps

1. Is the Countdown App Dead? There’s an Android / iPhone app for that.

top countdown apps

We apologize for opening our list with this app, but it’s a fascinating one. Though it was not created just for the purpose of counting down, it may certainly bring some strange amusement to your life. You may use this app to find out how many days are left in your life by downloading it and using it.

Why is it amusing? You may play a joke on someone since this app is based on the movie COUNTDOWN, in which a nurse discovers she only has three days left to live and does all it takes to preserve her life. It’ll be a lot of fun if you and your buddies use this app during a party and giggle over the outcomes!

Take the findings with a grain of salt; this app is intended for enjoyment only.

2. Android app and widget for counting down the days

countdown apps

Countdown Days is one of the greatest Android and iPhone countdown applications, and you should absolutely use it if you have a major event coming up. It has a lot of cool features that make it the greatest countdown software available online.

One of the finest advantages of this countdown software is that it allows you to create countdowns for many occasions in a single display, ensuring that you don’t miss any important events in your life. You may personalize each countdown by selecting various colors and fonts for different occasions. You may also share events with your friends by importing them from your calendar. So, if you’re seeking for the finest countdown app, look no further.

3. Android Countdown Widget

best countdown app for android

Okay, this countdown app was created for individuals who desire something unique and out of the usual; this countdown app will tell you how much time is left in your heartbeats! Confused? For example, if you set a countdown for your wedding day, it would inform you how much time you have left “in 1720000 heartbeats.” You will understand the significance of each beating, making your wait worthwhile!

However, you may also set it for months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds. It will display the countdown in visually stunning widgets. This countdown app has a lot of other intriguing features!

4. Countdown to the end – Android widget

best countdown app for ios

It’s also a great approach to start counting down to the major events. It’s fantastic since it’s both an app and a widget. You may resize the widget and move it across your home screen with ease. This countdown software works well on both Android and iPhone, and it can be simply synced across many devices.

You may simply personalize the widgets to your liking. This countdown app has a number of nice backgrounds to choose from. You may also cross-platform share some of your customized countdown applications.

5. Android countdown timer with days remaining

best countdown app for iphone

Days Left is one of the greatest Android countdown applications, and it ensures that you never miss an important occasion. It’s simple to construct a widget out of it and add it to your home screen. It is quite simple to use and does not have any complicated features that may cause you to get confused.

Simply place the widget on your home screen to keep track of the time remaining for meetings, birthdays, and other events. It has a really basic style and layout that is nonetheless extremely striking.

6. Countdown to Android’s stunning countdowns

event countdown apps

It’s also a fantastic countdown app to have on your phone, and you’ll be quite pleased with it. Simply set the timer to see how much time is left for any event, meeting, birthday, or other occasion. You may check the remaining time in months, days, hours, minutes, or even seconds to get a better picture of how much time is left!

And if you believe countdown applications are simply a waste of storage space on your phone, you’re mistaken, since this countdown app is surprisingly compact and includes all the great features you’d expect from a countdown app. So, if you want to start a countdown, get time until!

7. Countdown time – Android widget for event countdowns and big days

best countdown app

You won’t find a better countdown software than countdown time; if all you need is a countdown app for all the approaching major events, this should be your first pick.

It can monitor as many events as you wish, so you may have many countdowns for various events going on at the same time. With its various theme settings and hundreds of backdrop possibilities, you may completely personalize the widget. It has a really sleek and stunning design. You may also customize it with other headers and display styles.

8. Android app and widget for counting down the days

Top 15 Best Countdown Apps (Iphone/Android) 2020

The Countdown Days app and widgets are among the greatest countdown apps available. Do you have a number of events planned? No worries, you can set countdowns for other occasions and keep track of them all so you don’t miss out on anything.

Is there a birthday coming up? Setting up a countdown widget with their picture is a great idea, and you can accomplish that with our countdown software.

9. Android Countdown Timer

best app for countdown

If we speak about what makes this countdown app so popular, the answer is its very amazing design and ability to build a lovely countdown. It is one of the most basic Android countdown apps available.

You may simply use a timer or a start/stop timer to do this. You may also return to the original value if desired. With its dynamic counter wheels, you’ll see some of the greatest methods to present.

10. Time and date based countdown Iphone / Android

android countdown app

Hundreds of thousands of users have downloaded this countdown app to keep track of approaching major events. Add the event’s location and date, and this app will keep you up to date on how much time is left till the event.

Its design is one-of-a-kind and stunning, so you’ll appreciate the countdown. You may also customize the countdown by selecting your own photographs.

11. Android Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown

ios countdown app

Countdown for Events is a countdown app for Android that allows you to keep track of the time for any approaching event you don’t want to miss. This program allows you to create an endless number of countdowns and countdown the days in the status bar.

With its numerous useful features, you may adjust the alarm settings. You will not be disappointed if you download this countdown app.

12. Countdown to major events Iphone / Android

iphone countdown app

Big days are typically noted for their stunning designs, which one can’t help but admire. Because it is so wonderful, you will be grateful to us for introducing you to our countdown app.

You may make it your own by selecting a photo from the gallery to save any event. It will send you a notice for each specific event, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride to the event. This countdown software allows you to list all events and add an infinite number of new ones. You don’t have to think twice about downloading this countdown app and making your wait worthwhile.

13. Android / iPhone minimalistic countdown timer

countdown apps

This is a fantastic countdown app to have on your phone. You never know when you may need this sort of software, so download it and set the countdown for anything essential that is coming up in the next few days. This way, you won’t forget or miss anything.

You may choose from a variety of sounds for the countdown to ring loudly as the event approaches). It’s simple to use, and the intuitive design will leave you speechless. For the event countdown, you may use any unit.

14. Android / iPhone vacation countdown app

top countdown apps

This countdown app is designed just for travelers. When we are waiting for a large vacation, we always mark crosses in our calendars, but now you can simply set the timer on your phone and arrange your journey appropriately.

You’ll have a lot of options to modify the countdown app to your liking.

15. Android / iPhone Countdown+ widgets calendar lite

best countdown apps

With this software, you can make your own unique countdown widget and add as many events as you wish. This is a popular countdown app as well.

This countdown app may be linked to your Facebook account. It also has a lot of fascinating features. So go to the Google Play Store and get this fantastic countdown app.


So there you have it: the 15 greatest countdown apps for Android and iPhone to ensure you never miss an important occasion in your life. We hope you found this article to be informative.

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