15 Best Game Booster Apps (Android/iOS) 2022

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Game Booster apps are a great way to optimize your gaming experience. The best ones will help you find the games that work best for you, and even offer other cool features like cheat codes or mods.

The best game booster for android 2021 is a list of the best apps that help speed up your phone and make it run faster.

On our smartphones, we all like playing games. It is the greatest thing to do when we are bored, need to kill time, or are just hooked to certain games. Whatever the case may be, you need to play some games on your smartphone, but your smartphone does not share your enthusiasm for games! You may have observed that certain games are resource intensive and that your phone’s ram struggles to keep up, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top game booster applications that you’ll enjoy. Examine them to ensure that your favorite games operate properly.

Apps to Boost Your Game

best game booster apps

1. Game Booster for Android | Play Games Faster and Smoother

best game booster app

This is one of the best game booster applications available. With only one tap, you can improve the performance of your phone. Your phone’s RAM will appreciate you since it will optimize your phone like never before and provide you with the fastest performance possible. We understand the frustrations you may be having with your phone’s performance when playing games; thus, you should certainly download our game booster software to improve your gaming experience. With only one click, it will also improve your phone’s CPU and increase its RAM! Isn’t it incredible? It will bring out the true performance of your Android smartphone and allow it to reach its full potential. It runs in the background and optimizes your phone over time. It may be used to improve any app on your phone. With this game booster software for Android, you can get the most out of your phone and forget about the lags!

2. Dr Booster – Android Game Speed Booster

top game booster apps

It’s one of the finest game booster applications available, allowing you to improve your phone’s performance. By increasing the RAM and CPU on your phone, you will be able to improve its performance. This android game booster software will improve your phone’s memory and performance by a significant amount. After you start using the app, you will notice a significant improvement in the performance of your phone. You can play your favorite game without worrying about the phone’s memory or latency. One of the greatest aspects of this program is that you can install as many applications as you like and still have it run quickly. You can detect malware and protect your phone from a variety of dangers. It’s also a highly regarded app, with a 4.5-star rating.

3. Android Game Booster

top game booster app

We all know that having more games on our phone slows it down. This is due to limited RAM storage, which causes your phone to slow down and interrupt background applications. To avoid this, use this game booster software and increase the performance of your phone. It will increase your RAM and make your phone much more efficient and quick. It will handle all of your favorite games so that you can enjoy your gaming experience without slowing down your phone’s performance or memory.

You may use this game booster app android before playing your favorite game, and it will stop all of your background applications to free up space and improve the performance of your game. This software is compatible with both phones and tablets (and even low-RAM devices!). It will handle all of your applications with just one touch.

4. Game Booster – 4x Faster CPU, GPU, and RAM for Android

game booster app for android

With over 10 million users globally, it has a 4.5 rating. This app’s greatest feature is its auto gaming mode, which automatically configures all of the game turbo and game tuner. It’s one of the finest game booster applications, capable of boosting your phone and making it four times quicker than before (we bet you won’t find this sort of claim in other Android game booster apps).

It will substantially increase the performance of your phone’s CPU and GPU, resulting in considerably improved gaming performance. It will improve the smoothness of your gaming by increasing your RAM and SD card. This game booster software will improve the performance of all of your CPU cores. It features a system performance tuner that monitors system performance and checks for system stability, as well as a variety of other problems. It features a 1080p resolution, which will allow you to alter the resolution of your favorite games. It will enable HDR game visuals, making them more enjoyable and simple to play (without the lagging). Memory load, temperature, and network latency will all be monitored via the HUD mode.

This software also has the ability to cool the CPU and preserve battery life. It features a zero-lag option that will greatly improve its performance.

To summarize, it is a fantastic game booster software that you can depend on.

5. Game Booster – Advanced Speed Booster in One Tap for Android

game booster app for iphone

If you’re searching for a simple game booster software that’s also free, this is the app for you. It’s a simple and effective method for increasing your phone’s memory and enhancing its gaming experience. It includes an app launcher, booster, and speed optimizer, as well as other game booster features.

It comes with a proprietary GFX tool that optimizes graphics performance, unlocks maximum FPS, and reduces phone latency.

You may expand your phone’s RAM by 80% and use a sophisticated graphics optimization tool to quickly change game resolutions and improve FPS. By utilizing it, you may free up memory on your phone before starting your game, which will help your game run faster.

6. PUBG Booster – 60FPS Game Booster for Android

Best Game Booster Apps

For pubg mobile, there is a game enhancer app. Everyone nowadays is a fan of PUBG, and many spend hours playing it. Your phone battery, as much as you love it, isn’t a fan of players unknown battlefield! It is one of the most demanding games available, and it often causes your phone to slow. To avoid this, we purchased a game booster developed just for PUBG fans.

If you play PUBG often, you’re probably aware of the issues with phone memory, but we’re here to help you preserve your gaming experience. Download our game booster software right now and it’ll increase your phone’s memory and make it PUBG friendly.

7. UU Game Booster-network solution for Android / iPhone with high ping

game booster apps for pubg

Switch to this game booster software for iOS and Android right now if you’re experiencing trouble with a shaky connection or latency. It will assist you in resolving these problems. To improve your gaming experience, say goodbye to high ping problems and enjoy favorite games with a steady connection. Without a VPN, you will have a very fast connection. It includes battle royale-specific utilities that will optimize your phone and improve your gaming.

8. Android Game Booster

android game booster apps

It is the greatest game booster software for Android that boosts and cools your CPU, making your phone operate quicker and smoother while you play games on it. It’s a basic game enhancer software that’s simple and free. When your phone is sluggish, get a memory boost. It will automatically detect and cool your phone’s temperature.

9. Android Game Booster & Launcher

free game booster apps

It will aid in the launch of your game and make it operate more quickly and smoothly. Simply pick the game you want to play and touch it to speed up the loading process and enjoy it to its maximum potential. It will shut down all operating applications in the background, giving you an interrupted experience.

10. Game booster – Improve your gaming experience and eliminate latency on Android.

game booster app free

This is a fantastic Android game enhancer. This software will improve your experience by freeing up memory and speeding up your phone to its full potential. It will restore your phone’s original performance by speeding up your memory by two times. Its game mode function is a gamer’s dream come true.

11. Booster For Free Fire – 60FPS Android Game Booster

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Use the greatest game booster software for Android to play all of your favorite games without slowing your phone. While you’re playing, the backdrop will be cleared. It comes with an FPS monitor to guarantee that you have a pleasant and seamless gaming experience. By utilizing the graphic optimizer tool, you may play with advanced visuals.

12. Phone Cooler (Fast CPU Cooler) Android Game Booster 2019

game booster android

It is a well-liked top game booster software with a 4.5-star rating. It is a free game enhancer software that is simple and beautiful to use. It will lower the temperature of your CPU and increase the performance of your phone by freeing up RAM. It’s a one-touch game enhancer for Android that works with only a single tap.

13. Game Booster – Android games run twice as fast

pubg game booster app

This game booster software for Android will maximize the performance of your phone by freeing up RAM and increasing overall speed, allowing you to play your favorite or most demanding games without sacrificing speed. It is one of the most powerful optimizers, so if you have a lot of applications and games on your phone, it will be an excellent option.

Free Android Game Booster – Play Games Faster & Smoother

boost game pubg

You may get this best game booster software for free on your Android smartphone and use it to manage all of your applications. Having a lot of applications is a requirement these days, but it won’t assist our phone performance. To prevent this, check out this program and optimize your phone to its optimum speed.

Game Booster – Arcade Booster Pro Android Speed Booster

best game booster app

It is a top game booster software since it will automatically identify and repair lags on your phone. You must first add the games to the app and then manage them inside it. When you open the added app on your smartphone, it will be instantly enhanced. It will improve the performance of your phone by 60%.


So there you have it, the best game booster applications available. We hope that the following collection of game booster applications for Android and iOS will assist you in improving your game.

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The pubg speed booster is a game booster app that can help to increase your FPS. It has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by over 1,000 users and has won the Best App Award in 2019.

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