11 Best Red Cards For MTG To Scorch the Competition

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There are several different kinds of red cards in the game of Magic: The Gathering. Mono-red cards will be considered for these lists, but will mostly be found in EDH. You can also find a lot of red cards that are very budget-friendly. The best thing about red cards is that they can be a powerful tool for your collection.

1. Blasphemous Act

Blasphemous Act is a powerful card that has many uses. It is one of the most versatile Commander spells in the game, dealing up to 13 damage to any creature it hits. It is also a great value for the mana cost, as it can often be played for five or less per creature.

Blasphemous Act is a sorcery card that was released in the Innistrad set in Sep 2011. It has since been printed in 18 different sets and is currently available for purchase for $ 2.07. It is an important card in a red deck, especially in Commander, as it allows players to use powerful damage effects that can destroy the opponent’s entire board.

Some of the other powerful red creatures are Imperial Recruiter, Mirror Breaker, and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. These are all powerful creatures with many combos. Neheb, the Eternal, is another powerful creature in red, as he can turn dudes sideways and spout mana from a mana rock.

2. Thrill of Possibility

Thrill of Possibility is a two-mana instant card that allows you to discard one card and draw two more. It is a very popular card that sees play in many different decks, including Commander, Modern, and Pauper. However, it is not the best card in the game. While it is popular, its draw effect is mediocre and it does not have the ability to win you a game.

Thrill of Possibility is also a good card to play in Standard. Its advantage over Impending Doom means it’s a great card to play against Aggro decks. Moreover, it’s a two-mana card, so you don’t have to discard it after casting it.

3. Breya’s Apprentice

Another good red card is Breya’s Apprentice. This artifact creature can draw a card each turn if it has Treasure tokens. It’s best used in Izzet-themed decks since it can draw extra cards. It’s also a good fit for mono-red decks.

4. Tormenting Voice

Another red card that should be considered is Tormenting Voice. It is a two-mana card and Tormenting Voice is more popular in Pauper. Cathartic Reunion is a three-mana red sorcery that should be considered as well.

This card is very cheap and is a good addition to any mono-red deck. It can give you a creature or draw two cards while destroying all other cards in your opponent’s hand. Those are great advantages for red, but the downside is that it’s a low-advantage card.

Luckily, it’s worth adding it to your deck if you want to be able to draw two extra cards and gain one.

5. Monastery Swiftspear

There are many reasons to play Monastery Swiftspear. For one, the card is a powerful, long-range threat. It can also be used to apply maximum pressure. While this card is not a win-all deck, it can get ahead enough to try and end the game with burn spells.

Another reason is that it can establish a presence on the table with its Machine menace ability.

Monastery Swiftspear has a lot of strengths that make it a solid choice for any red deck. It has two types of stats: haste, and prowess. It also has the ability to cast burning spells, which grants +1/+1. It can also attack without fear. It is also part of the Alpha set, which contains five cards that have three effects each.

Red is the color of freedom, and its spells deal damage and destroy lands and artifacts. Red creatures also have high power and are fast. These characteristics make red cards the best red cards in Magic.

6. Blood Moon

Some cards are more effective than others, such as Blood Moon. This card was originally from the mid-90s set, but found a home in Modern and has since gained immense popularity.

The card is a red four-drop, but its four loyalty abilities make it a strong red card. It can’t be considered the next Chandra, but it’s a solid option in red decks.

Blood Moon converts nonbasic lands into Mountains. This effect can work wonders against greedy manabases. Moreover, it can be paired with Monastery Swiftspear, which is tied to the Jeskai Way faction. Its ability to kill nonbasic creatures is especially valuable in dedicated Burn decks.

But you may want to look for something a little different than that. A good card to include in a deck is Fable of the Mirror-Breaker. It can fit into both aggressive and control decks. Its multiple bodies and card selection make it a versatile choice for either deck.

7. Flowstone Infusion

Flowstone Infusion is a powerful red card that can be a game-changing card. This variant of the Dominaria Flowstone card can be a removal spell or a combat trick.

In addition to being one of the most powerful red cards in MTG, it is also one of the most versatile.

This midrange creature can be used to pump other creatures in your deck. It also helps you kill creatures with a toughness of two or less. It is a solid choice in aggressive two-mana decks. You can also use it to deal with potential blockers.

And, like Crimson Vow, Flowstone Infusion is a good choice for early-game removal.

8. Devilish Valet

The main goal of red decks is to create small, aggressive creatures that can take down opponents quickly. One card that can help with this is Devilish Valet, which is a 1/3 Devil Warrior. Its haste and trample will help you take down your opponents quickly.

This card can also help you use token strategies or Voltron.

9. Urabrask, Heretic Praetor

Another powerful red card is Urabrask, Heretic Praetor. This 4/4 with haste and an impulsive draw for five mana has two unique abilities that benefit the controller and hinder the other players. Moreover, it also exiles the top card of your library, making it useful for players who want to access other cards.

10. Reforge the Soul

Reforge the Soul is an underrated card in MTG, especially for red players who are desperate to get a card advantage. The card allows you to cast an artifact for two and turn a 2/1 into a 4/1. Its ability to do this makes it one of the best red cards in the game. Its card effect also makes it a good card to play in Commander.

Reforge the Soul is similar to Wheel of Fortune, but it is easier to cast. It can also be cast for a single card, making it much more accessible than Wheel of Fate. The card is also often first-drawn, making it an ideal card to include in a deck. You can also use it to disrupt a nonbasic effect such as tutoring and the Reliquary Tower.

Reforge the Soul is an excellent red card in MTG, but it’s not without its flaws. For one, it lacks the firepower of the other colors. Because of this, it’s sometimes considered the weakest red card in the game.

11. Goblin Welder

Another great red card is the Goblin Welder, which is one of the most powerful creatures in the game. It has a large impact on the game, especially if you use it on your opponent’s artifacts. It also works well in combos, especially with cards like Imperial Recruiter.

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