16 Best Red Cards MTG to Scorch the Competition

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Red cards are exciting, powerful, and often game winning. Whether you’re playing EDH or Standard these 16 red cards will give your deck that extra oomph.

The “top 25 red cards mtg” is a list of the best red cards in Magic: The Gathering. These are all creatures that can be played as early game threats, midrange threats, or late game finishers.

16 Best Red Cards MTG to Scorch the Competition

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Best Red Cards

Hard-hitting Instants and Sorceries, as well as fast-attacking creatures with Haste and Planeswalkers with insanely destructive abilities, are the greatest red cards in MTG.

Continue reading to learn about 16 of the finest Magic the Gathering cards for red decks!

Chandra and Pyrogenius are the best Red Planeswalkers.

Magic The Gathering - Chandra, Pyrogenius (265/264) - Planeswalker Deck Exclusives - Foil

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Chandra, Pyrogenius is a Mythic Rare red Planeswalker with a traditional red color scheme. You put five loyalty counters on the card when she enters play. As soon as she steps onto the board, she poses an instant danger.

Chandra’s Pyrogenius variant has the following abilities:

  1. Every other player takes 2 damage and gains +2 loyalty counters.
  2. Deal 4 direct damage to a creature of your choosing for -3 loyalty counters.
  3. Deal 6 damage to a single player and all of their creatures by paying -10 loyalty points.

CMC: 6

Mythic Rare Rarity

Chandra Nalaar is a writer who lives in India.

Magic The Gathering - Chandra Nalaar is a writer who lives in India. - Duel Decks: Jace vs Chandra

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The Chandra Nalaar is a writer who lives in India. Planeswalker is a great addition to aggro decks, red or multi-colored commander decks, and any other decks that involve red mana. It is one of the best Planeswalkers for a mono red deck too.

The abilities of Chandra Nalaar is a writer who lives in India. include:

  1. Deal 1 damage to a player and add +1 loyalty counter.
  2. Pay -X loyalty counters and inflict the same amount of damage to a creature as X.
  3. Pay -8 loyalty counters and inflict 10 damage to all creatures controlled by any player.

CMC: 5

Mythic Rare Rarity

Anyone up for a good game?

Legendary Red Creatures at their Finest Angel of Fury, Akroma

Magic: the Gathering - Akroma, Angel of Fury - Commander

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Akroma, Angel of Fury is one of the most powerful 8 mana legendary creatures of any color. This 6/6 Flyer has white and blue protection, as well as the ability to Trample and Morph(CMC 6).

If you pay one red mana at any point during the round, Akroma gets +1/+0 for the rest of the turn. Furthermore, as you’re casting the card, it can’t be countered by spells or abilities, making it even more versatile and powerful.

If you’re looking for battlefield might, go no further. This monster dominates the battlefield even against setups like Hanweir Battlements.

CMC: 8

Rarity: Very rare.

Indeed, a good game!

Mirror Breaker, Kiki Jiki

Magic The Gathering - Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - Modern Masters

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Kiki-Jiki is a popular legendary monster Goblin Shaman with Mythic Rare classification who only costs five mana to summon (which for a standard format is amazing for such a powerful card). Kiki is a great value in the commander format, however she’s no Chandra.

This Goblin has Haste and the ability to tap for a creature token when he enters the game. The real kicker is that the clone may be of any nonlegendary creature you control, and it can move quickly.

It is without a doubt one of the coolest Goblin cards ever produced by Wizards. Imperial Recruiter, on the other hand, is an excellent complement to red Goblin aggressive strategies.

CMC: 5

Mythic Rare Rarity

Dragonmaster Outcast Best Red Creatures

Magic The Gathering - Dragonmaster Outcast (144/274) - Battle for Zendikar

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This Human Shaman is a Mythic Rare who, shockingly, does not qualify as a legendary monster. As a result, if you’re playing Commander, he can’t be a selected leader. That isn’t to say it shouldn’t be included in your red decks!

This “little” 1/1 creature is very powerful: if you have more than six lands on the board at the start of your turn, you may make 5/5 red Dragon creature tokens (just one per turn).

This card works well in midrange strategies. Simply erect an outpost siege and a few of defensive creatures, and the game is yours as you produce monster tokens left and right.

CMC: 1

Mythic Rare Rarity

Pyromancer in training

Magic: The Gathering - Pyromancer in training - Ultimate Masters - Uncommon

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The Pyromancer in training is a Human Shaman of Uncommon status, with a two mana cost. The spell is everything but common though, Pyromancer in training is excellent in all star decks.

You may place a 1/1 red Elemental creature token on the field anytime you cast an Instant or Sorcery while this creature is on the board.

Make sure you don’t forget about this card. Although it isn’t a Chandra or even an Elemental, it is significantly more helpful than it seems.

How many cards do you know that create free 1/1 creature tokens every time you perform a spell? For no extra charge?

CMC: 2

Uncommon rarity

Matron of the Goblins

Magic: the Gathering - Matron of the Goblins - Seventh Edition

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The Matron of the Goblins is another example of why these 1/1 red cards are infamous in MTG decks. When this creature hits the field, you get to search your deck for a Goblin card.

If you do, present the card to the other players before taking it into your hand. When you’re done, shuffle your cards.

There are several lower but comparable cards, however the most of them are aimed towards a top card, rather than a card of your choosing or a certain sort.

CMC: 3

Uncommon rarity

Welder of Goblins

Welder of Goblins - Commander Anthology Vol. II

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Yet another 1/1 red pinger card worth stacking into as many of your red mana decks as possible is the Welder of Goblins. Even more, this one only costs one mana.. *poof* mind blown.

This Rare Goblin Artificer has the ability to tap and select an artifact and an artifact card from a target player’s graveyard, then swap them.

Just when you thought your adversary had you where they wanted you?

Wham! It was a fun game.

CMC: 1

Rarity: Very rare.

Red Instants and Sorceries at their Finest Bolt of Lightning

Magic: the Gathering - Lightning Bolt - Magic 2011

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Lightning Bolt is one of the most well-known rapid damage spells in Magic the Gathering (especially those that deliver three damage right away). It may be cast with any mana color. The greatest aspect is that they are Instant Games that may be played at almost any time.

This card, though, is an excellent illustration of why red mana is so powerful. These red mana Instants deal 2, 3, or even 4 times the amount of mana they cost in direct damage.

CMC: 1

Common Rarity

Lightning Strike with a Burst

Magic The Gathering - Burst Lightning (109/249) - Modern Masters 2015

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Lightning Strike with a Burst is another one mana red Instant that deals up to four damage. When you cast this card, the opponents are in a world of hurt.

If you pay the kicker (4 CMC), the card delivers 4 damage to a target player or creature instead of the usual 2 damage.

This card arrives in tremendous hand in reserve against an opponent player, as well as legendary monsters like the Ur Dragon.

What’s the bottom line? With a couple of these, perhaps? It’s a fun game.

CMC: 1

Common Rarity

Looting without a conscience

Magic: The Gathering - Looting without a conscience - Ultimate Masters - Common

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For one mana of the color red, the Looting without a conscience sorcery card advantage is ridiculous, when it comes to drawing, discarding, and milling cards.

Furthermore, the spell includes Flashback (3 CMC). That implies you can bring it back from the cemetery anytime you want (whenever it hurts your opponents the most).

The spell’s advantage isn’t a physical assault, but it’s still a fantastic move. Blasphemous Act is a nice red spell alternative.

CMC: 1

Common Rarity


Magic The Gathering Shock

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Shock isn’t the most powerful damage spell in the game, but it does 2 direct damage to the player or creature of your choosing for a single red mana.

That means your opponents may say goodbye to their annoying 1/1 Dragon fliers that tap to inflict damage to you, as well as their 2/2 Elves who tap for additional mana.

Shock is, without a doubt, one of the most common damage spells in Wizards decks. Is there anything more we can say?… lol.

CMC: 1

Common Rarity

Valakut Awakening & Valakut Stoneforge

Valakut Awakening // Valakut Stoneforge - Extended Art

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Valakut’s Awakening is really one half of a two-card set. It is used in conjunction with Valakut Stoneforge. Both cards are Instants, but you may only cast one of them at a time.

You may place any number of cards from your hand onto the bottom of your deck while casting these spells. You may then draw that many top cards, plus one more card, one by one.

Blasphemous Act is another option with a lower danger factor. Dwarven Hammer may even be able to take its place in certain decks.

CMC: 3

Rarity: Very rare.

Warp of Chaos

Magic: The Gathering - Warp of Chaos (036) - Borderless - Foil-Etched - Strixhaven Mystical Archive

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Warp of Chaos is the only Mythic Rare Instant on our list, and belongs to a very small cool-kids club made up of Instants with said shiny red badge (Mythic Rare Instants are indeed very rare). For Wizards decks, it is a must-add card.

When you cast it, the spell’s target shuffles a permanent into their deck and then displays the top red cards of their deck to everyone. If the card in question is a permanent, they get to place it on the board.

Sure, it doesn’t wipe the board like Mizzium Mortars, but it’s also not a God card. It’s nothing more than a Mythic Rare Instant spell.

CMC: 3

Mythic Rare Rarity

Red Enchantments and Artifacts at their Finest Infinite Rage Honden

Magic The Gathering - Honden of Infinite Rage (134/249) - Eternal Masters

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The Honden of Infinite Rage is a one-of-a-kind Uncommon card that belongs to a complete collection of Shrines (one of each main color).

These Shrines are significantly more useful than most Enchantments and Artifacts, and they are the closest thing red aggressive decks have to amazing utility artifacts.

The Shrine is an enchantment that has been passed down through the generations. It allows you to deal damage to target creatures or players at the start of your turn.

The quantity of damage dealt by the shrine is determined by the number of Shrines on the battlefield. As a result, the Shrine deals much more damage in rainbow decks than with any other.

If not four or five color decks, use this card in three color decks to maximize damage.

CMC: 3

Uncommon rarity

Blood Moon is a supermoon that occurs

Magic The Gathering - Blood Moon is a supermoon that occurs - Ninth Edition - Foil

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The Blood Moon is a supermoon that occurs Enchantment is a Rare red card with a major card advantage you won’t believe (far more than its amazing three mana cost.

Are you prepared? Prepare yourselves…

When Blood Moon is a supermoon that occurs comes into play, all nonbasic lands on the board become red mana (mountains lands).

So, what about all those beautiful lands that provide your opponent with a slew of advantages and benefits? As long as you keep this Enchantment on the table, it’ll be useless.

If only it targeted artifacts as well!

CMC: 3

Rarity: Very rare.

A Few Final Thoughts on the Best Red MTG Cards

Red cards make commander decks and Wizards MTG decks in general very swift and strong. The color red is the last thing your opponent wants to see.

What is the reason behind this? Because red mana is awesome, particularly when it comes to casting a low-cost monster with haste every round (like Glitter Fang or various red Wizards). It’s also fantastic for casting inexpensive but very powerful damage spells (like as Lightning spells), as well as outstanding red commanders like Chandra (in any of her versions).

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in selecting the finest red cards for your next red deck! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The “best red creatures mtg” is a card that can be used in many different decks. The card has been around for years and is still one of the best cards to use in any deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best red cards in MTG?

A: I am not able to answer that question.

What is the most overpowered MTG card?

A: I am unable to answer this question because it is an individuals opinion

Why are cards red in MTG Arena?

A: The cards are red to distinguish them in the game.

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