Apex Desk Elite vs Vortex Standing Desk: Which is a Better Buy?

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The Apex Desk Elite is a high-quality, heavy duty standing desk that can hold up to 550 lbs. and comes with multiple add-ons to suit your personal needs. It’s made of eco-friendly bamboo and has a wide range of ergonomic adjustments, including a full-size keyboard tray. The Elite combines a standing desk, a sit-to-stand desk, and a treadmill into one affordable, multi-functional unit. The Vortex is a high-quality, heavy duty standing desk that can hold up to 350 lbs. and comes with multiple add-ons to suit your personal needs. It’s made of eco-friendly bamboo and has a wide range of ergonomic adjustments, including a full-size keyboard tray

Apex Desk Elite is the new and improved version of the Apex Desk, a standing desk that’s a great alternative to the traditional sit-down desk. The original Apex Desk was a huge commercial success, and the Elite is now taking that success to the home market. The Elite is a solid, well-built desk that allows you to sit or stand at your convenience, making it a good choice for workers who spend long hours at a desk. It’s more expensive than some other desks on the market, but the Elite could be worth the cost for anyone who wants the option of standing or sitting while working.

The Apex high tables are probably owned by a Chinese factory and use a Chinese-made engine, TA Nikoda. This explains the low price. Its price is even lower than the Jarvis and the Uplift, which also use a Chinese-made engine.

Apex desk started manufacturing standing desks in 2015. So it’s not an old or new player, but rather something in between. So today we are going to compare two of the most popular bar tables, the Elite and the Vortex.

Apex Desk Vortex 55′

Stability and height adjustment

Swirl is available in two table versions. A 60-inch table and a 48-inch table. The 60-inch model offers a larger work surface. However, in terms of stability, there are oscillations and tremors. It’s not as annoying as IKEA’s Bekant, but it’s still noticeable. And if you use it at the highest table height, you can’t sweep.

But if you want a Vortex, but are concerned about wobbling, the 49 version is better. It still wobbles, but not as badly as the table of 60.

You get the same features, just a less wobbly version of the 60-inch table. One feature that makes the 48 table less wobbly is that it has curved legs with a stem. The Vortex has a leveling bolt, but no bow legs.

In addition, the Vortex has a height adjustment range of 28.5 to 46.5. Both units are also equipped with adjustable adjustment bolts. But it didn’t seem to have much effect on the stability of the 60 table. And oh, the hot tub can be a little noisy during the transition.

The Apex Elite, on the other hand, is more stable and sturdy thanks to its one-piece central bar, which makes it wobble less. The same feature can be found in the Vortex 48ninch table.

The height can go up to 49 inches and the lowest height is 29 inches. When the table is adjusted to different heights, a slight vibration occurs. And although you can hear the engine revving during the transition, it’s quite tolerable.

In addition, the Elite table is equipped with height-adjustable rubber bumpers on the underside of the legs. It’s pretty much the same as the Vortex, except that the leveling tips seem to work better on the Elite series. So if your floor is a little uneven, you can adjust the leveling feet to even out the surface.

The Vortex 60 has a noticeable hesitation. So, if you want to buy a desk, you better go for the Vortex 48-inch desk. It will still wobble, but not as awkwardly as a 60 table.

Which is more stable between Vortex and Elite? Elite have less to worry about. However, it should be noted that this is not a non-oscillatory table.

In addition, the Elite series is more suitable for taller people. It can go higher than the Vortex table.

Apex Desk Elite vs Vortex Standing Desk Price

Construction and mechanical engineering

The Vortex is a bar table without support rods in the middle. We prefer this type of design because it doesn’t put pressure on your knees and gives you more legroom. You can also put a mini-cabinet under the table.

The construction of the legs is solid, not heavy, but not too fragile either.

The Elite series, on the other hand, is more robust and reliable. The scenery seems to be well put together. The base or frame is very similar to that of the Fully Jarvis.

In terms of mounting and construction, the Elite series is the best option. It is also more ergonomic.

Table top

The Vortex table has a scratch-resistant laminate top. The desk looks quite simple, although it is available in different colors. As mentioned earlier, you have the choice between a 48 inch desk and a 60 inch desk.

The Elite series offers a 71 inch table, but there is also a 60 inch version. At first glance, it’s a beautiful table. It has an ergonomically shaped work surface that gives it a softer, more elegant look. At the same time, this feature makes the device more ergonomic. The angled design of the front panel makes working for long periods of time more comfortable.

Apex Desk Elite

And because it has a very wide platform, it offers the possibility of mounting multiple monitors. The 71 table is probably the biggest option you will find on the market. In addition, the worktop surface is scratch-resistant and made of high-pressure laminate. So you don’t have to worry about damaging or ruining the countertop. If you drop a sharp object on the table, there will be no scratches. So it’s perfect for those who don’t care too much about what they put on the table.

We love the ergonomic desk of the Elite series. The wider table also makes it a popular choice for those who want a more elaborate work arrangement.

Weight loading

The Vortex table has a weight capacity of 170 pounds. It’s more of a light-duty desk. However, there are doubts about its ability to carry the maximum weight. We felt that some parts of the legs were a bit dented when we loaded them to the maximum allowed weight. And because the frame is partly made of aluminium, it can dent under heavy loads.

The Elite table has a weight capacity of approximately 225 pounds. Technically it’s not a heavy table, it’s more of a medium table. It was quite stable, even at maximum load.

The Elite series is the best choice for two reasons. First, the payload is higher. Secondly, the legs remained stable and did not deform even when we loaded the table to the maximum.

Installation and configuration

It takes about 30-45 minutes to set up the Vortex table. It could have been simpler, but it wasn’t as clear. While we appreciated that the control panel has enough cable length for proper placement, there were a few issues. The manufacturer could have warned to be careful with the screws, as the aluminum can easily be screwed crosswise.

It takes about 30-45 minutes to assemble the Elite table. Assembly was not too difficult as the instructions were easy to follow. However, you should know that this table is quite heavy. You can always set it up yourself. But to lift it, you have to tighten your muscles. It is a robust and heavy table. It is therefore recommended to have it installed by 2 people. The upper part of the bridge is the heaviest.

The two tables even fall into this category. Each of them has its own level of difficulty in implementation.

Motor configuration

All Apex tables use a motor made in China, TA Nikoda. It seems to be a pretty unpopular brand compared to TiMotion and Jiecang. And that’s where we’d like to see things improve.

This Chinese engine makes the two tables unresponsive. The Elite shifts faster and quieter than the Vortex, but is less sensitive.

Other characteristics

Elite Table Series

  • It has two holes at each end of the counter. Here you can lay all cables and wires. It has a cable management drawer where you can organize all the cables. That way it compensates for a more cluttered workspace.
  • The control panel has 4 preset memories, an up and down arrow and an LCD display showing the current table height.


This table has 4 pre-programmed memories, an up and down arrow button, and an LCD display that indicates the current height setting.

The Vortex has more basic features than the Elite series. It also lacks a cable management tray, although both tables have the same functions on the control panel.


  • The Elite series table has oscillation problems. But compared to the Vortex, it’s less noticeable. And the lack of responsiveness of the controls can be frustrating. But if you weigh up the features, price and disadvantages of the desk, you won’t find a standing desk with the same wide, ergonomic and sturdy top for the same low price.
  • The Vortex table is a light and simple table. We do not recommend table 60 because the fluctuations can be insane. Instead, choose a 48 table or another brand of table. And if you want to use the table, don’t exceed the 170-pound carrying capacity. Due to the aluminum components in the frame, it tends to bend at maximum magnification.
  • Which option is better? This is definitely the elite series. The price of the Elite 71 table is slightly higher than that of the Vortex 60 table. But the price increase is worth it.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about best standing desk under 1000 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best standing desk?

For those looking to improve their health and give themselves a more ergonomic workstation, a standing desk can be a great option. They come in all sizes and styles, and some of them are more affordable than others. However, you should be aware that standing desks come in a variety of different options, and the biggest decision you’ll need to make is whether or not to purchase an adjustable standing desk (where you can raise and lower the height of the desk, even while working), or a fixed standing desk (where the height of the desk is set and doesn’t move). Whichever you choose, make sure to find a desk that fits your height requirements, as well as any other special ergonomic needs you may have. A standing desk is a great investment in your health, and a great option for those who don’t like to linger at their desks. The good news is that there are a lot of choices available that offer different types of desks that allow for standing. (For instance, there are desks that have adjustable heights, there are desks with built-in stools, and there are also desks that are built-in with desks that are made for standing.)

Are standing desks worth it?

Chances are you’ve seen an “adjustable standing desk”. They’ve become popular office accoutrements in recent years with the increased awareness of the health benefits of standing while working. But are standing desks really healthier than sitting desks? We pit the two against each other to find out. The first thing you need to know about the ApexDesk elite is that it will not fit under a standard desk. If you want a standing desk and don’t have the room to accommodate it, this isn’t the desk for you. But if you want a standing desk and have the room, this is a good choice. There are many advantages to a standing desk, but the biggest one is simply that it forces you to take breaks from sitting. The problem with sitting all day is that it doesn’t give your body a chance to move, which means you will be more prone to back and health issues down the road.

Are Flexispot standing desks good?

Because they have become so popular, weight-bearing desks are often expected to have a perfect review score. If you start to read customer reviews for these desks, you’ll see that many people are happy with them, but others have complaints about cracking, squeaky wheels, and desks that don’t hold their weight. If you’re thinking about buying a flexispot standing desk and want to know if they’re worth it you’ve come to the right place. Flexispot makes several different models of standing desks that range in price from $400 to $900, but they all have a few things in common. First, they’re all advertised as being priced below their competitors. Second, they’re all advertised as being just as good (or better) than ones that cost twice as much.

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