ApexDesk vs Uplift – Which Mid Range Standing Desk Offers a Better Solutions?

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Standing desks have become a popular solution for people looking to improve their health and reduce the effects of sitting. A mid-range standing desk is worth considering if you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend more than $300, but the question remains – which option offers better value?

The “apexdesk vortex review” is a product that offers a mid range standing desk solution. The ApexDesk features a sleek design and it’s height can be adjusted to fit your needs.

ApexDesk vs Uplift - Which Mid Range Standing Desk Offers a Better Solutions?

uplift vs apexdesk

Two high-end standing desk brands on the market now are ApexDesk and UPLIFT. So, to achieve a more accurate performance and overall comparison, we’re putting the Elite Apexdesk Series 71″ against the UPLIFT 7230″ V2 Desk.

These two products may be the most popular for standing desk solutions for WFH, online education, gaming, and whatever else that the epidemic may have pushed us through. 

So, let’s see which is the better choice for you.

Battle of the standing desks 71″ Elite Apexdesk Series 72″ UPLIFT V2
variety of heights 29′′ to 49′′ 25.3″-50.9″
Features Electronic motor from TA Nikoda, with four memory settings and soft start and stop. Collision avoidance system, Jiecang motor, 1.57″ travel speed/sec, 4 memory presets
a weight loss cavity 225 lbs 355 lbs
Warranty 2 year 7 years
The cost begins at Check Check

The UPLIFT V2 was chosen since it is one of the most stable UPLIFT models with less wobbles. You know how annoying the wobbles can be if you’ve tried the UPLIFT Home Edition. 

uplift v2 bambooBamboo Uplift V2

Choosing a V2 frame eliminates or considerably reduces this difficulty. Though this isn’t the brand’s most sturdy frame. Due to the inclusion of the cross support, the V2 commercial frame is still more sturdy. 

Cross support, on the other hand, will set you back an extra $80. We’re also not big lovers of cross-support. It makes a standing desk seem less stylish in our opinion. One without a cross beam has a cleaner, more basic appearance. 

The wedge mechanism on the V2 frame is utilized to attach the frame to the desktop. As a result, other midrange standing workstations lack this feature. As a result, despite the absence of crossbar support, the UPLIFT V2 is more stable than its competitors. 

On the other side, the Elite Apexdesk has sturdy frame legs. However, the UPLIFT’s steel frame legs seem to be more durable. In comparison to the V2, the Elite series has greater wobbles. 

Elite ApexdeskElite Apexdesk

Though the Elite Series desk’s base seems to be sturdy due to the robust legs, the sort of connection between the desktop and the frame causes it to wobble. Only two screws were utilized to tighten or secure the tabletop’s attachment to the frame by the brand. You’ll see where the wobbles come from once you realize how thick these screws are. 

So maybe it’s one way of cutting the cost because the Elite Apexdesk 71” desk is one of the more affordable units with this size of the desktop. 

Both have motors built in China, although one is less expensive than the other.

Both the UPLIFT and the ApexDesk have a China-made engine as one of their shared denominators. This is true for all of each brand’s units and frames. 

Even though UPLIFT has a clean, sophisticated appearance, a weak China-made engine is one among the things you wish was different. 

UPLIFT employs a Jiecang motor, whereas Apexdesk uses a TA NIKODA motor, both of which are manufactured in China. UPLIFT, on the other hand, did something to reassure its consumers that, despite the usage of Chinese-made motors, they can still trust the brand’s products. With a 5-year warranty, the manufacturer provides a more comprehensive guarantee for its motors. ApexDesk also only provides a two-year warranty.

TA NIKoda, in contrast to Jiecang, does not provide a clear indication of how long they have been manufacturing motors for standing workstations. Or, for that matter, how long have they been producing them? As a result, we are unable to assess their skills. And, despite the fact that the company has been operating for a while, there is no clear indication of how long they have been working with standing desk motors.

Jiecang, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. For some years, Jiecang has been experimenting on standing desk motors. A Jiecang motor is also used in Fully Jarvis and other midrange standing workstations. 

As a result, you may be hesitant to trust a company that doesn’t have a proven track record. Of course, the shorter warranty may speak for itself.

Despite the fact that ApexDesk has a soft start and soft stop button, the motor just sleeps. After you’ve pressed the button, it takes time for the motor to move. Uplift also scored well in terms of reactivity. 

Both workstations are broad and wide, but one is more ergonomic.

The ApexDesk’s large working area and beveled edges are two features that will entice you to purchase it. It also features one of the cheapest midrange standings with a 71″ tabletop, as previously indicated. The desk’s beveled sides also make it more ergonomic.

You’ve got a good selection of possibilities as well. Though not as complex as a UPLIFT, it is still acceptable.

One feature of the brand’s tables that we appreciated is how thick it is. However, when it comes to setup, this might be an issue. However, we recommend the ApexDesk tabletop for long-term use. It also comes with a free wood treatment that looks like genuine wood.

The UPLIFT, on the other hand, has a little narrower desk than the Elite. Uplift, on the other hand, has a wide range of tabletop possibilities. If you want to go premium, you’ll discover a lot of intriguing and beautiful alternatives if you’re prepared to spend a little more money. 

Even so, their basic range of options is still more extensive than ApexDesk’s. As a result, they may provide additional customisation possibilities as long as your budget allows it. A larger 80″ desk is available for an additional fee; the Elite desk’s greatest size is 70″. If you need a greater incorrect area, this is something to consider.

However, there is a catch. Continue scrolling.

With a new control panel, UPLIFT might have made the desk seem more sophisticated and harmonious.

We were irritated with UPLIFT’s simple control panel. Despite the fact that it has all of the necessary settings, it feels and looks like a toy. Though you may choose a more elegant and sophisticated control panel or a paddle switch, this will increase the price. Remember that the more personalization choices you choose, the higher the price. 

The V2 desk has a fantastic basic appearance to it. However, the control panel may be an eyesore, since it seems to be out of place on the desk. It’s possible that it’s the cheapest portion of the desk. 

However, it is quite responsive, and the desk transforms very quickly. However, a well-thought-out and well-designed control panel included with the basic machine will make a significant difference. It’s only Instagram-worthy right now.  

Why some would still choose the more wobbly Elite Apexdesk Series 

As a result, the price is stated. However, there are additional factors that may persuade some people to choose an Elite Series workstation rather than a V2 desk. 

It all comes down to the table. The Elite series desk’s surface is robust and durable, and you won’t have to pay extra for a contoured edge as you would with any other UPLIFT device.  

If you’re not going to utilize the desk at its maximum height, the wobbles may not be as noticeable. However, it will be due to the quality of the desktop rather than the price.

However, you must be ready for the setup. Expect things to be hefty with a single large solid piece tabletop. As a result, be sure your muscles are capable of lifting since you will undoubtedly need to do so. Otherwise, get assistance. 

Why did we decide to go with the Uplift V2?

In terms of weight capacity, the UPLIFT V2 comes out on top. For a huge workstation, the Elite series desk has a rather low weight capacity. While you may be able to utilize a vast area, you must be cautious about the amount of weight you place on it.

For the variety of heights, both units are head to head. But then again, with the significant wobble of the Elite desk, you really will not be able to use it comfortably at its max setting. While the V2 is not void of wobbles at max height, it is not as pronounced.

Even though the UPLIFT V2 is more expensive, we prefer it over the ApexDesk. You will not be able to use the Elite series desk comfortably, especially if you are somewhat taller; the wobbles may drive you insane. We’re also skeptical about ApexDesk’s stinger warranty. 

A guarantee of 3-5 years, in our opinion, should be the standard for a midrange desk’s motor. A too-short warranty is a way of notifying your customers that you’re not sure it’ll last more than a couple of years, therefore you’re giving them a shorter guarantee.

As a result, UPLIFT will provide greater value for your money in the long term. You’ll find it worthwhile even if you have to pay more money up front.

As a result, we may conclude that UPLIFT is a superior option. You’re still protected if the unit fails in less than 5 years. You must find a solution on your own if the desk shuts down after two years. And that is an issue that necessitates greater funding. 

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Uplift Desk is a company that manufactures standing desks. They have two models available, the ApexDesk and the Uplift Desk Motor. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. The “uplift desk motor” is one of the biggest benefits in terms of functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which UPLIFT Desk is best?

A: The UPLIFT Desk is a series of desks with differentiating features. They all have the same basic design, but each one has specific functions that make it unique from other units.

What is the best brand of standing desks?

A: The best brand of standing desks is Ikeas.

Is an UPLIFT Desk worth it?

A: I do not know the answer to this question.

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