Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review

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Magic apple mouse 2

Magic apple mouse 2


  • Support for multi-touch gestures
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • It’s fantastic.


  • A bit expensive.
  • No game mouse
  • Limited choice of colours

This review of Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 includes everything you need to know about this Mac device.

A wide selection of Apple products is constantly on display. Apple wants to constantly entertain iOS users, and to do that, Apple has updated its Mac devices to be magical enough. The main goal of Apple’s developers is to make products attractive enough to easily grab people’s attention.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Overview

The first version of the best wireless mouse (Magic Mouse) has many features, and now Magic Mouse 2 also has many features with a few new additions. One of the key differences of the new Apple Magic Mouse 2 is its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Thanks to this improved adaptation, this mouse is now much lighter than before and has a higher performance level.

Magic Mouse Apple 2 Design

Apple Magic Mouse 2 review
Apple Magic Mouse 2 review lets you discover all the information about Apple’s newest mouse. The whole inner body is changed, and at some point you see a different outer body supporting the inner system. Magic Mouse 2 measures 216mm high, 1135mm deep and 571mm wide, exactly the same size as the first version of Magic Mouse, launched in 2009. However, the weight has been reduced to 0.099 kg (0.22 pounds).

Apple knows artistic design, and Magic Mouse 2 lives up to the standards you expect. The slim profile, the overall curved appearance of the surface is a dream of minimalism.


The weight loss of the Apple 2 Magic Mouse is a definite change. The new changes now make for a smoother process. There’s no AA battery compartment in the new Apple Magic Mouse 2. That’s because it now has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that runs on flash.

A Lightning connector is clearly visible on the bottom of Magic Mouse. There is no mouse back as with Magic Keyboard and Magic Wand 2. However, no one wants to see a flat surface in the back for the Lightning connector. If we talk about the design of Magic Mouse 2, it will look cluttered if there is an annoying backing on the right side of the mouse. Instead of moving your fingers smoothly across the surface, you are constantly grabbed by the edges.

Smooth grip

The mouse works best when you hold it perfectly with your fingers down. A small power cord is implanted that never gets in the way of a large cord and plug. A modest space for a Lightning connector in the back would be really great. But such a change would require a complete redesign of the mouse, and Apple didn’t want to do that. The large and consistent interface is all white, which can be annoying for some users.


The Apple Magic Mouse 2 magazine is also interested in color. The mouse is basically available in two colors: One is standard white on top and silver on the bottom, completing the look of the Mac series, and the other is a space-gray model to match the iMac Pro.

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Review of the Apple Magic Mouse 2

If you’ve been using the old Magic Mouse, you should know that it must have worked with Bluetooth. If you find that the power is too low, you should quickly switch to AA batteries. The new Apple Magic Mouse 2, on the other hand, only requires the Lightning cable for pairing.

When you see your Magic Mouse 2 disappear, just plug it back in. You can use the mouse while charging because the connector is on the bottom. You can fully charge it in at least two hours, while a quick two-minute charge is enough to use it for nine hours.

But your Mac will let you know before the Magic Mouse 2 runs out. Usually we ignore the low battery message, but keep working until the mouse shuts down and the power goes out. Then you can fully charge your Apple Magic Mouse 2 battery. If you pay in full, you can wait a full month for another reminder, or you can debit your account when you remember.

Bluetooth pairing

Apple Magic Mouse 2 magazine provides the best solutions to problems. Have you ever had problems with Bluetooth devices? Have you ever had trouble associating with Apple’s Magic Mouse 2? There is an exclusive tip to solve the Bluetooth pairing problem. When you use Magic Mouse for the first time and it isn’t paired, or when you manually disconnect it from the Bluetooth control panel on your Mac.

You can connect by simply plugging your mouse into your Mac. To connect Magic Mouse, use a Lightning to USB cable. That’s it! You are now ready and can easily operate all mouse functions.


The Apple Magic Mouse 2 comes with a one-year warranty on Apple accessories and is only slightly better than branded products. Apple doesn’t maintain a database of peripherals, so you have to carry your receipt with you.


  • That’s amazing.
  • Excellent battery performance.
  • The multi-touch front panel is unique.


  • Do not use while charging.
  • Not friendly in the hands at all.
  • Poor functionality on non-Apple computers.


The Apple Magic Mouse 2 magazine covers just about every major feature of the Magic Mouse 2.  This is a very high quality update that retains the most popular features of the original magic mouse. Magic Mouse 2 is the best replacement for the original Magic Mouse.

If you need a mouse that supports multitouch, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is for you. There’s no difference between the original Magic Mouse and the new Magic Mouse 2 except for the ability to charge it via Lightning.

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