Best Cheap 4K Curved Monitor for Gaming under $500 [Budget Options]

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4K curve game monitors are quickly becoming the standard for video gamers, both on the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro game console and on the PC. That’s largely because these curved gaming monitors are designed to protect your eyes, especially if you spend a lot of time looking at the screen, whether you’re playing or working.

Are you in a hurry?

But it’s not always easy to get a good deal in terms of price and quality. So I’ve done the dirty work by reviewing some of the best 4K curved gaming monitors in hopes of helping you choose the best cheap 4K curved gaming monitor for under $500.

The best and cheapest 4K curved monitor for gaming

AOC CU32V3 32-inch super curved 4K UHD monitor, 1500R …

Philips 328E1CA 32-inch curved monitor, 4K UHD, 120% …

SAMSUNG LU32R590CWNXZA 32-inch UR590C UHD 4K .

AOC CU32V3 32-inch super curved 4K UHD monitor, 1500R …

AOC CU32V3 32

Philips 328E1CA 32-inch curved monitor, 4K UHD, 120% …

Philips 328E1CA 32

SAMSUNG LU32R590CWNXZA 32-inch UR590C UHD 4K .


AOC CU32V3 32″ – the best cheap curved gaming monitor

The AOC CU32V3 is our recommended choice for the best affordable 4K curved monitor for gaming, and for good reason. The gaming monitor features a 4K UHD display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The monitor also has a response time of 4 ms and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. There are two HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort for easy connectivity. The monitor comes with a VESA mount, so if you want to mount it on the wall, you’re covered.

The monitor’s supercurve is rated at 1500R, making it an excellent option if you are looking for a gaming monitor with a wide viewing angle. Curved VA panels are known to be more aesthetically pleasing because their curvature matches the natural curve of the eye.

The AOC CU32V3 also features a LowBlue mode that reduces the emission of harmful blue rays, protecting your eyes from the fatigue that occurs when you look at the screen for extended periods of time. Other features include a FlickerFree panel that displays flicker-free backlight signals.

The color and picture quality of the CU32V3 AOC is good, and I found the text quality to be good. The backlight is not noticeably dim, and the viewing angles are excellent.

The gaming monitor also has a very small frame that you probably won’t fully appreciate until you use it in a multi-monitor setup. The monitor also has 3 inputs, making it one of the best multi-monitor gaming monitors on the market. You should be able to use it with your laptop, Mac and PC easily and without complicated configurations.

If you plan on scaling lower resolutions with the AOC CU32V3, you’ll definitely find it. I was able to scale 1080 and 1440 pixels and the blur was minimal. The monitor handled the situation perfectly.

The Philips 328E1CA 32″ is the best affordable 4K gaming monitor for the Xbox One X.

The Philips 328E1CA is another high-quality 4K curved gaming monitor. This curved gaming monitor has a response time of 4ms, a refresh rate of 60Hz and FreeSync adapter synchronization. It also comes with a stand for 100m x 100m VESA mounting, which is a great option if you want to mount it on a stand or on the wall.

The Philips 328E1CA is equipped with a curved UHD display at 1500R that offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The Philips 328E1CA is also equipped with a VA panel that displays up to 120 degrees and 97.8% of the TSC color gamut and over 1.074 billion colors, so you can be sure of super smooth color gradation and detail. The monitor also features Mega Infinity Dynamic Contrast Ratio, so you’ll see brighter colors and deeper blacks.

FreeSync also means you get a super smooth gaming experience. In addition, the Philips 328E1CA has a flicker-free mode and a low blue mode, so you can use the monitor for extended periods of time without damaging your eyes with blue radiation.

This reduces eye fatigue when looking at the screen for long periods of time and improves performance. Connectivity options include DisplayPort 1.2, audio output, VGA, DVI and two HDMI 2.0 ports. The monitor also has built-in speakers that provide reasonably good sound quality during games.

I found the brightness of the screen and the accuracy of the colors to be good compared to other screens. The Philips 328E1CA stand for curved gaming monitors was also quite sturdy, and the construction of the monitor itself was of high quality. The top and sides were very thin, about 1 cm, and the panel was quite thin, which I liked.

The monitor is equipped with a physical joystick, useful for controlling menus and changing settings. You can also adjust the brightness of the LEDs, which is very good because many of us do not find very bright displays attractive.

Samsung UR590C 32″ – The best cheap 4K monitor for console gaming.

The Samsung UR590C comes with a UHD resolution of 4K, 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is also a monitor with a response time of 4 ms and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. It does not come with a VESA mounting bracket. The Samsung UR590C’s curved panel has a nominal curvature of 1500R, giving one of the most realistic displays I’ve ever seen.

The screen has a contrast ratio of 2500:1, light and dark blacks, and 1 billion colors. The monitor also has a split-screen stand in case you need a curved monitor that is perfect for multitasking. The split-screen feature allows you to connect two different devices while maintaining the original resolution.

If you buy this monitor primarily for gaming, the Samsung UR590C curved gaming monitor also has a feature called “Game Mode.” This feature optimizes the picture quality for the type of game.

It features True 4K with a vision-saving mode that protects your eyes from fatigue and damage due to sitting in front of the screen and watching for long periods of time. You can easily adjust the brightness and colors of your choice, which has been very helpful.

It features a frameless screen and a cable management system integrated into the stand. Connectivity options include two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, headphone jack, audio output, VGA and DVI. I liked the texture of the back panel, the feel of the fabric and the rounded edges.

Overall, the Samsung UR590C remains the most affordable 4K monitor I’ve used for console gaming, and I know you’ll enjoy the many features it offers, the ease of gaming with it, and the price.

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