Best Mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege

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It’s not just about new GPUs and fast processors, it’s also about the other hardware you have. Mice play an important role in Rainbow Six Siege because it’s a shooting game, but what’s a good game mouse if you don’t have a good mouse mat? That’s why we found and tested the best Rainbow Six Siege Mousepad to help you move your mouse better and improve your accuracy!

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best multiplayer tactical shooting games that have been around for so long, and its popularity hasn’t diminished. Many fans still play the game and compete with each other. The competition to win is fierce, so you must have all the odds on your side!

Owning a good game mouse can give you better control over settings, DPI, aiming, etc. The Gaming Mouse Pad features RGB lighting to enhance the look and feel of your entire installation. That’s why it’s important to have a good mouse pad to play Rainbow Six Siege!

The best mouse pad for the Rainbow Six on trial!

RGB Blade Hawks Game Mousepad Test

Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review - The best mouse pad for 6 rainbow seats!

For only $35, you can play the RGB Blade Hawks game mouse pad. With some of the best features you wouldn’t expect from a mouse pad, as well as the largest size of the mouse pad, it gives you the edge you need to improve not only your gaming skills, but also the appearance of your equipment.

Want to know what’s so special about this Blade Hawks mouse pad? It has 3 additional USB 2.0 ports that you can easily connect to your gaming accessories, such as headphones or USB flash drives. In addition to the USB ports, the mouse pad has a built-in speaker with 3W output power. To be honest, the speaker isn’t very loud, but in most cases it’s enough if you need sound to watch videos or listen to audio clips. The plug-and-play function is very convenient because you just plug the USB plug into your PC or laptop and you’re ready to go without installing a driver.

The mouse pad is huge and is 4 mm thick. The Blade Hawks RGB gaming mouse pad is thinner than most RGB mouse pads on the market. The large surface area of 780 x 300 mm is very smooth and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your favourite drink, even during intensive competitions. The microstructure of the fabric surface helps the user to better focus by precisely controlling the movements of the mouse.

Perhaps the best thing a gamer expects from a gaming accessory, in addition to performance, is RGB backlighting, which is exactly what the Blade Hawks RGB mouse pad offers. The mouse pad features RGB LEDs at the edges of the mouse pad, which provide up to 15 different RGB lighting modes, including 4 dynamic modes and 11 static color modes. With a non-slip rubber base, this mouse pad gives you everything you need to play tactical shooters like Rainbow Six Siege and VALORANT. This is by far the best mouse pad for Rainbow Six Siege if you want to make your money.

Key features

  • The XXL format gives you a lot of space to place your keyboard and move your mouse.
  • It features RGB LED lighting with 15 different color modes.
  • Non-slip rubber base with microstructured waterproof fabric layer.
  • Built-in 3W speaker and USB 2.0 ports.

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Corsair MM150 Ultra Thin Gaming Mouse Pad Review (Amazon’s Choice)

Corsair MM150 Ultra-Thin Gaming Mouse Pad Review - The Best Rainbow Six Siege Mouse Pad

At the top of our list of the best R6 play mats is the MM150 Ultra-Thin play mat from Corsair. If you’re a gambler, chances are you’ve already run into Corsair. They are widely known for their production of high-quality, reliable gaming components and accessories that offer consumers a much more immersive gaming experience.

The MM150 Gaming Mousepad measures 350mm x 260mm and integrates perfectly into your gaming system, providing ample space for other gaming accessories such as headphones and keyboard. With an ultra-slim 0.5 mm height, the mouse pad offers unlimited mouse movement during some of the most intense games such as Rainbow Six Siege. The only disadvantage is that the mouse pad is not very large.

The construction quality is very good, because the surface of the mouse pad is made of polycarbonate and therefore tear-resistant. You can count on a long lifespan of the mouse pad, because thanks to the polycarbonate surface, it is very durable again.

The mouse pad is available in grey with the Corsarian logo on one side of the surface and some dark grey accents. Even during the most intense gaming sessions, the mouse pad stays in place thanks to the non-slip silicone pad.

Key features

  • Ultra-thin height of 0.5 mm.
  • Dimensions 350 mm x 260 mm.
  • Elegant design with grey accents and a tear-resistant polycarbonate surface for smooth mouse movement.
  • The mouse pad is held in place by a non-slip silicone cushion.

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Havit RGB Gaming Mousepad Review (author’s choice) (Amazon selection)

Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review - The best mouse pad to beat the rainbow six times.

The Havit RGB Gaming Mousepad with integrated RGB LED backlighting and a durable design built to last is next on our list of best Rainbow Six Siege gaming mousepads. This mouse pad is a great budget choice now available on Amazon for just $16. The perfect size, combined with RGB lighting and a waterproof surface, makes this mouse pad a real treat for the eyes.

RGB lighting borders the mouse pad and includes up to 14 different lighting modes, including 7 static modes that match the color of the rest of your system and 7 more dynamic RGB lighting modes that add rainbow colors to your game platform with breathable light and many other effects. Lighting not only gives the playground equipment a distinctive look, but also creates an impressive play environment in dimly lit rooms.

Made of a non-slip material, the rubber back of the mouse pad remains on the surface even during powerful mouse movements, allowing you to quickly kill SPF in games without too much effort. The 350 mm x 250 mm mouse top is made from a soft fabric that offers virtually no resistance to mouse movement, so you can control precise mouse movements. The mouse pad is connected to a USB cable and simply connects it to your computer. It is clear that the seat mat of the Best Rainbow for the six rainbow mice is compact.

Key features

  • Supports plug-and-play and does not need a driver.
  • Equipped with RGB lighting with 12 lighting modes
  • Made of fine mesh for smooth mouse movements
  • Has a non-slip rubber foot

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Corsair MM300 High Performance Mouse Pad Review

Overview of Corsair MM300 high performance mouse pads - The best choice of R6 rubber mats.

The Corsair MM300 is available in many different models with different functions such as wireless Qi technology, integrated USB ports. We chose the Extended X-Large model next to our list, which offers a huge mouse surface for maximum mouse movement, which is very important in FPS gaming.

Corsair’s MM300 is specially designed for superior control of intense games such as Rainbow Six Siege. The mouse offers pixel-precise targeting precision in games thanks to an 11.8-inch wide fabric surface and a dazzling 36.6-inch length, giving you plenty of room on your keyboard and more than enough room for a mouse.

To achieve low friction, the mouse pad has sewn edges that minimize the risk of chipping or surface wear, demonstrating the high quality of the mouse pad. The mouse pad is optimized for optical and laser touch mice and has a non-slip rubber base for a secure grip.

Key features

  • The extra large extended size gives you a lot of space for your mouse and keyboard.
  • Sewn edges to prevent fraying.
  • Optimized for laser and optical mice.
  • It has a non-slip rubber base and a durable textile surface.

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Speclux RGB Soft Gaming Mousepad Review

Speclux RGB Soft Mousepad test - Best Mousepad for 6 Rainbow Seats!

The Speclux RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad is very similar to the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, but the first misses features such as built-in 3W speakers, but it works well enough to provide the highest frame rates while playing the game.

A gaming accessory is not complete without RGB LED lighting, and like most mouse pads on this list, the Speclux RGB Gaming Mousepad has RGB lighting at the edges of the mouse pad, providing up to 12 different RGB lighting modes, including 3 breathable dynamic lighting modes and 9 color stacking modes.

The huge surface area of 31.5 x 11.8 gives you plenty of space for your favorite gaming keyboard and mouse, while leaving plenty of room for mouse movements.

The surface of the Speclux mouse pad, made of a microstructured surface material, offers little or no resistance, even during jerky mouse movements. With a non-slip rubber backing, the mouse pad stays in place and is a great addition to your gaming arsenal. The keyboard is simply plug-and-play and comes with a two-meter long USB cable that can be connected to your gaming device.

Key features

  • RGB illumination with 12 different illumination modes.
  • The USB cable is 2 meters long.
  • Made of a fabric with microfibres.
  • It has a non-slip rubber base for maximum stability.

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Verdict – What is the best game mouse pad for Rainbow Six Siege?

The mouse pad you want to buy is a very personal decision that depends on the features you want, and in this article we have covered all the requirements. To save space on your desk, we voted for the Haveit Gaming Mousepad, the best R6 Siege Mousepad with integrated RGB LEDs and a soft surface that offers minimal resistance to mouse movement. Finally, if you want both the functionality of the mouse pad and great gaming performance, we recommend the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mousepad, which we’ve voted the best Rainbow Six Siege Mousepad.

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