Best PCI Wifi Card for 2021

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It’s not easy to upgrade your system to get a stable internet even for games. We all prefer a wireless internet connection to a wired connection because it makes it easier for us to travel and not be tied to one place. A large part of our daily life depends on the Internet. From visiting a good restaurant to ordering online, most of our day depends on a stable internet connection. You need to add a better PCI WiFi card to upgrade your system and improve performance. These cards are available in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for some of the best Wi-Fi PCI cards, you’ve come to the right place. We will give you extensive purchasing advice and show you which products are best available on the market. From range to impressive speeds, improve communication in the best possible way.

First look: Our 3 best Wi-FiPCI cards

Here are some of the best Wi-Fi PCI cards you can use to upgrade your system and make your life easier.

Our best choice

TP-Link TL-WDN4800 N900 Dual Band Wireless PCI Express Transmission Adapter with

Best overall result

The ASUS PCE-AC88 4x4 AC3100 dual-band WiFi PCIe adapter with heat sink and external magnetic antenna base allows the installation of flexible antennas for the...

Better budget

Gigabyte Gigabyte Expansion Card GC-WB867D-I REV Bluetooth 4.2/Wireless AC/B/G/N Band Dual Frequency 2.4Ghz/5.8Ghz

#1-TP-Link TL-WDN4800 N900 Dual Band Wireless PCI

You can’t get the fastest Internet speeds without upgrading your system. If you don’t want to compromise on speed and want to invest in something worthwhile, the TP-link TL-WDN4800 N900 dual-band WiFi wireless PCI card is the best product. From impressive compatibility to broad performance, this product can provide all the features that distinguish your system. This TP-Link product features advanced heat sink technology that prevents your system from heating up. It also distributes heat evenly to maintain equilibrium.

The WDN4800 ensures that all system components work efficiently. This map is ideal for people who enjoy games, video streaming and surfing the web. It is connected to antennas to provide the user with fast internet access. The best feature of this product is its impressive range, with an unnecessary signal reduction. You’ll love every part of this card because it’s exceptionally compatible with your system, without compromising other features.


  • ✓It can deliver WLAN speeds of approximately 900 Mbps and works according to the 802.11 standard.
  • ✓Easy to tune with 3 antennas to give a strong signal.
  • ✓TP-Link WDN4800 best PCI WiFi card supports online gaming, 4K HD streaming and downloading large files.
  • ✓It has MIMO technology for easy installation, and you can share it with multiple wireless devices.


  • ✓Installation of the device may require professional help and jerking up to.

#2 – PCIe ASUS PCE-AC88 Dual-Band 4×4 AC3100 WiFiAdapter

The ASUS PCE-AC88 4x4 AC3100 dual-band WiFi PCIe adapter with heat sink and external magnetic antenna base allows the installation of flexible...

ASUS is another premium brand offering users high performance and impressive speed. The performance of this product is enough to make you a fan. This PCI Wi-Fi card is not only responsible for increasing the range, but also for improving the signal strength. Heatsink technology prevents overheating of the system and increases the efficiency of the card. The PCI Wi-Fi card is equipped with NitroQAM technology for exceptional speeds of approximately 2100 Mbps.

When you use Wi-Fi on your desktop, it offers 60% faster speeds for gaming and video streaming. This product is the first efficient 4×4 adapter on the market. It has four flexible antennas and can transfer large files.  The ASUS AC88 Wi-Fi card will satisfy you with its performance and powerful signal without interrupting your browser session.


  • ✓The ASUS PCE-AC88 Wi-Fi card features heatsink technology to prevent system overheating.
  • ✓The card has a robust signal strength and a NitroQam function that delivers 2100 Mbps.
  • ✓The flexible antennas of this top WiFi PCI card can be placed anywhere to connect with maximum power. This is the first 4×4 adapter on the market.
  • ✓The antennas have an external base and the device is stable enough to work continuously without falling in the middle.


  • ✓Supports only 802-compliant devices and performance may be affected by the service provider.

#3 – Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I REV Bluetooth 4.2

Gigabyte Gigabyte Expansion Card GC-WB867D-I REV Bluetooth 4.2/Wireless AC/B/G/N Band Dual Frequency 2.4Ghz/5.8Ghz

If you’re looking for something that should deliver the best performance but stays within your budget, the Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I Rev is for you. This excellent product can offer users excellent performance with great stability. It has a reliable Bluetooth function that makes your system compatible and also prevents signal loss. A compliant modular system is responsible for improving the reliability of PCI-WiFi cards. No professional help is required to install this card in the system. It is small and compact and fits easily into the slot.

The onboard antennas are flexible and able to provide the user with reliable signal power. It is small and can be hidden under the graphics card area. It can broadcast a connection speed of 867 Mbps to enable live broadcasts and games without interruption. It supports Intel WIDI, and the Wi-Fi range is ideal for gamers.


  • ✓ TheGigabyte GC-WB867D-I Rev supports gaming, video streaming, and large file transfers in minutes.
  • ✓Has a standard modular system to improve the reliability of the system when using the internet.
  • ✓The device can offer a maximum speed of 867 Mbps and is easy to install.
  • ✓The antennas on this top WiFi PCI card are durable. It has a solid base to absorb the maximum signal level.


  • ✓The user must download the Qualcomm Bluetooth driver and enable audio streaming manually.

#4 – TP-Link AC1300 PCIe WiFi card (Archer T6E)

TP-Link AC1300 PCIe Card (Archer T6E) - 2.4G/5G dual-band wireless PCI Express Adapter, low profile, long range, heatsink technology, ...

This is another excellent product from TP-Link that is able to deliver high performance to the user. If you are a user who depends on the Internet for all his tasks, this product is for you. This not only upgrades your system, but also improves the performance of your Wi-Fi device. It features dual-band technology that allows you to switch from one speed and power to another depending on your needs. The AC1300 offers advanced mechanism technology that pulses up to three times faster than other PCI-WiFi cards.

So you can enjoy high-speed computing and games. It is one of the best PCI-WiFi cards that can deliver HD content in no time. It is also equipped with cooling technology to prevent the system from overheating. It offers Internet speeds of about 867 Mbps with stability.


  • ✓It offers high speeds of approximately 867 Mbps and is suitable for users who need stable connections.
  • ✓It can stream online games and videos in minutes without buffering problems.
  • ✓The superior compatibility of the map allows users to easily connect to different PCs.
  • ✓Has detachable antennas to adjust the signal strength and ensure a stable connection.


  • ✓The installation process can take some time and is expensive compared to other devices.

#5 – Rosewill 802.11N, N900 PCI Express Wifi Card

N300 PCI-E Wireless WiFi adapter, PCI Express 300 Mbps (2.4 GHz) PC Network Card

This is one of the best wifi PCI cards you can have with a limited budget. It is a complete package in terms of performance and range. If you are looking for something unusual on the market, this product should be on your list. It offers a dual-band configuration to ensure a reliable Internet experience and a stable connection. The card is capable of achieving transmission speeds of approximately 450 Mbit/s with a reliable connection. It has developed a bundling technology that allows devices to connect to Wi-Fi without interruption.

To prevent your system from heating up as a result of continuous operation, it offers radiator technology. This function keeps the core heat cool and the heat does not affect certain parts of the system. The high level of security protects your online experience from online threats and is compatible with virtually all devices. As an avid gamer, you will be pleased with the range and stability of connectivity.


  • ✓Beamforming technology enables a fast Wi-Fi connection and enhances the web browsing experience.
  • ✓This best WiFi PCI card can offer 450 Mbps internet speed with stable coverage everywhere.
  • ✓Heatsink technology prevents overheating of the system and keeps the core cold.
  • ✓Makes games and streaming videos more accessible without causing interruptions or buffering problems.


  • ✓Installing the map in the system may take some time and you may need help.

PCI Wifi Card Buying Guide

Before choosing the best WiFi PCI card on the market, go through the entire guide.

Why do I need a wireless card to increase the performance of my system?

WiFi cards, also known as LAN cards, are designed to improve system performance by extending the communication range and making navigating the Internet easier. They come in different sizes and shapes, but it all depends on your system and your needs. This improves the overall performance of the PC without compromising safety or other components.

Factors to consider when purchasing the best WiFi PCI card

When you decide to purchase the best WiFi PCI card, you need to consider some of the factors below to get the best product.

Superior compatibility:

The first thing you need to do before choosing one of the WiFi cards is to make it compatible. It must be compatible with your system and your requirements. If you are using a package that offers higher speeds, you do not need to purchase a lower performance card. This will have a negative effect on your body. Always choose a card with a higher speed and universal compatibility, so you can use the Internet as much as possible.

Signal strength:

Signal strength is another factor to consider before buying a card for the system. Your card must accept power from the device and its performance must be sufficient to process the signals. Check the antennas on the adapter and if it is able to give a strong signal to other devices, is it flexible or not? This function plays a crucial role in providing a stable internet connection for the user.

Control system:

Most WiFi cards are compatible with Windows 7. However, if you are using Linux or Mac, first make sure that your card is compatible with that operating system. It will be a big disappointment for you if the card does not work once it is fixed in your system. Never buy a card without checking its compatibility and capabilities with your system.

Cooling technology:

After increasing the speed of the system, some of the WiFi cards are able to overheat your system. This will damage the internal mechanism and you will have to replace several parts due to thermal damage. Another characteristic of the tested plate is the cooling technique. Make sure that the cooling technology distributes the heat evenly over the different parts without impairing their function.


The operating range is the main reason why we always choose the best WiFi card for the best performance. When you purchase the card, make sure that the range of the PCI WiFi card is impressive and sufficient to provide coverage in your area. Updating the entire system must be done faster and more efficiently so as not to compromise other functions.


Always consult the buying guide if you are looking for the best WiFi PCI cards to avoid scams. After taking all these purchasing factors into account, you can choose a reliable and fast map that meets your business needs. To ensure you always have a stable internet connection when playing games or streaming video, install the best WiFi PCI card in your system and get the most out of it. Build up your internet network and enable fast surfing without replacing your entire system. All of the above products are excellent in terms of performance and stability; you won’t regret having invested in any of them.

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