Best Tribal Cards MTG – 12 Tribal Spells That Pawn All Others

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This article will be a list of the best tribal spells in Magic: The Gathering. I’ll take a look at three different sets, but for each card that is not from an M15 set or older, we’ll assume it’s been reprinted since then and give its stats from Wizards’ most recent Oracle text update.

What are the best Tribal cards for Magic: The Gathering? This article will help you find out. It contains a list of 12 famous and powerful tribal spells that make all other tribes pale in comparison.

mtg tribal support cards” is a product review that discusses 12 tribal spells of all other cards. The article compares the strengths and weaknesses of each card.

Best Tribal Cards MTG - 12 Tribal Spells That Pawn All Others

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Best Tribal Cards

In Magic: the Gathering, the finest tribal cards are creatures, enchantments, and spells of all five mana types. Tribal cards have the significant benefit of boosting or otherwise bolstering other cards in the same “tribe.”

Continue reading to learn about the finest tribal cards in Magic’s history:

White Tribal Cards at Their Finest Bladehold’s Hero

Magic The Gathering Hero of Bladehold

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The Hero of Bladehold, a 3/4 Human Knight with Battle Cry, is one of the greatest white Soldier tribal cards. Other attackers you possess get a +1/+0 until the end of the round whenever you attack with it.

To cast her, you’ll need two colorless mana and two white mana.

In addition, whenever this hero fights, you get to tap two 1/1 white Soldiers on the table and attack with her.

The sole drawback is that her skill isn’t applicable to other tribes.

Creature kind

CMC: 4

Mythic Rare Rarity

Silver Cloudshredder

Magic: The Gathering - Cloudshredder Sliver - Modern Horizons

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The Sliver tribe has this rare white and red monster. Other Sliver creatures you control have Haste and Flying as long as it’s in play.

Casting the creature costs one red and one white mana. When it comes to the game, if you don’t have at least a few tribe members on the board, it’s pretty much over.

If not, you’ll have to draw another creature or two before casting it. However, when stacked into a tribal Sliver deck, this “small” creature delivers a significant punch for a weenie.

Slivers, on the other hand, are one of the uncommon tribes to see a complete set of in battle.

Creature kind

CMC: 2

Rarity: Very rare.

Patriarch’s Binding is one of the best black tribal cards.

Magic The Gathering - Patriarch39;s Bidding - Onslaught

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The Patriarch’s Bidding Sorcery is a similar discovery spell when it comes to black tribal cards. What exactly does it imply? It’s simple: as the card enters play, you get to select a kind of kindred creature.

To perform this spell, you’ll need three colorless mana and two black mana. When you do, be sure to choose the creature type of the tribe with whom you’re playing.

All creature cards of your tribe’s type return to the field with instant speed from the graveyard. This card is essential for all tribes, which is why it appears in decks with the strongest tribes.

It’s one of the most popular tribal cards to employ with creature types like Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow.

Sorcery is a kind of magic.

CMC: 5

Rarity: Very rare.

Betrayal of Great Importance

Magic: the Gathering - Betrayal of Great Importance (67) - Return to Ravnica

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Betrayal of Great Importance is another amazing black tribal card of Rare status, it’s perfect for Zombie tribal decks. Whenever another player’s creatures die, you get to return those creatures to the battlefield under your control.

Yes, you read it correctly: anytime another player’s creature dies, you take control of it from their graveyard and bring it back into play.

But hold on, there’s more! There’s more for the price of one ShamWow… I mean, there’s more! Your newly hacked creature gains a +1/+1 bonus as well. It also transforms into a black Zombie.

When you play this card, there is only one way to characterize the mood at the table: mutual anger among your opponents.

Enchantment is a kind of magic.

CMC: 7

Rarity: Very rare.

Blue Tribal Cards at Their Finest Lord High Artificer Urza

Magic: The Gathering - Urza, Lord High Artificer - Modern Horizons

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Urza, the Lord High Artificer, is a legendary Rare blue Human Artificer that fits nicely in most Island-type tribal decks, whether Wizards, Humans, Spirits, Serpent, or Merfolk.

This is the only card on our list that can be used as a real Commander in Commander format.

Create colorless Construct Artifact creature tokens (1/1) with the ability to get a +1/+1 for each Artifact you hold on the table when this card enters the battlefield.

Because of this card’s passive abilities, you may additionally tap an Artifact on the field to contribute 1 blue mana to your pool.

Moreover, shuffle your deck and exile the top card after paying 5 colorless mana. Until the end of the round, you may play the exiled card for free.

Legendary Creature is a kind of creature that has been around for a long time.

CMC: 4

Rarity: Very rare.

Merrow Commerce is a company that specializes in commerce.

Magic The Gathering - Merrow Commerce is a company that specializes in commerce. - Lorwyn

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The next best tribal card on our list is the Merrow Commerce is a company that specializes in commerce.. This one is actually classified as a Tribal Enchantment Merfolk.

You may untap all Merfolk creatures you control at the end of your turn if you pay 2 CMC and cast this bad boy.

That implies you may untap and strike opponents again after delivering a crushing blow to deliver the true killing blow.

This is one of the few cards in tribal decks that has such a significant influence on the final game.

Tribal Enchantment is a kind of tribal enchantment.

CMC: 2

Uncommon rarity

Green Tribal Cards at Their Finest Tribal Cooperation

Magic The Gathering - Tribal Unity - Onslaught

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The tribal unity Instant is an Uncommon card that costs X + three mana to cast and may be used by any tribe.

When you play this card, your tribal deck’s creature type gets +x/+x until the end of the round. This card may terminate a game if it is played at the correct time.

There is no slicker card advantage for a forest-type tribal deck (in our view!). It’s worth noting that this card works for a variety of tribes, including elves, dragons, vampires, and creatures from any other tribe.


X + 3 CMC

Uncommon rarity

The Way of the Descendants

Magic The Gathering - Descendants39; Path (173) - Avacyn Restored

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Descendant’s Path, the Rare Enchantment is another great card advantage for a green tribal deck. It equips you in such a manner that your selected kind of monster continues to flow freely into the battlefield.

Show the top card of your deck to the other players at the start of your turn, and if it’s the same kind as your tribal cards, you get to play it for free.

That’s a huge card advantage right there, people. These two cards perform well no matter what tribal deck you’re playing, as long as it’s green.

Enchantment is a kind of magic.

CMC: 3

Rarity: Very rare.

Red Tribal Cards at Their Finest Matron of the Goblins

Magic The Gathering - Goblin Matron - Duel Decks: Elves vs Goblins

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The Goblin Matron is a 1/1 with a 3 CMC casting cost and a lot of ability in the MTG realm.

When the card is revealed, you must search your deck for a card that has the Goblin creature type.

Show the card to the other players, then take it out of the deck and shuffle it. It may not do damage, but it continues you drawing and placing your selected sort of cards on the board throughout the game.

This card draw action is particularly important in decks with a lot of Goblin creatures. Wizards of the Coast, thank you!

Unfortunately, Goblin Matron isn’t a Commander since she doesn’t have the legendary creature type.

Goblin is a kind of creature.

CMC: 3

Uncommon rarity

Grenade of the Goblins

Magic: the Gathering - Grenade of the Goblins - Magic 2012

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There are few red tribal cards better than Goblin Matron, but this next card provides Goblin tribal decks a same degree of quality… Just in a different manner.

The more Goblins you have, the more sacrificial lambs you have at your disposal to launch at the enemy as Grenade of the Goblinss.

Grenade of the Goblins deals 5 damage directly to a player or creature of your choice. For opponents, there is no protecting themselves from assuming the damage.

It’s never a bad idea to have a handful of these Uncomoon red Sorcery cards in your Goblin deck. With each assault, these cards enable you to reduce your opponent’s health by a quarter.

Sorcery is a kind of magic.

CMC: 1

Uncommon rarity

Icon of Ancestry: Best Tribal Artifact Cards

Icon of Ancestry

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The Icon of Ancestry is an excellent example of a Tribal card that can be used against any creature type. It focuses on card drawing, increasing power and toughness, and Scrying.

Choose among all creature types when the card enters the field. A +1/+1 boost is applied to those creatures. What are our thoughts? It’s one of the greatest Artifacts Wizards of the Coast has ever created.

You may also pay 3 CMC, tap the card to Scry 3, and then choose one of the three cards to place in your hand. The other two cards are shuffled and placed at the bottom of your graveyard at random.

Artifact is a kind of object.

CMC: 3

Rarity: Very rare.

Retriever Myr

Magic The Gathering - Retriever Myr - Modern Masters

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The Retriever Myr belongs to an Artifacts tribe that is often overlooked; the Myr. These creatures are among the most unique MTG creatures, regardless of what decks they’re in.

You may restore any matching tribal type from your graveyard to your hand when this Myr dies (other than the Myr that just died).

These tiny 1/1 peons are significantly more valuable to tribal Myr decks at 2 CMC than Rare cards that cost two or three times as much to cast.

If you’re a collector who enjoys owning items that people don’t anticipate, a Myr deck with kindred discovery spells is for you.

Artifact is a kind of object. Creature

CMC: 2

Uncommon rarity

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tribal deck in MTG?

A: This question would be better to ask in the form of a specific deck you are looking for feedback on.

What is the most powerful tribe in MTG?

A: The most powerful tribe in Magic The Gathering is the white-blue control deck.

What makes a Commander deck tribal?

A: A commander is someone who can lead a deck, meaning the card selection and strategy for this deck. The biggest difference between a Commander Deck and other decks would be that it does not have to follow one specific theme or color.

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