Hands-on: Movavi Video Suite 2022

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Video Suite 2022 is a free video editing software that was first released in 2016. The program includes features like the ability to add effects and transitions, create titles, split audio tracks into multiple files, trim clips and more. It has its limitations of course: it’s only compatible with Windows 10; there are no built-in plugins for exporting videos without having to leave Movavi Video Suite (although you can download some from Adobe); users may need an additional light source when using the app outside during daytime hours (though I wasn’t too bothered by this!).

The Movavi Video Suite 2022 is a video editing software that is available for PC and Mac. This suite includes an easy-to-use video editor, advanced video effects, and powerful color correction tools to help you create professional videos.

Hands-on: Movavi Video Suite 2022

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The world is steadily being taken over by video. Smartphones have empowered everyone to be a filmmaker, and YouTube is currently used by over 40% of all worldwide internet users on a monthly basis. This has generated a huge need for low-cost, easy-to-use video editing software, which is where Movavi Video Suite comes in. But how does it compare to industry heavyweights like Adobe Premiere, and is it worth your money?

To address this question, we’ll concentrate on the video editor since it’s the program’s bread and butter, but we’ll look at everything this handy suite of software has to offer. 

It’s easy to get and install Movavi Video Suite. All you have to do is go to Movavi’s website and choose between ‘trial now’ and ‘purchase now.’ You may download a free trial of the program, but any files you export will have a watermark.

The program itself is simple and elegantly designed, and it doesn’t need much explanation. All of the other parts may be found here, but we’ll concentrate on the Movavi Video Editor.

movavi suite min 1

Movavi Video Suite: Getting Started

One of the first things we observed is that you’re given fast instructions on how to use various aspects of video editing, which is a nice feature to have if you’re new to this kind of work. It might be intimidating to use software like this for the first time, so some guidance is helpful.

The playback area takes up little over a quarter of the screen’s upper right corner. As a default, this is fine, but it may be enlarged. Just below the playback volume and screenshot choices are located.

The interface is clean and basic, with various parts of the editor, such as filters and stickers, residing independently on the far left of the screen, since this is a video editor geared at beginning users. By default, the timeline covers the whole width of the screen, and here is where the most of your work will take place. This, like everything else, may be tailored to your preferences. 

movavi timeline settings

Video editing has never been easier. 

The user interface is straightforward and easy to use. Everything has its place, and you should already have a good knowledge of what everything does owing to the extensive lesson you receive when you first start the program. You don’t have to worry about forgetting what particular buttons perform since hovering your cursor over them displays a quick explanation on-screen. There’s no presumption of knowing here, which is a good thing.

It’s simple to import media. Simply choose a source file by clicking on the blue import sticker at the top. You may also use the ‘file import’ option to the right of the blue sticker to import files. Movavi Video Editor supports a broad variety of file types, so you should be good no matter how you shoot your movie. Once you’ve imported a file, it’ll appear in the media bin, where you can drag and drop it into the timeline to work with.

When you choose a clip, the buttons right above the timeline, such as snip, bin, and crop, become active. When no appropriate media is chosen, these buttons get greyed out.

movavi video suite

When you double-click a clip, you may adjust its volume, speed, and opacity, as well as add a fade in and out at the beginning and finish.

From the’more tools’ sticker on the left-most panel, you may simply add effects to clips. Stabilization, Chroma Key, scene recognition, and even slow motion are just a few of the tools and effects available, which are identical to those found in high-end editors.

What else does the Movavi Video Suite include? 

Although the video editor is the primary reason for acquiring the program, you also receive a lot more. 

You may also record your screen using Movavi Video Suite, which includes a video converter that can convert between 180 different multimedia formats. Surprisingly, this screen recording program offers for a great deal of customization, including the option to specify locations, target windows, refresh rates, and resolutions, among other things.

movavi suite video converter

Beginner’s guide to video editing

The 2022 edition of Movavi’s software has performed well. Sure, there are options that perform a little better job and provide a more sophisticated experience, but that kind of video software is geared toward expert users and might be intimidating to a novice. It may also be rather costly.  

The Movavi video program is very small, using less than 1GB of disk space. Adobe has a history of failing in this area, with Premiere taking up a whopping 14.6GB in contrast.

Movavi also excels in terms of cost. The Movavi Video Suite is now available for £65.95, down from £101 for a year’s subscription. For £79.95, you can acquire lifelong access to the picture editor, which was previously £181. When compared to Adobe, which doesn’t even include a video recorder, this is a very fair pricing and will save you hundreds of dollars when looking for an editing suite.

movavi video price

The Movavi Video Editor has a lot of features and can compete with industry heavyweights like Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve in certain areas. It may be a touch sluggish for more experienced users, but for novices or enthusiasts, it’s a fantastic alternative. It comes highly recommended by us for the next Michael Kahn.

A trial version of the Movavi Video Suite is available for both Mac and Windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Movavi Video Suite worth it?

A: Yes, Movavi is a very good video editor software. Its well worth the money if you are looking to edit videos on your computer or smartphone.

What is the latest version of Movavi Video Suite?

A: The latest version of Movavi Video Suite is 12.4 with the newest update being 13.0

What is included in Movavi Video Suite?

A: Movavi Video Suite is a very powerful and complete suite of tools that allows you to edit, convert, organize and stream video files. It includes programs for editing videos (including software-defined compositing), converting formats, organizing your media library and streaming online.

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