Hands-on: Netac Shadow RGB RAM

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The Netac Shadow RGB is a high-performance memory kit made by G.Skill that offers an extensive list of features and provides excellent performance for both gaming and non-gaming applications alike.

Hands-on: Netac Shadow RGB RAM

The date on which this page was last updated was January 19, 2022.

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You may not be familiar with Netac or the Netac Shadow RGB RAM, but you’ve almost certainly used a device that the business introduced in 1999: the USB stick. It’s difficult to picture life without them today, but we owe USB drives to Netac, which was created in Shenzhen, China, and went on to become a major player in other flash storage. 

In 2013, Netac, the pioneering business, entered the RAM market with the launching of ‘Netac basic DDR3’ DIMMS. We’ve managed to get our hands on a 16GB DDR4 Netac shadow RGB 3600Mhz kit while we wait for Netac to release the rumored 10GHz DDR5 RAM kits.  

Hey, you’re rather attractive.

Netac Shadow RGB DDR4 3

The Shadow RGB DIMMS have a great aesthetic to them, with heat sinks that are made up of sleek geometric designs and layers that resemble hypercar bodywork. It seems to be swift and durable even before considering the technology or speed. The heatsink’s glossy black finish contrasts wonderfully with Netac’s Horsehead emblem, which is another appropriate reference to speed. 

In the year 2022, every stick of RAM should include RGB, and the Shadow RGB is no exception. ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and Asrock Polychrome Sync are just a few of the RGB ecosystems that the full-spectrum RGB LED lights can work with. 

Specifications for Netac

Netac Shadow RGB DDR4 specs

The following are the precise specs for our Netac DDR4 RAM kit: 

Even when dealing with triple-A games in the gaming business, 16GB of storage is more than plenty. Because video rendering and editing are both RAM-intensive activities, this capability may also be used for some light video editing. 

This Netac Shadow RGB kit runs at a reasonable 3600Mhz, which is on the higher end of DDR4 clock speeds. This is also the precise upper-end speed allowed by current-generation Ryzen CPUs, placing the Shadow RGB in a favorable position for people who are late to replace this sometimes overlooked PC component. 

The DRAM chips used in the Shadow RGB DDR4 kit are Netac NA45B61GX8 1024MB chips. These eight well-designed, efficient Netac chips, aligned on one side of the DIMM with an ENE controller chip, provide performance and endurance, covered by a complete lifetime warranty against natural failure or error. 

Performance of the Netac Shaodw RGB 

Netac Shadow RGB DDR4 performance

To keep things simple, we pitted the Netac Shadow RGB against the Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO, a competitor kit from a renowned brand in the field, in both simulated and real-world circumstances. 

Because the speed, capacity, and timings of both kits are identical, they should theoretically perform similarly in Aida 64’s Cache and Memory Benchmark. However, this was not the case.

Aida’s 64th appearance 

Aida64 Cache and Memory Benchmark netac shadow rgb

With a read speed of 49,756MB/s vs Corsair’s 49,690MB/s, the Netac Shadow RGB took the lead over the Vengeance RGB PRO.

In terms of write speeds, Corsair’s kit beat Netac’s with a speed of 28,713MB/s to 28,687MB/s.

At copy speeds, Netac took the lead with 45,012MB/s over Corsair’s 44,987MB/s. The last test looked at latency, and Corsair’s kit had a 0.5ns shorter latency than Netac’s — 12.5ns vs. 13.0ns.

There was a lot of back-and-forth between the two kits in the results, but they both appear to perform on the same spectrum on average. Where one RAM kit fell short in one speed, it made up for it in another. 

Cyberpunk 2077 4k no RT gaming benchmark 

Cyberpunk 4k Ultra FPS netac shadow rgb

Because it is genuinely one of the most difficult triple-A games to power, Cyberpunk has almost overtaken Crysis in the “But can it run…” meme. As a result, it’s a benchmarker’s best buddy when it comes to putting hardware to the test. 

To keep things simple, we’ll solely talk about RAM and its importance in a gaming system when playing. RAM temporarily stores data and then sends it to the CPU when it’s needed — this is true for practically every job a PC does. 

The approach is similar in gaming, but the quality of your experience is determined by the speed and compatibility of all installed components on your PC. Lag is caused by bad components or poor synergy, hence speed is essential. 

We predicted a comparable performance in Cyberpunk since both of our RAM kits performed equally in the Aida64 Cache and Memory Benchmarks.

The findings show that Netac’s kit outperformed the competition by a razor-thin margin. It averaged 42 frames per second, with 1% lows of 28 frames per second and 0.1 percent lows of 17 frames per second. In comparison, Corsair’s kit averaged 41 frames per second, with 1% lows of 28 frames per second and 0.1 percent lows of 15 frames per second. 


Netac Shadow RGB DDR4 Conclusion

In a nutshell, this RAM is fantastic. The Netac Shadow RGB not only performs well, but it also looks the part, edging over a component industry behemoth. We’re not sure why Netac isn’t a household brand in the sector yet, but we believe it will be shortly. 

The terms “versatile,” “stylish,” and “functional” must have been buzzwords when the Shadow RGB was conceived, since it excels at all three. 

Netac has a bright future in the consumer market ahead of it, and if everything said about its DDR5 RAM is accurate, we’re in for a show. We’re excited to have a look at it.

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