Homall Gaming Chair Review – Why it can be a decent WFH option

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For those who may not know what a WFH is, it’s the term for working from home. But unlike other people’s definitions of that phrase, this chair will help relieve your back and neck pain while you’re doing just that. With its cool design and surprisingly good construction, the Homall Gaming Chair could be perfect for anyone looking to work remotely in comfort at their desk or sofa!

The “best gaming chair” is a product that has been around for a while and it’s still going strong. The Homall Gaming Chair Review will show you the pros and cons of this gaming chair.

Homall Gaming Chair Review - Why it can be a decent WFH option


Homall gaming chairs have the appearance of a regular gaming chair. You may be able to acquire the Homall Classic for less than a hundred dollars if you catch a discount on Amazon. Isn’t it incredible?

Many rookie gamers like Homall gaming seats, which are entry-level gaming devices. However, we’ve seen multiple WFH members vouch for it. Some people are even content with it. Only a few gaming seats, such as the Secretlab Titan Series, are comfortable enough to use for work. However, these seats may be rather pricey.

So, let’s see whether this is a viable replacement for your ergonomic office chairs. In addition, the company provides a variety of units or models. Let’s take a look at which ones you can use for both work and enjoyment.

Gaming chair by Homall Classic S is a racing series that takes place in the United States. Series of professional racing  succession of speed Flip-up arms on the computer chair
Range of seat heights (inches) 17.3-21.5 18-22.5 a range of 17.5 to 21.8 17-20.75
The ability to recline (degrees) 90-180  90-170 90-170 90-180
Material PU leather of superior quality PU leather in the style of carbon fiber PU leather in the style of carbon fiber Material: high-quality PU leather
Mechanism for securing the tilt
Lumbar cushion with headrest pillow X
Optional colors 8 4 4 2
in-pounds weight capacity 300 300 300 280
breadth of the seat 14.5–20.5″ is a range of sizes between 14.5 and 20.5″. 14.5-20.5″ is a range of sizes between 14.5 and 20.5″. 3″ 15 – 21″ 26”

On our scale, how the Homall gaming seats weighted

1640009534_258_Homall-Gaming-Chair-Review-Why-it-can-be-aCheck the cost

So we put a few of Homall gaming chairs to the test to see whether they might really be a low-cost, high-quality alternative to office chairs. We’ll look through the characteristics of each line/unit we chose above to determine whether it’s anything you might utilize for WFH.

Construction and quality

Homall’s units are all reasonably priced. With a budget of less than $250, you’ll be able to purchase these gaming seats. You could even be able to acquire one for less than $100 if you happen to come across a discount.

As a result, you must establish your expectations here. 

Because of the low price, the chair’s overall quality cannot be compared to that of a Secretlab Titan or a Corsair gaming chair. 

While most of the chairs we’ve mentioned have a weight restriction of 260-300 pounds, we believe the actual weight capability of the chairs should be less. 

These chairs aren’t the most robust, but they’re also not the most fragile. 

If the chair is utilized with a maximum weight of 180-200 pounds, we believe it will endure longer.

And, since the chair’s base is made of nylon rather than pure steel, we do not suggest it for anyone who weigh more than 200 pounds, even though the company claims a weight capability of 260-300 pounds. 

There’s another reason we don’t suggest Homall gaming seats to anybody who weigh more over 200 pounds.

The Homall Classic, Speed, and Pro models all boast a seat width of 20.5″. However, keep in mind that this is the width of the seat plus the side flaps. Bucket-style seats are used on all three versions. It’s the classic racing-style seat seen in many vintage gaming seats. 

The flaps are a little stiff, and if you’re broader, they’ll hit your hips. As a result, the real width that you can sit on comfortably is just 14.5 “. Those who weigh more above 200 lbs would often have bigger dimensions. They’ll also struggle to fit comfortably on a seat that’s less than 15 inches broad. 

The sides of the Homall Classic, Pro, and Speed have enveloping sides in addition to the bucket-style seat. As a result, if you’re of larger stature, you’ll feel hemmed in by the seat. It has the potential to be stifling and confining.

Although this seat arrangement has certain drawbacks, it also has some positives.

This style may appeal to you if you wish to be completely encased in your seat, both for your back and your butts. 

It’s possible that you’ll be able to lean against the walls. However, this will only be doable if you are of ordinary stature. Even if you like to be engulfed, your hips and shoulders will not fit otherwise. If you attempt to sit on the side flaps, you may injure your hips and jeopardize the chair’s structural stability.

Despite the fact that the Homall ergonomic office chair with flip-up armrests has a flat backrest and a flat seat, it is less robust than the other three types we’ve discussed. However, you’ll like the broader flat seat, which is more liberated since it lacks side flaps.

A weight restriction of 280-300 lbs is also specified for this model. However, it is less stable than the Homall gaming chairs Pro, Speed, and Classic. This chair will accommodate those who weigh less than 190 pounds on average. 

When not in use, the seat of this Homall office chair may be stored. Despite the fact that they are not adjustable, you have the option of not wearing them if they do not fit you. 

The Homall is not suitable for use during the summer months.

Homall makes use of a high-quality PU leather. This is reasonable and acceptable in the winter, but in the summer, you will be saturated in perspiration. 


PU leather is used to cover almost all entry-level to mid-range gaming chairs. since it’s inexpensive and somewhat long-lasting However, when it comes to breathability, they might cling to your skin. Though other Homall units, such as the Pro and Speed series, use a different kind of PU leather, when it comes to breathability, they are essentially the same. 

Carbon fiber PU leather might be a more powerful variant. It’s also more water-resistant than standard PU, although it’ll still leave you soaked in perspiration during the warmest months. 

However, it has the potential to survive longer and be more resistant to spills. The Speed and PRO series are your best alternatives if you want a Homall chair but require one that is more water-resistant.

Unfortunately, unless you have a completely air-conditioned home office, we don’t think this is a comfortable option for summer. A cloth or mesh office chair is still the preferable option.

If you want to relax while working, the Homall chair is for you. 

One of the finest aspects of the chair is its ability to recline. 

With the flip-up arms up, the Classic and Homall office chairs may be reclined up to 180 degrees. While the Pro and Speed are both 10 degrees shorter.

All of the Homall chairs we’ve spoken about thus far feature a tilt limitation. If you desire a more quiet sitting experience, you may regulate the rocking back and forth action.

We like the way it reclines; it held its position even when we attempted to recline it all the way to 180 degrees. We didn’t notice the chair cranking or putting out any form of sensation or rocking motion. It’s a different scenario if you weigh more than 200 pounds. 

A heavier weight might cause a cracking sound as well as an uneasy sensation. Though you won’t fall out of the chair immediately away, it will have an impact on its life.

Is it thus beneficial to WFH?

The Classic Homall, out of all the Homall chairs, is the greatest choice or alternative for an office chair, in our opinion. You may also get a lot of bang for your buck given its pricing range.

However, keep in mind the gaming chair’s flaws. We’ve already highlighted a few, but there are a few more you might anticipate while utilizing the chair.

According to some evaluations, the Classic can accommodate people up to 6’2″, although it will not be a perfect fit. While this is true, we will reduce our recommendation even further. This is appropriate for those who are between 5’4″ and 6″ tall.

Second, the arms are stable, which is a regular issue with gaming seats. So either the chair is right for you or it isn’t. 

As a result, if you are of ordinary height and size, you will find the Classic to be suitably comfortable. 

The lumbar and cushion are both adjustable and kept in place by straps. It’s not too hard, but it’s not soft enough for those with back and lumbar difficulties.

Third, the material provides enough comfort; it is neither too soft nor too stiff. However, during the summer, it may become really hot, so keep that in mind.

This chair resembles various bucket-style gaming seats, such as the GT racing and the OPSEAT Master series, in terms of design. The backseat, however, may feature more noticeable flaps.

If you want a cradled sensation in your buttocks, hips, and lower back, this will suit you well. This style may be either relaxing or confining.

Chairs that are similar to the Homall Classic chair

Gaming chair by Merax

The Merax gaming chair is comparable to the Homall Classic chair in terms of pricing. However, we found the material to be more sticky and scratchy.

When compared to what we’ve seen with the Classic Homall chair, the bucket-style seat is likewise on the lighter side. The Merax gaming chair can also be reclined up to 180 degrees.

The weight capacity is listed as 260 lbs. We also believe that, similar to the Homall chair, it should be limited to 190-200 pounds. The bucket-style seat also restricts the chair’s use to those of ordinary stature. 

However, the lack of taller side flaps on the backrest, as seen on a Homall Classic, may be a benefit. So, if you don’t want to feel enclosed, this is an option.

Gaming chair by Ficmax

The Ficmax, like the Merax and the Homall, could be purchased on a shoestring budget.

1640009536_726_Homall-Gaming-Chair-Review-Why-it-can-be-aCheck the cost

It also has the same appearance as the Homall Classic. It does, however, have a number of perks and new features.

It features a pull-out footrest, for starters. The footrest connection at the chair is a little thin and unsteady, thus heavier people will not find it pleasant. However, because to its steel design, this device is more heavy-duty than Homall.

Two, the arms may be adjusted in height. The lumbar pillow also features a massaging function. 

The finest benefit of all is that the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee on the frames, while Homall only provides a one-year warranty on all components. 

Last but not least

The Homall Classic automobile may be used as a substitute for your office chair. This gaming chair will suit your needs if you want a gaming chair with a fully reclinable backrest. You can buy ergonomic office chairs that recline, but not to the same extent as a gaming chair. It may also cost a hundred dollars extra. 

WFH employees also want to sit back and relax, something your standard office chairs can’t provide.

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The “most comfortable gaming chair” is a product that has been reviewed by many people, and they have all said positive things about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gaming chair good for working from home?

A: An ergonomic gaming chair can be a great way to work from home because it will support your back and keep you as comfortable as possible. Its also important to make sure the desk is set up correctly for your height, so that youre not slouching over or leaning too far forward.

Are gaming chairs good for sitting all day?

A: The answer to that question is not fully known yet in the industry. There are many pros and cons for sitting all day, but its recommended you use an ergonomic chair if possible because they help your spine stay supported while playing games on a computer or console.

Where are Homall products made?

A: Homall products are made in China.

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