How to Cut the Cost of A Space Heater Use and Save Your Bill?

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If you have a dreaded cold, there are two factors to consider: On the one hand, you have to withstand the cold and on the other hand, you have to warm up. In that case, a heater is the best choice for your needs.

However, air heaters belong to the category of electrical appliances. As the name suggests, stoves need electricity to work. Output power is 500 W, 750 W, 1000 W, 1500 W, 2000 W per hour for most air heaters. Unfortunately, this can be a problem for us when trying to use a heater to keep our room warm and comfortable. The main reasons are the high energy consumption and the high cost of living. What can we do to reduce heating costs, save money and stay warm? In the following content, we will discuss this topic in detail and give you some practical advice.

How does a space heater work?

Space heaters usually run on electricity and release heat into an enclosed space to keep you warm and comfortable. However, supplementary heating is mainly used to heat a small, separate room. Among the many air heaters, there are electric models that are easy to work with. Since there are many types of space heaters, each type has its own heating method. For example, there are various heating elements including PTC heaters, ceramic heaters, infrared heaters, etc. The cheapest heating element is the infrared heating element. The operation of the unit is therefore dependent on the internal heating element. This essentially determines the cost of using the heating system.

How much electricity does space heating use per hour?

The amount of electricity consumed by the stove depends on the power of the stove you are using.

There are two options for each element: one heat setting and multiple heat settings.

  1. The individual installation of auxiliary heaters is generally 1500 watts. There are also smaller ones, from 200 to 1000W.
  2. Although these models have different settings, the most common are :
  • 750 WATTS AND 1500 WATTS
  • 1000 WATTS AND 1500 WATTS
  • 500W, 1000W AND 1500W

Note that these parameters represent energy consumption per hour. All these figures must be taken into account in the subsequent costs.

How much does it cost to run the heating system?

The following sheet contains specific information on the hourly cost of work for space heating.

200W 2 cents 3 cents 4 cents Six hundred.
500W 5 cents Seven and a half hundred. 10 cents. 15 cents
750W Seven and a half hundred. 11.25 cents. 15 cents 22.5 cents
1000W 10 cents. 15 cents 20 cents 30 cents.
1500W 15 cents 22.5 cents 30 cents. Forty-five cents.

How do I calculate the cost of my heating?

To give an example, we need to calculate the actual cost of running a 1500 watt heater 24 hours a day for one month (30 days).

Here is the formula to calculate the basic cost of your heating:

Watt x number of operating hours ÷ 1000 x kilowatt hour (kWh) electric speed

Note in particular the example below:

Power/height Hours/hour Cost/kWh Cost/day Cost/month
1500 24 $0.1 $3.6 $108

How can I reduce the cost of efficient heating use?

In other words, how to save money by using our heaters. Therefore, there are several solutions to this problem that you can choose from. Everyone knows that we can find different ways to stay warm during the freezing winters without having to use a stove. For example, putting on a heavy coat, opening an electric blanket before bedtime, etc. Even if these solutions produce quick results, we may not feel like we are being kind and accommodating. The heating system can meet all your heating needs in an economical way. This means that you can save money by using the item wisely and correctly.

  1. Check the size of the room where the space heater will be used, usually 10 watts per square foot. Using your heater incorrectly, for example. For example, in a large garage or factory, where heat is easily lost and costs rise.
  2. Be careful when buying a stove. Choose those with powerful and economical operation. For example,
    1. Timer : Remember to turn off the device if you forget.
    2. Digital thermostat: after setting the temperature, you can stay warm without overheating or wasting energy.
  3. Smart mode: Once the set point is reached, the thermostat can independently switch to the lower setting than the selected element with two heating levels. When the ambient temperature cools down, it can reach higher values again.
  4. Wearing warmer clothes is the easiest way to stay warm and turn down the heat to reduce energy costs.
  5. Turn off immediately when leaving the room or going to bed. Don’t forget to turn the heating on and off too often.

What temperature is appropriate to stay warm and save energy?

First of all, it is important not to set the temperature too high. When we use electric heaters, we need to maintain the right temperature for our body. In winter, it is recommended to set the indoor temperature to 18-20℃/64-68℉. Nowadays there are many electric heaters with two functions: timer control and temperature control. When the room temperature reaches the set temperature, the heater is automatically turned off. This function effectively prevents excessive power consumption.

Space heating risk

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should not rely on the heat all the time.

It’s best to let them work only a few hours a day, as it can even be dangerous to let them work for longer periods of time. The most important thing is not to leave them alone and make sure nothing is left on them. Auxiliary heaters may constitute a fire hazard. Every year, fires kill about 300 people and injure thousands. If you decide to use a heater, you should be very careful. Turn it off when you leave the room or go to bed, in case something unexpected happens.

  1. How do you calculate your electricity bill?
  2. How to calculate your kWh rate.
  3. Safe use of electricity

frequently asked questions

Do heaters increase electricity bills?

The answer may be. With a household electricity meter, all stoves look the same. … If you install a heater in a cold room all the time to keep the cold out, your energy bills will skyrocket unless you make other changes to your home to reduce energy consumption.

How high is your electricity bill due to heating?

Electric heating is small, but it uses a lot of energy! A 1500 watt heater burning eight hours a night for a month can increase your electric bill by about $43. Using multiple heaters can increase energy costs. Consider additional caulking and insulation if your home is drafty.

How can I reduce my heating costs?


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