LA-Z Boy Baylon Office Chair Review – More than the basic

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How comfortable is your office chair? Boy’sLA-Z is popular because of its comfortable fabrics and leather recliners. Let’s see what it looks like.

About the brand

LAZYboy is an American brand known for the production of upholstered chairs and other furniture. Potato-shaped sofas love recliners. But in addition to these cinema chairs, the brand also produces executive chairs such as the Baylon.

The La-Z-Boy chair in Baylor's office...

LA-Z Boy Baylon Swivel chair Overview – More than just an adjustable ergonomic chair

The LA-Z Boy Baylor office chair is a chair with an adjustable ergonomic base. It can mark most of the items on your list. I think the Baylon office chair is more ergonomic than the other middle-class office chairs currently on the market.

The Baylor chair is height-adjustable and has a tilt and support function. You can also adjust the armrest up and down. But you can’t turn it or move it. It also has a lumbar support. But it is in the form of a cushion with a profiled lumbar support that is fixed.

One of the missing adjustment options is the adjustable seat depth. This is to be expected, because only a few chairs have an adjustable seat depth. B. Chairman of the Board Herman Miller Aeron. So for most office chairs this is perfectly normal.

This level is therefore superior to most entry-level chairs on the market in terms of setting options. Some popular ergonomic chairs, such as the IKEA Markus, also have good features but can’t sit back.

And since this Baylor chair was made by LA-Z Boy, expect it to provide a decent resting place. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an L.A. Boy’s chair, would it? So I guess that’s one of Baylor’s selling points, too. And if there are tilting possibilities, expect it to be comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, I’ll continue with the next part – the functions I liked in the chair.

Things I looked at on the office chair in La-Z Baylor.

Before I turn to constructive criticism, I would like to list the characteristics I have appreciated in using this La-Z Boy Baylor office chair. And these features can make this office chair worth buying…

Very practical

Yeah, the wheelchair made a big difference. So you can stretch out comfortably, even in the middle of a busy day. You can even take a small nap by taking a 10-minute break from the paperwork. But in addition to the tilt function, there are other features that make the Baylor office chair very comfortable.

One of my qualifications for a comfortable brand of office chairs should be lumbar support. Baylor has a built-in lumbar support. It’s not adjustable, it’s fixed.

And in the shape of a soft contour. So you will feel very comfortable sitting in the chair. The seat and back of the Baylor chair are wide enough. It is therefore comfortable for medium and slightly larger users. And that might not work for little people.

And if you like the wide chair, you’ll find this office chair very comfortable, just like me. In addition, the filling is Bonded Leather.

But I think it’s a combination of hard and soft support. And the advantage over artificial leather is that it doesn’t smell so weird. So it’s also comfortable in front of you.

Note, however, that the comfort of this chair tends towards firmness. Yeah, the kissing isn’t so good. It’s pretty solid. In this way it also gives your buttocks sufficient support.

Chic and elitist appearance

A Baylor office chair doesn’t have to be a high-end brand like Steelcase or Herman Miller. But in terms of appearance he is not far behind. It’s chic, modern and elegant. It has soft curves and metal accents that fit well in a modern home office.

And even from a distance you can see that this chair is well done. It’s not a steel jump or a Sayl chair that’s impressive, but it’s impressive enough for your officer to want one.

Small dimensions

Although the chair has a wider seat and back, it does not take up too much space in your office. So that’s great. And if you don’t have a lot of room for a chair, you don’t have to settle for a work chair. You can still save space and have a comfortable upholstered chair.

Well built

The Baylor chair from LA-Z yboy looks well built and seems to last for many years. However, some users have complained that they find the chair wobbly because it leans awkwardly to one side. I think the problem is at the level of the meeting. You have to make sure everything is aligned and tight. This prevents the chair from tilting too far to one side.

30-day discount

If you don’t like the chair, you have a month to bring it back. So it is an excellent value for money. Since you can try it for a few days, you can decide if this chair is what you need and want. And 30 days is long enough to get used to an office chair or to determine whether it’s good for you.


Of course, you can find out where to buy it.

Some may be better than.

Tilt function not intuitive, played no role

It has a tilt function, but I don’t think the chair’s doing very well. Or that I don’t feel so different.

Not for a small margin of manoeuvre

As mentioned above, it may not be suitable for short-term users. Maybe the chair’s too wide. The height adjustment is decent enough, but it may not be low enough for shorter people.

Height and depth adjustable arms, non-rotating

Baylor’s arms are adjustable in two ways. So, if you want to put him on his side or take him away from your body, you can’t. However, the armrests are quite comfortable because they are also upholstered. So, if you don’t mind moving your arms back and forth, you’ll be fine.

Non-slippery wheels on vinyl flooring

If you have a vinyl floor, you might have a problem scrolling this office chair at Baylor. I’m not looking for all kinds of sex. But if you have a vinyl floor, that’s one thing to consider.

Almost as comfortable as the LA-Z Boy Recliner

Because it’s the LA-Z Boy chair, you often wonder how it compares to the LA-Z Boy lounge chair. Of course, given that a wheelchair is more comfortable. But you’ll be surprised to know Baylor’s not far behind.

It’s almost as comfortable as a recliner. Except that the last plush is designed for film marathons and relaxation. But I have to say that the Baylor executive seat is one of the most comfortable ergonomic executive seats I have ever sat in. LA-Z Boy.

You can tell from the upholstery and the upholstery that it’s an L.A. boy’s chair. Although it’s a little firmer than the Recliner, it remains in LAZY BOY quality. You get the same memory foam and the same support for the front and back. These are mostly LA-Z boys’ chairs.

And, of course, the high-quality materials guarantee a first-class chair. The mix of quality wood, upholstery and foam fits well in a modern office.

In addition, Baylor’s executive chair is equipped with a swivel wheelchair. It is therefore a practical feature that not all office chairs have. This places him just a little bit behind the recliners of the brand. But you use it for work, don’t you? So it can’t be as luxurious as a recliner. Otherwise, you’d just pull out. So I think the comfort level is sufficient for an office chair.

Who’s for?

Executive Chairman Baylor has a pretty decent user base. But it may not be deep enough for short people. But because it is large, it can also be suitable for those who are taller. Or if you just appreciate a spacious seat, it’s a great option. Moreover, the height adjustment for medium and tall people is decent.

If you value comfort more, this chair is a bargain.

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