Loryergo monitor stand review – what makes them a buy

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Do you need a monitor stand? If you use a computer for work and want to save your back, then a monitor stand is a must buy. You can save money by buying a cheaper stand that doesn’t have the right features, but at the end of the day, you’re not going to be happy. To help you make the right choice, I’ve reviewed a few monitor stands.

Loryergo monitor stands are a fantastic possibility for anyone who likes to use their desktop PC, laptop or notebook computer for watching movies or playing games and has the need for a large, stable, and vertical screen. With the curved design of the stand and its unique and sturdy stand, you can rest assured that your monitor will not fall when you push down the button to open the monitor stand’s lid.

Loryergo monitor stand review – what makes them a buy “Loryergo monitor stand review – what makes them a buy” Loryergo monitor stand review – what makes them a buy This review is a follow-up to our previous blog post about Loryergo monitor stands, it was written to help you decide whether these stands are a good choice for your monitors. Read more on Loryergo monitor stand review – what makes them a buy


Monitor stands and desk risers may assist you in maintaining proper posture when working on computers. It raises the display to eye level, preventing you from sarining your neck. To address this issue, many users use the usage of a monitor arm. Your displays may be adjusted in height, tilt, and angle. As a result, more people choose them over a monitor stand or a desk riser.


Although monitor arms allow for greater mobility, they need drilling holes in your table to be installed. And because not everyone wants to do that, desk risers may be a decent alternative for people who don’t want to do any DIY or drill holes in their costly wood desks. We’ll also look at the Loryergo monitor stand. We’ll let you know our thoughts on this product.

What makes them a good investment?

Monitor stands seem to have many drawbacks as compared to monitor arms. But first, let’s take a look at the lory ergo desk riser’s features and advantages.

These are the characteristics that we found the most appealing.

Simple to put together

The Loryergo is simple to put together. It’s like building bricks or LEGO, in that you don’t have to drill holes as you would with monitor arms. Drills aren’t required. If you don’t want to make any changes to your workstation, this is a perfect choice.

The issue with adding articulating arms is that the unit’s stability may be jeopardized. It may be too unsteady or wobbling if not correctly placed. There’s a chance your displays may tumble to the ground as a result. Monitor stands, on the other hand, are not affected by this issue. You can’t go wrong with it since it’s so simple to put together.

Additional storage space

Loryergo’s monitor stand has two levels. You have a second open shelf where you may keep some of your devices, books, notebooks, and other items that you require near to your workstation. As a result, it may help you clear up space on your desktop. It will also be simpler to keep your desk clutter-free with the extra storage space. 

You may also use it as a single-tier or dual-tier desk monitor stand. As a result, you’ll be able to better personalize your workplace. It looks a lot like IKEA’s Elloven monitor stand. It also has a second storage space, although it’s more of a pull-out drawer than open storage. 

Stable enough

MDF wood is used to construct the Loryergo monitor stand. It isn’t the most expensive, nor is it of the best quality. But this is a good night to carry a 44-pound monitor. So the product’s stated weight is correct; there is no marketing nonsense.  

A cable management hub is included. 

To keep your workplace neat and tidy, you don’t need cable ties or clips. A cable management hub is included in this unit area. Oh, and it also includes a cellophane slot holder. If you need to work on your phone and computer at the same time, this may be quite useful. Despite its lack of bells and whistles, it does have a few extras that may help you work more efficiently. 

Quite long-lasting

This is one of just a few single desk risers with a 44-pound weight capability. As a result, you’ll be able to set up your larger displays. And, as previously said, there is no marketing gimmickry; it just works. 

The Loryergo monitor stand has several drawbacks.

This desk riser is insufficiently lengthy to support a big MSI PC. We have no reservations about the weight capacity. The computer’s legs, on the other hand, are dangling from the stand’s edge. So, even though it can support a 44-pound weight, there may not be enough room for the whole legs of a big monitor. Though this will have no effect on the unit’s stability. However, it is untidy and may be an eyesore. 

Oh, and this won’t be able to support two monitors. As a result, some customers choose to purchase two of these units and install them side by side. Though this is an option, it may seem cluttered to some. If you need to install two displays, twin monitor stands, such as the Groovemade wood dual stand, are a better choice.

You also won’t be able to change the display stand’s height. In fact, many of these items are not adjustable and remain fixed. There are, however, a handful that are. The 3M monitor stand is a superior option if you’re searching for an adjustable desk riser. The legs or feet are made up of pieces that may be stacked on top of one another or removed as needed. You’ll simply have to do without the extra storage. Oh, and it looks like a file mesh tray, which we don’t like.   

Some customers preferred to keep their keyboards on the bottom of the stand. That is also an option. This desk riser, however, is insufficiently long to handle longer keyboards. The stand’s proportions are very small and short.

Is the Loryergo monitor stand beneficial for you?

The Loryergo monitor stand, like most other desk risers, provides a simple solution. It allows you to raise the height of your computer from the table by a few inches. The Loryergo, on the other hand, is a very simple monitor stand with a detachable second layer for storage. There will be no more or less. There will be nothing else in it. 

It isn’t height-adjustable and is very basic. So if you want additional functionality, this isn’t the app for you. If you need something more ergonomic, a monitor stand may not be the best option.

However, we like how it appears in terms of aesthetics. This does not seem to be a filling tray. It even seems to be more porous than Amazon’s basic display stand. As a result, this unit may help to organize and beautify your workspace. It just provides a simple answer. Keep this in mind to keep your expectations in check. 

Where can I get it?

Monitor stands that aren’t as expensive as the Loryergo

If you want a desk riser but don’t like Loryergo’s features, here are some alternatives. 


We like the overall design of this desk riser. In comparison to the Loryergo, it seems to be cleaner, more upscale, and more contemporary. The mix of white laminate and MDF wood is very effective. This model differs from the Loryergo in that it has a closed storage compartment. Like a result, you’ll use it as a pull-out drawer. If you need to keep tiny things like pencils or keys from sliding down the tier, this is a perfect option. The levels, unlike the Loryergo, are not detachable. So there you have it. 

Adjustable monitor stand from AmazonBasics

This is one of the few height-adjustable desk risers available. The segmented legs may be changed from four to eight inches in length. As a result, you have the choice of stacking the segments on top of one another or not using them altogether. While this is a more ergonomic option, it does not provide any more storage space. And the product’s all-plastic construction gives it a fragile appearance. 

If you need a height-adjustable chair that is also cheap, but don’t mind the basic design, this might be a good choice.

Monitor desk riser in the shape of a jelly comb

This is the ideal option if you find the Loryergo too thin or tiny. The Loryergo is almost double the size of the Jelly Comb desk riser. It doesn’t have second-tier storage, but it does feature numerous “pocket storage” compartments where you may store your electronics. Two tiny slots are available on either end of the riser, as well as a thin drawer on the right side where you may store your tablets. It also has a smartphone holder.  

Oh, and the greatest thing is that the monitor stand’s height and breadth can be changed to fit your requirements. In comparison to the other brands on our list, it is very ergonomic. 

Desk riser for two monitors by Ameriergo

This is the ideal option if you need to set up two monitors but don’t want to buy two Loryergo desk risers. The Ameriergo twin monitor stand accommodates two big monitors with ease. It also includes a number of storage areas. As a result, it can handle a highly busy workstation. It even features a large central area where you can store trinkets or even plants.  

Even though this isn’t a two-tier desk riser, the area underneath the stand may be used to store your laptop and notebooks. Oh, and it’s carefully designed, just like the Loryergo. 

Final Say

Desk risers are another name for monitor stands. And, in comparison to articulating arms, this may not be as comfortable. This is a feasible choice if you require a storage area where you can arrange your stuff and just need your computer to be a few inches from the desk. Loryergo is also very robust, and it may improve the appearance of your desk.

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