Mountain Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse Review

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I am a mouse freak. My collection just keeps growing. I have one of those big dome-shaped mouse mats and I love to lay in bed with my laptop on my chest, my favorite mouse with a thumb rest in one hand and a nice big cup of tea in the other. The fact that my collection of mice keeps growing is just as embarrassing as the fact that I’m still single. But that’s beside the point.

Mountain have a history of releasing mice in the £50-£70 price range that are known for their durability and precision. The brand’s latest offering, the Makalu 67, aims to be the pinnacle of those efforts by providing a design that is as durable as it is comfortable. The 67 is a wired mouse that is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

You can immediately see that Mountain has opted for a slightly different variant of the usual lightweight honeycomb mouse, the perforations here are rounded rectangles instead. The Makalu 67 looks great, with a bright white body that contrasts nicely with the black side buttons and mouse wheel.

An RGB button is a ring that surrounds the DPI switch and the middle mouse button. The lighting is diffuse and can be changed in the software, but it would be nice if the diffuse lighting also illuminated the inside of the case, because that’s what I love about the perforated mice.


Height and weight

As mentioned earlier, the large size of the mouse is immediately noticeable, and you can clearly see that it was not designed for small hands. I usually play with the palm of my hand and sometimes with a hybrid claw grip, which suits this mouse perfectly. I’ve been testing lightweight mice for a while now, and even switched from a bulky 100 gram mouse to a 50 gram mouse not too long ago, so the weight (57 grams) hasn’t been a problem. However, the mice I’ve used so far are quite small in comparison, and it took a while for my grip to get used to this shape.


The Makalu 67 measures 126mm from front to back, is 62mm wide at the front and gets slightly wider at the back to 70mm wide. Thanks to these cut-outs, the width of the handle is 58 mm, and at the tip of the stroke the mouse measures 43 mm. The mouse folds over the main buttons and is only 15 mm high.


The large size reminds me of the Zowie EC1 or the Razer Deathadder, but this headset is definitely a bit bulkier on the back end, and to be honest I found it slightly less comfortable, but not enough to keep me from using it.

Shape and texture

Not only does the size of the Makalu 67 remind me of the Zowie EC or the Razer DeathAdder, but also the shape. The ergonomic shape gives the mouse a natural feel in my right hand, which I really like. Apart from the initial problems of getting used to the larger mouse, the fit remained comfortable throughout the operation. The back of the mouse tilts rather aggressively, while the front has a softer tilt for the main buttons. There are no grooves on the tractors, which isn’t the most important thing, but it’s definitely my favorite thing about comfort.


I have very few problems with this mouse, but if there is one thing I would add, it would be the handle. The texture is a smooth, matte ABS plastic that Mountain calls its ribcage design, and you don’t even notice the perforations while playing. There are small cutouts on the sides and they work pretty well, but if your palms/fingers get sweaty, it’s hard to use this device for long periods of time because your fingertips have nothing to hold on to. It’s an odd question, because while I didn’t lose my grip during testing, I sometimes felt like I was never in full control.

Push button

The Makalu 67’s buttons are one of its strengths, with minimal forward and backward movement of the main triggers. The main buttons are very responsive and are probably my favorite aspect of the mouse, making FPS faster overall. Below the main keys are Omron switches that are rated for 50 million keystrokes. These switches are nothing special, most of you have probably had a mouse with them, but if not, they remain reliable for a very long time, and the sound is fairly satisfactory.


There are a total of six buttons on the Makalu 67. In addition to the two main buttons, there are two side buttons on the left, and while they’re not the best in the world, they fit perfectly in my hand. The side buttons are slightly angled, and I found it very easy to press them while playing, as you only have to turn your thumb to press them. The side buttons are a bit crooked, but that doesn’t affect performance at all when playing games.

The DPI switch is quite large, black in color, but thanks to the hollow area where it sits, you’ll never accidentally press it. Indicator lights show which profile you are on, but if you are not familiar with mice, you will have to go into the software to find out the exact elevation. Although there are only four LEDs, the mouse has five levels of magnification, so if the LEDs aren’t on, you’re probably using the mouse in the 400 DPI mode. Of course, you can change and save the DPI levels as you use the software, but the default settings will be sufficient for most.

The middle button of the mouse seems flatter than most other mice and looks a bit thinner, but that could be because the mouse is quite large. The scroll wheel works well and allows for accurate scrolling, with a tactile damper indicating light scrolling. Compared to other mice, I found that the middle mouse button was much easier to click in the game without accidentally scrolling. On other mice I rarely used the middle button, but with the Makalu 67 I feel confident enough to use it more often.

Is this the best wheel for a mouse? No, but it’s reliable, especially for games.


In the past year, wiring standards for mice have skyrocketed: Almost all manufacturers offer a light and flexible cable. This paracord style cable is excellent and works well with or without the mouse bungee, but I always recommend using the bungee with any wired mouse. The cable housing is made of soft rubber, and with a slight upward angle of about 5%, the mouse sometimes feels like it’s wireless.


The 1.82m braided cable is another reliable feature of the mouse, although it does attract dust easily. But I don’t mind the dust on the mouse cable, and the functionality is worth it.

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