MTG Arena Codes – Updated Complete List (January 2022)

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MTG Arena is an upcoming free-to-play digital card game created by Wizards of the Coast that will be available on Magic: The Gathering Online. It features a number of improvements over traditional games, including integration with Twitch and mobile devices. In this article, we are looking at all MTG Arena Codes for January 2022

The “mtg arena codes zendikar rising” is a list of all MTG Arena Codes and their corresponding dates. The list also includes the date that each code expires.

MTG Arena Codes - Updated Complete List (January 2022)

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MTG Arena Codes

MTG Arena Codes are your passport to a plethora of freebies on the Magic the Gathering Arena.

These codes allow you keep up to date and design the most distinctive and competitive online decks possible, regardless of the MTG decks you choose to play with, or your card style and strategy.

There are MTG Arena promo codes for everything, from how your cards appear to their sleeves and, of course, the cards themselves.

The issue is that finding all of the codes in time to redeem them before they expire is practically difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled and updated this comprehensive list of MTG Arena codes.

Continue reading to learn about all of the latest Magic the Gathering Arena codes!

MTG Arena Codes: What Are They?

MTG Arena codes are passwords that may be redeemed for usage in the MTG Arena online game.

MTGA codes may be found in Wizards of the Coast and Magic the Gathering Arena physical and digital goods.

MTG Arena coupons provide you permanent ownership of digital cards, decks, numerous cosmetics for your cards and decks, and other MTG Arena goodies once you redeem them.

The catch is that codes expire after a certain period of time and are replaced by fresh ones. So, if you want to stay on top of them, you’ll have to put in some work (or simply bookmark our list, which we keep updated!).

What Is the Best Way to Get MTG Arena Codes?

Arena Codes for Magic the Gathering may be obtained in a variety of ways.

MTGA codes are included with a variety of paper and digital items, but there are a variety of other methods to get them, including obtaining free MTGA codes online and in person.

The following are the most prevalent methods for obtaining free codes:

  • MTGA booster packets are opened.
  • Decks for planeswalkers are available for purchase.
  • Getting starter kits
  • Purchasing them from an MTG shop page
  • With your MTG Arena account, you can get free coupons through an email link.
  • Twitch premier discount codes are available.
  • Promo codes for MTG Arena may be found at live events and local game stores.
  • Friday Night Magic promotional codes that aren’t unique

What Is the Process for Redeeming MTG Arena Codes?

So you’ve gotten your hands on some Magic the Gathering Arena codes and are ready to use them for some free MTG Arena merchandise.

It’s a sweet movement. Let’s get started!

Thankfully, redeeming a code isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem.

To redeem coupons, just follow these simple steps:

Obtain a Code on a Computer

Until recently, when the MTG Arena app was released, the only way to claim codes was to do it on a computer.

To claim your MTG Arena code on your PC, follow these steps:

1. Open MTG Arena on your computer.

MTG Login

2. Select “Store” from the drop-down menu and click it.

MTG Store

If the shop isn’t accessible right now, try clicking “Get Packs.”

3. In the “Redeem Code” box, type the code.

MTG Redeem code

4. On your keyboard, press the “Enter” key.

MTG Redeem Code Success

5. Take a look at your new stuff

MTG Code Acquired

Get a Code on Your Phone

MTG Mobile Login

There is now a second method for quickly redeeming Magic the Gathering Arena tickets, thanks to the recent debut of the MTGA app.

The procedure for redeeming a code on the MTG Arena app differs from that of redeeming a code on a computer:

1. On your mobile device, go to

MTG Mobile Account Page

2. On the right side of the screen, look for the “Redeem Code” box.

MTG Redeem Code Box

3. Click the “Redeem” button after entering the code in the box.

MTG Redeem Code Button

6. Return to the “Store” page.

7. Take a look at your new items

Keep in mind that the letters of each Magic the Gathering Arena code are case sensitive whether you input them straight into your Wizards account or redeem them on the MTG Arena app.

That means you’ll need to keep an eye on your capital and lowercase letters while entering the code for it to work.

MTG Arena Codes Types

Codes for MTG Arena Packs

Booster packs for Magic Online (through MTG Arena) and other MTG items usually come with some free Magic the Gathering Arena codes when purchased online.

Buying MTG Arena packs is the greatest method to receive amazing cards plus a code or two for online usage for Magic the Gathering Arena aficionados.

Individual cards, planeswalkers, cosmetics, booster packs, and even whole decks are included with the purchase of these Arena packs.

This sort of code usually has a one-year or two-year expiry date (from the time it was initially distributed), but it might expire much sooner. However, if you manage to stumble across one, it’s possible that it’s soon to expire.

Product Codes for MTG Sealed “Paper”

The easiest method to gain free MTG Arena codes is to buy sealed paper items, such as Planeswalkers decks, different theme Decks, MTG Booster Packs, and various Theme-Based Starter Kits.

For example, if you purchase either Forgotten Realms Booster Packs or Midnight Hunt Booster Packs right now, you will get a reward good for three online booster packs.

Additionally, while buying paper items, you may be able to acquire certain coupons for free booster packs, giveaways, and other Magic the Gathering rewards from local retailers and live events.

The majority of these codes may be redeemed for exact replicas of paper goods (mainly cards, planeswalkers, and decks). These are the codes you’ll need to utilize on MTG Arena to create a carbon duplicate of your physical deck.

The problem with sealed paper MTG items is that the codes may have already expired if you purchase earlier things.

If you acquire a planeswalker deck in 2018, the code is more than likely already expired for a year or more in 2022.

Many paper items, on the other hand, come with unique codes that have no expiry date.

Promo Codes That Aren’t Found Everywhere

Magic the Gathering Arena sometimes offers unique discount codes in conjunction with the debut of new series, expansions, tournaments, or product lines. The MTG arena promo codes are usually significantly more time-sensitive and must be used right away.

Wizards, for example, may provide an Arena promo code or another form of unique code as a pre-release incentive or as a prize for registering a new account. These are some of the simplest free coupons to get.

When you attempt to input your free MTG arena promo codes, the last thing you want to read is “expired yesterday.” Promo codes might last for months rather than a year or two like large promotions.

Promotional tickets may be redeemed for a variety of items, including uncommon and rare cards, 15-card booster packs, and cosmetic enhancements for your Magic the Gathering Arena cards.

Unique promo codes are sometimes useful for customised items, like as purchasing two random cosmetics at the same time, which makes your decks stand out from the crowd.

Email Exclusive Coupon Codes

If you play MTG Arena, make sure you join up with an active email address that you can check for and redeem unique coupons with on a regular basis.

MTG arena promo codes don’t appear very frequently, but when they do, it’s usually without notice. When unique email incentives are distributed to players, there is no sequence, timetable, or notification.

Because these free MTG arena coupons tend to expire fast, exclusive vouchers should be utilized as soon as possible. Exclusive coupons, like promotional codes, might expire in weeks or months, so don’t wait too long to use them.

This sort of ticket may be used to buy individual cards, booster packs, whole decks, cosmetics, and more. These email-based prizes are sometimes redeemable for death packs.

Overall, if you just have two decks, this kind of code reward is precisely what you need to start building your collection.

Codes for Direct Purchase

Another excellent option to get MTG Arena codes is to purchase them directly. Purchasing them directly is by far the fastest and simplest means of obtaining them out of all the options now available. You may also specify what prizes the codes are redeemable for if you go this way.

At the very least, if you buy Magic the Gathering Arena products online, you’ll receive at least one code with any purchase. That said, many local stores and online retailers offer Codes for Direct Purchase for sale as well (so don’t forget to ask around at the local Magic shop!).

Keep in mind that if you buy a coupon straight from MTG Arena, there’s a good possibility you’ll get some more MTG Arena promo codes as well, making the bargain even better.

Furthermore, buying a code enables you to choose precisely what you want, from spark packs to basic lands and everything in between.

Are you looking for codes that can be used to create a planeswalker deck? It’s no issue. Want to utilize a stained glass card style or boost your mastery tree? Done!

You can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a direct purchase code for it, whether it’s a single card, something decorative like card sleeves, or even a mythic rare planeswalker.

Codes for Cosmetics

This common code may be found in booster packs and as an MTG Arena promo code in various paper and digital MTG items.

After redeeming a cosmetic code, you may give your cards some individuality. This features a variety of skins as well as alternate card graphic schemes.

As a result, your cards and decks will stand out from those made out of ordinary cards, boxes, and sleeves.

Furthermore, these vouchers may contain redeemable card sleeves, allowing you to personalize your Magic the Gathering Arena setup even further.

MTG Arena Codes Currently Available (2021)

Codes for MTG Arena Packs

Codes for MTG Arena Packs

For Magic Online players, Codes for MTG Arena Packs are not only the most common but are also among the most helpful to lay hands on.

The following are some of the current rewards:

3 Core Set 2021 Packs (expires on an undetermined date) PLAYM21

PLAYDND (3 Booster Packs for the Forgotten Realms – expires on an undetermined date)

PLAYMID (3 Midnight Hunt Booster Packs – unknown expiration date)

PLAYVOW (3 Crimson Vow Packs, unknown expiration date)

3 Throne of Eldraine Packs (expires on an undetermined date) PlayEldraine

3 Theros Beyond Death Packs from PlayTheros (expires on an unknown date)

PlayIkoria (3 Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Packs – unknown expiration date)

PlayKaldheim (3 Kaladeheim Packs – no expiration date)

PlayStrixhaven (3 Strixhaven Packs – unknown expiration date)

PlayZendikar (3 Zendikar Rising Packs – unknown expiration date)

TRYKALADESH (1 Kaladesh Remastered Pack – unknown expiration date)

Keep in mind that, being one of the most prevalent sorts of MTG Arena code, Wizards releases them significantly more often than other types. That means you’ll be able to use the most recent free coupons as frequently as every few months if you keep an eye out for them. It also means that by the time you check to verify whether your codes worked, they may have long passed their expiration date.

Deck Codes for Planeswalker

Visit to see the original post.

There’s a fair possibility that when you purchase a planeswalker, whether it’s a digital copy or a physical card, you’ll get a free code for an identical clone of the card.

The following items are currently on the list:

Dovin is a legal architect (clone of the deck )

City Smasher, Domri (clone of the deck)

The Oathsworn Gideon (clone of the deck)

Arcane Strategist Jace (clone of the deck)

Decks for M20 Planeswalkers (clone of the deck)

Decks for M21 Planeswalkers (clone of the deck)

Eldraine’s Throne Decks (clone of the deck)

Decks of Theros Beyond Death (clone of the deck)

Ral, the Storm Caller (clone of the deck)

Regal Gorgon Vraska (clone of the deck)

Wizards of the Coast LLC releases mythic rare Planeswalkers on a more infrequent basis than new legendary monsters and other rare cards. That means there are fewer Planeswalker passwords circulating around, so take advantage of them while you can!

It’s also worth noting that Planeswalkers are among of the most powerful and varied cards in the Magic realm. That is to say, the more digital Planeswalker cards you have, the more powerful you become (regardless of your card style).

Codes of Experience

For MTGA, this kind of code is not usually accessible. When they are, you should put them to use right away!

There is just one accessible right now:

LevelUp (2,000 XP – expires at an unspecified time)

Codes for Cosmetics

MTG Codes for Cosmetics

For true MTG Arena aficionados, these are by far the most popular kind of code. Because you may change the aesthetics of your individual cards and decks, you can customise them (with skins and alternate art).

The following items are currently on the list:

(Expires January 1, 2023) ParallaxPotion (Revitalize card and card style)

(Opt card and card style – expires January 1, 2023) SuperScry

(Deathbloom Thallid card and card style – expires January 1, 2023) FoilFungus

(Fanatical Firebrand card and card style – expires January 1, 2023) ShinyGoblinPirate

Druid of the Cowl (Druid of the Cowl card and card style – expires January 1, 2023) SparkleDruid (Druid of the Cowl card and card style – expires January 1, 2023)

OVERTHEMOON (card style: Arlinn, Voice of the Pack – expires January 1, 2023)

INNERDEMON (the Hate-Twisted Ob Nixilis card style – expires January 1, 2023)

SHIELDSUP (card style Teyo, the Shieldmage – expires January 1, 2023)

WRITTENINSTONE (card style: Nahiri, Storm of Stone – expires January 1, 2023)

ENLIGHTENME (card style: Narset, Parter of Veils – expires January 1, 2023)

FNMATHOME (2 random cosmetics with an unknown expiration date)

As with Codes for MTG Arena Packs, coming by a fresh cosmetic code isn’t at all uncommon. That said, you should definitely redeem these magic pack rewards asap. Even better, the more free cosmetic rewards you redeem, the more your account stands out from the pack!

Codes on Card Sleeves

By adding a matching set of sleeves to your deck, you may customize the way your cards appear. In play, card sleeves stand out, giving your deck a more distinct look.

The following codes are currently on the list:

ArtClub (Prismari Sleeve – unclear expiration date)

(Silverquill Sleeve – expires on an undetermined date) DebateDuelists

(Quandrix Sleeve – expires on an undetermined date) MathWhizzes

(Lorehold Sleeve – expires on an undetermined date) RockJocks

(Witherbloom Sleeve – expires on an undetermined date) SwampPunks

Another uncommon form is the card sleeve code, which is seldom produced by MTG Arena and never found in booster packs. When you discover one, input it as soon as can into your MTG Arena dashboard!

MTG Arena Codes: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Arena Codes included with all Magic Cards?

MTGA codes are not included with all MTG cards. Cards obtained from booster packs, for example, do not have any form of code.

Individual cards, whether purchased in person or online, do not come with an MTG Arena coupon code.

In reality, Magic items that contain a code are much less common than ones that do not.

Do MTG Booster Packs Include an Arena Code?

Although booster packs are one of the most popular MTG paper items, they do not carry an MTG Arena ticket. In a package of normal booster packs, you won’t discover even one code.

However, there is an exemption to this restriction if you buy booster packs only for online usage (via MTGA).

Unlike actual paper booster packs, these purchases may offer free MTG Arena promo codes.

Is There a Code in Magic Decks?

The number of decks with a redeemable code changes on a regular basis. There might be as many as a dozen decks with active codes at any one moment.

The Magic decks that have a code that is presently active are mentioned above (spoiler: most of them are planeswalker decks right now).

If you stumble across an active promo for a complete Magic deck, use it right away since it will convert into an expired code in a matter of days, weeks, or months.

Where Do I Put an MTGA Code?

By signing into MTG Arena and hitting the Code Redemption icon, you may redeem codes. Alternatively, you may now use the MTG Arena app to redeem vouchers.

Just remember that they’re case-sensitive, so make sure you type them properly.

Keep in mind that the majority of them are also time-sensitive. So, before they expire, make sure you redeem them before they expire!

A Final Thought on Arena Codes in Magic the Gathering

Apart from ordinary booster packs and older Magic goods (anything two or three years old or older is unlikely to include an active code), purchasing most paper items these days provides you a good chance of discovering a code for Magic the Gathering Arena.

Promo codes may also be found in digital items, emails, and websites that offer Wizards of the Coast merchandise. In addition, no matter what card style you want, there is an MTGA code for you. From the cards you have, like as Planeswalkers and other Mythic Rare cards, to the way your cards look, such as the sleeves and deck box, everything is important.

Hopefully, we’ve addressed all of your concerns with scoring the MTGA code you’re seeking for. As a result, make sure to come back frequently to get free coupon packs!

The “mtg arena codes 2022” is a list of the most current MTG Arena Codes. These codes are updated on a monthly basis, so you can be sure to get the latest and greatest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there MTG Arena codes?

A: I am unable to answer this question, as it is not something that I know.

Can you buy MTG Arena codes?

A: MTG Arena is a digital collectible card game, where the players create and battle with their own decks. The idea of MTGA comes from Magic: The Gathering which has been around for quite some time now but the gameplay differs quite considerably.

Do MTG Arena codes expire?

A: The MTG Arena codes for Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon will expire on October 17th.

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