Magic the Gathering is one of the most popular trading card games in the world. With over ten million players, it’s easy to see why. The game has been around for almost 20 years and has changed with each new set released.

MTG Best Creatures to Cheat Into Play is a product review of the best creatures that are legal in modern.

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Smuggling treats into a cinema theater is similar to cheating animals into play. It’s challenging, by no means free, but it’s well worth the effort. Continue reading to learn which creatures are the greatest to cheat into your next MTG game.

Top 10 Magic: The Gathering Best Creatures to Cheat Into Play 

1. The White Dawn’s Bringer

Magic: the Gathering - Bringer of The White Dawn - Fifth Dawn

The Bringer of the White Dawn is an uncommon 5/5 white Bringer monster that has Trample. Rather of paying the Bringer’s normal casting cost of 7 converted mana and 2 plains, pay a single mana of any color cost to bring it into play.

You may put a target artifact card from your graveyard into play at the start of each upkeep. 

The more Bringers you have in your hand, the more cards you can bring back from the graveyard each round, as well as additional abilities you may use.

That’s why the top five spots on our list of MTG’s greatest creatures to cheat into play have been set aside for the five primary Bringers.

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2. The Green Dawn’s Bringer

Magic: the Gathering - Bringer of The Green Dawn - Fifth Dawn

The Bringer of the Green Dawn is a rare 5/5 Bringer Creature with Trample that you may put into play for one mana of each color, or by spending 7 converted and 2 green mana.

You get to place a brand new 3/3 green Beast creature token into play on the battlefield at the start of your upkeep.

The Bringer of the Green Dawn, when combined with his brethren, is a force to be reckoned with.

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3. The Red Dawn’s Bringer

Magic: the Gathering - Bringer of The Red Dawn - Fifth Dawn

The Bringer of the Red Dawn is the third rare Bringer Creature on our list of the greatest creatures to cheat into play, another 5/5 with Trample that can be played for 1 of each mana color (or its original price of 7 converted and 2 red mana).

The ability of the Bringer of the Red Dawn differs from that of the other Bringers. You get to pick a creature controlled by anybody and control it until the end of your turn. This monster is both untapped and hasty.

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4. The Blue Dawn’s Bringer

Magic: the Gathering - Bringer of The Blue Dawn - Fifth Dawn

The Bringer of the Blue Dawn is the second-to-last of the rare 5/5 Bringers with Trample. It may be cast for 7 converted mana and 2 islands, or 1 of each mana color, much like the rest of its family.

When it’s your upkeep phase, the blue Bringer enables you to draw two cards from the top of your deck. 

Needless to say, when combined with the other Bringers, this ability is sheer lunacy.

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5. The Black Dawn’s Bringer

Magic: the Gathering - Bringer of The Black Dawn - Fifth Dawn

The Bringer of the Black Dawn is the last but far from least of the Bringers. It’s a rare 5/5 Bringer Creature with Trample that can cast 1 of each color or 7 converted and 2 swamps.

You may pay 2 life at the start of each upkeep while Bringer of the Black Dawn is on the battlefield and search your deck for a card, shuffle it, and put it on top of the deck.

The ability of this card, particularly when combined with the ability of the blue Bringer, allows you to remain well-prepared and ahead of the game.

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6. Kozilek’s Artisan

Magic: the Gathering - Artisan of Kozilek - Rise of The Eldrazi

In MTG, the craftsman of Kozilek is one of the “largest” creatures that may be cheated into play. It’s a colossal 10/9 Eldrazi monster that isn’t easy to get into play without the aid of a spell or ability, but once it’s there, it helps set you up for cheating in a variety of creatures.

Plus, when you play it, you get to bring a creature from the graveyard back onto the board. Annihilator 2 is another fantastic attribute of this card. As a result, anytime it assaults, the defending player must sacrifice two permanents.

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7. Conjurer Adept Braids

Braids, Conjurer Adept

You may not think much of this braided maiden at first, but with a second look, it all begins to make sense. 

Everyone in the game gets to place a land, artifact, or creature card into the battlefield (from their hand) at the beginning of each player’s upkeep phase after they’ve been put into play on the battlefield.

With this Legendary Human Wizard, Braided, Conjurer, Adept, you not only arrange things up such that you may sneak a creature onto the field each time it’s your upkeep turn, but you also have a 2/2 creature with a mid-range casting cost.

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8. Double-body

Magic The Gathering - Body Double (15) - Duel Decks: Jace vs Vraska

Body Double isn’t exactly cheap to play, costing 4 colorless and 1 island in converted mana. It does, however, let you to bring your own copy of any creature from any graveyard onto the battlefield.

This Shapeshifter stays the duplicate of the creature you target when you cast it as long as it is in play.

Isn’t it wicked? It’s a fantastic method to sneak in one of your opponent’s finest creatures, or even one from your own graveyard.

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Aetherplasm (nine)

Magic: the Gathering - AEtherplasm - Guildpact

The Creature Illusion Aetherplasm is one of the most common creatures to “cheat” into play. It’s a 1/1 blue Illusion Creature with a 2 converted and 2 blue mana casting cost.

You may return this 1/1 Illusion to your hand if it is blocked on the battlefield. If you do, swap it out for a creature card in play that is blocking the same creature.

So you’ll have to pay for it, but it’ll let you trick other animals into playing many times.

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zoologist ten

Magic The Gathering - Zoologist - Odyssey

The Zoologist must be included on any list of MTG’s greatest creatures to cheat into play. This Druid Creature is a 1/2 with a 3 colorless and 1 green mana casting cost.

The ability of the Zoologist is what makes it so fun to use for cheating animals into play. You may tap some mana, then tap the card to reveal your deck’s top card. 

If it’s a creature, what is it? It is completely free to use. 

The disadvantage is that it goes directly to the graveyard if it isn’t a creature card.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheating Into Play Creatures

What Does It Mean to Cheat a Creature in the Game?

Getting a creature onto the battlefield without paying its usual mana cost is referred to as “cheating” a creature into play. However, it may also apply to certain events, such as Reanimation abilities, which enable you to summon creatures without paying the regular casting cost.

How Many Creatures Can You Bring Into Play at the Same Time?

Except for the amount of creature cards you have in your hand (or otherwise have access to cast/recall/reanimate), there is no limit to how many creatures you may cheat into play at once.

In MTG, how difficult is it to cheat creatures into play?

In MTG, cheating creatures into play isn’t as difficult as it seems. The proper combination of conditions must occur in order for those difficult monster cards to be placed into play, and you must be ready and prepared to take advantage of the chance. So, it’s not difficult, but it does require some preparation and attentiveness throughout gaming.

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