Planet Zoo Game Review – Zoo Tycoon 4: Let me relive my childhood

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Zoo Tycoon 4 has a streamlined and simplified gameplay that allows you to easily jump into the game. However, it’s quite difficult to control your zoo without purchasing some of the extras from within the game itself.

The “planet zoo ps5” is a game that I can’t stop playing. It’s a game that allows you to relive your childhood and take care of the animals.

Planet Zoo Game Review - Zoo Tycoon 4: Let me relive my childhood

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Planet Zoo was first created and published for PC by Frontier Developments in 2019. It was dubbed a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2, and it drew a robust and passionate community with its nostalgic line. Planet Zoo is as fantastic as it gets when it comes to sandbox games.

Let me begin by transporting you back in time. It’s 2012, you’re 15 years old, and your idea of a good weekend is sitting inside your room with your curtains drawn and your face pressed against a screen. You’ve got a favorite TV program playing in the background. However, your focus is pulled to the task you’ve been working on for hours. Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Edition is a game about running a zoo. This one game you purchased on the spur of the moment because the box art appealed to you has now engulfed you. When you first began it up, you were greeted with a beautiful music and a promising animated beginning.


The Sandbox choice was presented to you, and therefore a core memory was created. This game never grew old for you; you liked it so much that there was never a day when you weren’t playing it, and it was a constant in your life.

So, strict standards have been set, correct? Who could possibly compete with Zoo Tycoon 2? Only someone who obviously loved the original Zoo Tycoon games and have the necessary expertise and creativity to design a sequel could possibly come close, right?


A Love Project

Planet Zoo was made with a lot of love and care, and it’s obvious after only a few minutes of play. You’re welcomed into the instructional zoo, where you may learn the fundamentals while also seeing what you might be developing in the near future. There are lots of exhibits and animals to see. It’s almost like entering into a veteran’s game in this instructional level, as they lay their hand on your shoulder and encourage you to try!

However, you soon realize that this new game is much more complex and in-depth than the previous one. The sheer level of customizability has created a new difficulty. You thought you had a lot of flexibility in Zoo Tycoon 2 since you could create your own cages and exhibitions. However, since it was a 2004 game, there were some acceptable limitations. Then there’s Planet Zoo, where you’re suddenly capable of doing anything. You’re handed all the parts to a jigsaw that only you can see, and I’m not paraphrasing. A dynamic and intuitive construction function is included in the game. You could construct your own staff buildings or guest facilities from the ground up if you really wanted to. You start to question whether you’re playing a new carpentry simulator or a zoo tycoon game.

And, although I’m not the greatest builder, most of my creations are rather mild and ordinary. The types of structures and displays that some individuals can create with this game are incredible.

You can construct incredible exhibitions if you can mold the soil, create ravines, lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, or canyons. But, hey, if you’re like me and don’t know anything about building things from the ground up, you won’t be penalized or unable to enjoy the game as much. That’s the beauty of sandbox games: you can be a regular player and have just as much fun as the builders who spend hours on a single exhibit or structure!

Players may also share their creations on the Steam Workshop (if you bought the game via Steam). That implies you can take other people’s constructions and put them in your own zoos. However, be cautious! Some people have made excellent constructions with a lot of components, and although their PC was able to handle everything, it’s possible that yours won’t!

A True Zoo

One of the aspects of Planet Zoo that I like the most is the gap between creations. You’ve spent a lot of time working on a project, and now you’ve finished it and released it into the wild. What do you do now that you’ve let your animals loose? You may now go ahead and extend your zoo even more. You may also do what I do and turn on the Animal Camera mode, sit back, and watch the animals go about their business.

Planet Zoo Wolf PupIn-game, a wolf pup.

It may not seem to be the most exciting thing in the world, but if you like zoos and the animal you’ve chosen. You could discover that spending a few minutes ‘viewing your animal’ is quite calming. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a Steam Workshop exhibit and then put my favorite animal in it when I wasn’t feeling well. It’s very comforting to watch these beautifully designed and superbly animated creatures slog about, playing with their toys or one other.

Last Thoughts

Planet Zoo is a lifesaver for everyone who appreciates sandbox and tycoon games. This game is such a gem, and even if I don’t play it for a month or two, I’ll come back to it and spend hours upon hours loving it. The community is booming, and the creators have showed a great deal of concern and affection for the game as well as its players.

Planet Zoo Wolf

Mentioned in passing

While the gameplay is fantastic, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the soundtrack’s utter genius. J.J. Ipsen’s in-game music has earned a permanent home on my personal playlists. The soundtrack is the icing on top of an already fantastic game, tying everything together in a red satin bow.

I can’t stress how important it is for you to test it out for yourself!

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Zoo Tycoon 4: Let me relive my childhood is a game that has been released by the popular game developer, Activision. The game was released on November 10th of 2018 and is available for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS devices. Reference: zoo tycoon 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Planet Zoo a good tycoon game?

A: Planet Zoo has been criticized for being too similar to other games and not having enough substance. It also is hard to play due to the controls, which are confusing at best.

Is Planet zoo like Zoo Tycoon?

A: Planet zoo is not like Zoo Tycoon. Its a different game entirely and the two are unrelated.

What game is most like Zoo Tycoon?

A: If you are interested in animals that need to be cared for, then Zoo Tycoon would probably be the game most similar to a zoo. There is also Animal Jam which has been around since 2003 and can give people an idea on how they could start out with building their own animal-themed world

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