[Review] Duramont ergonomic adjustable office chair with lumbar support – Should I choose this chair?

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Duramont is a brand that is not familiar to most people, which is why they have chosen this blog to write their review. Duramont is a brand that sells ergonomic chairs that can be adjusted to different body sizes. The chairs are designed to be easy to adjust to your body, so that it can be comfortable while you are working. The Duramont chair has many features that make it an excellent choice for an office chair. The chair also comes with lumbar support. The adjustment of the chair is relatively easy. You can easily move the chair to the right or left as you need.

Our office chairs are the backbone of our work lives, and that is why it is important to have the right chair for us. This chair has been designed based on the needs of office workers, and its ergonomic design will help you maintain the correct posture while doing your job. The swivel feature will help you move around the desk at ease, and even the back of the chair is adjustable to give you a better posture.

Using your laptop computer for long periods of time can be a very strenuous task. The arms, shoulders, and lower back can start to get sore and tired after a long day of using your computer. A great way to help ease this issue is to invest in a great ergonomic chair that has lumbar support. The Duramont chair from VARIDESK is a great option if you are looking for one. This chair is extremely comfortable overall and has a lot of different features, including a very thick and soft cushion that supports all of your back and your lower back.

The Duramont ergonomic office chair is another mid-priced chair that we like. We liked how simple it was. Despite some reservations, we think this chair is a fantastic mid-price choice for people who can’t afford the Herman Miller Aeron or the Steelcase Leap.

Should you buy one with a lumbar knob that can be adjusted? Well, when it comes to purchasing a Duramont chair, this feature will be the determining element. Allow us to express our opinions on whether you should or should not receive lumbar support.Review-Duramont-ergonomic-adjustable-office-chair-with-lumbar-support


Tall folks will appreciate this no-fuss chair.

Let’s take a short look at what makes Duramont such a fantastic choice before we get into the nitty gritty.

For starters, it is made of a strong and durable material. The Duramont ergonomic chair is neither inexpensive or lightweight. The entire construction and quality won us over. As a result, we’re certain that this mid-price chair will endure a long time, long enough for you to receive your money’s value.

It has a strong and stable feel about it. And, as previously said, this is a chair designed for taller people. As a result, the chair can withstand the additional weight. 

The characteristics that make it ideal for taller individuals are listed below.

It comes with a complete backrest.

This is one of the few mid-range office chairs that can support a tall person’s whole back. Not to mention the fact that it’s constructed of mesh, which allows for greater air circulation. Even more costly chairs like the Steelcase Leap and the Herman Miller Embody may be compared to it. 

The backrests of these two premium chairs are broader and higher, making them more comfortable for taller individuals. Surprisingly, the Duramont, which is more inexpensive, isn’t far behind.

It’s a mix of a chair with a completely supporting backrest and a strong frame. If you ask us which chair is ideal for taller individuals, we’ll choose the Duramont above a sea of mid-range high back seat chairs. 

It doesn’t feel quite as luxurious on the back as luxury products, but it’s getting there.

Cushion that is sufficiently comfy

For those who weigh a little more, the cushion is heavily cushioned and very comfy. We particularly like how the cushion has a waterfall pattern with a sloping front at the edge. As a result, it won’t numb your legs, particularly if you have lengthy legs. So far, we’re pleased with the seat’s quality and comfort. 

On top of the foam, additional mesh is used to cover the seat. It goes well with the mesh backrest. However, take cautious not to have chip crumbs fall on the seat. If it becomes caught in the mesh material’s weaving, scooping it will be difficult.

The tilt and reclining functions are excellent.

We like how you can adjust the backrest’s resistance. This may provide a break for your back by causing it to move back and forth. You may also choose from three different reclining positions. Though the chair can’t recline all the way to 180 degrees for a complete sleep, the three recline choices are plenty for a short rest.

These features aren’t available on all office chairs in this price range. This makes the chair more accessible to individuals of various weights.

What might have been better for the Duramont if it wasn’t for the fact that

We have a few suggestions for their brand.

  • The headrest isn’t adjustable high enough. 

The headrest is sturdy and robust. You can also adjust the height and angle of it with ease. However, our major issue with the headrest is that it does not adjust high enough for anyone taller than 6’2”. It may just settle in the region of the neck. And for some individuals, this may be a little uncomfortable and numbing, particularly if they plan on laying their neck on the headrest for a long time.

It’s simply a pity that the seat’s base height may rise so high. This is one of our top recommendations for the ideal adjustable office chair for someone who stands 6’5”. However, you will have to live with the fact that the headrest does not adjust high enough. 

  • The seat pan is not adjustable.

If you’re 6’2” to 6’5”, this chair will easily accommodate you. The seat pan is a little on the high side. However, unless you are 6’2′′ or above, you will not find this chair comfortable. Because the seat pan isn’t adjustable, this is the case. As a result, people of normal height will never be comfortable in the Duramont chair. You either fit in or you don’t.

For individuals who are 6 feet or shorter, the armrests will not be able to go all the way down. However, we found the armrests’ substance to be adequately comfy.

The support for the lower back

This is probably the chair’s most distinctive feature. The Duramont’s lumbar support may be adjusted both in length and depth. As a result, you have control over how far forward the chair pulls you. And we find it quite relaxing on the back. 

You may change the depth of the lower back support in addition to the lumbar height. It has a lot of back support.

And, as previously said, this chair is designed for individuals who are taller. Those who don’t mind their feet being a little higher off the ground will like how this distinctive lumbar knob helps propel you ahead. As a result, it may assist your feet in reaching the ground. We believe it would provide individuals with their feet barely an inch off the ground some freedom. Your back, on the other hand, will be overly arched.

As a result, for individuals who are about 6 feet tall, the adjustable lumbar support may be able to provide a bit more flexibility. 

This innovation also eliminates the requirement for a lumbar pillow or cushion. To push yourself farther forward to the seat’s edge, you don’t need a cushion. All you have to do now is adjust the lumbar support’s tightness. 

The support is comparable to what you’d get in a gaming chair’s built-in cushion. Except it’s not bulky and, since it’s mesh, it won’t become hot.

Furthermore, many S-shaped office chairs are intended to provide additional back support. This design is also said to be more accommodating to your back and capable of following the curve of your spine. This is essentially how the Duramont adjustable lumbar feels, with the exception that you may choose how deep it is.

You can’t regulate how curved the brackets are on S-Shaped ergonomic office chairs. Furthermore, lumbar support and comfort are very individual. As a result of this function, you may adjust your lumbar support. 

And we believe that this is a good compromise. As previously said, the Duramont either fits you or it doesn’t. Taller individuals will like the seat height and armrest. Even individuals who are 6 feet tall may not like the chair. However, there is a little snag. The 2-way adjustable lumbar support provides some flexibility. 

Remember that when you rest your upper back on the chair, the first area of your body that will come into touch is your lumbar region. If you wish to rest your upper back against the chair, you’ll notice that the lower and upper backs are frequently separated by a large space. And this may cause your back to arch excessively. As a result, lumbar pillows are used to fill the void. However, not all lumbar pillows are created equal. It may also get excessively heated. 



The Duramont ergonomic office chair’s adjustable lumbar support is one of our favorites. So, should you buy one to go along with it? Yes, absolutely. It is very beneficial to your lower back. It also makes the chair a little more accommodating. 

However, despite the fact that the lumbar support and recline feature make this chair more accessible to a wider range of individuals, it does have significant drawbacks. Despite these two more adjustable features, average or small users will not be able to locate a comfortable position. 

It’s a good idea to have the Duramont adjustable office chair with lumbar support. This one-of-a-kind feature isn’t simply a marketing ploy; it really works. As a result, this tall chair offers one of the most adjustable back support options for customers of various heights. 

Our health is a valuable asset, and so is our desk. By investing in a high quality ergonomic chair, you can help reduce the amount of pain and fatigue that you’re experiencing. This chair will incorporate all the features you need without sacrificing comfort and the adjustable lumbar support will ensure that you can get the most out of your chair.. Read more about duramont website and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duramont a good brand?

Duramont is a very good brand.

Are chairs with lumbar support good?

Lumbar support is a design feature that allows the chair to be more comfortable for those with lower back pain.

What is the difference between lumbar support and ergonomic chair?

Lumbar support is a type of chair that has a curved back and supports the lower back. Ergonomic chairs are designed to be more comfortable for long periods of time, with less strain on your body.

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