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When I first saw Kolliee’s Mid Back Mesh Office Chair, I was skeptical. Coming from a professional woman with a desk job, the idea of sitting on a chair that was not only designed for comfort, but for other areas of the body as well, seemed a bit over the top. I mean, if I didn’t want to sit on the chair I purchased at the time, I had other options. But over the years, I have purchased a variety of chairs, and Kolliee has been among my favorites. I still have my old chair, one that I bought sometime in 2009, and it is still in great shape and has not needed any major repairs other than the occasional cleaning.

The Kolliee Mid Back Mesh office chair is a strange and unique product of its kind. The chair is a comfortable chair, but the back of the chair is a mesh-like fabric that molds against your back to provide quite a firm-feeling back support. This makes the chair quite comfortable but also quite odd.

Do you suffer from back pain while sitting in your office chair typing away at your desk? If you do, you might want to consider purchasing Kolliee Mid Back Mesh Office Chair. This is a comfortable office chair that offers support and support that can help alleviate back pain.


The Kolliee office chair is a mid-back mesh chair with a low price tag. These kinds of office chairs have grown in popularity as a result of their ability to provide cooler and more comfortable sitting even during the hot summer months. 

So let’s go a little further into it. 

Is Kolliee a reputable brand?

The Koillee office chair may seem to be a little on the tiny side. The chair’s mid mesh back seems to be incapable of supporting the whole back of a full-gown 5’10” adult. We assumed the same thing, but the chair surprised us by feeling pleasant and comfy on both the cushion and the back support. And after you’ve sat in the chair, you’ll notice that it’s built to last. There’s no irritating creaking like you get when you attempt to cram yourself into a tiny chair.

It may, however, be a love-hate relationship. The Koillee office chair may be suitable for average-sized users who stand no more than 5:10”. However, if you’re bigger in the waist or taller than that, you’ll feel like an adult sitting on a child’s chair. 

The armrests are adjustable. As a result, they aren’t adjustable. Without the armrests, we found the chair to be more comfortable. Despite the minimal cushioning on the armrests, the absence of customizable options makes it unsuitable for most users. 

Where can I get this chair?

For a tiny budget chair, the back design is really comfortable.

Most people will be surprised by this. It’s not every day that you purchase a $100 chair and discover it provides excellent lumbar support. And the Kolliee office chair is no exception. It does not adjust since it has built-in lumbar support. 

You’ll shudder just thinking about those words. Because a chair with fixed lumbar support seldom provides sufficient support. Unless it’s a chair with a unique integrated back design, like the Freedom chair or the Titan.

Fantastic back support, on the other hand, is a great value for your money when it comes to something that costs less. Even individuals with chronic lumbar back discomfort will find the chair to be comfortable enough to sit for extended periods of time. 

The mesh back is also quite soft. On your sin, it’s not too rough or irritating. It won’t scratch your skin even if you’re wearing sleeveless. When you press your back against it, it has a good amount of give and isn’t overly tight. But, in a sense, it isn’t that adaptable.

For the time being, a comfortable cushion

The foam padding on the cushioned seat is somewhere between too hard and too soft. As a result, it may appeal to the preferences of the majority of consumers. It also has a waterfall seat edge design that enhances leg relaxation. 

The seat is quite robust and comfy, in our opinion. However, we are unsure how long it will be able to maintain its form. It does not seem to deform readily. However, we have no way of knowing whether it will continue for years. We’re still leaning toward the idea that it’s very inexpensive, therefore there’s a catch with this chair.


a few reservations

The caster wheels are not fragile and do not seem to be low-cost. However, they don’t seem to be high-quality castor wheels. So we’re not sure whether your medium pile rugs will catch up with overtime. On wooden surfaces, it glides effortlessly. On thicker carpeted flooring, though, it seems to have some resistance. Though there isn’t much that can be done to keep the chair from moving, there’s a sneaking suspicion that it will.

Notes to Think About Before Buying a Chair

  1. Because the Kolliee office chair is light, it’s simple to move or roll in any direction. When rolling it along with thick pile carpets, however, you must be cautious. It’s possible that it’ll become stuck in your plush carpeting.
  2. The chair is simple to assemble; it will take you no more than 02 minutes. As a result, you’ll be able to set it up on your own. And, since it isn’t too heavy, you won’t have any trouble transporting and attaching the replacement components. The process of connecting the chairs seems to be similar to that of IKEA. As a result, it’s also very simple. 
  3. The seat is tiny and narrow. Even though it offers excellent back support and a plush cushion, not everyone will be at ease in this chair. However, it will be most comfortable for thin and light users. 

It may also be comfy for those of medium weight. You will like it if you prefer a cradling sensation. Otherwise, you’ll feel claustrophobic. Heavy users, particularly those with a big waist, will not be able to fit into the chair. To give yourself more space, consider flipping the arms up. However, you may find the backrest to be too short or narrow for you. Some have even said that this chair isn’t designed for grownups. Yes, it is not designed for people who are taller and heavier. 

  1. Also, note that this chair does not allow for a tilt, even a little bit of it. And of course, there’s the “no recline function.” But it’s more of a basic office chair that has great back support. So if you want to sit back and relax, this is not the chair for you. It can push you to sit upright with the integrated lumbar support. But it will not indulge you in a tilt or recline position. 
  2. When it comes to durability, it is adequate. And we thought it would endure for a long time. Nothing seems loose or unstable, and everything is firmly linked. But there’s a problem: the chair isn’t very sturdy. As a result, they aren’t heavy steel leg frames. As a result, there is still a chance that the chair may fall apart after just a few years. But it does have a powerful and solid feel about it. 

Top 3 Office Chair Alternatives to the Kolliee

Here are some office chairs that are almost identical to the Kolliee mid-back mesh chair in terms of features and functionality.

The articulate ergonomic chair by Modway

With its appropriately padded seat and mesh backrest, the Modway articulate ergonomic chair appears nearly identical to the Kolliee. The difference is that it has additional features that can be adjusted. The armrests may be adjusted, and there is a tilt system as well. It’s a little more expensive than the Kolliee chair, which explains the extra ergonomic features. 

When you sit on it, it feels solid and stable, with no wobbles or tremors. It can also support the same amount of weight as the Kolliee chair. 

The cushioned seat is also plusher and thicker, providing a better cradling sensation for your buttocks. In terms of lumbar support, however, it is lacking. As a result, the Kolliee chair will provide greater back support while the Modway chair will provide superior bum support. 

Task chair with branches

In addition to being more ergonomic than the Kolliee, the Branch work chair is also more stylish. You can change the breadth of the armrests using adjustable armrests. It also features adjustable lumbar support, so it will be more comfortable for more individuals than the Kolliee office chair. 

This chair is also extremely relaxing after a long day of work. The seat’s angle may be adjusted. The seat height may also be adjusted in relation to the backrest, allowing more people to find a comfortable position with the Branch work chair. 

Mid-back swivel chair by Flash Furniture

The Kolliee chair’s twin, the Flash furniture mid-back swivel, may be mistaken for the Kolliee chair. It features flip-up arms, a mesh back, a waterfall edge seat with excellent padding, and integrated lumbar support. 

One of the advantages, however, is that you will be able to enjoy a tilt function. And a recline too. And for an office chair just above 100 dollars, the chair has a nice set of features. That’s provided that you don’t mind the flip-up arms, then you’ll find this chair very comfortable. 

Also, keep in mind that the arms will collide with your desk. As a result, it is difficult to tuck under your desk. As a result, it may take up room since you won’t be able to hide it under your desk while it’s not in use. You may also draw the arms up and store them beneath your desk. 

It seems to be a practical chair. Even if you rock it back and forth, it will remain stable and strong. 

Final Say

The Kolliee office chair is a comfortable office chair for people who are slim to medium in size. The lumbar support is surprisingly pleasant and supportive, despite the lack of customizable options. So long as the chair isn’t too narrow, you’ll find it comfy. 

We have tested a lot of chairs in our office, from the high-end chairs that cost more than $1000 to the cheap ones that cost less than $100. Kolliee Mid Back Mesh Office Chair is one of the most comfortable chairs we have tested and that is no surprise since this chair is made by Kolliee, one of the most famous furniture brands in the world.. Read more about best budget office chair and let us know what you think.

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