Sidiz T50 vs Nouhaus Rewind office chair – Which Has the Better Back Support?

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Have you ever been doing some work at your desk, but it’s really hot and sweaty? It can be so uncomfortable to sit in a chair that doesn’t have good back support. Both the Sidiz T50 and Nouhaus Rewind office chairs will give you excellent lumbar support which is important for every posture.

The “sidiz t50 home office desk chair review” is a product that has been around for a while. It’s made by Sidiz and comes in three colors: black, white, and red. There are many reviews on this product online. Some of the reviews say that it has great back support but others say it doesn’t have much back support at all.

Sidiz T50 vs Nouhaus Rewind office chair - Which Has the Better Back Support?

Sidiz T50 vs Rewind with Nouhaus Showdown

We’ve been hearing a lot about Sidiz T50 recently, and it’s quickly becoming one of our new favorites. This time, we’ll compare it against the Rewind, a less-well-known Nouhaus office chair. Despite being less popular than the Nouhaus Ergochair, it is still one of the brand’s best-selling products.

The T50 became well-known for its excellent back support. So, can the Rewind compete with the Sidiz T50, a more popular Korean-made office chair?

Let’s get this party started!

Features Sidiz T50 Rewind with Nouhaus 
Mechanism for tilting
  • Tilt in sync 
  • 5 different tilting angles
3 different tilt angles
Arms 3D 3D
breadth of the seat 18.5” 19.7”
Set a height limit. 15.7″ to 18.7″ x 15.7″ to 18.7″ x 15.7″ 21.3″ – 18.3″
The substance is frae. aluminum aluminum
Backrest mesh Mesh made of nylon
Seat a fabric-covered memory foam Mesh seat
Support for the lower back Height and depth may be adjusted. Dynamic Support for the lower back
Capacity for weight 300 lbs 275 lbs
depth of the seat 18”-21” 16.7”
Price Check Check
Headrest none yes
Footrest that retracts none yes

The Rewind is a Nouhaus office chair that is less popular yet has additional functionality.

On the Nouhaus Ergo chair, there are a lot of customer reviews. It’s also one of the brightest newcomers. It’s quickly becoming a fan favorite, much like the Sidiz T50. It is also reasonably priced.

When it comes to the technology employed in the two Nouhaus office chairs, there isn’t much of a difference. There are a lot of elements that are comparable, and they are all of the same quality. 

Rewind with Nouhaus chairRewind with Nouhaus office chair

The Rewind has more features. It has a Footrest that retracts. But from the Capacity for weight, seat height range, the dynamic Support for the lower back, and the 3D armrests everything else are the same. So you will also not be able to adjust the Support for the lower back, instead, the chair is designed to follow your spine’s movement. The lumbar region and the upper back region of the chair seem like two different parts that are fused together. So, like the Ergo chair, this is also very supportive for the back. 

And Nouhaus dynamic Support for the lower back system makes them one of the affordable chairs that can help you correct your posture.

The cheaper price of the Ergo chair made it more popular than the Rewind. Though the Rewind can be appreciated more by gamers because of its Footrest that retracts. 

Did the Sidiz’s memory seat serve it better?

The memory foam cushions of the Sidiz T50 are really comfortable. Memory foam is well-known for its softness and comfort. It’s a bit hugging to your buttocks. But wait, there’s another major but.

Yes, memory foam is a pretty comfortable material…as long as it’s the right thickness. As a result of the brand’s decision to use thicker memory foam, the seat cushion of the Sidiz T50 might have been harder on the buttocks. 

However, since memory foam is not cheap, the price may rise. Alternatively, the brand could have offered customers the option of upgrading to a thicker seat cushion. There will be those who are willing to pay a little more for a little more comfort in their tush. 

Many people expressed their dissatisfaction with this. The Sidiz T50’s cushion is simply much too thin. Because the foam will readily flatten out, this office chair is not suitable for taller or larger men. 

Even someone of ordinary height and weight will be able to feel the memory foam gradually spreading out to the sides. It may appear to be well cushioned at first, but it eventually flattens out. That’s why we recommend these I sets for petite people; the lighter you are, the better the memory foam seat will retain its integrity. 

Sidiz T50

If the Sidiz T50 had more padding, it would be paradise on earth for your bottoms.

The Rewind’s seat, on the other hand, is upholstered in the same mesh as the backrest. The same mesh can also be found in the Ergo chair. So, thin memory foam vs. mesh memory foam? Which do you think is the most relaxing?

Because the mesh isn’t really comfortable and the thin memory foam flattens out soon unless you’re extremely light, they’d practically feel the same. That’s why, when it came to the seat, we had to go with the Rewind.

Because you know exactly how you’re going to feel. Because it is mesh, you know this chair will not be comfortable. The mesh material, on the other hand, isn’t horrible; it’s pretty flexible, and it’s not the kind of low-quality mesh that catches your skin and makes it uncomfortable to sit on when wearing shorts.

When you purchase the Sidiz T50, however, you are aware that it includes a memory foam seat. As a result, it’s possible that one of the reasons you chose it in the first place was because it was promoted as having a soft memory foam feel. However, if you sit on it, you will be dissatisfied. It may seem to be a standard, pricey cushion.

So there’s the expectation vs. reality debate. Rewind will not let you down because it delivers exactly what it promises. For most users, the Sidiz’s claim of a memory foam seat is simply unrealistic.

Why do we like Sidiz so much? Tilt position that is simple and multi-limiting.

Check out the SIDIZ T50 price.

One of the best features of the Sidiz T50 chair is its multi-limiting Mechanism for tilting. It offers 5 different tilt angles. The Rewind with Nouhaus, on the other hand, only offers 3 tilting positions. But you’ll be able to lock the tilt in both office chairs. 

One of the reasons why the Sidiz T50 is regarded one of the latest extremely ergonomic chairs is because of the multi-tilt position. And we’re not going to argue about it. While the memory foam seat deceived us, the chair may redeem itself with a plethora of configurable functions. 

And it has a Synchro-Mechanism for tilting, it’s one of the two Mechanism for tiltings that you’ll see in an Aeron. And this could be one of the cheaper alternatives to the Support for the lower back of the Aeron. Though it has a less sophisticated back support system than the Aeron, it does feel rather nice, less stiff than the iconic chair.

The multi-tilt position does provide a greater range of motion. However, here is where the constraint occurs. Despite being a solid chair, the Sidiz T50’s size are ideal for tiny users. Average users may be able to fit in, although they may be uncomfortable.  

We also believe that if the maximum load capacity is around 250-275 lbs, the tilt lock will be able to hold itself better.

The Rewind, on the other hand, has a lower advertised Capacity for weight of 275 lbs. And to be honest, we felt that the chair was able to uphold this. 

So summing it all up, the real Capacity for weight of both chairs is pretty much the same. But when it comes to tilting positions, the more options you have, the better it is. This will allow you to fine-tune your needs. 

Also, the Mechanism for tilting of the Rewind is not really one of the more commonly used ones. So when it comes to the Mechanism for tilting, the Sidiz T50 has more to offer.

The Sidiz T50 is ideal for petite users, although the Rewind has a larger user base.

Check the cost of Rewind.

When comparing the table of characteristics above, the Rewind has a little advantage over the T50. It has a little bigger seat as well. Despite the fact that the Rewind caters to a larger range of users, tiny people will find the Sidiz to be quite pleasant and relaxing for their backs.

The Rewind can be adjusted to fit someone standing 5’9″-6″, however if you’re taller than that, you could find that the headrest isn’t able to support you in the proper locations. You can also notice that the backrest’s structure is pressing on your shoulders. 

Which has the better Support for the lower back?

When it comes to back support, these two office chairs are winners in their own way. They have a different type of Support for the lower back that you will not be able to directly tell which is better than the other. 

The Support for the lower back of the T50 comes in an adjustable lumbar cushion. You will be able to adjust the depth and the height of it. At the same time, it is very soft and flexible. We even compared it to the Aeron and it seemed that more people would find it better for their backs. 

Aeron’s is just too aggressive, it has a specific group of people that will need that type of Support for the lower back. So more people will find the T50 very nice for the back. It had the right blend of softness and support at the same time. 

The Rewind, on the other hand, lacks a lumbar adjustment. Instead, it features a dynamic one that is built into the chair. Because the upper and lower backs are separate, the lower back portion of the chair can move with you and provide support at all angles. 

Both chairs have comfortable Support for the lower back. You just have to determine what your needs are. The Support for the lower back of the Sidiz is softer and what you would generally look for in an office chair. But Rewind offers a slightly more firm, but not as stiff as that of the Aeron. Like the Ergo chair, this Nouhaus unit will be able to help support and correct proper posture. 

So we’re seeing the Rewind with Nouhaus as a combination of a training chair and an office chair. Training chairs can be tiring for your back, but the Rewind isn’t. And that’s what makes it exceptional.

Back support: firm vs. soft

So this is how we see the Sidiz T50 vs the Rewind. The Support for the lower back system of both chairs made a huge impact on why a lot of people love them. Though Rewind has yet to prove itself because the Ergo has always been the brand’s more prominent unit, cut it some slack and you’ll see this chair’s worth. If you’re okay with the additional cost, it’s worth trying this office chair out.

The “sidiz t50 air review” is a product that has been released by Sidiz. It is an office chair that features air-inflated back support and a mesh fabric. The Nouhaus Rewind office chair is also an option, but it has a more traditional design with foam back support.

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