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SONGMIX office chairs are elegant, sexy and representative. But it is also one of the most affordable chairs on the market. And because it’s made in China, we all have our initial thoughts about it.

Is there a more favorable explanation for something else? As with IKEA furniture, the lower price explains the heavier installation on the consumer’s shoulders. That’s why the brand has been able to keep the price so affordable. But what about SONGMIX? Would a lower price mean anything else? That’s what we’re going to find out in this article.

About the brand

SONGMIX is a clothing brand that sells cheaper products made in China. It manufactures gaming, office and executive chairs. And there’s not much to see or hear about that brand. Therefore, it is difficult for consumers to know whether a chair is worth buying.

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Overview of SONGMIX high back office chair with tilt function

We will focus in particular on this SONGMICS executive chair, the adjustable high back chair (UOBG57B). It will also give us a good idea of another branded chair. Most models seem to have pretty much the same features, apart from minor differences in some functions.

Equipment and comfort

This special high back chair combines a larger seat with an adjustable option. One of its advantages over other executive chairs is its ability to function more ergonomically.

It can be tilted back and forth. And this kind of exercise can help relieve pressure points. It can also help you feel more relaxed between breaks. In combination with the adjustable tilt tension, this can also provide more comfort when sitting for long periods.

The tilt tension is easily adjusted with the knob next to the seat height adjustment lever. In addition, the tilt can be locked. And we felt no rocking or shaking. There is also no sense of ignorance. One of our team members weighed 275 pounds, which is close to the chair’s maximum load capacity of 330 pounds. And there was no feeling that the chair would come loose or collapse at that point.

So the stability of this CEO is satisfactory. As such, the brand claims a maximum weight of 330 pounds, and that’s true. Even when the tilt was locked, it held up well.

When it comes to comfort, even heavy users will find this chair comfortable. In addition to the greater transport capacity, the seat is also wider. It’s also well padded and well padded. It didn’t sag when we sat on it, so the chair could support our 375kg user.

And workers will appreciate the depth of the session. Although it is impossible to adjust the seat depth, it is already designed for heavier people.

He also felt good in his lower back and all over his back. The backrest is also well padded and not too soft. It has the right elasticity to make you feel comfortable enough.

Packaging and installation

We were pleased with the way the chair was packed. We received a box with six large pieces. And the accessories were in a different box, with instructions on one side of the box. So, that’s good. Wheels, other plastic parts and a tool kit are included.

The tool set is delivered in a clear packaging and the corresponding parts are grouped together. We find it convenient and easier to check that everything you need is in the package.

The brand has included extra screws and wheels. This gives you the option of folding the wheels in if they start to wear out after prolonged use.

The delivery was also quite fast. If you need a chair to work from home, this brand is an option. You don’t have to wait weeks to get into the director’s chair.


This executive chairman of SONGMICS seems more expensive than he was worth. Although it is made of imitation PU, it does not look cheap. He would easily fit into a sea of more expensive seats.

Customer service

Customer service was decent and satisfactory to us. And we met some satisfied customers. The demand in the aftermarket and in sales outlets is therefore high. All parts that needed to be replaced were replaced within a reasonable amount of time.

What you don’t like

  1. For the grabbers, the instructions could have been a little clearer. But since there were only a few parts, we can still put them together easily. And because we are used to installing office chairs and desks, and are already experienced handymen. We don’t think this will be the case for newcomers, they may not find the installation as easy due to the lack of instructions.
  2. Those who are small and petite will have no room in this chair. The seat does not go low enough and the armrests are too high. It is perfect for users who are 5’10” and taller. However, if you stand at a distance of about 1 meter and your legs are longer than your torso, you can also sit in his chair.
  3. The armrests are pleasantly soft and padded, but are not adjustable. So if you can’t sit in the chair, the armrests won’t fit you either.
  4. However, the chair’s biggest flaw is its durability and resistance. The chair is very sturdy, with no squeaks or loose screws. And from first impressions, this chair seems to be holding up well. However, our experience has shown us that it can only take one to two years. The major drawback is that after about a year, the chair starts to show signs of use.


This executive chairman is made for the big leagues. The functions are designed to meet the needs of intensive users. And this chair makes them comfortable even if they work long hours.

It’s ergonomically designed to take the strain off your back as you rock and move forward, and the incline is adjustable. In addition, the seat is wide, well padded and strong enough to protect both the lumbar region and the entire back. And it makes no noise when you tilt the seat. That way you know the president can support you well.

Therefore, small, medium and large users cannot sit in this chair. You feel like a little kid in a big man’s chair. There would be too much room to move and it wouldn’t be deep enough for his feet to touch the ground.

This chair really feels and looks more expensive than it is. But we need to solve the problem of durability and longevity. As we’ve already said, the president can’t stand the test of time. In time, he will show his age. And that’s what you’d expect from a cheaper Chinese chair.

In order to reduce costs, materials of inferior quality were used. You will still be able to enjoy the beautiful features of the chair, but it will not last long. The chair will not withstand the strain of daily and intensive use. So it can last longer if you don’t use it as often.

And here is another SONGMIC high-backed chair that also caught our attention.

Signal high back armchair with folding armrests

Unlike the UOBG57B, this unit has collapsible arms. So if you find all the comfort of the chair except the armrests, you have the option to pull them up so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of this chair.

In addition, like the previous chair model, this unit has a tilt option. It has the same carrying capacity as the UOBG57B, but a larger seat and a softer, couch-like cushion. If you prefer a softer, less rigid pillow, you should take a look at this particular unit.

Where to buy


SONGMIX chairs cannot withstand the stress of daily and heavy use. For the first 1-2 years, the chair will seem adequate and comfortable, but this impression will quickly change. With heavy daily use, it will begin to show signs of aging, and can progress rapidly from there.

All the chairs of the brand have elegant features that are suitable for heavy users, and this certainly makes a very good impression. It’s actually very handy if you’re heavy and tall. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

You can expect that from a Chinese president who costs less than $200. However, if you need an executive chairman with these characteristics and you have a very tight budget, the chairman can provide you with a decent service for one to two years. From there, everything goes downhill.

And if you’re looking for an affordable alternative, the large Amazon chair might be a more durable option.

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