Tecno Camon 11 PRO Price in Nigeria and Review

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Tecno Camon 11 PRO Award in Nigeria. So, the Tecno Camon 11 PRO is about to be launched, just 9 months after the launch of the Tecno Camon X PRO, and I am very excited. If you notice, I have only written product reviews and articles on Tecno devices, and that is of course because I have only used these smartphones. I believe that product reviews are best written from the first person point of view, not from the point of view of an occasional user of a device.

So, to the article.

Map to learn more about Tecno Camon 11 PRO

I would not be surprised if Tecno releases multiple units with the Camon 11 PRO, especially since the Tecno Camon X PRO came out with three or four new units; some in the low end and some in the mid end. The Tecno will probably come with as many units.

Tecno Camon 11 PRO

Yes. If there’s one thing people will find first on this device, it’s probably the new features that come with it. Phone manufacturers are known for making unpredictable changes to new devices, and I’m not surprised at what happened with the Tecno Camon 11 PRO. The Camon X PRO has an improved 24 megapixel front camera and a 16 megapixel rear camera, while the all-new Camon 11 PRO has a 24 megapixel front camera and dual 18 and 5 megapixel rear cameras.

The front camera is equipped with an LED flash and the rear camera with a four millimeter flash.

The Camon X PRO’s camera has been criticized for its poor low-light performance, and I personally wrote a review about the terrible aspect of the front-facing camera, and this is clearly one of the things the company will fix. The Tecno Camon X PRO is probably the worst camera in the Camon series that I have ever used.

Tecno Camon 11 PRO memory upgrade

I was expecting an update to the ROM, and Tecno made no mistake about the Tecno Camon 11 PRO. LOL. We may have to make do with 64 GB of internal storage and 6 GB of additional RAM. In my opinion, this is probably the biggest update Tecno is doing to the device and I already like this smartphone.

So let’s stick with the 64 GB, which I personally love. And going from Ram to 6 GB is something I love.

Tecno Camon 11 PRO Screen

What about the screen? The Tecno Camon 11 Pro is equipped with a 6.2″ HD+ screen. The screen size is 19:9 and 87.5%. Tecno’s smallest bezels, which tend to be cut off, are small enough to house the front camera, speaker grille and proximity sensors.

This means that the iPhone X seems to make the most of the real estate of the screen. I hate to say that if the phone didn’t have this feature, I’d really think Tecno was four years behind in technology.

I have also written about the good and bad features of the Tecno Camon X Pro, check it out here.

More safety

We should always expect Face ID to stay, but get better. The Camon X PRO Face ID was one of the distinguishing features of the device, so Tecno will probably keep it on the Camon 11 PRO. It should be improved though, but I don’t care, the device on the Camon X PRO works very well.

The Tecno Camon X PRO’s fingerprint sensor has not always been cool. I experienced delays of 3 to 4 seconds when trying to unlock the device. This did not happen after a month or two, but actually from the first day I received the device. So the company should have worked on this with the Camon 11 PRO and the following devices.

Operating system Tecno Camon 11 PRO

Android Pie 9.0 has been released, so if the Tecno Camon 11 PRO has an OS, Android 9.0 would be perfect. I’m showing some of the features that would make Android 9.o a great addition to a recently released device, and because of this particular setback, I think Tecno just needs to spend more time planning smartphone releases.

Users don’t mind waiting for you to release the devices they want, but releasing two devices in a year without an operating system update is something I probably won’t do. Android 8.1 has some great features, and for someone who is too attached to something after they hang it up, Android 8.1 is something I would really miss, but I think it’s time to upgrade to Android 10, and the Tecno Camon 11 PRO just failed on that front.

Tecno Camon 11 PRO Award in Nigeria and where to buy

The price of the Tecno Camon 11 PRO in Nigeria is 65000 Naira. It is available at Jumia, Konga, Slot, 3C hub, Pointek and many other online and offline retailers.

Android 9.0 Features

Android 9.0 allows us to control gestures, and that’s a feature I’m looking forward to. In fact, I think we will see fewer navigation buttons, making it one of the best on the market and one of the first in the Nigerian technology space with an operating system.

With more and more Android operating systems focusing on battery life, Android 9.0 on the Tecno Camon 11 PRO will make everyone jealous. Android 9.0 uses machine learning to detect which applications you use the most, and when you use them, it adjusts battery consumption accordingly. So the applications and features you use the least are given a lower priority, while the applications and features you use the most are given a higher priority. (Tecno Camon 11 PRO Award in Nigeria)

A great new feature we should see on the new device is the ability to limit applications that consume too much battery power in the background, and we will be able to turn off the screen that is always on.

We get a better notification bar, adaptive brightness, and better application actions. So when the device notices you performing an action, like picking up an audiobook or trying to navigate maps, it puts that option at the top of the full list, so you don’t have to scroll through the application, but are already presented with the option at the top of the list.

Tecno Camon 11 PRO price in Nigeria 65000

The Tecno Camon 11 PRO is a great smartphone, that’s for sure, and I can’t wait to try it out. If you’re interested in purchasing the device, head over to this page, where I’ll be giving you links to where you can get it in the coming days.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the Camon 11 Pro currently cost in Nigeria?

The retail price of the Camon 11 pro in Nigeria is N 60,000. But the regular price of the Tecno Camon 11 comes in two models. There is 4 GB RAM / 64 GB internal storage for N 46 000. A smaller version with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage is also available for 44 000 N.

How much does the Camon 12 Pro currently cost in Nigeria?

The price of the Tecno Camon 12 Pro starts at about 66,500 Naira in Nigeria.

What is the battery capacity of the Tecno Camon 11 pro?

Tecno Camon 11 Pro – Battery – Product specifications

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