The Best Mini ITX Case In The Market

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With a mini-ITX enclosure, you can build a very small and surprisingly simple gaming PC that is only larger than a modern game console. In fact, there are several models you can work with to build a gaming PC that looks just like the real thing. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice built-in components, because many of these models allow you to use both a full graphics card and powerful processors.

At the same time, it is interesting to note that a fairly wide range of Nvidia and AMD GPUs have recently been added to the lineup compared to the older versions from the two-slot era. In this article, we present the best mini-ITX boxes that have been tested and proven to save space. The list below will be very reliable and will be the perfect guide for anyone looking for the best mini ITX case.

The most reliable mini-ITX enclosures on the market today.

1 . NZXT H210i

Overall the perfect choice for those looking for the best mini-ITX option, it goes too far when it comes to supporting high-end systems in a completely minimalist package. This case comes with the NZXT Smart Hub, which features two fans and an RGB ribbon. The unique thing about this case is that it is fairly affordable and will fit most high-end mid-range towers.

This case has many of the features you usually find in high-end towers, such as careful cable management and an integrated tempered glass panel. It also has an intelligent fan controller that offers plenty of space, which is ideal for adding extra ribbons to your RGB lighting. It also has the extra support needed for liquid cooling, and room for large graphics cards. The NZXT H210i is the smartest choice for anyone looking to build a small but powerful gaming personal computer.

2 . With victory A1

This particular mini-ITX case can be described as an industry leader if it is one of the most innovative cases. In fact, the manufacturer is known for regularly pushing the boundaries of design to produce epic cases. This case is considered one of the most remarkable cases the company has ever designed.

The A1 has a pre-installed power of 600W and comes with a pre-installed cable. This feature facilitates navigation when building small enclosures, and especially when installing power supplies. This ITX chassis is capable of providing enough power for most ITX assemblies with discrete graphics cards.

On the top of the case is a unique wireless Qi charger that allows you to charge your phone effortlessly. Unlike many ITX boxes on the market, it easily supports large and powerful assemblies with large heat sinks and plenty of space. It has all the features needed to build a solid foundation for solid assemblies.

3 . Corsair Crystal 280X RGB

Its unique features make it one of the best mini-ITX boxes. It features cube-shaped towers and a unique dual-chamber design, both of which are extremely ideal for proper cable management and routing. Another extremely interesting feature of this enclosure is that it has three glass panels that allow the user to easily accentuate the RGB interior. The enclosure is known for its best cooling capabilities and can support heatsinks up to 280mm in length.

Although it is described as an ATX microphone, it is recommended for ATX and mATX microphone configurations. It has a spacious interior and a versatile two-chamber design, making it one of the best designed and most compact cases on the market. Compared to other mini-ITXs on the market, it is able to look great in any investment.

4 . Phantex Evolv Low


Phanteks Enthoo 719 (PH-ES719LTG_DAG01) High Performance Full Tower Case –...

Phanteks Enthoo 719 (PH-ES719LTG_DAG01) High-performance full-tower enclosure – one of the most …

  • A powerful full tower for extreme environments of workstations and dual systems
  • Spacious and open interior: supports up to ssi-eeb motherboard, dual 480 and 480…
  • Built-in digital RGB controller that can be synchronized with compatible motherboards and other devices ….
  • Extreme fan configuration (up to 15x fan mounting space), water

Many ITX mini cases have pretty small spaces, but this particular ITX mini case does not. It is roomy and quite simple, by flipping the motherboard and the GPU card over, which is great when it comes to mounting a graphics card vertically. The rear input/output is intentionally pushed up so it can be discreetly moved through the door that will house the RGB LED.

It may not be the smallest cabinet in ITX, especially for the living room, but it is well thought out and has an attractive look, which also makes it ideal for gamers. For those who like to spend money on the best ITX mini enclosures, this is the perfect opportunity to add a custom cooling system.

5 . Cooler Master Elite 110


Cooler Master MasterCase H100 Mini-ITX PC Case with 200mm RGB Fan, Fine Mesh...

MasterCase H100 Mini-ITX PC Cooler with 200mm RGB fan, fine mesh…

  • Compact Mini-ITX A highly compact layout makes efficient use of space…
  • Fine-mesh ventilation The entire facade and part of the top panel are equipped with a fine-mesh ventilation system ….
  • 200 mm RGB fan Even with its compact size, the H Series 200 mm RGB fan is very easy to install and …
  • ATX power supplies Supports full-size ATX power supplies to meet your needs….

The Cooler Master Elite 110 is also called a “mini-ITX,” which is pretty decent for a player looking to build an HTPC or compact gaming system. Despite its simplicity, it doesn’t limit the user to feeling shaky. The internal layout is very clever and the vertical mounting of the GPU is integrated to save a lot of space.

It also features the incredible Elite 110, which supports a wide range of graphics cards, even up to 8 inches long, while leaving plenty of room for 120mm all-in-one liquid coolers. This small ITX PC enclosure also accommodates many popular ATX-sized power supplies. Since it is also reasonably affordable, it is a very good choice for anyone looking for a functional and most importantly affordable mini-ITX PC case.

Factors to consider when looking for a Mini ITX enclosure

When it comes to building a gaming PC, there are always several options, from the most suitable graphics interface, the motherboard and memory to use, to the ideal processor. Before taking any small steps, it is very important that you are aware of the size of the computer you are creating. Is it a full gaming computer or just a mini-game computer? Once everything is set up, the assembly process is very easy to manage.

What are the main advantages of a Mini-ITX company?

There are many advantages to building an ITX mini-computer. The main advantage is that, when using a mini-ITX enclosure, the construction is much smaller than that of an average tower. This is an important factor because it saves much-needed office space.

Another important point is the resulting weight advantage. Compared to the medium tower, the design of the mini-ITX is lighter. This is particularly important if the case has to be moved. The cost of construction with a mini-ITX enclosure must also be considered. Since the assembly of the hardware is not as important as with a complete computer, the overall cost is lower.

Below are the most important factors to consider when looking for a mini-ITX enclosure.

1 . Feature

This is the most important factor you should consider. The mini-ITX case should also fit well and thus be the perfect size. It is recommended that you choose a case that has a certain amount of space so that there is enough free space when you use it.

2 . Support for cooling

Depending on the PC, it is important to choose an ITX case that supports the desired CPU cooler. The fan should always be able to pass the required airflow, as one of the biggest problems for players is poor air circulation.

3 . Size

This is another important aspect that should not be taken for granted. When building a PC, there must be enough space to keep the building simple. The hands must be well set so that the work can be done properly during assembly.

4 . See

This is also an important factor, because no one wants to end up with an ugly PC on their desk. In the end, everyone wants a functional PC that looks good. Those who want to show off the hardware inside should choose a rugged case, those who want a normal case should choose one that looks nice enough for them.

5 . Equipment

When looking for the perfect mini-ITX enclosure for your PC, it is very important to consider the hardware factors. For starters, the motherboard should have all the necessary ports and features. The RAM memory you choose should also fit the user’s characteristics and needs.


If you are looking for a mini-ITX enclosure, there is no doubt that you need to consider all the important factors mentioned above to ensure that everything goes according to plan and as expected. Since the search for the best mini-ITX enclosure is all about efficiency, it is necessary to be precise in the choice of components and especially in their combination.

Ultimately, the best economical mini ITX case for a search should not only be one of the best, but in fact the best PC case available. It must have the best graphics card and the best CPU cooler with optimal cooling performance. The tempered glass should also be designed to not interfere with the power supply, the case’s fans and other components.

Ultimately, a mini-ITX PC enclosure is not only a good investment for gamers, but also something they will enjoy for a long time to come.

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