The Ultimate Keyboard Faceoff – Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard

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In the past few years, keyboard manufacturers have pushed new innovations to their products. Mechanical keyboards are designed with mechanical switches that click when pressed, while membrane keyboards use a rubber dome instead of physical switches. Both types offer different benefits and drawbacks for gamers and professionals alike.

The “membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard” is a debate that has been going on for many years. The two types of keyboards have different advantages and disadvantages.

The Ultimate Keyboard Faceoff - Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard

Your keyboard is your major source of connectivity to your computer, whether you’re a gamer or a typist. 

Sure, you’ll need a mouse to navigate the screen and such. However, you’ll need a dependable keyboard to type instructions and complete sentences. 

The membrane and mechanical keyboards are two other prevalent kinds of keyboards used by both gamers and typists.


When it comes to typing feelings, these two provide the polar opposite sensation. 

Let’s look at some more features that distinguish one from the other. 

Type of keyboard Price How does it work? Pros Cons
Keyboard with a membrane surface $ It is made out of a rubber layer that is used for working. *smaller and lighter 


*easier to maintain

*a shorter life expectancy

*A squishy keyboard might put a strain on your hands and wrists. 

*Less receptive

*Flimsy plastic casing and thin keycaps

Keyboard with mechanical action $$- $$$ Has a working mechanism *has a longer life duration and is more durable

* Improved key rollover

*increased tactile sensations

*more customizability options

*easier and more pleasurable to write with

*heavy and inconvenient to transport

*the price is higher

*has the potential to be loud

What is a membrane keyboard and how does it work?

The membrane of a membrane keyboard is a thin silicone or rubber substance that pushes against the circuit layer. The rubber layer will be pushed to contact the circuit when you press each key. As a result, the key pushed is recorded.

When you push on each keypad, the soft membrane compensates for the soft, almost mushy sensation. And, unfortunately, each letter requires greater energy while typing. It will not register otherwise.


What are the drawbacks?

And it’s the most typical gripe you’ll hear from gamers and typists who use one. Because the pads are softer, your hands will have to work harder. 

When pressing each key, you’ll need to use a little more effort. The keyboard rollover is inconvenient and causes the keyboard to become less responsive. And, if you’re typing quickly, you could notice a lot of misspelled words since not every keypad touch was logged.

This puts a lot of pressure on your hands. And if you have a 5000-word piece to complete, you’ve got your job cut out for you. 

This will place an excessive amount of strain on your hands and wrists. This might result in game losses for players that utilize the keyboard for instructions and controls.

These don’t produce any noise, or almost no noise, with the softer and squishy keypads. If you live with someone in a tiny apartment, room, or dorm, this might be a benefit. If you’re going to play in the early hours of the morning, you won’t wake anybody awake. 

However, a quieter and softer keyboard has ramifications. This may have an impact on your gameplay and typing experience. It makes it less gratifying in some way.

Oh, and the rubber or silicone will wear down with time, becoming softer with each day that you strike them. 

The softer the membrane is, the more force you’ll need to push each key with. If you continue to use the old membrane keyboard, your finger may develop muscles.

However, in terms of price, they are fairly affordable. 

These are keyboards for beginners. You’ll be amazed to learn that some devices are even five times less expensive than mechanical keyboards. However, there are sacrifices that come with a cheap price, and they might be less durable. 

In addition, most membrane keyboards have a frail, thin plastic shell. As a result, if you drop it, it will go directly to the trash can. 

What is a mechanical keyboard and how does it work?

Every key on a mechanical keyboard has its own switch. A base, a stem, and a spring are all included in every switch. 


Mechanical keyboards are more complicated to build than membrane keyboards, because they contain more components. 

As a result, the prices are also greater. Membrane keyboards are also simpler to mass-produce with fewer components, allowing costs to be cut in half.

However, a higher price equates to more tactility. The keypads are firmer, and registering the keypads requires less effort. And since they are more sensitive, your hands will have less work to do. 

The key rollover is also improved, ensuring that you don’t wind up with a lot of typos in your essay.

However, mechanical keyboards may be loud, which is one of the disadvantages. Every keystroke on the keypad generates a sound. 

While this may be bothersome to your roommate, we find typing or working on a noisy keyboard to be more enjoyable. 

There’s something about hearing that unique keyboard sound that makes you feel like you’ve completed your duty. Maybe it’s because your brain is deceiving you into believing that each sound correlates to a reduction in the number of words you have to write. Alternatively, every sound confirms that you’ve entered all of the necessary orders to gain leverage in that round. 

We find that noise enhances the experience, whether psychologically or not, but not for your sleeping neighbor.

These keyboards are also more substantial. These aren’t the kind of keyboards you can cram into your bag while still having space for your other belongings. It’s possible that it’ll take up the whole room.


Mechanical keyboards are also more durable and may be used for extended periods of time. They may also be more water resistant. 

Though it may be destroyed by water, a membrane keyboard is more likely to sustain irreversible harm. You may be able to save a mechanical keyboard if you spilled any liquid on it, but membrane keyboards are doomed. 

Mechanical keyboards reign supreme when it comes to personalization. You may customize your keyboard switch with a variety of unique-looking keypads. Membrane keyboards, on the other hand, will not allow you to do so. 

When membrane keyboards are a viable option

A mechanical keyboard is, in general, the preferable choice for both gamers and typists. 

It may help you both at work and at pleasure. When you compare the benefits to the drawbacks, you’ll see that you’re getting more bang for your buck.

The price, on the other hand, will always be the primary consideration. Because mechanical keyboards are bulky and inconvenient to transport, you’re less likely to take your gaming setup with you. Some people, though, may need to become mobile for employment.  

As a result, membrane keyboards may still be useful to you. 

If you’re always on the move and need a functioning keyboard, membrane keyboards could be the way to go. 

And not every gamer has the financial means to build an intricate setup that includes a mechanical keyboard. 

It may also be a choice if you are on a really restricted budget. 

On a side note, even if you’re not on a budget, membrane keyboards provide excellent value. 

When? If you do not utilize the keyboard on a regular basis. As a result, even with less sensitive keypads, the silicone pads will last longer and put less pressure on your fingertips. 

Here are our best selections for membrane keyboards if you really must have one.

Mechanical keyboards are available in a broad range of styles. However, we can’t say the same for membrane keyboards, at least not ones that provide good value for money. 

As a result, we chose one that is appropriate for both work and leisure.

The greatest gaming mouse is the Razer Cynosa Chroma.

Membrane keyboards might be a good alternative for newcomers to the gaming world. 

You’ll be able to complete your PC construction without going over budget if you choose a less expensive keyboard. And, because you’re still on your path to being a master gamer, you can still get a lot of bang for your buck with this choice.

The general design of this membrane keyboard is not too unlike from previous Razer mechanical keyboards, despite the softer rubber keypads. It doesn’t seem to be jelly soft. It’s also possible that you won’t notice it’s not a mechanical keyboard from afar. 

Despite the absence of keyboard customisation, you may experiment with the backlights underneath the keys. That underflow phenomenon has the potential to improve your game experience.

It comes with an app that allows you to customize your keyboard in a variety of ways. So, at least for the time being, it could compensate for the generic keypads you’ll be stuck with. 

Despite the fact that the keypads are still softer, we feel that they are more responsive than the brands. 

Roccat Magma is the best keyboard for typing.

Using a membrane keyboard may be very painful for your hands and wrists. And if you’re typing all day, you can lose feeling in your hands. 

This membrane keyboard may be able to help you out with that. It has a wrist cushion that may provide some comfort and help to lessen strain.

And, when it comes to typing comfort, this may be a better option than mechanical keyboards’ firmer keypads. In comparison to other manufacturers, we feel the keypads to be a little more responsive. 

So, if you’re looking for a less expensive but still useful keypad for work, this is the one to choose. It won’t hurt your hands. You may be able to utilize it for gaming as well.

It can also withstand more wear and tear until you can upgrade to a mechanical keyboard.

Last but not least

When it comes to gaming and business, mechanical keyboards reign supreme. In terms of cost, you’ll have to pay more up front. But you’ll get more bang for your buck. 

But the truth is that not everyone can afford it right now. As a result, the more affordable membrane keyboards are the preferred option.

You only have to be cautious while selecting membrane keyboards since there are many shoddy options on the market. 

It’s incredibly simple to mass-produce them. And if you purchase one without doing your homework, you’ll almost certainly need to replace it after just a few months.  

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The “mechanical vs membrane keyboard for programming” is a comparison of two different types of keyboards. One being a mechanical keyboard and the other being a membrane keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better membrane or mechanical keyboard for gaming?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. The difference between the two types of keyboards will depend on what you are looking for and how much money you want to spend.

Are mechanical keyboards better typing?

A: Yes, mechanical keyboards are better.

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