Throne of Eldraine Draft Guide – How to Win?

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Throne of Eldraine is an online collectible card game that’s set in a world made up of six realms, each named after a type of magic. Each realm has its own unique power and deck-building strategy. It’s easy to jump into the action with this guide!

The “throne of eldraine draft tier list” is a guide that will help you win the game. The guide was created by an experienced player, and it has been updated for the new patch.

Throne of Eldraine Draft Guide - How to Win?

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Throne of Eldraine Draft Guide

Aside from the sheer enjoyment of playing the game, winning is always the major aim for most MTG players.

In the Throne of Eldraine draft, though, you’ll need a little more than simple card advantage and a little bit of talent.

To win, you must be familiar with the Throne of Eldraine limited series’ format, greatest cards, and abilities.

Continue reading to find out what it takes to win!

What is the Eldraine Throne Draft?

Wizards of the Coast LLC released the Throne of Eldraine set in 2019, and most players received their first look at it at the Mythic Championship VI. Since then, the Throne of Eldraine draft has become one of Magic’s most popular formats.

We go over everything you need to know about the popular Magic format Throne of Eldraine in our Throne of Eldraine draft guide.

However, in order to win a Throne of Eldraine draft, you must first grasp how MTG drafts operate, as well as the Throne of Eldraine set.

We go through each in depth below, as well as the best cards and advice you’ll need to win a Throng of Eldraine draft.

Eldraine’s Drafting Rules

As revealed during Mythic Championship VI in 2019, the Throne of Eldraine series follows the same draft rules as every previous set before it.

It is important to remember, however, that this draft format uses significantly slower decks than previous sets.

So, if you’ve never played a draft game before and don’t feel like going through the official rules, worry not: our Throne of Eldraine draft guide starts with the basics:


Any draft game’s pre-game period is crucial if you want to have a chance to win. The real draft takes place during the pre-game, when all of the players pick cards and create decks from whatever is available for the game.

As you pick cards and assemble a deck around them, you should start creating your game plan during the pre-game. Large creatures need a lot of mana to cast, so don’t grab too many of them.

If you’re playing draft Throne of Eldraine, don’t blindly grab every fantastic card you see Because you won’t have the additional mana for it. Rather, a single-color deck, such as mono white, makes sense.

If you manage to get a number of multi-colored cards, a two-color deck may not be out of the question. Remember that you’ll only be allocated enough mana to complete your decks in the draft.

Start of the Game & Turn Orders

To choose who starts first, players either roll the dice or flip coins. This section of the draft may vary depending on the location.

In any case, after the decks are built and the round orders are chosen, the game continues as usual, following traditional MTG game rules.

Blocking and attacking

Attacking and blocking opponents’ attacks are the same in ToE draft as they are in any other draft game.

A player’s turn is the only time he or she may announce attackers. Following the declaration of attackers, the defender(s) may announce blockers.

Using Abilities and Spells

In ToE draft, Spells and Abilities are used in the same way they are in all other MTG forms. It is only possible for you to perform spells while it is your turn (unless it is an Instant).

Abilities, on the other hand, may be used at any moment, depending on the card advantage. Activated skills that do not need tapping, for example, may be utilized at any moment, regardless of whose turn it is.


Tokens work the same way they do in any MTG format in ToE. The food token, however, is by far the most important of the set’s tokens. +1/+1, experience, creature, and other ToE tokens are also available.


In the ToE draft, there are no command zones or formal commanders.

Many of the most recent legendary monsters (from 2019 onwards) that are utilized as commanders in the popular Commander MTG format are also available as normal cards.

Top 15 Eldraine Commons Throne

Let’s speak about the top three common Throne of Eldraine cards of each color now that we’ve covered the rules for playing Throne of Eldraine draft:

The Best White Cards

I’m a prisoner in the Tower.

Magic: The Gathering - I'm a prisoner in the Tower. - Throne of Eldraine

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Knight of Youth

Magic: The Gathering - Knight of Youth - Foil - Throne of Eldraine

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Tactician of Ardenvale

Magic: The Gathering - Tactician of Ardenvale - Foil - Throne of Eldraine

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The Most Popular Green Cards

Witchstalker with a vengeance

Magic: The Gathering - Witchstalker with a vengeance - Throne of Eldraine

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Acolyte of Rosethorn

Magic: The Gathering - Acolyte of Rosethorn - Throne of Eldraine

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Paladin Garenbrig

Magic: The Gathering - Paladin Garenbrig - Throne of Eldraine

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Common Blue Cards’ Finest

Sleeping Charms

Magic: The Gathering - Sleeping Charms - Foil - Throne of Eldraine

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Tome Raider is a video game that is based on the

Tome Raider is a video game that is based on the - Foil

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Well of Witchcraft

Magic: The Gathering - Well of Witchcraft - Foil - Throne of Eldraine

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The Most Popular Black Cards

Make a pie with it

Magic: The Gathering - Make a pie with it - Throne of Eldraine

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Witches of Barrow

Magic: The Gathering - Witches of Barrow - Throne of Eldraine

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Fruits of Doom

Magic: The Gathering - Fruits of Doom - Throne of Eldraine

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Red Cards with the Most Common

Dragonfire is scorching.

Magic: The Gathering - Dragonfire is scorching. - Foil - Throne of Eldraine

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Possibility Thrill

Magic: The Gathering - Possibility Thrill - Foil - Throne of Eldraine

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a scorching barrage


Top 15 Eldraine Throne Uncommons

Let’s look at the greatest three uncommon cards of each color before moving on to even more fascinating cards:

Uncommon White Cards at Their Finest

The Lion’s Claw, Syr Alin

Magic: The Gathering - Syr Alin, The Lion's Claw - Throne of Eldraine

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Absolution’s Archon

Magic: The Gathering - Absolution's Archon - Foil - Throne of Eldraine

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Uncommon Green Cards at Their Finest

Giant Beanstalk

Magic: The Gathering - Giant Beanstalk - Throne of Eldraine

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The Hengehammer, Syr Faren

Magic: The Gathering - The Hengehammer, Syr Faren - Foil - Throne of Eldraine

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Keeper of Legends

Magic: The Gathering - Keeper of Legends - Throne of Eldraine

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Uncommon Blue Cards at Their Finest

The Discerning Syr Elenora

Magic: The Gathering - The Discerning Syr Elenora - Mystery Booster - Throne of Eldraine

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Faeries that animate

Magic: The Gathering - Faeries that animate - Throne of Eldraine

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Owl of the Arcanist

Magic: The Gathering - Arcanist's Owl - Throne of Eldraine

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Uncommon Black Cards at Their Finest

Make a pie with it

Magic: The Gathering - Make a pie with it - Throne of Eldraine

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Witches of Barrow

Magic: The Gathering - Witches of Barrow - Throne of Eldraine

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Fruits of Doom

Magic: The Gathering - Fruits of Doom - Throne of Eldraine

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Uncommon Red Cards at Their Finest

The Bold Syr Carah

Magic: The Gathering - The Bold Syr Carah - Throne of Eldraine

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Trainer for the Burning-Yard

Magic: The Gathering - Trainer for the Burning-Yard - Throne of Eldraine

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The Battleguard of Rowan

Magic: The Gathering - Rowan's Battleguard - Planeswalker Deck Exclusive - Throne of Eldraine

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Mechanics is a term that refers to the study of mechanics.

ToE is all about new mechanics, adventure, adamant, and cuisine, as is the case with most sets. Continue reading to discover all there is to know about them.

Mechanic of Adventure

This is by far the most popular mechanism in the ToE collection. These cards are dualistic, since they include both a standard monster (the creature) and an Instant or Sorcery spell (the adventure). These cards are really handy and popular. They essentially combine two cards into one.

Adamant Mechanic is a character in the game Adamant Mechanic

The Adamant mechanism is ToE’s second new mechanic. These cards are designed to reward monochromatic decks. If you play a single-colored card with multiple mana, for example, you’ll get a bonus like drawing an additional card.

Mechanic of Food

The Mechanic of Food is another fun and powerful new mechanic that you can utilize in ToE draft. You pay a certain amount of mana (for example, 2 CMC) and tap the card to receive the paid mana back and then some (for example, 3 CMC).

Archetypes and their Meanings

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about the finest new cards and mechanics in The Throne of Eldraine set, it’s time to learn more about the various archetypes available in the series.


The new Mechanic of Adventures, and all the great cards that come with it, in paper, and via MTG Arena, are simply groundbreaking. The new mechanic splits the bottom part of the card into two separate sections.

The stats of the creatures are listed in one part, while the Adventure ability and cost are shown in the other. Most veteran players feel that this new archetype goes a long way toward making mono colored decks more exciting than they’ve ever been (or at least in a long time!).

Adventure seems to be here to stay at local game shops and on Magic Online, whether with full access or in a restricted format. Don’t be shocked if it appears in more sets in the future!


The Knights decks have the most apparent name for an archetype, so there’s no guessing what kind of cards you’ll find in them. Human Knights make up the bulk of the monsters.

There won’t be many non humans, but they do tend to come with a few removal spells and bounce spells as well. Slaying Fire is a new spell that utilizes the new Adamant Mechanic is a character in the game Adamant Mechanic and goes well with the Knights deck.

Control / Mill

With the debut of the ToE set, both mill and control decks are old school archetypes that are still alive and strong.

Mill and control have a simple concept: drive your opponents to mill through their library (discard cards from their decks) rapidly, causing them to run out of cards before the rest of the game (and therefore lose the game by default).


The Mechanic of Food is another brand new mechanic. There were nearly two dozen cards with the Mechanic of Food when the ToE set was released. It works by paying 2 CMC and tapping the card, in turn, you receive 3 CMC back (hence, they call it Food).

While a Food deck isn’t the same as a Ramp deck, this mechanic is a fantastic complement to any mana-driven MTG deck or strategy.

Second Card to be Drawn

Draw a Second Card decks are another well-known archetype, since they are packed with cards that allow you to draw a second card.

In a black deck, for example, a common or uncommon monster may enable you to draw a second card each time you play non-human creatures.

Furthermore, an enchantment may let you to draw a second card after each card you draw (period).


The ramp typology is far from new; in fact, you might call it an oldie but a goodie. Because it allows you to play as many cards as you desire, ramp is one of the most popular archetypes of all time.

Ramp’s whole purpose is to earn a large amount of additional mana every round, all game long. You’ll be able to play any card you have in your hand at any time.

Enchantments / Artifacts / Time

In the ToE set, artifacts and enchantments combine to form an archetype known as “Tempo.”

Artifacts and Enchantments are the essential building pieces for a successful game in this setting. You must get them out on the field as quickly as possible and construct around and on top of them.

Is there anything I can suggest? Make sure that at least a handful of them can cause direct damage to animals and/or players.

Concerning Deck Colors

Aside from individual cards and even archetypes, picking a deck color is the second most crucial choice you must make before playing ToE draft (to win, in person or in the MTG arena).

We go through each of the five main deck colors in further depth below:


Angels, monks, warriors, and faeries are all represented by the color white in the ToE. Damage reduction, spell resistance, life gain, little creatures (weenies or peons), and battle supremacy are all included.

White gets it a little worse than other colors when it comes to huge beasts (it is lacking them). Angels, on the other hand, are among the most efficient animals in the game (despite their small size).


Direct damage spells, land and artifact destruction, swift mana acceleration, aggressive creatures (often with Haste), and martial supremacy all benefit from the color red (like First Strike and Double-Strike).

Goblins, Elementals, Dragons, and Warriors are just a handful of the most common red monster kinds.


The color green is most associated with Ramp, which produces tokens (such as spores, 1/1 “peons” or “weenies,” or +1/+1 counters), large powerful creatures (mostly monsters), and natural evasion and blessing mechanisms.

Green is also beneficial for destroying artifacts and permanents (via an enchantment based removal spell). Green decks often include elves, beasts, shamans, and tribal creatures.


Counter spells, return-to-hand, control, and many sorts of deceit are all represented by the color blue (like ninjitsu). Blue is also a popular choice for multicolored mana-heavy decks (like Ramp, Blue and Green).

Among the most powerful blue creatures are Merfolk, Dragons, Wizards, Drakes, Sea Monsters (such as Leviathon), and Ninjas.


The darkest and most damaging color is black. Destruction, culling the weak, cloak and dagger, poison, and necromancy are some of the key characteristics of black (raising the dead). A black deck may generate more food tokens than a standard deck.

Also, if you like Demons, Devils, Dragons, Imps, and Zombies, black may be the color for you since black decks are abundant in these creatures.


Now that you’ve learned about the five main deck colors, you should think about playing ToE draft with a multi-color deck.

Here are some of the most common multi-color deck options:

Ramp, Blue and Green

The Ramp, Blue and Green deck is one of the most formidable in ToE draft because it allows you to play every card you get as soon as you get it (because you never lack the mana to do so, unlike your opponents). The problem is getting your hands on enough multi-colored cards that produce additional mana each round, during the drafting session.

Maraleaf Pixie, Oko, Thief of Crowns, and Thunderous Snapper are the most helpful cards.

Artifacts in Blue and White

Another color combination that is more than capable of achieving the victory condition game after game is blue and white. However, unless you can draft multiple blue and white multi-colored cards with a CMC of less than four mana, as well as colorless artifacts, you may be better off opting with pure blue or white decks. These cards work well as a mill deck as well.

Most useful card(s): Dance of the Manse, Shinechaser, Owl of the Arcanist

Adventures in Green and White

In ToE, green and white produce a fantastic multi-colored deck. A green and white adventure deck may provide vigilance, counters, life gain, and protection, to name a few benefits.

This color combination also has a number of four-mana adamant creatures. When it comes to the late game, assuming you make it that far, you’ll be able to easily food token and adventure card your opponents to death.

Oakhame Ranger, Wandermare, and Faeburrow Elder are the most helpful card(s).

Red Green

If you like demolition spells and Ramp, red green can be the ideal mix to keep you looking youthful forever. One of the most appealing aspects of these colors is the large number of cards that cost just two mana.

Red green is one of the finest two color decks in ToE because it can exile cards and play them for free, play additional land cards each round, and use direct spells to kill opponent permanents.

Grumgully, the Generous and Rampart Smasher, Escape to the Wilds are the most beneficial card(s).

Red Adventures in Green and White

The only three-mana color deck you should consider for ToE draft is red, green, and white. Three mana cards, food tokens, removal spells, people, non-humans, and up to three mechanisms are included in the mix (if not four).

This new format is immensely strong because to Angles, Goblins, Knights, damage and destruction spells, protection, and life gain skills. With a third color, however, these decks have restricted forms.

Grumgully, the Generous, Fireborn Knight, Rampart Smasher, and Grumgully, the Generous are the most helpful cards.

The colors black and white

Last but not least, The colors black and white decks are always killer combinations, whether playing ToE draft, MTG arena, or otherwise. These diverse decks almost always include Lifelink, Deathtouch, Destruction, Protection, and a removal spell or two(like Sleeping Charms).

Vampires, Angels, Demons, Knights, Zombies, Warriors, and Priests are among the most popular The colors black and white creatures. If you are considering a third color, make it blue or red.

Most useful card(s): The Battleguard of Rowan, Doom Foretold, Wintermoor Commander

Winning the Throne of Eldraine Draft

What draft guide for the Throne of Eldraine would be complete without a list of useful hints? Not ours, for sure!

We’ve put up a list of expert tips to help you win at ToE games:

Avoid playing with a deck that is too aggressive.

Decks that are all-out aggressive aren’t as effective in this format. This is due to the fact that aggressive behavior is generally matched by equal or even more aggressive behavior.

This approach will not help you win in a limited or standard draft of The Throne of Eldraine. Rather, as you wait for paybacks and other investments to pay off, you’ll need a robust defense.

Utilize the Mechanic of Adventures

The Mechanic of Adventure was created for and released with the ToE set. The main card advantage of this new mechanic is that you can still play a part of the card from the graveyard.

Adventure cards, unlike regular cards, feature a divided bottom part. The card’s usual status is on one side of the divide, while the secondary “Adventure” spell/ability is on the other.

The Adventure ability, which is the second portion of the card, may be used on the battlefield or even after the creature has been slain.

Take a look at a Solid Archetype.

Choosing an archetype to champion is a great challenge with so many fantastic combinations of individual common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare cards to pick from in all five colors, as well as multiple 2 or 3-color sets.

Choosing a solid color archetype above a color duo, regardless of how strong, is our recommendation, particularly if you’re looking for your first victory in this game style.

In truth, multi-colored archetypes are often more potent than solid archetypes. Solid archetypes, on the other hand, almost guarantee that you’ll get your strongest cards out with no mana difficulties.

It may be tempting to use a multi-color deck, but until you get the hang of it, stick to one color. If you like, after a few victories, you may switch to a secondary color pair.

Make sure you’re ready for some grueling games.

The Throne of Eldraine draft format is one of the most time-consuming in all of Magic: the Gathering. These games, unlike other formats and draft sets, need some patience. The payout cards, on the other hand, make the wait worthwhile.

Wait for the Payoffs to Arrive

This set’s major important cards are all about payoffs. When playing Throne of Eldrain draft, it’s all about the payoff, whether you like a mill deck, a food deck, or even a knights deck.

Rather than aggressive draft creature decks, concentrating on a monocolored deck with a rare removal spell or two is the best strategy to gain card advantage and win late in the game.

A Final Thought on Eldraine Draft Victory

Winning in the Throne of Eldraine draft is about patience and card advantage as much as it is about putting up aggressive decks full with adventure cards and hoping to deal as much damage as possible.

Because you can’t merely push your way to the top or counter your opponent’s spells played during their turn, ToE draft may be more difficult to win than other formats.

If you want to win the next ToE draft game, you’ll need to know the other decks you’ll be up against, exploit the different archetypes, and even form a tenuous, if not impossible, alliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I draft in Throne of Eldraine?

A: I recommend any of these cards, but the best options are Underdogs Bite or Forgotten Cave.

Is Throne of Eldraine draft good?

A: It is a good deckbuilding game.

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