Top 10 Best Apps Like Poshmark 2022

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Poshmark is known as the go-to app for selling clothes and finding new trends, but it has a lot of competition in terms of shopping apps. These 10 best alternatives to Poshmark will keep you up on all your favorite sites with no hassle.

Poshmark is a social shopping app that allows users to buy and sell fashion. The “best selling apps 2021” are similar to Poshmark, but have a different focus.

Top 10 Best Apps Like Poshmark 2022

We’ve all been guilty of hoarding clothing we don’t wear and then whining about not having enough room. If you browse through your closet, or even simply arrange it once a year, you’re certain to notice some items that you don’t wear or will never wear. You need to get rid of such clothing, whether they don’t fit you anymore or are regarded outmoded in the fashion world. You may have additional items, such as purses or accessories, that you will never wear in addition to your outfits.

You may donate your old clothing or accessories, give them to a friend or anybody else, or sell them! The final option seems to be the greatest answer for the excess garments for some of us. After all, who doesn’t want to earn some money so they can buy some new clothing? After all, you can never have too many clothes, right? Selling your old clothing is a lucrative business that is also highly fashionable. The concept of selling secondhand clothing for a fair price has been around for a long time. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to do so.

There are several platforms, such as applications or websites, that may assist you in getting a decent price for your worn clothing. Poshmark is one such app. Poshmark has made the process of selling old clothing quite uncomplicated. Simply snap a photo of your clothing, give a description of its condition, and submit it to the app. After someone has purchased your item, they will give you a prepaid shipping label. All you have to do now is print and ship. In short, Poshmark performs all of the legwork for you, and you can effortlessly earn money. Poshmark does not do this for free, and they are compensated with a portion of your revenue. It is only justifiable because of the convenience.

Poshmark isn’t the only app that facilitates the sale of used clothing or the purchase of used clothing. There are a plethora of similar applications or websites available. However, not every Poshmark-like applications will be the perfect fit for you. This is why you must seek out the top applications, such as Poshmark.

In this post, we will assist you and spare you the hassle of locating the top applications similar to Poshmark. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 applications similar to Poshmark. Take a look at the alternatives below to discover which one is best for you.

Poshmark Alternative Apps

1. The Genuine Article

The RealReal is one of the first great apps like Poshmark that we have discovered for you. Some of you may have seen or heard about this app someplace, most likely through Instagram influencers or a YouTube vlog. So, without a question, this software is highly popular and one of the greatest Poshmark replacements. We enjoy this app for a variety of reasons. The UI is straightforward to use, and the navigation is simple as well. This program has already benefited millions of individuals by allowing them to resale or acquire secondhand items.

This software is mostly used to sell high-end items such as fine art, shoes, clothing, and even homeware. Each item on our platform has been verified by the team, so if you list a decent item, it will sell in a matter of days. The seller will retain 85 percent of the sales, with the balance going to the app developer as a fee. It’s a fantastic opportunity for anybody who possesses high-end items in excellent shape to sell them for a profit.

People who own expensive clothing or who want to acquire designer goods at a bargain would profit greatly from an app like Poshmark. So go ahead and give it a go.

2. Depop

Best Apps Like Poshmark

Depop, like Poshmark, is a fantastic software that has gained a lot of traction among prospective used clothing sellers and consumers. The app works in a similar way to Poshmark in that it lets buyers and sellers connect so that they can get a great bargain on worn clothing, whether they’re selling or purchasing. You’ll discover a full community here, and you’ll be a part of it in the future. You may follow the sellers to get a feel of their style and meet individuals who have similar tastes in fashion or brands.

The app makes it simple to view what’s being offered or purchased. It’s a really open software, which is why it’s one of the most dependable applications like Poshmark. The method of purchasing and selling is simple, and you may simply generate money.

You will be required to pay the app a commission of 10% of the sale. Payment will be made using PayPal. This app is a fantastic venue for selling clothing. You might earn a lot of money from your old garments if you could boost your platform’s following.

Overall, this is the kind of software you should look into. It’s not your normal marketplace like Poshmark, but it’s a lot of fun to use.

ThredUp is number three.

ThredUp has also established itself as one of the greatest Poshmark-like applications. Anyone interested in selling or purchasing secondhand clothing should definitely have a look at this one. The software has made it much easy to run a used clothing company and make some additional cash. Alternatively, you may purchase good-quality secondhand clothing and save money. One of the features of this program that has most pleased users is the ease with which they can sell or purchase secondhand clothing. Users are relieved of the burden of shipping and mailing each item themselves.

You’ll get a bag from ThredUp, which you’ll need to fill with your gently worn but clean garments in excellent shape. Then they’ll deliver your clothing to the customer, and you’ll be paid. The commission for this app fluctuates based on how many goods you sell and at what price you sell them. You might receive as little as 5% of the transaction or as much as 80% of the sale. As a result, you should take some time to comprehend the whole notion. Once you’ve finished and understand how to use this software, it may be really useful.

If you can’t find a buyer for your garments and don’t want to retain them, you may donate them using this portal. Overall, it’s a worthwhile app to check out.

Mercari, number four

Mercari is another excellent alternative to Poshmark that you should be aware of. This app has also gained a lot of traction, so you may want to give it a go. This should be your first pick if you’ve ever used Poshmark and are seeking for the best alternative that operates exactly like Poshmark and gives a superb market platform for worn clothing. The app was given the title of “Easiest to Use Marketplace” since conducting business or earning money online would be more simpler on this platform.

You may advertise any thing you wish to sell here for a reasonable fee. Although it is recommended that you establish a competitive pricing for your goods in order to attract consumers. The app takes a ten percent commission on each sale, as well as a small transaction fee. The customer is responsible for paying for the freight and insuring it up to $200. It’s a safe way to get money from your old clothing and other belongings. Although it is not busy, you will have no trouble locating a legitimate buyer. Overall, it’s a fantastic platform to spend time on.

5. Mercantile

Tradesy is another popular app similar to Poshmark that you can use to sell your old clothing. The software provides a fantastic platform for selling luxury or high-priced things while still making a profit. The app also includes several useful tools that make it simple to sell your stuff. All of your item images will be edited and polished to make them seem even better. The app will also recommend a pricing for your item that is most convenient for you.

Moving on, selling an item is simple since they supply you with a pre-paid label and attractive packaging, all of which are provided free of charge, ensuring that both you and your customer are satisfied. For a transaction under $50, the app takes $7.80 in commission, while for sales above $50, they take about 19.8%. As a result, the commission system is fair and open.

Both buyers and sellers find this platform to be a good way to earn some money. So, if you’re seeking for a better option to Poshmark, go no further (if you are not selling any designer or luxury clothes).

6. Vinted

Vinted, like Poshmark, may be the greatest app for anybody searching for a transparent platform to trade on. The greatest aspect is that there are no commissions to pay on this site, and all payments are made directly from the buyer to the vendor. Another fantastic way is to simply switch the things out straight.

This website allows consumers to trade their wardrobe items in return for anything from someone else’s. You may be charged a small convenience fee for changing your clothing. Although the software is not as well-known as the others on our list, it has created quite a stir among users.

7. Rebag

Rebag has also astonished us and has become one of the most popular applications similar to Poshmark. Rebag is without a doubt one of the greatest sites for making money off of secondhand bags these days. Despite the fact that this site focuses on selling bags rather than clothing, it is a fascinating platform to browse.

You may select a price and get a shipping label if you find a buyer. As a result, shipping your items and getting money will be simple. Because Rebag operates as a middleman, you could have to pay them a commission. Overall, this is a place to consider if you have some extra bags to sell.

8. Trading at the Crossroads

You may check out Crossroads Trading, a high-end software similar to Poshmark. The app has received a lot of positive feedback from users, and you’ll find it to be an excellent platform for selling your one-of-a-kind items. When it comes to the clothing that they approve, the site is pretty selective. You may be able to utilize this site if you have designer goods, branded clothing, or trendy stylish items.

However, the profit margin is much lower here. Depending on your transaction, you’ll have to pick between a 50 percent store credit or a 30 percent direct credit. If your products do not sell, they will either be donated or returned to you. So you may test it out. It is accessible in both online and physical places in the United States.

Heroin is number nine.

Another well-known app similar to Poshmark to be aware of is Heroine. The software will assist you in joining a fashion community. You may not only sell your old items here, but you can also acquire some of the greatest fashion stuff.

It also includes blogs where you can expand your fashion knowledge and stay up to speed on the current trends. It has a transaction fee of 6% and a commission fee of 6%. As a result, there is a considerable chance of making a profit margin.

10. screamed

Grailed is a top-rated app for males, similar to Poshmark. Only a few applications are dedicated to men’s fashion, and this is one of them. You can quickly sell something, acquire something, or learn about the current fashion trends. All of the things offered on our site have been verified, so you know you’re getting the finest. Overall, if you’re wanting to purchase and sell men’s goods, this app similar to Poshmark is worth checking out.


So there you have it, some of the top Poshmark-like applications available. Because of their popularity and openness, we’ve included them here so you can simply strike a deal with the buyer or seller of used closed. These applications or websites have the greatest user interface and are also very simple to use. So go ahead and have a look at them to see if they may help you solve your closet issue for less.

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Is there a better site than poshmark?

A: There are a lot of other sites that you can use to sell old items. Some people prefer eBay, while others might like Amazon or Craigslist.

Is there another app like poshmark?

A: There is not another app like poshmark. In the future, there may be a possibility of an app similar to poshmark however it would likely have some differences in function and design.

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