Top 10 Best Games Like Last Of Us 2022

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It’s been nearly ten years since the critically acclaimed PS3 game, The Last Of Us. Now, almost a decade later, what are some of the games that have come out in recent years that could rival it? This list will explore 10 products like The Last Of Us and their differences as well as similarities to help you decide which upcoming title is right for your next purchase!

The “games like the last of us 2022” is a list of 10 games that are similar to The Last Of Us. Read more in detail here: games like the last of us 2021.

Top 10 Best Games Like Last Of Us 2022

Playing survival games has a certain appeal. It’s impossible to get enough of them. When you’re trying to survive against all odds, there’s always a rush and a thrill. There are villains and supervillains in almost every story. If you like survival games, you’ve probably played hundreds of them. The Last of Us is a popular and excellent survival game. This game has a lot of fans and is played by a lot of people all around the globe.

The game has all of the characteristics that make a survival game so enjoyable. While surviving in the game, you will face several challenges as the protagonist. In a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world, you’ll be on a quest to find a safe haven. Some of the greatest and coolest weapons in the game are a lot of fun to use. Overall, the game contains everything you might want, which may explain why you’ll be able to complete it in a short amount of time. There is a potential that the creators may release a new entry in the series, but it will take some time.

So, what are your plans till then? We’re sure you’d have a hard time surviving without a game like The Last of Us, right? However, there is a technique to keep oneself occupied. You should definitely check out some other games, such as The Last of Us! However, finding a game similar to The Last of Us will be difficult. Despite the fact that there are several survival games accessible, they may not meet your expectations.

This is why we are here to assist you. We’ll go through the finest games similar to Last of Us in this post. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten games that are similar to Last of Us. Take a look at these games and decide which one appeals to you the best.

Last of Us is one of the best games ever made.

1. I Am Still Alive

I Am Alive is the first-best game similar to The Last of Us. This is one of the most enjoyable survival games available. As a result, it also satisfies the requirements set by The Last of Us. From a harrowing survival mode to the finest action, the game has it all. To survive and stay alive, the game forces you to commit some heinous acts. It’s a gloomy and selfish game in which you can’t concentrate about anything except yourself or you’ll die quickly.

This game’s excitement and adventure will keep you on your toes while also putting your survival abilities to the test. The game contains everything you could want. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic environment and will take place one year after “the event,” which is a catastrophic tragedy. You’ll take on the character of an anonymous protagonist who has returned to his hometown in search of his wife and daughter who have gone missing. When he meets a little girl who has lost her mother, he pledges to locate his own mother. There will be numerous obstacles on your way, such as the toxic dust that has engulfed the city, gangs roaming the streets, and so on.

In terms of survival methods, this might help you get beyond The Last of Us. As a result, you should give this one a go as well.

2. Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider

Games Like Last Of Us

Tomb Raider is another excellent game similar to The Last of Us that you should be aware of. This game is recognized for having one of the finest female characters in gaming history, as well as having the best survival action-adventure premise. Tomb Raider is one of the oldest action-adventure games on our list, and it continues to thrill players all around the world even after 17 years. There are several chapters in this series, and you will undoubtedly come across some noteworthy ones.

This game tells the narrative of how Lara became the formidable hunter she is today. Lara begins the novel as an ordinary girl who is frail and innocent. She is sailing in the Sea of Japan with her crew to learn more about the Kingdom of Yamatai. A series of events occur that will alter her destiny. The ship has been sunk, and Lara has been captured by a local island rebel group. Traps, bizarre cults, maniacs, and dangerous animals abound on the island. Lara will be thrust into a life-or-death situation. She’ll have to grow up to face the hardships she’ll face on the island. There are far too many people who oppose her.

The narrative is terrifying and heartbreaking, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat since anything may happen at any moment. The game is captivating, and you’ll find yourself up against the clock. As a result, it is without a doubt one of the finest games similar to The Last of Us. Although the survival idea is similar, this game will provide you with a completely new experience.

The Walking Dead is number three.

Best Games Like Last Of Us

If the horror part of The Last of Us, where you encounter zombies and kill them, kept you engaged in the game, you should give The Walking Dead a try. The Walking Dead is another excellent horror-adventure survival game that will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s very popular, and it’s based on a comic book. There’s even a TV program based on it.

The game tells a heartbreaking narrative, and the episodic adventure game will keep you engrossed for a long time. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. One of the game’s distinctive features is that you meet and interact with a large number of characters. All of the characters are well-developed, and you’ll find yourself caring about them as well.

Each of your decisions will have ramifications in this game, and they will alter the game’s trajectory. As a result, you’ll be able to play it several times. You will be confronted with death more often than you would want. It’s possible that the character may die first, and you’ll have to deal with sadness as well. Overall, this game would be an excellent substitute for The Last of Us.

Dead Rising 3 is number four.

Top Best Games Like Last Of Us

Dead Rising 3 is yet another excellent game similar to The Last of Us. This game also has zombies, and you will be fighting them as well as other strange creatures. It’s the third chapter of one of the most popular zombie survival games ever made.

The game takes place in Los Angeles, which is overrun by zombies. They’re everywhere, and they’re murdering everybody who comes close to them. The infection has only spread inside this city, which is a positive thing. As a result, the government must take drastic steps to ensure that it does not spread to other cities. The only way for this to happen is for the government to detonate a nuclear device in the city.

Nick Ramos, a mechanic who is stranded in this city, will be your character. You only have a few hours to escape out of the city before the government blows it up or you become a zombie victim. You should be aware that there are over 300 weapons to employ in the game, with some of them requiring your handiwork. It won’t be easy to survive in this furious and fascinating game.

Resident Evil 2 is number five.

Top Games Like Last Of Us

One of the finest horror adventure and survival games is Resident Evil 2. It has also gotten a lot of positive feedback from gamers all across the globe. It’s all about living against the odds and battling zombies or the undead in Resistant Evil 2. The city’s residents have mutated into zombies. Leon and Claire are the two major protagonists in the game. They must flee the city in order to survive this horrifying tragedy and escape the zombies.

However, the path will not be simple. The action of the game takes place two months after the big incident of Resident Evil. The biological weapon will be your adversary. Exploration, riddles, and fighting are the main features of the game. The game’s location, visuals, and mood are the greatest. The game also has a really realistic feel to it. Each of the characters in this game has their own backstory and survival quest.

Overall, if you like games like The Last of Us, Resident Evil 2 should be your best choice.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the sixth game in the Red Dead Redemption series.

Best Game Like Last Of Us

Red Dead Redemption 2 is another popular game similar to The Last of Us that you should try. The game is set in 1899, and the beauty and atmosphere will take your breath away. It isn’t quite like The Last of Us, but it is close in terms of action and adventure.

Arthur Morgan is the protagonist of the game’s plot. He is a Van der Linde gang member who is now on a voyage. However, he must contend with government troops, right-wing gangs, and a variety of other threats. Because it is an open-world game, there will be a lot to discover. You may also participate in a variety of other activities. Overall, there is a lot of action in the game, and it is a 70-hour game, so you will be kept busy for a long time.

Alan Wake is number seven.

Good Games Like Last Of Us

Alan Wake is a psychological thriller that may be a little disturbing at times. As a result, it might be a viable alternative to titles like The Last of Us. This game’s protagonist isn’t your traditional hero character. While on vacation at Bright Falls with his wife, she has gone missing.

There are six chapters in the game. You’ll be spending the most of your time in the scary woods, where there will be much to dread. The game will put your situational awareness to the test, as well as your ability to recognize a danger. It’s gloomy, spooky, and really difficult to survive. As a result, it’s a fantastic game to play, similar to The Last of Us.

The State of Decay is number eight on the list.

Cool Games Like Last Of Us

State of Decay has also caught our attention and earned a place on our list of the greatest games similar to The Last of Us. This is another action and adventure-packed open-world game. There are a lot of Zombies to slay in this game. It also includes an RPG element to it, with you taking on the role of one of the numerous survivors who must combat the zombies.

You’ll be responsible for the supplies, inventory, and making new pals. Even if you don’t feel like pushing on, there is a lot of exploring in this game. Overall, this game would be an excellent option for putting your post-apocalyptic survival abilities to the test.

Beyond: Two Souls (#9)

Best Games Like Last Of Us

Beyond: Two Souls is another excellent game to play if you like the Last of Us series. The plot of the game is intriguing. You will take on the character of Jodie, a lady who has had a difficult life. Aiden, a ghost trying to make her existence known to others, is the only thing she has in her life. They constitute an excellent team that battles against all obstacles. Despite the fact that it is not a survival game, this game has a fantastic tale that will keep you fascinated, and the supernatural aspect is also interesting.

10. Last Light in the Metro

Best Game Like Last Of Us

Metro: Last Light is another another excellent game to play. The game is nasty and odd at times, but it is also funny. It’s also set in a post-apocalyptic setting, and you’ll be playing in survival mode. The game is grim, with deformed and dangerous creatures lurking around every corner. The only question is how you’re going to make it through this game. Go ahead and play this game; if you like The Last of Us, you will appreciate this one as well.


So there you have it, some of the finest Last of Us-like games available. We chose these games based on their popularity and resemblance to The Last of Us. These games feature the greatest visuals and gameplay strategies, so players will have a great time playing them.

We hope you will give these games a try and let us know which one you prefer. These games would more than make up for the absence of The Last of Us.

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