Top 10 Best Games Like Subnautica 2022

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Subnautica is a game that’s been around for over six years. The game was designed and developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment as an open-world survival sandbox, where players can explore the depths of alien oceans to discover sunken ruins. Subnautica has become one of the most popular games in 2019 with its unique design and captivating gameplay, so here are the Top 10 Best Games Like Subnautica 2022 you need to play today!

The “games like subnautica: below zero” is a list of the top 10 best games similar to Subnautica. It includes games such as Subnautica, Below Zero and Submarine Titans.

Top 10 Best Games Like Subnautica 2022

If we ask every player what their favorite game genre is, the majority of them would probably respond survival! In the survival genre, you’re constantly on the edge of your seat, unsure of what may happen next. There are many things that may go wrong, and the game might end at any time, with your character dying out of nowhere. The beautiful thing about the survival genre is that there are a lot of games to choose from, and most of them are fairly decent. Some may be rather unusual, transporting you to a separate planet with its own set of survival rules. Subnautica is one such game that you may have played.

Subnautica is a survival game set in an underwater environment. The whole game takes place underwater. This game puts a strain on your making skills and challenges you to take calculated risks. You will be paid for each risk you have taken or for each of the items you have created. To make it through the game, you’ll need to gather resources and make sure you don’t make any mistakes. In summary, the game features everything a player could want, from a unique location to a full-fledged survival and crafting mode; you won’t be disappointed.

However, some individuals have completed Subnautica and are ready to go on. As a result, they’re on the lookout for the greatest games like Subnautica to fill the hole or provide a better option to a survival game. Even though there are many games similar to Subnautica to choose from, not every game is worth your time. We’ve compiled a list of the best ten games that are similar to Subnautica and will be fun to play. So go ahead and check out the games listed below and choose your favorite.

Subnautica: The Lost City is one of the best games similar to Subnautica.

1. Raft

If you like Subnautica, you may enjoy more survival games that take place in or around water. Raft, a game similar to Subnautica, is one such game to check out. The game has been fairly popular in recent years, and players all around the globe are enjoying it. This game takes place in an endless ocean where players must do whatever they can to stay alive. This is a first-person shooter with a large open universe.

You begin the game with just a little raft constructed of a few boards and a metal hook as your only means of transportation. You may establish your own objectives in the game and do all in your power to attain them. To live, you’ll need to acquire as many resources as possible. You’ll also have to create new items during the game, which means you’ll have to be inventive. You’ll need to make your own tools, weaponry, furnishings, and even the power supply.

The game’s most difficult aspect is the ravenous sharks; you don’t want to run into them, but if you do, make sure you have your weapons on hand to protect yourself. Overall, the graphics are stunning, and the gaming techniques are entertaining. This is without a doubt the greatest game similar to Subnautica, and it is also available for Windows, so give it a go.

2. The Long, Dark Night

Best Games Like Subnautica

The Long Dark could be the greatest choice for you if you want to go away from the sea world while yet having the same amount of survival mode as Subnautica. The game begins with an aircraft accident in a freezing Canadian desert. In the game, you’ll take on the role of Will MacKenzie, a bush pilot on his way to the islands to accompany a medical doctor when the aircraft crashes. When the aircraft crashes, they are separated. This is where you’ll begin your adventure in the game.

Your objective would be to find the doctor. However, it will not be simple. You’ll have to battle the bitter cold and the frozen nature that surrounds you. You’ll have to push through exhaustion and keep going, even if you’re exhausted. You’ll also have to deal with hunger and thirst while playing the game. Predators are another item that might prove to be lethal when you’re playing the game. From grizzly bears to wolves, anything may be hiding.

Overall, the game’s tale is engaging, and you’ll find yourself engrossed in it for many hours. You’ll also like the exploring, resource collection, and odds-fighting. Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac are all supported by the game.

3. The game Minecraft

Games Like Subnautica

We can’t forget about Minecraft when it comes to survival games. You could love playing the game since it contains excellent survival skills. Minecraft is one of the most popular games right now, therefore it doesn’t require any introduction. Most of you have probably already played it or at the very least heard about it. While Minecraft isn’t quite like Subnautica in terms of game setting and atmosphere, it will put your survival and crafting abilities to the test throughout the game. Since 2010, this game has ruled, and it has impacted other games such as Subnautica!

There are two game types in this game: survival and creation. In the first mode, you’ll be fighting to keep your character alive and gather as many resources as possible to shield yourself from the impending perils. We were especially amazed by the game’s location and aesthetics. The game enables the user to explore the game’s open universe. There is so much to discover or construct. The game may be played for many hours without becoming monotonous.

Overall, this is the greatest Subnautica-like game available. Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android are all supported.

No Man’s Sky is the fourth game in the No Man’s Sky series.

Top Games Like Subnautica

No Man’s Sky is another excellent game similar to Subnautica. This game is fantastic for anybody who enjoys exploring worlds other than our own. This game transports you to another universe, or we might say it takes place in space. Its open environment is unquestionably bigger than Subnautica’s, implying that you’ll be able to spend more time here. There is a distinct ecology to explore throughout the game.

You’ll also need to obtain supplies to help you complete the tour quest in this game. The goal of the expedition will be to reach the galaxy’s core. This game will also demand you to perfect your crafting skills, since you will be required to create vehicles, weapons, equipment, and other items as part of the plot. You will be able to participate in a variety of activities. You’ll be constructing bases or exploring the game’s universe.

Overall, No Man’s Sky should be your first pick when it comes to other world survival strategies or crafts. This game is compatible with Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Ark: Survival Evolved is the fifth game in the Ark series.

Top Best Games Like Subnautica

Ark: Survival Evolved is another excellent game similar to Subnautica that you should try out. The game is unique in that it not only demands you to survive, but also to coexist with dinosaurs. Yes, you read it correctly: dinosaurs are included in this game. You may not associate dinosaurs with anything other than the Jurassic World series, but this game will enable you to experience what it’s like to live among them.

The game takes place in a universe where modern technology coexists with dinosaurs. Your goal is to stay alive as long as possible in the game. This may seem to be a far-fetched notion, but it will provide you with the ideal experience. The surprise is that you will have to tame the dinosaurs rather than battle them. So, like Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, you’ll get to show off your taming talents while having the finest time.

Aside from that, you’ll have to worry for your game’s survival. So keep collecting materials and constructing and making anything you need. Overall, if you like Subnautica, this is a nice game to check out. This game is compatible with Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

Green Hell is number six.

You could think that surviving underwater is the most difficult obstacle, but hold that idea because we have something larger in store for you. The Amazonian Forest is the most deadly place on the planet. And you’ll get there with the help of this game.

It’s a first-person open-world survival crafting game with excellent visuals and gameplay. You’ll have to overcome fundamental obstacles such as food, housing, animals, and water. But the most difficult obstacle would be dealing with the forest’s local tribes, who are fierce and hostile to outsiders. On Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, the game is available.

7. The Woods

If you like Subnautica, The Forest is another entertaining game to try. As the name implies, this game takes place in the woods. The open-world survival game is as fascinating and intriguing as it is enjoyable. The plot follows the aftermath of an aircraft accident in the woods. You’ve now taken on the role of a parent whose son has been abducted by the locals. Your goal is to stay alive in the game with no or limited resources. Make the most of the resources available to you. The game is playable on both Windows and PlayStation 4.

8. Deeply Stranded

Stranded Deep is another excellent game similar to Subnautica that you should play. This game would be an excellent alternative to Subnautica since it is also set in the sea.

This is another another game in which the action begins with a catastrophic aircraft crash, this time in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You must discover a means to survive or you will perish in a matter of minutes. There will be much to see and do. Just keep acquiring resources and putting them to good use. On Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, and Mac, the game is available.

Fallout 4 is number nine.

Cool Games Like Subnautica

If you’re looking for anything other than water or land to survive in, consider the post-apocalyptic world. You play as the solitary survivor of an apocalypse in this game. You’ll discover the greatest weaponry as well as a plethora of customizing choices.

The game has a broad range of perils that will keep you on your toes since you never know what may happen next. Overall, when it comes to the survival genre, Fallout 4 is the best game out there. So, if you haven’t already, give it a go.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is number ten.

Best Game Like Subnautica

Another excellent game similar to Subnautica to be aware of is Predator: Hunting Grounds. You only have two options: be eaten or hunted by predators, or stick with your buddies and live. Throughout the game, you will acquire a variety of weaponry. So, if you want to put your survival abilities to the test while still enjoying a terrific plot and characters, this is the game for you. It’s a bit different than Subnautica, but that may appeal to you.


These are some of the top games similar to Subnautica that you should try. These games feature everything that you might want in a game. You’ll have to give it your all, from remarkable survival methods to strategic usage. Some of the games are more difficult than others, so you may simply choose your favorite.

Overall, we attempted to identify the greatest titles available for all systems. As a result, you will undoubtedly find the greatest game, such as Subnautica, on our list. So go ahead and experiment with them all.

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Subnautica is a game that has been released in 2022. It is a survival game that takes place on an alien planet. This list includes 10 games like Subnautica, so you can decide which one to play next! Reference: ocean games like subnautica.

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