Shortly after its launch, the iPod became a must-have accessory and made history. While many people think its premiere is over, the fact is that it is still the preferred choice as a music gateway for many people, and with the introduction of Apple’s new iPod Touch, now would be the best time for you to invest in a top-of-the-line iPod speaker to take your music listening experience to the next level.

Whether you want to spend a cozy evening at home listening to your favorite music or spend the weekend with friends, a good Bluetooth speakerphone for your iPod is probably the best way to enhance the whole experience.

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Benefits of iPod speakers

With Apple’s new iPod Touch, which has many features and is available with capacities up to 256GB, and For TV, video, audio playback and more, there are a number of benefits you can enjoy with the best iPod speakers, some of which are as follows


An iPod speakerphone connected via Bluetooth may seem like a simple and straightforward choice, but there’s nothing more practical than that. These speakers are very compact and portable, which means you can take them anywhere, just like your headphones or earbuds, and use them to play the sound of your latest iPod. Note that the use of iPod speakers does not stop at listening to the music. With features like a built-in camera, video and audio playback, Internet connectivity, and access to the various applications that come with the new iPod, you can use the speakers to listen to all the content stored on your device.

Rechargeable battery works

Most iPod speakers, especially those with Bluetooth connectivity, run on batteries and have built-in batteries. Just charge it before you throw it in your bag, and you can play for hours before your device needs recharging.

Low energy consumption

Most commercially available iPod speaker models generally draw less power, so an external power supply may not be necessary. Since there are also models that run on AA batteries, a power outage is the least of your problems with these units.

outdoor use

Yes, the headphones are extremely portable and give you a very personal music listening experience. But what about those times you want to share the same thing? With an iPod speaker, for example, you can make music social. B. When you go camping and listen to your favorite rhythms in front of a campfire. Bluetooth speakers, in particular, are better suited for outdoor use because you don’t have to worry about cables and setup; you can start using the device right away once your new iPod automatically connects to the speakers via Bluetooth.

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Speaker types for iPod

If you are looking for speakers for iPods, below are the most common types to choose from:

Portable speakers for iPod

As the name suggests, these iPod speakers are designed to be easily transportable and therefore have a very compact size.

Bluetooth Speakerphone for iPod

With these speakers, you can connect your Bluetooth-enabled iPod wirelessly and have the freedom to browse through different applications with your iPod while your favorite music plays in the background.

Alarm speaker Dock speaker

These devices, offered by some major brands, are a combination of speakers, radio, digital clock and alarm clock with an iPod dock. Not only can you wake up to your favorite songs on your iPod, but the dock on the speaker also makes it easy to charge your iPod.

High quality iPod speaker Features

From aesthetics to battery life and much more, there are many features to consider when looking for the best quality iPod speakers on the market.


When choosing a speaker for the iPod, the first thing to consider is the size or physical dimensions of the device. Depending on your needs, you can choose a small portable model that easily fits in your handbag, pocket or backpack, or one of the larger desktop or semi-portable models known for the best sound quality.

Battery life

The battery life of the hands-free iPod is another important aspect to consider before buying. In general: The larger the speaker, the larger the transmitters, and some of these larger models are known to last up to 24 hours on a single charge. On the other hand, the speakers in smaller iPods have smaller batteries, so their lifespan is naturally shorter. Speaker battery life also depends on the duration of use, i.e. the number of hours of use.

Bluetooth version

When investing in a Bluetooth speaker phone for your latest iPod, you should also pay attention to the Bluetooth version supported by the device. Although many products today use newer versions such as Bluetooth, 4.1, Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5, there are also models that use older versions. For a better and faster connection, it is recommended to choose iPod speakers with the latest version of Bluetooth.


Nowadays, many people choose to use their iPod speaker by the pool, on the beach or even in the shower. If you plan to do the same with your speaker system, you should choose a waterproof or water-resistant model. Even with the plethora of iPod speakers available on the market, it’s not hard to find a waterproof model.

In addition to these features, you can also consider the overall aesthetics of the speaker to make sure it fits your taste and personality, and of course your budget.

frequently asked questions

Can I use a Bluetooth speakerphone with my new iPod?

Yes, the latest versions of the iPod, including the new iPod Touch, can be connected to a Bluetooth speakerphone in a few simple steps. Once your iPod is connected to the speaker, you can use the Music program or any other audio program to play songs.

How do I connect my iPod to my iPod speaker?

Follow these simple steps to pair your speakers with your iPod :

  • Make iPod Touch discoverable (discovery mode) by following the instructions supplied with the unit.
  • Activate Bluetooth on iPod Touch and tap the speaker name to pair the two devices.

Can all iPods be connected to the speaker?

If you want a wireless connection, for example. B. with Bluetooth are only the iPod nano and the 7th generation iPod touch. The new generation iPod is equipped with Bluetooth, which means that both versions of the iPod can be paired with iPod speakers.

Do iPods have built-in speakers?

The new iPod Touch has a built-in speaker. But to get the best sound, you need an iPod speaker.

Top 15 speakers for iPod 2021

If you really love your music and want to enjoy 360-degree listening, the Bose SoundLink Revolve might be the best iPod speaker you should invest in, assuming you’re willing to spend around $200 for the same. Because Bose is a leading, highly reliable manufacturer of a wide range of products, you can be confident that your investment will be worthwhile.

Design and construction

To give users the 360-degree listening experience they’ve been dreaming of, the SoundLink Revolve for iPod has a cylindrical shape and the overall design is consistent and in many ways similar to its predecessor. The speaker has a slim and elegant design. Control buttons such as game, power, Bluetooth 4.0, volume, etc. are located on the top and are easily accessible. The body of the device is made of sturdy aluminum, the top and bottom are covered with rubber. The build quality of the device is exceptional, at a level you would expect from a brand like Bose.


As mentioned earlier, a key aspect of the Revolve Bose SoundLink is the 360-degree coverage it offers. The device’s microphone is also on top, so you can not only access Google Now and Siri via voice input, but also answer calls and, most importantly, pair with Bluetooth. The universal threaded bracket allows you to easily attach the speaker to most tripods. You can also enjoy party mode playback or stereo sound by combining two speakers. The device is IPX4 waterproof, but note that it is not waterproof, meaning that it can withstand some splashing water, but may not survive immersion.

Audio Performance

The SoundLink Revolve’s ability to reproduce omnidirectional sound is undoubtedly the most important reason for choosing it as an iPod speaker. This feature gives you the same sound quality from all sides, which is very useful when you are, for example, playing music at a social gathering. For example, at a party. Although the speaker also performs well in terms of volume, it seems to produce a stronger bass when placed close to a wall than in other circumstances. In terms of battery life, the Bose SoundLink Revolve lasts about 12 hours, but of course that depends on how you use it.

Highlights of the year

  • Slim design.
  • Robust construction.
  • Connecting via Bluetooth 4.0.
  • A 360-degree sound.

Ultimate Ears is a brand that mainly focuses on providing its customers with the . In particular, the Boom 3 is by far one of the best Bluetooth speakers for iPod on the market. Boom was the brand’s first waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and the company has been perfecting its waterproofing ever since.

Design and construction

Boom 3 uses the same cylindrical design as the Boom 1 and 2 series speakers. This design allows the user to enjoy immersive 360-degree sound. The overall height of this cylindrical speaker is 18 cm, making it portable and ensuring excellent sound reception. The EU offers Boom 3 in amazing color combinations such as lagoon blue, night black, sunset red and ultraviolet. Each of these colors is amazing, making it one of the most beautiful Bluetooth speakers for iPod.

The Magic Button option lets you control everything on this speaker with a single button. The two-tone suspension allows the speaker to be worn even in difficult environments. With its high-quality finish, this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for your next outdoor adventure.


The company has described the Boom 3 as an extremely waterproof Bluetooth speakerphone, and it certainly lives up to this expectation as it is waterproof to IP67, meaning you can fully submerge this speaker in water at a depth of one meter for about 30 minutes without damaging anything. This seal protects it from water leaks and frequent accidents. With the battery you can listen to about 15 hours of music. The EU also offers a wireless charging base that can be purchased separately. The ability to combine multiple BOOM and MEGABOOM loudspeakers makes it possible to host outdoor parties without the need for an expensive sound system.

Audio Performance

Boom 3 offers 360-degree surround sound with deep bass for better sound. This speaker uses patented sound processing technology for smooth and balanced sound reproduction, even at maximum volume. The design lets the sound move in stereo effect, so you get immersive sound all around. Deep, accurate bass response lets you enjoy real music. The ability to connect up to 150 BOOM speakers to create a party atmosphere makes it versatile. The brand needs to work on the sharpness of the sound quality to make it the inevitable Bluetooth speakerphone.

Highlights of the year

  • Dive into the sound.
  • It’s a great design.
  • 15 hours of operation + wireless charging function.
  • IP67 waterproof.

There are few brands that are very popular, especially in the audio industry, and Bose is one of them. SoundLink Micro is a stunning-looking Bluetooth speakerphone. You will be amazed at the sound this gadget microphone can produce.

Design and construction

Bose is known for its clean, simple and elegant design, and with this model the brand has stayed true to its strengths. In terms of design, the SoundLink Micro has a pebble shape that points upwards when laid flat on the floor, meaning it has a unidirectional speaker system. This model is available in three different colors, namely black, light orange and navy blue. The USB charging port, power button and Bluetooth button are located on the top. There are also volume buttons on the front of the speaker. It is one of the compact models that people who travel a lot like. But a subtle play of color may not be in everyone’s best interest.

The housing is made of scratch-resistant hard rubber that you can throw anywhere while expecting a pleasant sound. It is also waterproof and has an IPX7 protection rating. The buckle on the back can be used to hold the speaker, and the ability to attach it to anything makes it convenient to use. Most people love this kind of simple yet elegant design language, making it one of the best-selling Bluetooth speakers for your iPod.


There’s also a built-in microphone on the front of the speaker that lets you access Siri directly and even answer calls. The lithium-ion battery that powers this compact speaker lasts about 6 hours. You can also charge the battery during use or when not in use via the Micro-B USB port. If you own multiple Bose audio products, you can connect this speaker system to up to 8 existing devices using the Easy Sync feature and turn your home or street into a party zone. It has a wireless range of 30 feet.

Audio Performance

The speaker can be placed on one side, unlike other 360-degree surround speakers, but the sound quality and the sound it produces are definitely the same. The radiators and passive transducers are custom installed by Bose and are capable of delivering exceptional sound quality. Even for such a compact speaker, the bass is amazing. The compact size can be deceiving, as the speaker sounds incredibly good at the highest volume and certainly beats some of the larger speakers.

Highlights of the year

  • Compact, simple and elegant design.
  • Great sound.
  • Waterproof to IPX7.
  • The hard rubber exterior is strong and soft.
  • Good bass quality.

Bose is a pioneer in audio systems, and their SoundDock Series II is one of the best audio systems you can have in your home, based on the Bose SoundDock Series II 30-pindock. Connect your iPod to this speaker system and enjoy your favorite music without headphones. The Series II is an evolution of the brand’s already successful iPod docking station, offering you the best iPod docking station for home entertainment and leisure.

Design and construction

In terms of design, Bose has stayed true to its original I Series design language by making this particular model more elegant and modern. The product is equipped with a 30-pin connector and a Lightning connector, allowing users to easily connect all the different iPod and iPhone devices they own. For some models, you may need to use a 30-pin adapter, and that’s it.

The dock has a plastic holder on the back that holds the iPod in place. Bose has used its signature acoustic design to give the speaker a streamlined look while improving audio performance. This acoustic effect contributes to the best possible sound quality in the smallest possible space. The speaker weighs just 4.6 pounds and measures 6.5X11.9X6.6 inches. A power cord and convenient remote control are also included with this Series II speaker. You even have the option to choose between different color options like black, silver, purple and white in limited edition.


As mentioned earlier, this Bose SoundDock Series II speaker system is compatible with virtually all iPods and iPhones. The auxiliary input also allows playback from other sources, such as. B. DVD, MP3, CD, etc. The home speaker charges while you play, so the home entertainment never stops. The additional remote control lets you pause, play, stop, adjust volume, playlist, etc. right from your couch. There are also volume controls on the speaker, so you can change the volume even if you can’t reach the remote. If you’re a proud Apple owner, the SoundDock Series II is an Apple-certified music system, so it’s compatible with any Apple product you own.

Audio Performance

When it comes to sound quality, the SoundDock Series II is among the best, thanks to Bose digital signal processing technology. This technology guarantees the same sound quality at all levels. With this speaker you can achieve a constant, stable and realistic sound quality. You’ll also be amazed by the sound quality at low volume.

Highlights of the year

  • A beautiful and modern design.
  • Charging Dock for iPod.
  • Remote control.
  • Bose digital signal processing circuitry
  • Compatibility of Apple products.

DOSS may not be a well-known brand in the audio industry, but they have been designing high quality speakers for over 20 years. The SoundBox speaker series with Bluetooth technology is considered one of the best on the market. The SoundBox Pro+ is powerful and fits your budget perfectly, making it one of the best deals on the market.

Design and construction

The SoundBox Pro+ is designed as a small rectangular speaker system with two speakers at each end, just like the other speakers. The matte finish gives it the look of a leather bag. It is available in 4 different colours: black, blue, green and grey. The inner aluminum supports the outer ABS plastic, and this material design gives it great durability.

The two outdoor speakers are covered by an anti-fog aluminium grille. This grill features a multicolored LED unit on all sides that lights up when the speaker is turned on. This LED light works like a party trick, as it changes color and intensity according to the rhythm. All of the speaker controls are located on the top panel, including the dedicated bass function. On the back, you’ll find an additional charging port, a battery charge indicator, and a micro SD slot. Compared to the Pro, the Pro+ is slightly larger, measuring 8.9 x 3.5 x 3.3 inches. It weighs only 1.74 pounds, so you can take it anywhere. The construction is waterproof and meets protection class IPX5.


Extra bass is a special and unique feature of the SoundBox Pro+ that provides an impressive sound experience both inside and outside the room. The stereo link lets you connect two Pro+ speakers for additional entertainment. Flashing LED lights add a playful element to the dynamic. If you keep the volume at about 50%, the battery of this speaker can last for about 15 hours. The lithium-ion battery provides plenty of juice and can be recharged on the go.

Audio Performance

The SoundBox Pro+ features two powerful 12-watt speakers that deliver stunning sound you’ll love. You don’t have subwoofers, but that doesn’t affect the sound quality at all. Two passive radiators are placed between the speakers and aligned from top to bottom. This setting creates a stereo sound with the sound moving in all directions. The Extra Bass function enhances the overall bass sound and takes musical extravagance to a whole new level.

Highlights of the year

  • Extra bass.
  • 24 watt audio output.
  • Wireless stereo pairing.
  • LED party lights.
  • Waterproof to IPX5.

AOMAIS is not a well-known brand when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, but the Sport II model in particular is one of the best all-in-one speakers, costing only about $30, which also makes it one of the best speakers available.

Design and construction

The overall design of the Sport II is very striking outdoors and is the ideal choice for customers looking for a robust outdoor speaker system at an affordable price. The exterior is made of rubber that is not only soft to the touch, but also durable to protect the speaker from drops and damage. The design of the center of the comb makes it easy to hold and take with you when you are outside. This edge center also contains the power button, the play/pause button, and the track button. The USB and Aux ports are located on one side. It is available in different colour variants, namely orange, P green, U blue, U dark orange and U dark blue. The brand has designed this speaker to be completely waterproof, with the highest protection rating of IPX7. This rugged design and construction allows the user to take the speaker with them without worrying about sand, snow, water, rain, etc. At just 4.8 ounces, it’s barely noticeable in the hand.


The lithium-ion battery provides enough power to listen to music for up to 15 hours on a single charge. It is equipped with Bluetooth v4.0, an advanced connection known for its stability. So you can easily listen to music, make phone calls, and so on. If desired, a pocket accessory can be purchased separately so that you can easily take the speakerphone with you wherever you go. Sport II is compatible with Alexa, so it should be very practical.

Audio Performance

With a two-speaker setup, you can enjoy impressive 20-watt stereo sound. With the ability to pair two Sport II speakers in stereo, you can create a festive sound experience. The company has also designed this speaker to deliver sound with a minimum total distortion of 1%. This improves the sound quality, which is crucial for a Bluetooth iPod speaker.

Highlights of the year

  • Waterproof to IPX7.
  • Hard and durable rubber body.
  • Stereo audio link.

Etekcity is one of the leading brands known for its smart home products such as monitors, massagers, smart home solutions, as well as technological innovations for outdoor use. The Roverbeats T3 is a compact and ultra-portable wireless speaker from this brand.

Design and construction

The Roverbeats T3 has a cylindrical speaker, like most wireless Bluetooth iPod speakers on the market. The speaker’s support is made of a non-slip material for greater stability. The grille on the top of the speaker is made of durable, wear-resistant material. Both the top and bottom bezels feature a decorative round chrome ring with a pearl finish that completes the look of the speaker. In the middle is a silicone protective cylinder that protects the speaker from damage. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, this handy speaker can be taken anywhere, made even easier by the carrying bag.


The Roverbeats T3 is small in size and weight, but it certainly doesn’t perform badly. All controls are located at the bottom of this column. At the bottom you will find the power button, USB microphone port, volume and playlist control center, microphone, 3.5mm aux port and LED indicator. It is equipped with Bluetooth v4.0, which allows you to establish a solid wireless connection with your iPod. You can also connect to devices that do not support wireless connections. With the speaker phone microphone, you can be present and have conversations without range issues as it offers a range of up to 30 meters. The lithium battery offers 8 hours of play time and can be recharged.

Audio Performance

The bass resonator of this model has been significantly improved to deliver first-class audio performance. The resonator helps you to get a clear and crystal clear sound. The high-damping driver with paper cone, the driver for the low frequencies and the CSR 4.0 chipset make it a compact sound machine. The high bass performance this speaker offers will keep you on your toes.

Highlights of the year

  • Ultra-portable.
  • Different connection possibilities.
  • Eight hours of play.
  • The product warranty is one year.

DOSS is known for their SoundBox series of speakers, and they offer their touch version for those who want to work with touch devices and media solutions. The SoundBox Touch is a popular youth speaker that we want to take a closer look at.

Design and construction

The design of the SoundBox Touch is quite simple. Its rectangular construction and curved design make it look good from all angles. The speaker is made of high quality plastic, which actually houses all the speaker parts. This plastic frame is surrounded by a metal grid for extra protection. All touch controls are located on the top, where everything is elegantly designed, including the intelligent touch panel. On the back of the speaker, you’ll find the microUSB port, power button, microSD slot and 3.55 mm wired AUX port. This model is available in different colors, such as black, blue, pink, red and white. The construction quality is quite high and its compactness makes this speaker easy to transport.


The SoundBox Touch is based on intelligent capacitive touch control, which is perhaps the strongest argument in this model’s favor. The touchscreen is simple but easy to use and allows you to change tracks, adjust volume and pair Bluetooth. It’s much faster and more efficient. Bluetooth 4.0 is the most advanced wireless technology used in all the best iPod speakers, including this one, so a connection shouldn’t be a problem. The SoundBox Touch uses a 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery, which allows the speaker to operate for up to 12 hours, even at 3/4 volume, which is fine. The battery can be fully charged in less than 4 hours.

Audio Performance

Two powerful speakers deliver 12 watts of audio power for stereo sound quality wherever you turn it on. The speaker system also offers enhanced bass response that makes listening to music enjoyable and entertaining. High volume without distortion is one of the main advantages of this speaker. The sound and bass response are much better than one would expect from such a compact speaker.

Highlights of the year

  • Intelligent touch control.
  • Modern, compact and portable.
  • Connecting via Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 12 hours of work at 75% volume.
  • Stereo sound quality.

The Cambridge Soundworks brand offers a wide range of Bluetooth speakers, headphones, stereo systems and many other accessories for the audio systems. This American brand has over 30 years of experience and influence in the field of consumer audio systems, and we’re here to find out if the 3rd generation is the best. OontZ’s generation Angle 3 has everything to attract crowds.

Design and construction

The triangular design of the OontZ Angle 3 sets it apart from other iPod speakers on the market. The exterior is made of high quality plastic with rubber edges for comfortable use. All controls are located at one end of the triangle, giving it a simple and elegant look. Controls for Bluetooth connectivity, voice calls, play/pause and volume control are seamlessly integrated. The fact that it comes in fantastic colors like black, red, blue, pink, white and orange makes it an attractive selling point for Coca-Cola. All of this is available for less than $25, which is a great offer.


The triangular design is also one of the main reasons why the OontZ Angle 3 offers better sound quality. The volume boost function boosts the sound by 10+W, making the speaker sound louder and clearer. This feature should work well, especially outdoors. Bluetooth v4.2 offers a wireless range of 100 feet, which is beneficial for a fast connection. The IPX5 waterproof design ensures durability even in case of water splashes. The battery offers 14 hours of playtime at 75% volume, which is pretty excellent considering the competition’s offerings. Like most wireless Bluetooth speakers, this model has a built-in microphone for making calls.

Audio Performance

The dual speaker is designed to produce accurate, acoustic stereo sound. The company used its proprietary sound technology to develop this product and ensured that the bass, midrange and treble sounded great. The Cambridge Soundworks exclusive passive bass driver delivers dazzling bass response. The woofer is angled downwards for better sound.

Highlights of the year

  • Beautiful triangular design.
  • Different colour options.
  • Volume Booster.
  • Long battery life.

Tribit is a manufacturer of audio systems and accessories, founded in 2016 and develops high-quality wireless speakers, headphones and other accessories. XSound Go is a state-of-the-art Bluetooth speakerphone that delivers superior sound quality wherever you place it.

Design and construction

The XSound Go is a tablet speaker that may not be as flashy as many other iPod wireless speakers, but it looks it. The design is robust, which means you can take the speaker on your next adventure without worry. The inner frame is made of strong material and protects the speaker from drops and shocks. The grille is solid and features the brand logo. All speaker controls are located on the top panel. The buttons are in place and easy to use. The microUSB charging port and 3.5mm charging port are hidden behind the flap. The included lanyard allows the user to easily carry the speaker. The speaker looks great in both black and blue finishes.


The XSound Go is completely waterproof (IPX7), unlike other Bluetooth wireless speakers for iPods on the market. So you don’t have to worry about taking it out in the rain or even in the dust and dirt. He can handle anything and he is always efficient. It uses the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology, allowing seamless connections with a range of up to 66 meters. The amazing brand said that the 24-hour autonomy is another strong aspect of this model. Users rave about the battery, as most have lasted more than 20 hours with it. Compared to other expensive models, it is complete, well built and attractively priced.

Audio Performance

The two speakers provide 6 watts of power each, giving you a total of 12 watts of full-range sound with an immersive sound effect. Passive radiators offer good bass performance. The high-quality speakers used in this model may not sound very good, but once you hear the quality of the output, you will be amazed. If there’s one segment where this speaker needs a little technical upgrade, it’s the bass version.

Highlights of the year

  • IPX7 waterproof design.
  • 24 hours of play.
  • Powerful double conductors.
  • Value for money.

The iHome iHM27 is the perfect portable speaker to take anywhere. Sound Design offers many of the iHome speakers, and iHM27 is one of the best rechargeable speakers for your iPod.

Design and construction

In terms of design, it follows most portable iPod speakers that come with a docking station. The dock features a 3.5mm audio input for connecting an iPod. This document is compatible with most Apple products. The edge of the bumper ensures that your iPod or other audio device stays in place. You have instant access to your iPod, which means you can control everything directly from your display. In terms of dimensions, it’s 5.6X3.7X3.1 inches and weighs just 7.2 ounces, so carrying it around in a backpack shouldn’t be a problem.


The ability to connect any audio device is one of the key features of the iHM27 portable speaker. The lithium-ion battery that powers this speaker is also available with a USB charging cable, so you can charge it whenever you want. While it doesn’t have any expensive technical or functional features, it should be more than adequate for the occasional user.

Audio Performance

This portable speaker has a raised rectangular shape and uses dual speaker control. These speakers offer high quality sound. The acoustic chambers that house these speakers provide clear, crisp sound at all frequencies. The EXB circuit built into the speaker improves bass response. This extra bass allows you to enhance your overall listening experience.

Highlights of the year

  • Dual high-fidelity speakers.
  • EXB circuit to improve bass reproduction.
  • Compatible with all audio devices.

SoundAngel is Xleader’s flagship Bluetooth speaker. Compared to other wireless speakers, it certainly looks like the special for iPod on the market.

Design and construction

SoundAngel’s design is modeled after the famous Amazon Echo dot, and it’s very pretty. The speaker system is compact with dimensions of 3.4X3.4X1.2 inches and weighs only 6.4 ounces. The outer shell of EVA is made of an impermeable material. It is available in 4 different shades: black, gold, pink and silver. Its mini design allows you to take it anywhere. For safety and longevity, the battery is equipped with a power protection board.


SoundAngel uses an intelligent touch screen that makes everything easy to operate. The ability to change songs, turn the volume up or down, etc. at the touch of a button for a speaker that costs less than $20 is pretty amazing. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 pairing technology ensures a fast and reliable connection of all devices. The 1200 mAh lithium battery provides nearly 15 hours of uninterrupted play at 50% volume. You can fully charge the battery in less than 3 hours thanks to the microUSB slot. Auto Power Off is a unique feature that automatically turns off the device and saves energy when Bluetooth is turned off.

Audio Performance

SoundAngel uses a 5-watt 40mm speaker, which is small compared to the other speakers used, but this doesn’t mean you’ll get poor sound quality. It features sound technologies such as a subwoofer resonator, a proprietary woofer, and a 3D digital audio processor that provide realistic sound. Even at high volume, the sound is clear. The ability to connect a pair of SoundAngel speakers to one device allows you to create a sonic show.

Highlights of the year

  • Compact Echo Dot style design.
  • Connecting via Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Automatic switch-off.
  • Fast charging.
  • Waterproof EVA housing.
  • Long battery life.

The Rokono BASS+ miniature speaker system is the most compact and smallest speaker system you can own. This pocket rocket

You can count on quality and performance, and the SoundBox XL is no exception. It is a practical speaker that, regardless of its size, is capable of delivering amazing sound suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Design and construction

As for the design, DOSS has kept it simple and clean, without too many frills; the overall look of the speaker is very clean, professional and perhaps a little retro. The simple rectangle of this speaker gives the impression that it would be very user-friendly, and yes, it is. The brand is also conservative in its choice of speaker colors.

As for the quality of the build, there’s no denying that this is a well-designed device, with a high-quality aluminum grille and a scratch-resistant plastic body. Therefore, the durability of the SoundBox XL should not be a problem. And the 3.4-pound speaker does indeed belong in the portable device category.


While not as versatile as some of the other iPod speakers on our list, the SoundBox XL can be used in a variety of modes, including B. Bluetooth, TF card, AUX line input, and with Echo Dot. It’s easy to pair the speaker with your latest iPod. The control buttons are located on top of the speaker and are recessed into a small surface of brushed aluminum; the buttons are sensitive and give a clear indication each time they are pressed. In terms of battery power, the SoundBox XL can run for up to 10 hours at 50% volume. The speaker is waterproof, which is another notable feature.

Audio Performance

The sound quality of the DOSS SoundBox XL is what makes your investment worthwhile. Simply put: This speaker is capable of impressive audio performance, and with a 12-watt subwoofer, you’ll hear your iPod music playlist explode on your next date without compromising sound quality.

Highlights of the year

  • Professional design.
  • The sound is impressive.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Good battery performance.

iFox may not be the first brand you choose when it comes to buying the best speakers for your iPod; but the has managed to produce several handy speaker models that have become very popular, including the IFS303. Described as the largest of the small speakers, this model is an excellent choice for those who use their iPod outdoors.

Design and construction

One of the most important features of this speaker for iPod is undoubtedly its elegant design. The speaker looks unique from the start, and overall it seems pretty solid. This wireless Bluetooth speaker is made from high-quality materials and is shock-resistant, which can be very important when used outdoors. The IFS303 is available in four different colours: black, blue, red and yellow. At only 5.6 ounces, it is probably the lightest on the market, making it ideal for outdoor use.


First of all, you can’t ignore the most notable feature of the iFox IFS303 – the sturdy carabiner it comes with. This simple feature allows the speaker to be used anywhere by simply hanging it up. Whether you tuck it into your backpack on a hike or ride your bike to work, the uses are almost limitless, and for an iPod speaker at such an affordable price, it’s a very useful feature.

Another notable aspect is that this speaker is extremely easy to use. Switching between FM radio, Bluetooth, USB stick, TF card and AUX modes is done with a single button and takes just seconds. This makes the speaker ideal for technophobes, as they don’t have to deal with complicated technology. The speaker can operate for up to 6 hours on a single charge and has a 12-month warranty.

Audio Performance

Given the size of the included IFS303 ultra-portable Bluetooth wireless speaker from iFox, it’s reasonable to assume that you’ll have to settle for below-average sound quality. But you’ll be amazed at the clarity a 3-watt speaker can offer at a decent volume level. So you can enjoy your music without unnecessary delays or interference, wherever you are.

Highlights of the year

  • Compact and light.
  • Equipped with a carabiner for easy use.
  • Good sound.
  • Solid battery performance.

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frequently asked questions

Which iPod has the best sound?

If you want the best possible sound quality, you should purchase a fifth generation iPod – model number A1136. They are the iPod 5G, the iPod U2 5G, the Enhanced iPod 5 Gen and the iPod 5 Gen with video. Sounds good.

Which portable speaker offers the best sound quality?


Which iPod Classic has the best sound quality?

The iPod Nano 1G sounds, ironically, better. With the exception of the early versions, the iPod Classic has better sound quality than the Nano and Touch. If the old iPod and the first iPhone have better sound quality, it’s because they used Wolfson chips.

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