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You’re probably looking for a portable travel speaker to continue your journey outdoors, or you just need it for music or singing rehearsals, dance or aerobics, brief moments of relaxation, or anything else that requires a playable audio gadget.

That’s where the best travel step speakers in particular, high-quality portable audio speakers are built with premium audio performance, a powerful battery for long playback time, and a robust wireless Bluetooth connection signal with receiver for optimal performance at home, on the road, or anywhere outdoors.

With a high-quality travel speaker, you can grace any outdoor event, day at the lake/beach, party or travel/outing with brilliant music. You want to take your music everywhere, like the different types of roaming, the new generation, the jukebox on demand? But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a middle ground in sound quality.

Choose wisely and enjoy great sounding speakers, excellent battery life and many extras like waterproofing and next generation voice control. Check out these 15 product recommendations that will steer you in the right direction.

How to choose a good travel speaker

Before choosing the first travel speaker that intrigues you, it’s a good idea to think about what you really want from him or her Time. Is it mainly used indoors? So you need something that can run on the mains. Want to build a multi-room system around it? A smart Bluetooth travel speakerphone with an integrated virtual assistant could be considered. If you expect a travel speaker to be flexible and able to withstand the elements during long or short trips, get a powerful portable speaker with a built-in rechargeable battery; that’s your best guarantee for long-term durability, compatibility and musical enjoyment.

Besides sound quality, there are a few other considerations when choosing a Bluetooth speakerphone.

How much do you want to spend? How light and portable do you want it? Should he be walking or driving? And, always attach the weight because you will be carrying it with you.

Depending on where you’re going to use the speaker – in the car, in the garden, by the lake/pool, camping/fishing, at the beach – you’ll need to consider its battery life. The speakers have an autonomy of 10 to 30 hours, which is considerable even if you take one to a music festival.

Then there are priority attributes like water and dust resistance, old school aux input, stereo evaporation, with additional new attributes in the category like Siri/Alexa voice control with USB for device charging.

While traveling, spills of liquids, water or drinks, and dust are common. It is advisable to check the IP rating to see if it is splash, water or dust proof.

Choose universal speakers that are powered and charged from additional sources such as a car charger or USB flash drive. Check the frequency range. Suitable for a wide frequency range from 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Make sure the speaker is compatible with the device you want to use it with. Look for a Bluetooth range of at least 30 inches, which also represents pairing multiple devices.

Do you know the benefits Why choose the best travel speaker for your needs?

Travel speakers have countless amazing benefits, and every music lover has a reason to choose them.


Travel speakers have a few important buttons, and no technical knowledge is needed to use them. The control is direct and uncomplicated. Activate Bluetooth or plug the cable into the connector and follow the simple steps to pair the speakers with your smartphone/tab/laptop/any other device. After plugging in the power cord, you do not need to plug in the power cord every time. It only takes 5 minutes to set up such a speaker. These speakers are much easier and more efficient to use than bulky devices.

Extremely portable

Most available travel speakers have a compact size, which is a big advantage. They are easy to carry and you can take them anywhere. Put it in your bag, take it to the beach, the gym, the pool, camping or even on holiday abroad. If you are a music lover who listens to music everywhere, you should get a travel speaker if you haven’t already. If you travel a lot and often go on excursions or have adventures outside, then you need a gadget.

Save hours untangling wires/cables.

One of the best benefits of travel speakers is that they are wireless. You don’t have to fight with wires or cables. That’s the whole point of wireless. You do not need to connect these speakers to a headphone jack or device. Just load it up and you’re ready to go.

Water resistance

Most travel speakers currently available are very or moderately waterproof, with varying levels of protection, which is a pretty handy feature. You don’t have to worry about spilling drinks/water on the speaker, a few light splashes near the pool, beach or ocean, or storing in a humid environment. With accidental water spills becoming more common, portable, splash-proof travel speakers are essential for reducing spills to zero.

A high-performance battery

When it comes to portable devices, nothing is more important than battery life. You need a travel speaker that supports music. There’s nothing worse than taking a speaker out for the day and running out of energy after just a few hours. Fortunately, most travel speakers last an average of 5 to 10 hours, and some even offer a respectable 24-hour battery life. Depending on how you plan to use your travel speaker, a battery life of more than 10 hours should be a starting point.

How do you decipher the speaker’s terminology?

Before you buy a travel speaker, familiarize yourself with the lingo.

NFC : The abbreviation stands for Near Field Communication. This common feature is usually so limited that the Bluetooth speakers select phones for proper pairing with the quick contact speakers. Because pairing is easy, the speakers are stored by the device during the pairing process.

AptX: Another feature limited to non-Apple phones and devices is AptX, a codec (or group of codecs) that converts Bluetooth streams to almost CD-like quality. Apple products don’t use AptX, but Android users can see that it performs well when paired with high-quality tracks and powerful speakers. AptX HD is the newest and most advanced version of the AptX codec, but the source device and speakers must support it in the same way.

Fitting: For travel speakers, Bluetooth pairing is the process of establishing a wireless connection between the speaker and a Bluetooth wireless device.

Passive Issuer : The passive radiator is a type of radiator used to amplify the low frequencies of the speaker. In a closed room, a passive radiator responds to changes in room air pressure to produce sound. Since the passive heat sink does not require an amplifier, it contains no magnets or moving coil and is therefore lighter/thinner than a conventional conductor. This saves space while improving the sound quality of the speaker.

IPXX : If you’ve bought a new pair of headsets or a new smartphone, you may have come across a cryptic code like IPXY, where X and/or Y are sometimes replaced with numbers, for example. B. IPX4. This is generally referred to as the class of intellectual property protection. Manufacturers tend to use this figure in their statements as a parameter for the sealing/resistance of their products.

IP stands for Ingress Protection, and this designation indicates the resistance of the device to dust (first digit) and water (second digit). The gadget is dustproof IP67 and you can dive to a depth of 1 m for about 30 minutes. The higher the numbers, the better the amplification, but for travel speakers you should choose at least IPX7.

The protection degree for liquids ranges from 0 to 8, where 0 means no enrichment, and 8 means the unit can withstand immersion in water for at least 30 minutes, typically at a depth of 3 m. There is theoretically a liquid level 9 protection, but it is not used for consumer electronics.

X is the degree of protection against fine dust, from 0 to 6, where 0 means that there is no reinforcement at all and 6 means that it is dustproof, i.e. no dust can penetrate even after an exposure of 8 hours. Since very little consumer equipment is intended to be protected from dust, this part of the IP rating is often neglected. Therefore, the user can usually put an X after IP, for example IPX7, without evaluating the degree of protection against penetration by a solid body.

What features should I look for when buying a travel speaker?

The features of the product are what the buyer should look for before buying. These key features help highlight the benefits so you can make an informed decision about comfort and quality. Below is some basic information to help you understand what features are available and how they may affect you.

Construction and build quality

Some speakers are made of metal, plastic, wood or simply 100% bamboo, which enhances the sound of each unit and gives it an innate woodsy feel. Parts of the loop handle are designed for carefree walking on changing ranges or towers, and a clever accordion pop-up structure extends the bass. The aluminum body and modern design are perfect for the urban living room.

The quality of the construction is important. Some have MDF speakers with low resonance for a cooler sound. And speakers often use high quality materials to ensure accurate sound reproduction. The rugged design of most IPX7 rated enclosures is designed to withstand immersion in a swimming pool.

The Bluetooth rating determines the importance of sound transmission and the distance you can keep from the speaker. Ideally, you should choose Bluetooth 4 or 5, for a low-power profile, longer battery life and better range. Bluetooth 5 is the latest standard that significantly increases the speed and range of data transmission.

The speaker is the heart of any speaker, so it is important that you have a nice speaker. Most portable street speakers typically include a 40mm driver. If you want to make the speakers larger, keep in mind that the dimensions of the speakers will also increase. The battery is said to last 20 hours, so you can listen on the go. It can last up to 24 hours on a single charge.

The number of speakers and their location determine the sound of the speakers. Of course, the small Bluetooth speakers have a single broadband radiator and are angled up and down for healthier sound transmission. Many speakers also have dual speakers, which is usually much louder. Since there is no room in a portable speaker for a woofer, most manufacturers use passive drivers that vibrate to produce bass.

The typical USB charging port is an added bonus, especially if you’re out and about or at a friend’s house and don’t have any cables. Most speakers are equipped with a micro-USB port to charge the batteries when you are not connected.

Audio Performance

Some high-end Bluetooth travel speakers approach audiophile positions. These systems contain high-quality electronic components for ultra-precise sound. They often use DACs (digital-to-analog converters) that reproduce the finest details of the music.

The design of the room and the outdoor environment make a difference in the size of the speakers. Indoor and outdoor acoustics are influenced by walls, furniture and outdoor noise. Soft materials such as. B. Carpet/backing, absorbs sound waves and dampens sound. Harder facades, such as those made of wood/bamboo/metal/alloy, reproduce the sound waves and amplify the volume. Consider the size, environment and structure of the room when choosing the ideal speakers.

The travel speakers offer an entertaining and passionate show that does not shy away from detail and expression. It’s a really natural, finely balanced sound, with a touch of bass that makes it solid and positive. These speakers can reproduce a powerful bass, but the midrange is prominent and the front and treble are elusive, just like the Warriors. More inspiring, on the other hand, is the 360-degree sound of the deadly travel speakers, tailored to dance music and invigorating for deeply grumpy stomachs.

The frequency response is calculated in Hertz and usually described as a table, 100 Hz-20,000 Hz. The greater the range, the better the speaker will be able to reproduce the desired sound. However, long range alone is no guarantee of good sound as it depends on how the ear perceives sound, and this can vary greatly from person to person.

Other factors, such as the age of the listener, also contribute to the fact that the ability to hear certain frequencies decreases over time. In an audio track, bass is usually heard in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 250 Hz. Voices and additional instruments such as guitar and piano are classically in the range of 250 Hz to 4000 Hz (4 kHz), commonly called the midrange. The remaining frequencies (up to 20,000 Hz) determine the number of triplets.

If you listen to high-resolution audio files, make sure you have support for a high-resolution audio profile, such as aptX HD or LDAC. With the right audio source and a compatible device, these profiles can make all the difference.

Finally, there may be times when a single speaker is not dumb enough to permanently cover a large space, or when you are outdoors where it is more economical to pair two or more speakers of the same type. It is expected that you will use the pairing of two speakers in stereo mode for better sound.

Communication and warranty

The most modern street speakers have a warranty of several years on goods and parts. Any manufacturing defect will be repaired/replaced by the company free of charge during the predetermined warranty period. The warranty applies to all companies and models.

Travel speakers are wireless, sometimes wired. Thumping bass for games, movies, podcasts and music. The preponderance of driving and wireless technologies ensures premium performance.

The Travel Speaker Console supports Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® technologies for wireless streaming and more. It can be operated by remote control.

You can listen to anything without having to think about the most appropriate technology. These structures allow movies/music to be broadcast over the Wi-Fi® network for direct listening in the building. Just listen directly from your phone/tab, PC or laptop via Bluetooth® connection. Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless standard.

The Travel Speaker works with all major streaming services, supports Spotify, Apple Music and Apple AirPlay 2, and can switch seamlessly between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With Alexa and Google Assistant, you can do everything from checking the time to controlling your smart home. The best calling card seems to be Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant that does everything from reading the news to reading emails aloud with a quick voice command.

Enhanced features like Siri Wizard and Alexa compatibility are beneficial. Since the use of Bluetooth speakers is not limited to playing music, a wireless Bluetooth mobile speaker should be easy to use even over long distances.

In addition to wireless connectivity, it’s good to have wired connectivity, so look for an extra port. This is useful if you want to save the battery of your phone or speakerphone, and sometimes it helps to get a better sound quality.

Several stakeholders have NFCs available for quick pairing with devices. The microphone is a premium feature, as it allows you to take calls directly through the speaker, as if it were a speaker. So when you’re on a call, you don’t have to look for your phone because you can answer it through the speaker. With a microphone, you can communicate with the phone’s virtual assistant to schedule meetings and get the latest news without using the phone.


Travel speakers generally weigh very little compared to regular speakers and can be taken anywhere, for example. B. for long trips abroad, car trips, recreational vehicles, camping areas, swimming pools, beaches, sleepovers or neighborhood parties.

Top 15 Speakers for Travel 2020

Get a versatile, musical all-weather travel companion with the JBL Flip 4 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker phone!

For more than 60 years, the JBL brand has provided products that embody the technology and capabilities gained through its leadership in specialized imitation sound. The JBL brand is synonymous with accurate, natural sound found in prestigious venues around the world, including clubs, recording studios and venues such as concert halls and rock festivals.

The JBL Flip 4 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is a product that consumers and audio professionals trust.

Construction and build quality

Powered by a 3000mAh lithium-ion battery, the compact JBL Flip 4 Black travel speaker provides 12 hours of uninterrupted high-quality audio playback. With durable, waterproof fabrics available in 6 bright colors, the Flip 4 is an all-weather outdoor companion that will take your party anywhere. The box contains 1 JBL Flip 4; 1 micro USB cable; 1 protective film; 1 quick start guide; warranty card. The speaker is available in 9 colours. The dimensions are 2.8 x 6.9 x 2.7.

Thanks to the waterproof speaker (IPX7) you don’t have to worry about rain/spills; you can even submerge the Flip 4 in water.

You get Bluetooth wireless streaming, JBL Connect+ and hands-free calling, voice assistant integration, JBL bass radiator, noise reduction/echo cancellation and signature JBL sound.

Audio Performance

Part of the award-winning Flip series, the next-generation JBL Flip 4 Portable Speaker is a Bluetooth travel speaker with surprisingly powerful stereo sound. JBL’s two external passive bass drivers show off the power of your speaker.

The sales pitch is clear and undistorted, even at maximum volume. They are waterproof and dustproof, you can take them into the desert or when you go paddling and attach them to your boards without worrying about them getting wet. Make the phone call through this speaker. The background noise is deafening for a party.

Communication and warranty

It has a built-in speaker with noise reduction/echo cancellation for clear and crisp conference calls. Activate Siri/Google Now and talk with one seamless push of a button on the JBL Flip 4.

Wirelessly connect up to 2 smartphones/tablets via Bluetooth to the JBL Flip 4 for exceptional stereo sound. Connect more than 100 JBL Connect+ to complete the party. You get a one-year non-transferable warranty for the original end user from the date of retail purchase and a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

It is so durable that it can be submerged, thrown away countless times, taken to the beach, used for hours on very wet summer days; it can be covered in mud or crushed by a car, but it still works.


The portable and waterproof Bluetooth speakerphone is very light and provides 12 hours of continuous high-quality sound playback. It can be taken in the car, on the boat, in the garden, on the bus, train, caravan or on a trip abroad and offers powerful stereo sound.


  • Wireless streaming via Bluetooth
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • 12 hours of play
  • JBL Connect
  • Voice assistant integration
  • JBL bass radiator


  • The quality of the construction could be better
  • Battery life can be longer

Travel anywhere with the Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth portable speakerphone!Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth portable speakerphone

The Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth speakerphone with 12-watt stereo sound and 24-hour playback is the perfect choice for home, outdoors and travel.

Construction and build quality

Bluetooth 5 Black Anker Soundcore 2 has 12 watts of stereo sound. Soundcore 2 improved the sound and playback time. For Anker, it’s the choice of more than 20 million consumers who are satisfied with state-of-the-art technology.

The Aweinspire Audio Soundcore 2 produces exceptional sound from a surprisingly compact speaker (165mm*54mm*45mm). Enhanced 2x6W drivers deliver rich, clear sound. Give your music brilliant bass with Anker’s exclusive BassUp technology. The deep bass ensures a broad and pure sound spectrum. The dimensions are 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches.

With 24 hours/500 tracks of playback time, you can listen all day/night thanks to power management technology and a 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery. The improved materials provide a soft touch and an excellent grip. It features simplified connectivity for listening up to 66′ with the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, while the built-in microphone makes hands-free calling easy. You can connect and play the device via the AUX terminal. The IPX7 waterproof reinforcement protects it from rainwater, snow, precipitation, etc. Tom’s management calls it the best Bluetooth speakerphone out there.

Audio Performance

Two tunable speakers produce 12 watts of pure stereo sound. An advanced digital signal processor with power range control ensures no distortion even at high volumes, and low levels produce rich, hammering bass.

Exclusive BassUp technology with patented spiral bass port amplifies low frequencies and makes beats even more powerful, while keeping them incredibly clear and intense.

The voices are soft. The middle frequencies produced by the flute and clarinet are light and pleasant. The treble of the acoustic guitar is clear and very pleasant.

SoundCore 2 is loud. At maximum volume, it effortlessly fills a 20 by 20 meter space with sound. The Bluetooth range is great. The sound is not muted even if the upper range of Bluetooth is generated at a distance of less than 100 feet.

The calls are clear. The speakerphone has the ability to dial the last number dialed on the paired phone. This facilitates the use of voice control software, such as. B. Siri, on iOS devices.

Communication and warranty

You can connect two Soundcore 2 speakers to one device to double the volume, or enjoy bold wireless stereo sound. The rugged IPX7 outdoor housing protects against rain, mud, snow and spills. Bring incredible sound to your home, backyard or anywhere you want. You get 18 months warranty.

The control buttons are located on the top of the speaker. These include the power button, play button, – (minus), + (plus) and Bluetooth button. Use the + and – keys to adjust the volume. The play button is a multi-function button that allows you to pause/resume playback, authorize/delete/restrict calls, and put the current call on hold while another call can be authorized. Use the play key to switch between the ringtone and the mobile phone. There is an auxiliary jack and a micro USB charging port. Never miss a thing with the ultra-stable Bluetooth Range Extender 5.


Weighing in at just 0.91 pounds, the Anker Soundcore 2 speaker is ideal for home, outdoor, and audio travel on the go. With IPX7 waterproofing and dust-resistant technology, it can be used anywhere: in the garden, at the beach, in the pool or shower, while traveling, in the desert, while fishing and camping at the lake.


  • 12 W stereo sound
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Basic technology
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • 24 hours a day
  • Wireless stereo communication


  • Can’t go to previous title
  • No auxiliary cable

Enjoy great sound all around you with the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth 360 speakerphone!Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth 360 speakerphone

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Portable, rugged Bluetooth 360 speakerphone for the audiophile traveller. This is a powerful portable Bluetooth travel speaker from Bose. She brings a deep and breathtaking music in all directions. Put it in the middle so everyone experiences the same thing.

Construction and build quality

The SoundLink Revolve+ Lux Gray features a soft fabric handle for easy operation and grip; the seamless aluminum casing is durable and waterproof (IPX4). Enjoy up to 16 hours of gameplay with a rugged, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a wireless range of approximately 9 m (30 ft).

The grid has no seal. That’s because Bose has developed a unique new extrusion process to eliminate it, leaving nothing but attractant.

Place it close to a wall and the sound will radiate and reverberate around you, completely immersing you in the atmosphere of the show/concert. Its conical cylindrical shape with a flexible handle makes it easy to carry. The durable aluminum body offers worry-free reinforcement, and the waterproof design means you can keep partying even when it rains.

This speaker is available in black (tricolour) or grey (deluxe). Includes SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speakerphone, USB cable and AC charger.

The modern and unique design completes the interior. The Revolve+ handle and extra foot are useful because of their mobility/relevance.

Audio Performance

The pinhead-sized housing is equipped with more advanced technology than you can imagine. A highly capable cabinet, two passive radiators and an omnidirectional baffle produce a realistic sound.

SoundLink Revolve+ is the most powerful portable Bluetooth speakerphone, delivering deep, amazing sound in all directions with 360-degree coverage.

The Revolve+ has the absolutely typical Bose sound/quality, but with more bass and power. Revolve+ goes double deaf when you play music outside.

Revolve+ has convenient, flattened buttons on the top. It does not heat up, and the volume is never automatically reduced to prevent overheating.

Communication and warranty

Don’t worry about its durability if you spill it, throw it in your pocket or make it harder than it should be. Soft materials are not scary.

Wireless Bluetooth pairing comes with voice instructions; effortlessly answer calls and access Siri/Google Now. You can connect two speakers together for stereo playback/partying. The battery lasts 16 hours. The universal cable lets you connect the SoundLink Revolve+ to any stand.

Using an instinctive drag-and-drop interface, the Bose Connect application makes it easy to switch between Bluetooth devices. It also includes advice on how to optimise the performance of your staff. The Bose Connect application provides easy access to everything. Get product features and customize your settings.

You can easily control the BLUETOOTH® connections with one wire. And when the volume isn’t enough, turn on Party Mode to control 2 wireless speakers simultaneously. Or switch to fixed left/right stereo mode for a full and energetic surround sound experience. The speaker remembered the last 8 connected devices. Take calls on the speaker so the words are clear and it’s less quiet.

In stereo mode, the instruments and voices are clearly separated and scattered throughout the immersive soundstage. Easily charge the speaker via the Micro-B USB port. You can connect other audio sources to the auxiliary input. You get a one-year Bose warranty.


Measuring 4.1×4.1×7.2, the SoundLink Revolve+ weighs just 2 pounds. So, listen all day, wherever you are. SoundLink Revolve+ is as mobile as you are. Bluetooth connectivity takes it anywhere and you can play with it all day for up to 16 hours. Use it in the larger room or bring more sound to the beach, pool, RV or garden barbecue.

The comfortable fabric handle makes it easy to carry. That’s because Bose carefully selects all the materials for this speaker, including soft, smooth buttons that make every interaction feel natural.


  • IPX4 density level
  • Up to 16 hours charging time
  • Stereo and party mode
  • Voice elevators


  • There may be a delay in sound when AUX is connected to the Bose Revolve+.

Get ready with the waterproof and water resistant Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speaker BOOM 2!Ultimate BOOM 2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker Phone

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 portable Bluetooth speakerphone is your travel companion to quench your thirst for escape. Thanks to its waterproofness and shock resistance, you can take it anywhere.

Construction and build quality

BOOK 2 is made of the brightest and most indomitable materials of the revealed universe. Rugged, durable and absolutely stunning is his Phantom Edition – Core Lineup style. It is available in 6 different versions.

The incredibly loud, 360-degree sound has deep bass and a portable design that lets you take your music anywhere. Waterproof, drop and shock resistant, the BUM 2 is designed for reconnaissance work. It is rated IPX-7; waterproof to 30 minutes and 1m depth.

PartyUp by Ultimate Ears lets you connect over 150 Ultimate Ears speakers wirelessly. The battery has a life of 15 hours and a Bluetooth range of 100 inches. The dimensions are 2.5 x 2.5 x 7 inches.

The rechargeable Li-Ion battery has a lifespan of 15 hours when charged via the micro USB. Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions. Charging time 2.5 hours. It is updated through the application.

Audio Performance

Press the speaker to play, pause or skip a track. BOOM 2 has great 360-degree sound that will enhance any adventure.

Strengthen your group! Use the EU BOOM application to wirelessly connect more than 150 BOOM, BOOM 2 and MEGABOOM speakers.

The maximum sound level is 90 dBA in the frequency range. 90Hz – 20kHz The conductors are two 45mm (1 3/4) active conductors and two 45mm x 80mm (1 3/4 x 3) passive emitters.

Communication and warranty

These are FCC-approved products with identification number JNZS00151. BOOM 2’s indestructible journey allows it to get wet, splashed with mud, covered in snow and worn out.

With Siri + Google Now voice integration, all you have to do is open your mouth and say the words. Instead of answering the phone, pick up BOOM 2 so nothing interferes with the music.

Use the BOOM 2 app to unlock features like Party Lock, Custom EQ, Remove On/Off, Music Alarm, Listen Control and more.

Logitech warrants to the original purchaser that this hardware product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of time indicated in the product packaging and/or on the official website under the dimensions of your product from the date of purchase. There is a 2 year limited warranty.

Valid warranty claims are normally handled within the first thirty (30) days of purchase by the dealer at the point of sale. This varies from dealer to dealer.

Pair up to 8 Bluetooth® devices. Connect up to 2 source devices simultaneously. Wireless playback (streaming) of two BOOM 2s from the same source. The mobile playground is 33 m long. The NFC (passive) speaker works with NFC compatible active source devices, Android Jellybean and above.

Bluetooth wireless audio profile [Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)] or 3.5mm audio output is supported for audio playback from smartphones, tablets, and optional devices. Phone calls are made via devices with the Bluetooth hands-free profile (HFP1.5). A built-in protective cap protects the 3.5mm aux port and micro USB port.


BOOM 2 weighs 1.2 pounds and is a waterproof wireless speaker that delivers powerful, propulsive 360-degree sound. Rain, winter or shine, the lightweight Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 inspires adventure everywhere.

BOOM 2 is a 360-degree wireless speaker that delivers incredible sound with deep, powerful bass in all directions, wherever you go. It is designed to get wet, dirty and beaten. With PartyUp you can party in the mountains, caves, lakes or on rooftops. A firmware/software update is required.


  • Protection class IPX7
  • Bluetooth 100 Range
  • Companion application with on-air speaker updates
  • 360 degree sound


  • No voice control Alexa
  • Battery life at the low end of the spectrum

Be inspired by the sound of outdoor rhythms with the JBL Charge 3 waterproof portable Bluetooth speakerphone!JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Phone

The waterproof portable Bluetooth speakerphone JBL Charge 3 is the must-have choice for vacationers, its small size and many features make it a fashionable travel gadget.

Construction and build quality

The JBL Charge 3, black and IPX7 waterproof, is available in 7 colors. The dimensions are 9.1 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches. The lithium-ion polymer battery (22.2Wh) provides 20 hours of playback time (variable volume and content).

The JBL’s red front panel is almost glossy, giving it a light appearance in indirect light. A rubber support is integrated at the bottom to prevent it from rolling away. 6 buttons on the top, 4 of which protrude to make it easier to press without looking, and two toilet flushes. Behind the rubber lining on the back (for waterproofing) is a 3.5mm aux port, a micro USB port for charging the speaker phone, and a USB port for charging your phone (as a power bank). There are 5 LED battery indicators on the bottom of the front panel. They are rubber coated and therefore provide a very bright and non-reflective light. The same goes for the dual connection and the control display.

The highest value is about 88 dB. Load 3 is designed for 2 x 10 W and has a frequency response of 65 Hz to 20 kHz.

Audio Performance

Close your eyes and the singer is right in front of you, with music coming from left and right with JBL charge 3. It’s 100% waterproof, and the subwoofers on either side can absorb the water that comes back to the melody when the bassy hip-hop starts to bloom.

It’s for the party listener, rock and roll, rap, hip-hop and EDM. If you put your hands around the subwoofer at full volume, you may feel strong vibrations. You can hear the separation and the work of the artists. The sound is incredibly balanced and the emphasis is on mediums and voices. The triple is slightly enlarged.

Communication and warranty

The range of Bluetooth is usually about 20 inches. You benefit from a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Wirelessly connect up to 3 smartphones/tablets via Bluetooth to the speaker and play powerful stereo sound. Receive clear and precise calls through a speakerphone with excellent sound quality at the touch of a button.

Create your own personal ecosystem by connecting multiple JBL Connec compatible speakers to enhance your listening experience.

The non-voice activated pairing system uses various pulses, beams and sine waves to alert you to the search/match. NFC is not available. Dual Pairing allows two JBL speakers to be paired together.


The JBL 3 load weighs 1.8 pounds. For portability, buy a hard EVA case that fits the charger and cable and fits neatly into your backpack.

He is an excellent speaker outside, on the beach, in the pool, in the garden. It’s ideal for rainy or sunny days because you don’t have to worry about splash damage.


  • High volume level
  • Strong midrange
  • Waterproof design
  • JBL Connect
  • Good battery performance
  • Small size


  • No detachable shoulder strap

Upgrade to an all-weather music and travel gadget with the Sony XB10 Bluetooth portable wireless speakerphone!Sony Wireless Portable Speakerphone XB10

With the Sony XB10 Bluetooth wireless portable speakerphone, you can listen both indoors and out with this gadget featuring extra bass and a compact, impenetrable design without worrying about the sound.

Construction and build quality

The blue Sony XB10 is available in 6 colors and in sizes of 3.4 x 3.4 x 4.3 inches. Whether you’re listening to music indoors or out, you can count on your wireless speakers to be waterproof thanks to their waterproof design. Connect two speakers for authentic stereo sound and listen all day long with up to 16 hours of battery life.

Thanks to its compact and light size, you can take it with you, put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

Audio Performance

Bring your music to life with EXTRA BASS™, a passive radiator that works with the internal speaker to boost bass response and give you bass despite its compact size. Add an optional speaker for stereo sound.

Communication and warranty

365 days warranty. Easily connect and stream music via Bluetooth and NFC. Connect your smartphone with an NFC key and get started right away. Without NFC? It’s not a problem. Connect via Bluetooth and you’re good to go.


The Sony XB10 is a small and lightweight (11.4 oz) pickup truck. Whether you are skiing, camping, climbing, fishing, kayaking or rafting, this unit is the perfect choice.


  • Extra bass power
  • 16 hours battery life
  • Waterproof design
  • Effortlessly connect and stream music via Bluetooth/NFC


  • Not very long lifespan if used excessively

Go anywhere with the Bose SoundLink Micro portable outdoor speaker!Bose SoundLink Portable Outdoor Micro Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Micro portable travel speaker features outstanding Bluetooth wireless connectivity and is your perfect travel companion in any weather.

Construction and build quality

The Bose SoundLink Micro in black (speaker only) is available in bright orange with a dark purple wood band and dark blue with a smoky purple band shade. It sounds so good for such a small speaker.

Patented Bose technology produces loud, clear sound outdoors with a precisely tuned transducer and passive heat sinks. It is waterproof to IPX7, sealed on the inside, has a spongy but rock solid high quality silicone rubber exterior and a tear resistant silicone strip. So it’s ready for adventurous travel; it’s resistant to bumps, breaks and scratches.

Attach it to your backpack/cooler and don’t worry if it falls on the pavement, in the snow or in the sand. If it falls in the pool, just dry it off and continue playing. A Sound Link Micro Bluetooth speakerphone and USB cable are included. The dimensions are 1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches.

Audio Performance

The Bose SoundLink Micro is a miniature portable speaker that delivers clear, strong bass, treble and midrange to enjoy every moment, even outdoors.

Up to 6 hours of play with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can be easily recharged with the built-in USB Micro-B cable. It has a built-in microphone. Clear, crisp sound and unbeatable bass play at full volume on the beach or while camping.

Communication and warranty

Do you want information about the weather? Do you need Siri? Simply press and hold the multi-function button to access your Siri or Google Assistant phone directly from the speaker. It works with Amazon Echo Dot to give you the convenience of hands-free voice control.

Wireless range up to 30 feet. Combine your smartphone/tablet wirelessly and effortlessly with Bluetooth and voicemail. Press a button and answer calls loud and direct from the speaker with clear, intelligible Bose sound. The built-in speaker enables voice access to Siri/Google Assistant. It works with the Echo Dot for hands-free voice control.

Use the free Bose Connect application to pair more than one Bose Bluetooth speaker set for party mode and listen to the same music from both. Or use stereo mode to disable the left/right channels.

Users benefit from a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing/material defects from the date of purchase. You can purchase additional coverage on Amazon or Bose’s website.


Weighing just 10.2 ounces, the SoundLink Micro is ready for adventure, whether you’re at the beach, in the garden or on the bike path. Wherever you go, the SoundLink Micro recognizes you. Attach the durable silicone strap to your backpack, cooler or handlebars, and it stays firmly in place because it’s easy to carry.


  • A clear and balanced sound
  • Tightness (IPX7)
  • Voice Announcements
  • Siri/Google
  • Stereo and party mode
  • The Bose Connect application


  • For hardcore audiophiles, the sound can be muffled and unclear.
  • Loading opening not covered

Play loud and clear with the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra portable Bluetooth speakerphone!OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

High quality sound is here, as the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra from Cambridge Soundworks has the power and features to make the perfect global travel speaker that every music lover should have.

Construction and build quality

The OontZ measures 6.4 x 2.8 x 2.8 and weighs 1.3 pounds; it delivers 14 watts of power and offers surprisingly loud, room-filling sound from two high-fidelity stereo speakers and a dedicated woofer; it delivers distortion-free stereo sound at maximum volume. The IPX6 certified speaker is splash proof and cannot withstand partial or total immersion in water.

Audio Performance

Enjoy distortion-free fill volume, even at the highest volume levels. It offers exceptional sound quality. Thanks to its unique triangular design, the downward-firing bass driver improves the sound quality of music with voice.

It features a patented passive woofer that improves bass performance and delivers rich, full bass. The digital audio processor enhances bass and increases the clarity of mids and treble. The dual-precision stereo system provides a powerful 14 watts of volume.

Communication and warranty

Play at about 30 meters from any device; thanks to the advanced Bluetooth 4.2 antenna design, it provides fast connection and elegant wireless Bluetooth range of about 30 meters from Amazon Echo, iPhone, Amazon Echo Dot, Mac, iPad, Samsung Note, Samsung Galaxy, smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet. The connection is quick and easy and comes with a 90-day warranty.


The OontZ Angle 3 ultra-portable Bluetooth speakerphone is weather, splash and rain resistant and is IPX6 certified to withstand water splashes. Its light weight makes it the ideal speaker for home and away.


  • Up to 20 hours of play on a single charge
  • 100 Range
  • IPX6 certified
  • Easily connect to all other Bluetooth devices.


  • The quality could be better

The party starts with the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone!Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 is an incredibly powerful yet portable wireless speaker system. It’s a 360° immersive sound with impressive clarity and deep, powerful bass. And everything is carefully balanced so you can hear every note. The MEGABOOM 3 is also waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof and can take on any adventure.

Construction and build quality

At night, the black Megaboom measures 3.2″x3.2″x8.8″. Performance goes hand in hand with style, as the colors and materials are derived from street and fashion trends in custom-dyed crossover fabrics. The waterproof, portable, rugged, drop-proof and dust-resistant speaker features one-touch controls to control your music and access your playlist from Apple Music and Deezer, and has a frequency range of 60 Hz to 20 kHz.

Audio Performance

Power is the degree to which the speaker system becomes louder. Half the volume is enough to fill a medium-sized room. If you go above 100%, you’re better off outdoors, where you have to compensate for ambient noise. Fortunately, it’s not just loud, it shines with amplified bass, with a sound and treble that’s not loud at all. The EU Megaboom 3 boasts an amazing 20 hours of play time – an accurate figure when playing music at around 25% volume. Plug it in and watch the battery last a few hours less.

Communication and warranty

This speaker with Bluetooth connectivity is military grade for greater durability. In addition, you have a two-year limited warranty on the device.


The speaker has a cylindrical shape, giving it a very discreet appearance. The EU Megaboom 3 offers a good compromise between portability, performance and sound quality. Weighing only 2.9 kilos, it is light and easy to carry.


  • Longest battery life in the industry
  • becomes incredibly noisy.
  • Delivers powerful sound
  • Durable, drop-proof and waterproof design
  • Maximum noise level 90 dBA


  • Bass is muted at high volume

Listen to your favourite music in high definition thanks to the RIVA FESTIVAL Smart Speaker!

The RIVA Festival is ideal for large groups to maximise the sound and suits any elegant lifestyle. Enjoy superior sound quality with the freedom and flexibility to listen to whatever you want, however you want!

Construction and build quality

The dimensions of Riva Festival are 14.4″ x 7.9″ x 7″. Easy setup in minutes and simple control from your smart device or voice control with Google Assistant. It has three woofers, three tweeters with 4 passive radiators that produce a wider musical spectrum than any other comparable product. Maximum power 200 W. Note that it is not splash proof and is not intended for use in or near water.

Audio Performance

Enjoy the stereo sound of RIVA’s patented Trillium audio system that fills the room. You need two additional wireless speakers that can handle the sound of a single RIVA. Stream the music you want in High Definition up to 24bit/192kHz from Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, local content, YouTube, media servers and more! Perfect for music lovers who want the LIVE audio experience in large venues, it reproduces 106 dB of sound as vividly as it can. This wireless speaker is designed for music lovers.

Communication and warranty

You can connect it via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Airplay, built-in Chromecast, DLNA and more. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you easily connect to the network and internet. 2-year warranty.


This is a wireless audio speaker for networks, easier to carry and quite light, weighing only 5.5 kg.


  • Built-in Bluetooth for streaming music from smartphone/tablet
  • Wi-Fi for easy internet connection
  • Built-in Chromecast to create a multi-room audio system with other RIVA WAND wireless speakers.
  • Playback of high-resolution audio files at approx. 24 bits/192 kHz
  • Convenient control buttons on top


  • Wireless communication must be improved

Charge up and be proud of the Marshall Kilburn portable Bluetooth speakerphone!Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone

Get into the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll with Kilburn’s portable stereo speakers that offer a unique Marshall look and sound; just unplug the cables and go.

Construction and build quality

The portable speaker is available in two colors: Black and cream. It measures 5.5″x5.5″x9.5″ and weighs 6.61 pounds. This portable active stereo speaker frees you from cables and cords. Frequency range of the 62-20000 Hz channel.

The maximum sound pressure level is 100 dB per , plus a 20 hour reading tolerance. It has the body principle of a bass reflex. It comes with a double wound cable under the 3.5mm stereo plugs. It has a 3/4 inch dome tweeter with a 2 X 4 inch 1X woofer. Note that it does not have a waterproof function.

Audio Performance

It is one of the most powerful speakers in its field. The Kilburn is a compact and bold unit with a balanced soundstage that presents a clear midrange with extended treble – a sound that is both crisp and clear.

Communication and warranty

Use your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to stream music directly and wirelessly to the Kilburn. Bluetooth compatibility and a 3.5mm input jack provide seamless connectivity. It comes with a one-year warranty.


The Kilburn portable powered stereo speaker features Marshall’s signature look and sound. Take this Bluetooth speakerphone and hit the road. Weighing in at around 1.5kg, the Kilburn is a classic piece of engineering, moderately manoeuvrable and portable.


  • 20 hours portability
  • Classic Marshall design
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Analogue buttons allow precise adjustment of the controls


Enjoy the soundtrack to your autumn and winter adventures with the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 portable speaker!Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 portable Bluetooth speakerphone

Bang & Olufsen transforms your listening experience with best-in-class sound and acoustic performance, wherever you are – with home music systems, portable speakers and headphones that fit perfectly into your everyday life.

Construction and build quality

This ultra-portable, wireless speaker delivers clear surround sound in a compact 1.3-pound package. Take it anywhere; it charges in about 2.5 hours and the battery lasts up to 24 hours.

Designed by renowned designer Cecilie Manz, this miniature audio system is a true concentrate of power and is as beautiful as it looks: A thin aluminum dome, dust and splash proof, dual polymer base combined with a durable leather strap balance cool elegance with warm accents for an exclusive tactile experience. Inspired by Scandinavian nature, the elegant black color is not garish, but rich and deep due to the freshness of the slate, making it an elegant companion for your fall and winter shoots.

Audio Performance

With the Beoplay A1 Bluetooth portable speakerphone, music lovers can now enjoy music in the palm of their hand, with the best bass and mid/high frequencies to make every moment memorable.

Communication and warranty

With a corresponding link button you can continue where you left off by activating the last played music at the beginning. Users can use the intuitive ToneTouch technology through the Beoplay application to configure their listening experience, establish wireless stereo pairing, and update their products with the latest software. The product is guaranteed for 2 years.


This Bluetooth speakerphone is stylish in an ultra-portable package. The battery lasts up to 24 hours at a time, so you can keep listening to music and making phone calls on the go.


  • 24 hours listening at normal volume
  • The aluminium dome is dust and splashproof.
  • True portable Bluetooth speakerphone for music and calls
  • A cool and chic black inspired by Scandinavian nature with autumnal fashion trends.
  • Enormous sound quality


  • The Bluetooth connection could be better

Capture all the music action with the JBL GO2 ultra-portable waterproof Bluetooth speakerphone! JBL GO2 ultra-portable waterproof Bluetooth speakerphone

If you’re looking for the smallest portable Bluetooth speakerphone, the JBL GO 2 is the perfect choice. It’s limited in size, sound quality and battery life, but you’ll be amazed at the noise it makes.

Construction and build quality

The JBL GO2 has a compact shape, comes in 12 colors, measures 3.8″x1.4″x4.2″ and weighs just 10.4 ounces. The JBL GO 2 is a complete and waterproof Bluetooth speakerphone. Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth for approximately 5 hours of continuous high-quality sound.

With its new IPX7 waterproof design, music lovers can take their GO 2 speaker to the pool or the beach. GO 2 lets you hear your calls clearly thanks to its built-in speaker with noise cancellation.

Audio Performance

The JBL GO 2 is a speaker with a volume level of 50%, which is comfortable for listening to music, and a volume level of more than 75%, which gives a surprisingly full sound for such a small speaker. Enjoy crystal clear conference calls with one speaker and no interference.

Communication and warranty

Don’t worry if Bluetooth is not available. Just plug the audio cable into the speaker and enjoy your music. It has a rubber shell that looks pretty solid. On the right side of the speaker is a rubber flap that hides a micro USB charging port and a 3.5mm aux jack for older devices.


The GO2 is an ultra-compact and well-designed speaker. The JBL GO 2 is an ultra-compact, waterproof speaker that’s easy to transport to the right places. The small size does not limit the sound quality.


  • 5 hours battery life
  • Waterproof design IPX7
  • Silent speaker
  • Compact design with 12 attractive colors


  • Some customers reported that it was down from time to time.

Enjoy uplifting music at the touch of a button with the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM portable Bluetooth speakerphone!Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Turn on the EU WONDERBOOM and join others for an evening of rock music. Its adorable size makes it a musical tour anywhere, elegant and powerful and a must for all fanatics.

Construction and build quality

The EU WonderBoom comes in a paisley pink color and measures 4.2″x4.6″x5.3″ and weighs about 14.1 times. It’s a product that sounds good. The Bluetooth speakerphone is IPX7 rated and can withstand a depth of up to 1 m for approximately 30 minutes. The speaker works up to 10 hours on a single charge, so you can listen for a long time. Is the prosecution exhausted? Just plug it in and in two and a half hours you’re ready to go. The speaker was awarded the Good Design Awards Program, the world’s oldest and most prestigious awards program for excellence and innovation in design, by the Chicago Athenaeum.

Audio Performance

With this speaker, it’s not that hard. Press and hold the EU logo once to play, press again to pause the track. Do you want to skip the song? Just touch it twice and it’s done. Control the music seamlessly from across the room. Each portable speaker can deliver a clear and powerful 86dB surround sound volume, 360 degrees, to brighten up any environment.

Communication and warranty

Every WONDERBOOM in the EU works with Bluetooth, so you can connect at a distance of about 30 metres without interrupting the music. Control the music seamlessly from across the room. Get the most out of your Bluetooth speakerphone by pairing two wireless WONDERBOMS. Connect two EU WONDERBOOMS simultaneously to the corresponding source.


The small and concise design weighs only 14.1 ounces and is without a doubt a complete, portable, small but powerful device for a complete music experience.


  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Easy pairing with other devices.


  • Backup battery could be better

Enjoy a revolutionary Bluetooth audio solution with the W-KING outdoor portable speaker! W-KING outdoor portable speaker

Finally, you can get a Bluetooth subwoofer that will fill your minute with great music! The W-King is ultra-portable, offers crystal clear HD sound and is extremely ruggedly built to fit any lifestyle.

Construction and build quality

The dimensions of the W-King Bluetooth wireless speakerphone are 12.6″x4.8″x4.7″. The wireless speaker lets you enjoy disco-quality sound on the go. It has an output power of 50 W and 2.2 speakers. In a stylish yet rugged exterior, for equipped with a huge 8000mAh integrated power bank that will easily charge your iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or action camera, tablet.

It is backed by an IPX5 waterproof design. The speaker is manufactured with 2 full range drivers, including 2 passive subwoofers with 2 tweeters. With a full charge you can usually play for 24 hours.

Audio Performance

The professional wireless speaker offers powerful sound with 3 wideband speakers and 50 watts of power. You can enjoy crystal clear, studio-quality music wherever you go, without compromise.

Communication and warranty

Your portable speaker is not only rugged and shockproof, but also waterproof, dustproof and sand resistant. To charge the speaker, use the 5V 2.0A power adapter, which is not included. The device has Bluetooth connectivity to the genre and source of the music. Mobile Bluetooth speakers come with an 18-month warranty, so you can buy with peace of mind.


This Bluetooth hands-free kit is universal because it’s waterproof (IPX5) and lightweight, so you can take it with you on your next camping trip or beach party.


  • IPX5 waterproof design
  • Integrated 8000 mAh power supply
  • 50 W output power
  • 24 hours a day
  • Equipped with a long Bluetooth range of 30 meters


  • Sound may be distorted at high volumes

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