Top 6 Office Chairs for Carpeted Floor

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I have a list of six office chairs for carpeted floors that I think are worth taking a look at. All of these chairs were designed with comfort in mind and the best part is the price tag you’ll find on each one! They won’t break your bank account, so it’s time to check out this list!

The “best office chair carpet” is a top 6 list of the best chairs for your home or office. The list includes the most popular and highly rated models from brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, and more.


Some office chairs are unable to glide smoothly across carpeted flooring. It may be aggravating if you insist on using one with wheels that aren’t approved for carpets.

It’s possible that you’ll feel driven to just rise up and carry the chair yourself. It may also cause dragging and damage to your carpets. That’s why, when you buy a chair, you should check to see what kind of caster wheels it has. 

And we’ve compiled a list of the greatest ones that will glide over your carpets with ease.

Brand Material variety of heights (inches) the maximum weight limit (lbs) depth of the seat (inches) breadth of the seat (inches) Who will find this relaxing?
Ergo3D by NOUHAUS Soft PU leather seat with ElastoMesh backseat 21.9″ to 18.1″ 275  16.9” 19.7” 5’-6’2”
Aeron by Herman Miller  Aluminum frame and base, elastomeric suspension seat, leather-upholstered or regular foam arm pads A: 16″-20.5″, B: 16″-20.5″, C: 16″-20





A: 300

350 B & C 

A: 16”


C: 18.5”

A: 15.75”

B: 17”

C: 18.25”

A: 5’4′′ or shorter

C: 6’3′′ or more in height

B: Everyone in the middle

T18 TribeSigns Nylon mesh with a premium design, 3D PU Armrests, and a saddle seat cushion  17”-21” 300  16” 21” 5’-6’2”
Leap V2 by Steelcase Steel, polished aluminum frame and base, polyurethane foam, and cloth between 15.5 and 19.5″ 500  16.75′′ – 18.75′′ 22.75 5’-6’2”
Delano by La-Z-Boy Leather banded memory foam 22-25 350  21” 22” 6’ above
Freedom on a human scale Gel seat made of aluminum 16-21 300 20” 19.5” 5’0-6’4”

There are several office chairs available on the market. And, in order to limit down your options, establish a list of the functions that are most essential to you. 

So our main objective in this essay is to find the greatest ergonomic chair that would glide effortlessly over your carpeted flooring.

We’ll also point out a few aspects of each chair that make it worthwhile to purchase. 


This mesh office chair is in the mid-range and costs less than 350 dollars. It’s an all-mesh chair, therefore it’s popular with those who live in hotter climates.

A 5-point metal base and two castor wheels make up the chair. It comes with blade wheels and basic black plastic wheels. 

The blade wheels glide over every kind of floor, including concrete, hardwood, and carpet.  

Despite having a universal function, we have found that the wheels do not get caught in the carpet grooves. The plastic wheels, on the other hand, are your best choice if you want the chair to glide smoothly.

There is no friction, and it won’t leave any scars on the flooring, either. It also won’t get trapped between your carpet fibers.

Let’s look at some of the other features now.

The NOUHAUS Ergo3D has more capabilities for customization than some of its rivals. It has a headrest that can be adjusted in two directions, as well as arms that can be adjusted in two directions. 

And, despite the lack of adjusting levers and knobs, the lumbar support is pretty intuitive. It consists of two sections, each of which is formed of a malleable and flexible substance. 

It may thus move with you despite the absence of adjustability.  

The lumbar support is comparable to that of a SIHOO M90 or a Freedom chair. 

It also has a nice tilt and recline, so even gamers will appreciate how comfy this chair is. 19-22 inches is the height range. As a result, it can fairly well fit those who are 5’1 to 6’2. Though this is a very robust chair, larger and heavier people may find the seat width insufficient.

Oh, and the arms are a little shaky. They roam about and don’t appear to be able to stay still. 

Aeron by Herman Miller

This classic ergonomic chair is at the top of practically every list, regardless of importance. It’s no surprise that it boasts smooth-rolling wheels thanks to its high-quality components, engineering, and design.

The standard carpet casters are already included when you buy an Aeron chair. These wheels are capable of rolling easily on any carpet, from low to high pile.  

There are no soft threads in them since they are composed of strong plastic. As a result, it won’t get trapped in your carpet’s grooves.


The ordinary carpet caster and the hardwood caster are the two kinds of wheels offered by Aeron. If you have hardwood flooring, you may choose the latter. The wheel’s traction on concrete or hardwood surfaces is improved by the soft threads. 

Aeron’s carpet casters are definitely a yeah. You may use it even if you don’t have any chair mats. Other models such as the Embody, Mirra, and Celle may also use these wheels.

In terms of the positive aspects, the Aeron is still one of the finest mesh chairs for aggressive lumbar support in a medium to medium-firm firmness. 

We’ve already evaluated this classic chair, and many people find it to be really pleasant for their backs. 

People with a slouchy posture, on the other hand, may find the Aeron excessively forceful. It has a tendency to propel you ahead too quickly. 

And, since it comes in three sizes—A, B, and C—the range of potential users is expanded, despite the absence of an adjustable seat pan.

It also contains a number of characteristics that may be adjusted. However, as compared to the chair’s price, the quantity of adjustments isn’t that numerous.  

But it’s the lumbar support that really stands out; it’s one-of-a-kind, and the materials are fairly flexible.

T18 PRO by Tribesigns

Some people consider this entry-level mesh and cushion chair to be one of the most economical mesh chairs for back and neck problems. It can compete with Nohaus since they both appear and operate similarly. And they even have the same style and adjustability.

What about the wheels now?

It comes with a five-metal base and five huge rollerblade wheels. These wheels glide across carpets without thudging or damaging them. It’s also a little larger than the majority of its rivals. That’s why you’ll find it quite simple to glide down the carpet even if you’re seated on it. 

A soft polyurethane substance covers the wheels. This implies that, apart from carpeted flooring, these wheels can roll over practically any surface with ease.

It also offers a good variety of features that may be adjusted. You can locate the sweet spot of comfort with an adjustable headrest, two-way arms, seat height, lumbar, tilt, and recline.

It also seems to be constructed of a more durable material, so we’re certain that it will last longer. 

We really like the mesh’s edgy appearance.

What are the disadvantages? Despite the fact that the cushion is thicker than the previous model, people who are larger will discover that it sags quickly. However, if you are of ordinary weight, it will be quite comfy for you.  

The arms, too, might have been better. It does not seem to follow the backrest’s movement. As a result, when you recline, you will not be in the most comfortable posture.

Leap V2 by Steelcase

A regular carpet caster is included with the Steelcase Leap V2. These look well on carpet with a medium to high pile. You won’t be able to use these wheels on hardwood floors or carpets since they glide smoothly. 

You may also choose to have it upgraded to a wooden caster. However, even the wooden caster may readily roll over low pile carpets. 

Moving on to the other qualities, the Leap is one of the most comfortable seats to sit in all day. It’s built of a lot of aluminum, yet it’s sturdy and long-lasting.

However, some people dislike the way it looks since the excessive use of plastic material makes it seem less than luxury. Because it is an expensive product, several people were irritated. 

But now is when things start to look up. 

The back support is amazing. It has a good fit around your back. During the summer, the material may grow rather heated. 

However, even after sitting for the whole day, you will not feel exhausted in terms of support. LiveBack technology is the name of the back support, and it moves with you. As a result, you may obtain the best back support possible. 

It is also very adjustable, much more so than the Aeron in terms of adjustability. The seat pan may be adjusted for maximum comfort.

Though one of the flaws is the lack of a reclining lever, the locking tilt feature more than makes up for it. 

It also has a larger seat range, ranging from 15.5 to 20 inches, and can be adjusted lower than other premium ergonomic seats. As a result, even diminutive users will find this chair to be relaxing.

Delano by La-Z-Boy

With your order, you’ll receive regular PU caster wheels. And this style of wheel glides over almost any surface with ease. According to the brand,

However, we find that it rolls better on carpets than it does on hardwood floors. If you like it to roll better on concrete or hardwood floors, you may need to purchase a different style of caster. However, if your chair is placed on the carpet, you will be extremely pleased.

Let’s see what else is ahead.

This is a large and tall chair that seems to be inviting for a snooze. 

The memory foam is both soft and durable, making it ideal for gaming. During the summer, though, it may get unbearably hot. 

This chair does not have any adjustable features, and the seat height has a restricted range. 

However, this chair will not compete with other ergonomic seats since it is already a king in its own game—in this case, for gamers. 

It’s also simple to tilt and recline, which may provide a comfortable sleeping position. If you don’t require many customizable features and prefer a more comfy sort of seat, you may use it for work as well. 

Freedom on a human scale

The Freedom chair is equipped with standard casters that glide well across carpeted surfaces.  

The wheels have a metal base that is polished. So it’s not just for show; you can bet these are some heavy-duty wheels as well.

It’s also a well-made, high-end chair. The chair includes a number of metal elements, which contribute to its robustness but also give it a plasticky appearance. 

So either you adore it or you despise it. 

Another benefit of the Freedom chair is that it may be used by a larger range of people. It is suitable for those ranging in height from 5′ to 6’4″.

In terms of back support, it features a strong lumbar support. However, it seems to be intuitive and adaptable. Despite this, some people believe it to be overly forceful.

The reclining is one of the chair’s outstanding characteristics. Even in a reclined posture, you may be able to work since it is quite solid and keeps its position effectively. It’s extremely simple to recline; there are no levers to push or pull; just lean back.

It’s also simple to modify the seat pan.

It’s either a yea or a negative when it comes to general comfort. If you desire a more forceful shove, you’ll adore it. 


If you prefer another brand, you may also purchase carpet-rated wheels, but this will be an extra expense. 

As a result, these office chairs will save you money since you will not need to purchase specific carpet wheels. 

The “office chair mat for thick carpet” is a product that has been designed to help people who work on carpets. The chair features a non-slip backing, which prevents the user from slipping off of the chair. The mat also helps keep dirt and hair out of the carpet, as it is made with durable material that will not tear or wear away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put an office chair on a carpet?

A: Yes you can. If its a standard office chair, then yes. But if the seat of the chair has a hard material on top of it like plastic or wood, then no because that material would sink into the carpet and make an unsightly mess

What do you put under chairs on carpet?

A: You can put a towel or blanket.

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