Top 7 Best Manual Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desks

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If you’re looking for a desk that allows you to sit and stand, look no further than this list of the top 7 best manual crank height adjustable standing desks. Take a seat in your daydream with these wonderful pieces!

The “manual crank standing desk” is a product that allows users to adjust the height of their desk. The user can easily raise or lower the desk with a manual crank.

Top 7 Best Manual Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desks


Standing desks that are manually operated do not have a motor, power cable, or electronics. To modify the highest point of the desk, you must physically spin a lever, often referred to as a crank.

Despite the longer changeover time and more effort, some people prefer manual standing desks to electric standing desks for a variety of reasons.

One, it’s free of faults since it doesn’t contain any motor or electrical components. As a result, no upkeep is required. Standing desks that are powered by electricity do not need any electricity to operate. People who live in places where blackouts are common would benefit from a hand-cranked desk. 

Two, hand-cranked workstations are unquestionably more cost-effective. A larger tabletop may be had for half the price of an electric standing desk. 

Why should you purchase a standing desk with a crank that adjusts the height?

They are simple to adjust, and even if they do not adjust high enough for you, they may still be used as strong writing desks or computer tables at lower heights. Their tiny size makes them ideal for smaller homes and workplaces. Other adjustable-height systems, such as motors or hydraulic pistons, take considerably more room than the cranks used to raise and lower these tables.

If you’re still not certain that crank adjustable height standing desks are the perfect choice for your home or workplace, consider the following facts.

Crank-adjustable-height standing desks are less expensive than motorized or hydraulic piston-adjustable-height standing workstations. As a result, they won’t set you back nearly as much. If you’re looking for an adjustable-height desk on a budget, this could be the best choice for you.

If you don’t know, we’ve previously written an article that explains how to pick between an electric and a manual standing desk. But don’t worry if you don’t read everything first; we’ve summarized the important distinctions below and will also assist you in selecting the finest manual standing desk available.

Standing Workstation The Crank (Manual) The Electric Power Plant
How to Make a Change

the height

Using the hand crank or lever to adjust manually By pushing the control panel/electronics button
  • Cheaper
  • There are no bugs, and it does not need power.
  • Offers a bigger desk at a more reasonable price.
  • more practical
  • Apps are supported
  • It has contemporary characteristics.
  • It’s possible that it has a larger weight capacity.
  • It might be exhausting to adapt.
  • Not everyone is physically capable of manually adjusting the deks.
  • Capacity for weight is reduced.
  • Adjustment time is longer.
  • a higher price
  • Electricity is required.
  • Glitches are a possibility.
  • The engine may be rather loud.

That is why manufacturers and retailers continue to produce and sell manual workstations. Because, despite the fact that it seems to have been left behind by contemporary technology, it still has worth. 

With a crank adjustable height standing desk, you can simply turn a handle to raise or lower the work surface. For this reason, you’ll find these desks to be among the most economical on the market.

Furthermore, because of their versatility and tiny size, they take up less floor area than other solutions. If you don’t have time to go through our comprehensive guide to the finest adjustable-height standing desks, we’ve included a simple shortcut at the bottom of this page that will take you right there.

How do crank adjustable height standing desks work?

The cranks that are used to modify these sorts of desks are usually found at the back or side panel and allow for minimal changes. When completely extended, they provide ample space for people up to 6’2′′ (or more) to walk about without their legs being obstructed. The desk extends or retracts in a couple of seconds after twisting the handle in either way.


Check out the top 5 best crank adjustable height standing desks below if you’re short on time.

2022’s top 7 manual crank adjustable standing desks

Hand-cranked standing workstations that we recommend.

Skarsta by IKEA

The Skarsta desk from IKEA is a full-fledged metal hand crank workstation. 

Everything is made of metal, with the exception of the tabletop. As a result, it has a highly durable appearance and feel. It costs less than $300, yet it has a high-end appearance. 

The desk’s weight is likewise distributed equally on both sides. And this says a lot about the desk’s stability. 


The desk has the advantage of being sturdy and solid no matter what surface it is placed on. It’s just as stable on carpet as it is on concrete. As a result, it’s very general, and you won’t have to second-guess yourself if you need to relocate your high-pile carpet or your workstation to a different room.  

The tabletop had been upgraded by the brand. Despite using the same metal frame, the SKARSTA was upgraded in 2020 to make it more adaptable. The desktop was previously drilled directly into the frames, thus this is a permanent connection.

Plastic inserts were installed where the table will be fastened into the upgrade. As a result, if you decide to utilize a different desk in the future, you’ll be able to swap out the tabletops. 

We’re all in for the frame in terms of durability, but we can’t say the same for the tabletop. It’s a little fragile and thin, and it doesn’t seem to be high-end. 

On a side note, for whatever reason, the SKARSTA went on hiatus around ten months ago. However, it is now back in stock, along with the previously stated update. 

In terms of complaints, we wished the tabletop was a little thicker. Furthermore, the steel frames lack drill holes for managing cables and wires.

Dimensions 63”x 31”
variety of heights 27112″ -4714″ 
Warrant 10 years
Crank or lever location Neither side is correct.
Weight capacity 110 LBS

DEVAISE Workstation for Sit-to-Stand Up

The DEVAISE’s frame and base are built of a steel and aluminum alloy mix. Though not fragile, the SKARSTA desk has a peculiar feel about it. That explained the lower price range as well as the decreased loading capacity.

1640613451_823_Top-7-Best-Manual-Crank-Height-Adjustable-Standing-DesksCheck the cost

DEVAISE’s manually adjustable workstations come in two styles. You may choose a device with a side-mounted hand crank. You also have the option of purchasing a desk with a front lever. Top-7-Best-Manual-Crank-Height-Adjustable-Standing-Desks

The type with the cranks on the sides has a crossbeam in the middle, which detracts from the sleek appearance. The unit with the lever at the front, on the other hand, does not have that crossbeam. In terms of aesthetics, we like it. Though getting accustomed to the hand crank at the font may take some time. At first, adjusting the lever in the front may appear awkward. 

If you have a tiny area and don’t want your hips to rub against the crank, you may alternatively move the lever inward to create room. 

However, we have discovered certain inconsistencies. The crank parts are a little more delicate. Oh, and the warranty is also stingy, at just one year. As a result, this is more of an entry-level desk for individuals on a budget.

  Crank on the front Crank on the side
Dimensions 23.6″ x 55″ 23.6″ x 55″
variety of heights 29.5”-45” 29”-45”
Warranty 100 lbs 100 lbs
The crank/location lever’s On the side or in front On the side or in front
Capacity for weight Limited guarantee of one year Limited guarantee of one year

Crank Desk Store Stand Up Desk

The fact that it has lockable caster wheels sets it distinct. As a result, this unit is also suitable for women and individuals who are physically handicapped. You may relocate the desks to another room on your own if you want to.


You may also position the crank on either side of the front, which is beneficial if you have a limited amount of room. We also appreciate the quality of the job. It seems to be more high-end and long-lasting. It had a similar effect to the IKEA SKARSTA.

However, one of our complaints is that the cracking effort is insufficient. It may be beneficial to persons who are physically handicapped, although it may need extra cranks or tweaking to adjust the desk. 

Though many people will find the lever to be simpler to adjust than other brands, it will take more rotations to achieve the maximum desk height.

Dimensions 47”x 29”
Crank/lever placement  On the side or in front
variety of heights 29.5”-45.25”
Warranty 100 lbs
Capacity for weight Limited lifetime guarantee of one year

Purchase here:

Crank System, VIVO Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk

1640613454_123_Top-7-Best-Manual-Crank-Height-Adjustable-Standing-DesksCheck the cost

This one (6332′′) is rather large and hefty. But don’t be fooled by its size and weight; the VIVO Height Adjustable Stand-Up Desk can hold and support all of your equipment, even with its increased height restrictions of up to 50 inches. So, at 6.4 feet, this raises it high enough for me to stand straight up with my feet absolutely level on the floor, with no strain on my neck or anything else (my neck is slightly curved while typing).1640613455_361_Top-7-Best-Manual-Crank-Height-Adjustable-Standing-Desks

People under 6 feet will be able to stand comfortably since their feet will not contact the ground but will instead rest on top of either the castors or the rubber stoppers.

With its three-sectioned form, the tabletop is also a respectable size, measuring 63 inches long by 32 inches broad. You also have enough of workspace to experiment with, neither too much nor too little. It’s also neatly completed, so you won’t have any problems working on your laptop or whatever equipment you’ll place on top of it.

The disadvantage of this table, beginning from the left side where you’ll be placing your laptop or mousepad, is that there is no cable routing or wire management cutouts. So, if you need to handle all those cables, be sure to acquire some little clips. Don’t expect it to be the lightest desk though, weighing in at 78 lbs (35.5 kg), which is still acceptable but may be exhausting if you move it about often due to the lack of built-in rollers or wheels.

Tranzendesk, keep your balance.

The Tranzendesk is almost identical in size to the DEVAISE desk. It also has a bigger and more spacious work space. It also provides you a few extra customizing possibilities. 

A second layer may be added to your desk if desired. The desk will gain additional room and a little more loading capacity as a result of this.  

1640613456_517_Top-7-Best-Manual-Crank-Height-Adjustable-Standing-DesksLook at the pricing.

A 48-inch workstation is also available, but we believe the 55-inch desk offers greater value. 1640613457_366_Top-7-Best-Manual-Crank-Height-Adjustable-Standing-Desks

The crank is simple to adjust. It may be a little fragile and fall out of position.

The lesser weight capacity (about 85 lbs) is one of the key complaints. So there you have it, the lowest of the group. Furthermore, the design may not be to everyone’s taste. It features a crossbeam in the middle, which gives it an industrial aspect rather than a streamlined one.

This is the best option for individuals searching for a bigger desk space at a reasonable price. However, you must accept the limited weight capacity. However, in terms of desk space vs. price, this is a clear winner.

Dimensions 55″ x 23.5″ x 55″ x 23.5″ x 55
variety of heights 29.”-46”
The crank’s locations On both sides
Warranty 85 lbs
Capacity for weight Limited guarantee of one year

Desk with a mountain crank

This is a beautiful and sturdy hand crank desk. It’s the priciest of the bunch, and it’s a high-end option. From afar, you can tell it’s composed of high-quality materials. It seems to be both attractive and robust, from the frames to the tables.


For a manually adjustable desk, it also boasts a larger weight capacity. This unit’s legs and structure are also well-made. Furthermore, the warranty attests to its long-term viability. It comes with a 5-year warranty, which is very liberal. For manual workstations, this is already considered a lengthy guarantee, with the SKARSTA topping the list at ten years.

The width of the frames may also be adjusted. As a result, you may be able to adapt it to a different tabletop size. This also explains the larger price range.

The handle is also retractable, allowing you to store it when not in use. 

So, if you’re searching for a more expensive, sleeker, and more durable manual desk, this is the one for you.

Dimensions 55″ x 23.5″ x 55″ x 23.5″ x 55
Range that can be adjusted 43.5″-71″ (h), 27″-46″ (w) (w)
The crank/location lever’s Neither side is correct.
Capacity for weight 165 lbs
Warranty  The frame has a 5-year guarantee, while the desktop has a 1-year warranty.

Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk by UNICOO

This standing desk is a bit out of the ordinary. It has four rather than two legs and is built of wood and steel.

As a result, it seems more traditional than other standing workstations. The frame is totally composed of metal, while the tabletop is made of wood panels rather than glass or plastic. Apart from being electrically adjustable, the tabletop is laminated and smooth enough to be utilized as a writing surface.

1640613459_507_Top-7-Best-Manual-Crank-Height-Adjustable-Standing-DesksCheck the cost

This thing’s height range isn’t too awful either. The lowest setting is 26 inches, while the maximum is 46 inches, which should be sufficient for most people’s requirements, even if they are 6 feet tall or more. When you’re standing, you won’t have any issues with your feet contacting the ground.1640613459_9_Top-7-Best-Manual-Crank-Height-Adjustable-Standing-Desks

Despite the usage of swivel cranks to alter the height, the UNICOO is a remarkably durable desk. The weight capacity of this desk, however, isn’t very impressive—only 225 pounds at most. If you’re not overweight, though, this shouldn’t be an issue, even if your computer setup or peripherals exceed the limit.

One thing we discovered with the UNICOO is that it takes some getting accustomed to adjusting the table’s height using the cranks on either side. If you’ve never done it before, be prepared for a steep learning curve before getting everything exactly right—which may take up to 5 minutes each leg, depending on your height.

Final Thoughts

The nicest thing about crank adjustable height standing desks is that they can be adjusted to your chosen height in seconds–at least when compared to other possibilities. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of the many kinds of adjustable-height desks available today.

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The “uplift desk” is a manual crank height adjustable standing desk that has been designed to help you get more work done. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

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