Top 7 Best MTG Cards Like Aetherize

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The “cards like sneak attack” is a card that can be played on any turn during the game. It is one of the best cards in Magic: The Gathering. This article will list 7 other cards that are similar to Aetherize.

Aetherize is a card that has been praised from its initial release. It is one of the best cards in standard and will become more popular as players move on to modern formats. This article highlights what makes Aetherize so special, using examples from other top tier decks like Boros Burn and Jeskai Control.

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Aetherize, one of the finest MTG cards, allows you to return creatures (and other cards) to their owner’s hand. Continue reading to see out which MTG cards are most similar to Aetherize.

Aetherize is one of the best MTG cards.

1. Submerge the beach

Magic The Gathering - Engulf The Shore (58/297) - Shadows Over Innistrad

Engulf the Shore is a rare blue instant with a 3 colorless and 1 blue mana casting cost. 

You may return all creatures with toughness less than or equal to the number of blue mana cards you control when this card is played.

Engulf the Shore, as you can see, is just as strong and diverse as Aetherize.

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Cryptic Command is number two on the list.

Magic The Gathering - Cryptic Command - Modern Masters 2015

On our list of the top MTG cards like Aetherize, Cryptic Command is the second rare blue instant.

The card’s casting cost is very high, at 1 colorless and 3 blue mana.

You may pick two of four choices while casting Cryptic Command:

  1. Defeat a spell with a specific target.
  2. Return a permanent target to a player’s hand.
  3. All of your opponents’ creatures are tapped.
  4. Take a card from the deck.

Cryptic Command is one of our all-time favorite blue spells. It’s just too adaptable!

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3. Gush

Magic The Gathering - Gush - Mercadian Masques

Gush is a common blue card that enables you to return to your hand any islands you control rather of paying the card’s cost.

Gush’s standard casting cost is 4 colorless and 1 blue mana.

You may, at the very least, draw two cards from the top of your deck when the card is cast.

Gush isn’t exactly Aetherize or the previous two cards on our list of similar cards, but it’s still a strong card to have in your deck.

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4. entangle

Magic: the Gathering - Ensnare - Nemesis

Ensare is a rare blue Instant card that costs 3 colorless and 1 blue mana to cast.

You must tap all creatures in the game when you cast the card.

In addition, instead of paying the usual casting cost for Ensnare, you may return two of your islands and place them back into your hand.

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5. Remove the Veil

Magic: the Gathering - Part The Veil - Champions of Kamigawa

Part the Veil is an Arcane Instant card with a power rare blue color. It costs 3 colorless mana and 1 blue mana to cast.

When Part the Veil enters the game, you have the option of returning all creatures you control to your hand at once.

Needless to say, this card has the potential to completely impact the game (particularly if damage spells are being performed against those creatures!).

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6. Unsummoning Command

Magic The Gathering - Command of Unsummoning - Portal

Though it is officially a common card, Command of Unsummoning is an old-school blue card that might easily be categorized as rare.

The card costs 2 colorless and 1 blue mana to cast.

You may return any one or two attacking creatures to their owners when the Command of Unsummoning is cast.

Obviously not Aetherize, but it’s still a good trick to have in your deck.

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7. Complicated Test

Magic: The Gathering - Perplexing Test (357) - Extended Art - Commander 2021

Perplexing Test is the final but far from least MTG card on our list, similar to Aetherize.

It costs 3 colorless mana and 2 blue mana to cast.

You have the option of casting one of the following spells while casting Perplexing Test:

  1. All creature tokens must be returned to their owners’ hands.
  2. All nontoken creatures must be returned to their owners’ hands.

In either case, the game is instantaneously transformed (in your advantage, of course)! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About MTG Cards such as Aetherize

What Does the Aetherize MTG Card Do?

Aetherize is a rare blue instant card that costs three colorless and one blue mana to cast. You get to return all attacking creatures to their owners’ hands while it’s in play.

Is it Worth It to Buy MTG Cards Like Aetherize?

When you consider that MTG cards like Aetherize restrict the adversary from maintaining creatures on the board, much alone hitting blows on you or creating their “meat wall” of defensive creatures, they are totally worth it.

With cards like Aetherize, how do you win in MTG?

In an MTG game, there are a variety of methods to gain the dub, including playing cards like Aetherize. Building up an army, even if it’s only tokens and peons, while slowly returning creatures to your opponents’ hands round after round is one of the finest alternatives. Return their pets to their hands once again after you’ve gained enough muscle, then attack and smash them.

The “aetherize mtg” is a card that has been around since the beginning of Magic: The Gathering. Aetherize is one of the top 7 best cards like Aetherize.

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