10+ Best Clone Apps For Multiple Accounts 2022

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So you want to be the first person in your class who has an iPhone. Or you’re shopping for a gift and need something that can track how many times it’s been charged, or maybe even share game data with other players without having to start over? Check out these ten (10) best clone apps!

The “best clone app for android 11” is a list of the top 10+ best apps that are similar to other popular apps. The list includes both free and paid apps.

Cloning applications are the finest smartphone innovation to yet. You may utilize identical clones of the same applications and run them in parallel with cloning apps. As it is, the majority of us have many social media accounts, necessitating the usage of clone applications that enable you to utilize multiple versions of the same program!

Sure, you can log out and back in to your various social media accounts, such as Instagram (albeit it’s a pain), but what if you have two WhatsApp accounts? Are you sure you won’t be able to log in and out? These clone programs come in helpful in this situation. Some individuals just require numerous gaming accounts or email accounts, and you may depend on it in this situation as well.

We’ll speak about the fifteen finest clone apps in this post, and we can confidently declare that they are a must-have program if you use several social network accounts. So, what do you have to lose? To learn about the top clone applications for Android and iPhone, read the article below.

Apps That Can Be Cloned For Multiple Accounts

best app cloner

1. Clone app – Android app cloner & dual app

best clone apps

Clone app is one of the greatest clone applications for iPhone and Android because, as the name implies, it provides parallel and multiple space and allows you to run dual programs on your smartphone. It’s really popular, and you’ll enjoy it for all of its features, not to mention the fact that it’s absolutely free to use on your smartphone.

If you have numerous WhatsApp accounts, don’t panic; the clone app will take care of everything. Some of its better characteristics include:-

  • It will give you with more magical stickers to add fun to your conversation, and you will be able to send each other stickers such as flying tomato, nothing to do, and many others. It’s one of the clone app’s most distinctive features!

  • It will also supply you with different color modes such as gold and blue, which are unavailable in any other clone program; in addition, you will be able to access night mode and cyan mode themes.

  • A privacy icon is also included, which allows you to alter the names of programs in order to safeguard your privacy.

  • It works with both 32-bit and 64-bit programs, which is uncommon among clone apps.

  • What will wow you about this best clone apps is that it is completely ad-free, so you won’t see any unwanted advertisements before you start using your clone app!

With all of these capabilities, it’s fair to claim that this is the greatest WhatsApp cloner software available for your phone!

2. Android app cloner and dual space – numerous accounts

clone app for multiple accounts

Dual space is one of the most widely used clone applications for Android and iPhone nowadays. The fact that it works so well will astound you. Whereas other cloning programs may cause you to experience issues and malfunctions when using the clone app for WhatsApp, this software stands out!

It is the greatest option for managing several accounts at the same time, and you will appreciate its efficiency. You may simply utilize two clone applications without their interfering with one another. Apart from that, your privacy will be well-protected, and you will not have to be concerned. Your account will be buried, and no trace of it will be left in your phone system.

Another reason to having a dual app as a clone software for your Android and iPhone smartphone is the speed. You can quickly switch between your many accounts! It operates on a simple interference principle, allowing you to double the number of applications on your device. As a result, it’s apparent that this is one of the greatest clone apps for your smartphone.

3. Parallel Space – Two Android faces and many accounts

app cloner for multiple account

With over a hundred million downloads, Parallel Space is one of the most popular clone apps. Many people prefer parallel space over other clone applications because of its efficient style of working and its ability to handle many accounts with ease.

It includes a lot of distinctive features that will make you stand out. To begin with, parallel space supports over 24 languages. Furthermore, its privacy policy is outstanding, as it uses its incognito installation function to automatically conceal your clone programs. To safeguard your privacy, it does not even gather any of your personal information! What’s not to appreciate about a clone tool like Parallel Space? It’s strong, simple to use, and reliable.

4. Multi-threaded – numerous accounts and Android app clone

multi account clone apps

Multi Parallel is the next android clone app on our list; it’s just as excellent as any other clone software, if not better in certain circumstances! You can use this to run clones of applications like WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, Instagram, and other social networking apps, as well as certain games!

People want to play their games with numerous accounts, which is where multi parallel proves its worth as the finest clone program. You can effortlessly switch between two accounts, whether it’s a social network account or a gaming account, and do so quickly!

You may create as many accounts as you want and personalize them to your liking! You may add as many symbols and names as you like to the customizing features. Furthermore, this clone program has a privacy locker, allowing you to secure your private!

5. Android clone app with numerous accounts

whatsapp clone apps

With some of the same characteristics as the clone applications for Android and iPhone mentioned above, this one is also incredibly efficient and effective in its own right. This program was created with the express intention of allowing you to manage both your personal and professional lives at the same time!

Many individuals, as we all know, have separate accounts for their personal and professional lives. Keeping two iPhones is a hassle, and checking in and out doesn’t appear to be that simple either! That is why Clone App’s creators have created this cutting-edge technology and user-friendly UI. This enables you to effortlessly manage several accounts on a single device without taking up a lot of space. Overall, the Clone app is a great way to keep track of your many accounts!

6. Android app with multiple accounts

App Cloner

A clone app for Android with many accounts is also a good option. This software’s best feature is that it fully supports all 64-bit applications, including the current version of WhatsApp and any other app. You may have both of your accounts active online at the same time with this clone program without interfering with the other. Its technology also allows you to keep all of your accounts’ information distinct from one another, ensuring your privacy!

This clone program has a basic and clean user interface, as well as straightforward operation! All clone applications will have the same same features as the original, and you won’t have to worry about the parallel account eating up space!

7. Dr.Clone: multiple accounts, dual apps, and a second Android account

clone apps for android

One of the greatest clone apps to have on your smartphone is Dr. Clone. It will establish a parallel area and allow you to access numerous accounts from one device at the same time. What’s great about this app is that it won’t display you any third-party commercials, which is a huge plus since even some premium applications these days bother us with those annoying ads.

Dr. Clone also supports a variety of games, and you may easily manage many gaming accounts. This clone program allows you to simply block or accept notifications! It’s a fantastic clone app to have on your phone!

8. Android dual-apps

best dual apps

Dual applications is another great android clone software that you can use to manage several accounts on your phone. It’s never been this simple to balance the two accounts. It creates a parallel environment that has no impact on the speed of your smartphone.

This clone software will not take up a lot of space on your phone, which makes it more handy to use! This program has been trusted by over five million users, and you will like it as well because to its user-friendly UI!

Matey – Android WhatsApp cloner and app cloner

apps for whatsapp cloner

When it comes to the finest cloning software, Matey is another contender. Hundreds of thousands of individuals are using this app right now, and they are all quite pleased with it. It’s a reliable and high-quality Android clone software that’s well recognized for giving parallel space for clone applications that you may run at the same time!

Its no-ad functionality is also a plus, and the app will even expose you to popular clone applications! With only one click, you may switch between your two accounts! It is also intended for international usage, since it supports 25 languages.

WA Clone for Android is number ten.

whatsapp clone apps

WA clone is a simple WhatsApp cloner tool that allows you to create a clone of your account that you may use on numerous devices. While other cloning programs allow you to run clone apps on the same smartphone to manage several social accounts, this one will make an identical clone of your current WhatsApp that you may use on another device.

All of this will be accomplished simply scanning your WhatsApp QR code and logging into your account on a different device! Everything in your account, including conversations, images, videos, and even audios, will be synced. There will be no need to register or log in!

11. Android 2Accounts

two accounts clone apps

2Accounts could be the answer to your problem of managing numerous accounts at the same time. This clone software is really fast, and you may get all of your messages as quickly as you would from the original account.

Apart from social networking, it also supports 99 percent of the games that you may play on your smartphone at the same time. They’ve improved the user interface for the better, and you’ll get clear alerts that will help you interact more effectively.

12. Appcloner – clone an app and create two or more accounts. Android

double account clone app

Software cloner is without a doubt the greatest clone app, which is why we included it on our list. This clone app’s clean and easy interface will allow you to simply access numerous accounts by obtaining identical duplicates of current applications.

Its privacy and security policies are likewise excellent, and you will appreciate its compact and low CPU use.


So that’s all for our Android and iPhone beat clone applications. We hope you discover the finest clone app for yourself, and believe me when I say it will be a huge help in organizing your many social networking and gaming accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which app clone is best?

A: The app clones that are best for you will be based on your needs and what is most important to you. Some of the top apps I think would work well include Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, Monster Strike

Which is the best dual account app?

A: We recommend you use two different accounts on the same device, so that each account has their own set of data.

Do multiple accounts clone app?

A: No, accounts does not clone app.

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