10 Best MTG Hydra Cards (2021 Edition)

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While we can’t be sure exactly when the Oracle is planning to release another set, it’s safe to say that the set will come out in 2021, as always. The Oracle is fairly predictable, and the cards they choose to print are always great, so expect the Oracle to spam the format with cards.

Yawn. Hydra is boring. Why does it have to be a thing? Why does this card pool have to be so popular? Why can’t we just play regular Magic decks? Don’t get me wrong, I love the format, but I just can’t see the appeal of this card pool any more. It’s time to give Hydra the boot and play decks that make actual sense again, because I’m sick of it.

Hydra is a new 2-player card game that is a satirical take on the old MTG theme of “creature destruction”. Hydra consists of 10 different “creature” cards that players use to play out their decks. This poor blog doesn’t have an image of the cards, so here’s a picture of a deck of cards.

One of the simplest strategies in Magic: the Gathering is to attack with large, aggressive creatures. No complicated multi-level combos or strange interactions are required, just command of large creatures.

And if you’re looking for one of the more aggressive types of creatures, the Garlands are a strong contender. These giant monsters are notorious for their ability to get even bigger once you take them out – like their mythological namesakes, they often get worse and worse the longer they stay alive.

Do you want to make a Hydra deck or incorporate a few into another creature-based deck? We have listed some of the best Hydra cards in MTG for you.

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What do the hydras look like in Magic: the Gathering?

In traditional mythology, hydras are giant, multi-headed, snake-like creatures that gain two for every head they chop off. The Hydra in Magic: the Gathering are inspired by their mythological predecessors. They are huge, intimidating, and often have +1/+1 counters that increase in number over time.

In general, hydras have a green color. Given that green is the color of strong creatures, it makes sense.

However, sometimes hydras of other colors are found. However, it is important to note that such wormholes are extremely rare, as you will see in our list. The vast majority of the options we choose are solid colors.

If you want to know more about other colors, see our guide on MTG color combinations and their names.

The best Hydra cards in MTG

Genesis Hydra

The Genesis Hydra has several advantages. The first is that it can help you do free magic. When you cast it, you may put X additional mana into play, and for each mana you add, you may reveal top cards from your library. Any of these cards that is a non-terrestrial permanent with a converted mana cost lower than X mana that you put into Genesis Hyrdra is put onto the battlefield at no cost to you.

For this reason, every deck with Genesis Hydra is full of expensive creatures. If you draw Genesis Hydra, you’ll probably get a lot of these cards at no cost, especially if you can throw tons of mana at it.

The second benefit is that he also gets a +1/+1 token for each additional mana point you use for X value. So if you pay two green mana to cast it, and add seven mana, you get an intimidating Hydra 7/7.

Calonia Hydra

If you’re looking for a classic example of a Hydra, check out the Kalona Hydra. For starters, he has a modest 4 +1/+1 counters on him. But every time he attacks, the number of tiles on him doubles.

This means that it doubles in size with every attack. To inflict combat damage on someone, you don’t even have to continue – just attack. And thanks to Trample, most of the damage can happen even if you decide to block it later.

Hydra with cover

You’ll see another X value in the mana cost for Hooded Hydra, just like you did with Genesis Hydra. You have to pay two green mana to cast it, but you can add as much extra mana as you want.

For each additional mana point you put into X, the hooded hydra comes out with a +1/+1 counter. You should put as much mana into him as possible, because when he dies, he automatically generates a 1/1 Serpent creature token for every token he has. This makes his loss much less painful, as you will likely receive a large number of snake tokens to attack and block after his death.

You can also play it for the price of a morph. That means you can pay three to put him on the battlefield as a 2/2 creature. When you’re ready to flip him, pay five mana to turn him into a Hydra with 5 +1/+1 counters. This is especially interesting because you can attack him while he’s 2/2, and if someone misses him because 2 damage doesn’t seem threatening, you can morph him to suddenly turn that 2 damage into 5.

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Hydra Director

Hydras are actually big and scary creatures. Nowhere is this more relevant than with Managorger Hydra. Each time a spell is cast, it gains a +1/+1 counter.

If you’re playing a multiplayer game, that means it gets huge fast. Think about it: a spell is pretty much any card that is not a land. Since all your opponents can cast multiple spells per turn, the Guardian Hydra will absorb these tokens quickly.

To make matters worse, he has a bimbo. If he has multiple (or even more) chips on him, opponents will have a hard time stopping the damage that melts their health.

Hydroids in crisis

Hydroid Krasis is just a good card in general. There’s no real downside to it. Like some of the other Hydras on this list, you can add as much mana as you want on top of the base cost of a green and blue.

You gain life and draw cards equal to half the cost of the extra mana you put into Hydroid Krasis. This makes it the perfect card when you’re cornered, low on life, or desperate to replenish your hand.

You also get a flying creature with a trap door. His strength and toughness also match the amount of extra mana you put into his X, so you can potentially get a very big blocker and attacker.

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Zaksara, model

As you may have noticed with most of the cards we’ve included in this list, Hydras often have an X in their mana cost. Allows you to pump hydra as soon as they appear on the battlefield.

If you want to build a Hydra Commander deck, Zaxara, the Exemplar is an excellent choice for your Commander. You can tap it to add two mana, and it generates Hydra tokens every time you cast a Hydra of X cost.

Given how often this happens with Hydra’s, it means you’ll probably get a lot of Hydra tokens quickly.


One of the most famous Hydras in the game is Progenitus. This huge card costs ten mana: two mana of each color. It’s a high price, no doubt, but we think it’s worth it.

Progenitus has defenses against everything. This means that spells cannot be cast in the game. He is completely immune to deadly spells from . You can’t even exorcise it.

Also, opponents cannot block Progenitus because of his defense. However, Progenitus can block them without taking damage, which is also due to his defense.

Original Hydra

The Primordial Hydra is terrifying because it grows exponentially with every turn without you having to do anything. On each turn, double the number of +1/+1 counters in it.

If you want an advantage, play Primordial Hydra and put as much extra mana into X. This way, it will go up even faster.

If he has ten chips, he becomes a rover, making him an even bigger threat. Block it as much as you want – some of the damage is still coming through.

Apex Devastator

At first glance, Apex Devastator seems like a confusing card. Let’s explain what a waterfall is.

For each cascade specified in Apex Devastator, exile cards from the top of your library until you find an odd card with a converted mana cost of less than ten Apex Devastator. (Spoiler: these are the most numerous cards in the game). Then you discard them without paying for them, and put the rest of the exiled cards at the bottom of your library.

You’re gonna do it four times. In other words: You may cast four free spells each time you bring Apex Devastator onto the battlefield.

Hydra of Life

Here’s another Hydra you can pay X extra mana for. This also gives you several advantages.

First you get a powerful Hydra, made even scarier by the Tramp. The more you can cast, the more damage he can do to enemy blockers.

Second: When he dies, you gain life and play cards equal to the mana you put into his X value. Drawing cards is your best friend in Magic; even if you draw more than you need to and have to discard a card, you can build a much stronger hand. The fact that you get life doesn’t hurt either – in fact, you might even want to get rid of the hydra of life.

General questions on Hydra in MTG

Which MTG set has the most hydras?

Unfortunately, Hydras are by no means the most numerous creatures in the game. You can see the couple in the background. It’s just that there were so many -sets that the number of hydras increased over time.

To put the low number of Hydras into perspective, Theros Beyond Death, M20 and Throne of Eldraine had two each. This is the largest collection of hydras in the sets that we could find after a quick search.

If you really want to get as many Hydras as possible at once, consider ordering the Enhanced Evolution deck. There are a few hydras you might find useful.

Can we resist posterity?

As you saw earlier in this post, Progenitus is a Hydra that has protection from everything. Of course, your opponents will be eager to use the counterspell when they see you trying to take out Progenitus on the battlefield. This begs the question: Is it possible to counteract this phenomenon?

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it), progenitus can be trimmed. That’s because his defense against everything is only active when he’s on the battlefield. That way someone can play a counter spell to completely rule it out.

What is a Hydra spell in MTG?

As with any question about what makes a particular creature attractive, we would say that the answer depends on the situation. Some define a hydra spell as any card that specifically affects a hydra or is itself a hydra. Our personal definition for this item is any card that is a Hydra creature.

How does the Hydra Breadmaster work?


Speaking of cards with mana costs of X, check out the Hydra Broodmaster pictured above. This is a card that has some Magic players scratching their heads about all the X’s. If you’re wondering how Hydra Broodmaster works, we’ll explain.

If you have an X value, you can put in as much mana as you want. When you see a value specified as XX, it means that any value you put in an X must be put in another X. But only one of those Xs is counted in the actual effect.

For example, you want to make the Broodmaster Hydra monstrous. You pay one green mana, then decide to put five more in X. You have to pay five more, so in total you pay eleven mana to make him monstrous. However, the X monstrosity only counts as one of the Xs, so it gets the 5 monstrosity and 5 +1/+1 counters. And on top of that you get 5 5 green Hydra creature tokens.

ending in

The next time you decide to make a deck with more creatures, you can’t go wrong adding a few Hydras. Hydras are fun and overly aggressive – especially if you can spend a lot of mana on them.

If you’re struggling to get enough mana to dive the Hydra, check out our list of mana stones.MTG Hydra is a set of cards that are all the same, but each one has a different power attached to it. These powers range from being a big dumb guy or woman, to eating your opponent out of a hat, and even calling up some random card from the top 10 cards in your library and smacking them with it. Some of the cards are really cool, while others are just plain garbage.. Read more about hydra lord mtg and let us know what you think.

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