15 Best Magic Tree House Books In Reading Order

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Magic Tree House is one of the most popular series of children’s books by the American author Mary Papa Osborne. There are a total of 28 books in the Magic Tree Book series, as Mary Pope has since launched an independent series called Merlin Missions. The Magic Tree series began in 1992 with the first book entitled Dinosaurs for Dark. The first book was very well received and praised by readers and critics, making the books still popular three decades later.

In the Magic Tree House series, the main characters Jake and Annie are always adventurous and find themselves in a very dangerous environment. You have to complete missions or solve puzzles against all odds.

Although each book has a different story and adventure, which suggests that some people prefer a chronological order when reading the books. And that is why we offer you the complete list of books from the Magic Tree. Take a look at the following list of books from the Magic Tree House and find the right order to read them.

Books about the Magic Tree House

The houses of the magic tree

1. Dinosaurs for the night

Dinosaurs before dark is the first book in the Magic Treehouse series and was published in 1992. In this book we get to know the characters of Jack and Annie. In this book Jack and Annie are about to embark on their first adventure.

Jack and Annie are curious about the hut and want to know where it came from. But before they get answers to their questions, the tree takes them to the historical past and takes them on the very first adventure of their lives. But the adventure is not just a story, because they have to find a way home, otherwise they risk being stuck there for a long time.

They both have a deadline because they have to be home before dark or because they end up eating dinosaurs!

2. Knight at sunrise

the magic book about the tree house

Knights at Dawn is the second book in the Magic Tree House series, published in 1993.

This time a magical hut brings Jane and Annie to the Middle Ages for their next wild adventure. You will explore a time when noble people lived in the castle and armies and kingdoms existed there. But people are a little suspicious of strangers, which gets Jack and Annie into trouble.

Jack and Annie discover that there’s a party going on at the castle, but they’re not welcome and they could end up in a very bad place if they don’t find a way out soon!

3. Morning mummies

the best books on the magic tree house

Morning Mummies was released in 1993. And as the title says, this book takes Jake and Annie to Ancient Egypt! The city is already notorious for its mummies and deadly creatures of the time, and Jake and Annie find a dead queen.

The dead queen wants help finding the book so she can return to the afterlife. And to find the book, they have to solve some riddles. But the question is whether the dead queen is telling the truth or whether Jake and Annie are just another prey for her.

4. Afternoon Pirates

the best book on Magic Tree House.

Pirates of Last Afternoon was published in 1994, and is the 4th Pirates of Last Afternoon. Part of the Magic Tree House series.

The adventure grows with each book, just like the danger, and Jake and Annie are well aware of that, so they want to be very careful with their next adventure.

This time the magical hut takes them on a deadly ocean adventure where they feel helpless at the mercy of the sea. They soon learn that they are surrounded by deadly pirates and that they have to behave like them in order to survive.

And since we are talking about pirates and the sea, there are also treasures to be found. Maps help them a little, but are they enough to find the treasure? Or will it be the last adventure of their lives?

5. Ninja Night

the best books on the magic tree house

Ninja Night was released in 1995. Well, who isn’t fascinated by ninjas, and we bet we all wanted to be ninjas when we were young! We may not be able to become a ninja, but we can experience what it’s like to be a ninja.

This time the Magic Tree House takes Jake and Annie to ancient Japan where they meet a ninja! But there are evil samurai who can harm them. So they only have one choice: to save themselves by learning the secrets of the ninja, but can they?

6. Good day on the Amazon

The books on Magic Tree House are in order.

The next book in the Magic Tree House series, Good Day on Amazon, was published in 1995.

Have you ever heard of Amazon? Otherwise, you must know that it is in one of the largest rivers on the planet, and that it is in one of the largest jungles on the planet. That means there will be as many deadly creatures as there are dangerous ones.

Because the jungle is so big that anyone can easily get lost in it, Jake and Annie also got lost on the Amazon, and now they have to find their way back before they run into vampire bats or deadly ants! They must find their way back to the magic hut or they will be in the rainforest forever!

7. Sabre tooth sunset

magic tree house, books in reading order

Sabretooth’s Sunset is the penultimate book in the Magic Tree House series, published in 1996.

Jake and Annie couldn’t resist another adventure, and this time the magic hut brought them back to the ice age! And look, it’s just like that, everything is covered in ice and the temperature is negative! And the worst: Jake and Annie are in their bathing suits! How will they survive?

Ice and cold are not their only problems, because they have to deal with gigantic creatures like tigers, mammoths and wizards!

Will they survive or will they get hurt this time? The story is very fascinating and every child will love it.

8. Midnight on the moon

Reading books from the Toverboomhuis

Midnight on the Moon is Jake and Annie’s next adventure! And this is the biggest adventure they’re ever going to have. Because they are on the moon, where there is no gravity, the climate is too cold and, most importantly, Jake and Annie are just kids who might not know anything about space matters!

Jake and Annie are on a mission to discover the last thing that will free Morgana from the curse. But they have to race against the clock because the oxygen in their tank can’t hold for long and they have to go as fast as they can without losing any more time.

9. Dolphins at sunrise

a list of books about the Magic Tree House...

Dolphins at Dawn is the next book in the Magic Tree House series, published in 1997.

Dolphins seem to be a cute and amazing creature that we can play with and have fun with. But will they be the same in the middle of the sea? You will soon discover how the magical tree house brings Jake and Annie to the middle of the ocean. But this time Jake and Annie are lucky on their side, because they find a submarine, but in compensation they also come across a giant octopus that could kill them! And then there’s the hungry shark, which is pretty scary.

The oceans are a dangerous place in both directions, and there are so many obstacles in their path. The question now is how they’re going to survive this.

10. Sand City Ghost City

a list of Magic Treehouse books

So far we’ve seen so many things and visited so many places on our trip to the Magic Treehouse, but can you really believe there’s a ghost town somewhere?

In the tenth book, Magic Treehouse, Jake and Annie are taken to the Wild West. It looks like an ordinary small town until they start thinking there might be more than what our eyes can see!

Jake and Annie just want to solve the mystery and on their journey they meet all kinds of people and creatures, including thieves, a lost foal, rattlesnakes, a cowboy, and so on. But the best part is that the answer to their mystery can be a ghost! Will they be able to address the situation and find the answer?

11. Lions Lunch

The houses of the magic tree

Do you know where to find lions and other large animals that you might not see in your local zoo? Africa!

Now that Jake and Annie are in the vast plains of Africa, they encounter many large animals that can easily harm them, because they are anything but friendly.

To get out, they not only have to solve the riddle, but also lions, wildlife and the most unpredictable of all – a hungry Maasai warrior.

12. Polar bears in bed

the magic book about the tree house

Jake and Annie have already experienced an ice age, but no experience can prepare them for an icy North Pole full of polar bears.

At this point they have one last puzzle in front of them, after which they can take over the management of the library. But it won’t be easy, because they have to fear not only polar bears, but also seals and icebreakers. And if they don’t hurry, they can have an ice cream too.

13. Holidays under the volcano

magic books about a tree

Who wants to get close to the volcano? Certainly not when the lava is about to erupt. But since Jake and Annie’s adventures are the most dangerous places, this shouldn’t surprise the readers.

The House of the Magic Tree now brings them back to ancient Rome on the day it was destroyed. You have to find the old city library before it burns down!

14. Dragon King Day

A magical book house in the trees

The 14th. The second book in the Magic Tree House series takes you to ancient China, also known as the City of the Dragon. Here the king is only evil, and he does what he wants or lets people do what he thinks is right, without thinking rationally. He ordered Jake and Annie to burn all the books! But can they do it, and if they can’t, how can they escape the king’s soldiers?

15. Viking ships at sunrise

the best book on Magic Tree House.

Viking Ships at Sunrise is the fifteenth book in the Magic Tree House series that describes the deadly and dangerous adventures of Jake and Annie.

Jake and Annie are now in old Ireland and have been warned to watch out for the Vikings. They are more in danger than they think, and it will be interesting to see how they fulfill their mission and find their way home!


So here are the Magic Tree books in the order you searched and we hope you found the list of Magic Tree books above useful. Thank you for your visit, and don’t forget to check out the other articles on our site for a set of similar books.

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