15 Best Nancy Drew Books In Order

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Nancy Drew is a series of popular mysteries that began in 1930 with the book The Mystery of the Old Clock. The series comprises a total of 175 books published before 2003. The series was written under the pseudonym Carolyn Keane, and the character of Nancy Drew was created by Edward Strathmeyer, who is also responsible for other classics such as The Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, The Rover Boys, and so on.

The series also contains a number of derivatives and revised stories that have been published since the last book in the Wolf in Winter Wonderland series was published in 2003.

About the series and the main character

Nancy Drew is the main character of the show. She graduated and lives with her father, a lawyer and her housekeeper in her hometown River Heights. She is very intelligent and often helps people solve puzzles, therefore she is very popular abroad. From time to time, Nancy Drew was called to a foreign country to solve mysteries. However, it does not accept payments.

Over the years her character has grown, she has become smarter and has had to face bigger puzzles. And not everyone seems to get tired of her and the means she uses to solve all the mysteries of the world.

Since there are several books in the series, it is a bit overwhelming to choose the books in chronological order. So here we share a list of Nancy Drew’s books, so you can read the series from the first to the last book in chronological order.

Nancy Drew Books

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1. The Secret of the Old Clock

It is the first book in the Nancy Drew Mystery series and was published in 1930. In this book we get to know the character of Nancy Drew for the first time. She graduated from high school at the age of 16 (although in later books her age was changed to 18).

The story begins with the death of a rich man named Josiah Crowley. Surprisingly, his will stipulates that his inheritance goes to Topham’s family, not his immediate family or friends. Something suspicious hit Nancy, and she decided to take matters into her own hands.

In this exciting adventure, Nancy shows how brilliant and capable she is. Fascinating how she follows the clues of the case and discovers the truth about the rich dead man’s will!

2. Hidden scale

Nancy Dritsch's book

Nancy Drew is scared and tense when her father is threatened by Nathan Gombert. Gombert feels cheated after selling a piece of land for a railroad bridge.

Moreover, Nancy was invited by the Turnbull, Rosemary and Florette sisters, because valuables are disappearing from their house, even though it is always locked. Using her deductive power and intelligence, Nancy Drew does everything she can to solve the mystery and deal with her family’s current situation.

3. Mystery bungalow

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The Bungalow Mystery is the third book in the Nancy Drew mystery series, which is also very popular and considered one of Nancy’s best adventures.

Nancy tries to help her friend out of a difficult situation, but she has no idea of the adventure and the new problems and secrets that await her. She’s in an abandoned bungalow and something she doesn’t like. Anyway, it could hurt Nancy and her friend. Nancy can get by using her intelligence and deductive powers.

4. Mystery in the Lilac Inn.

Best book by Nancy Dritsch

In Mystery at the Lilac Inn, Nancy Drew helps her friend Emily Crandell, whose valuables have been stolen. All this because Emily’s janitor took the jewelry out of the box and put it in her bag and it was stolen while they were distracted by a car accident.

But it will be easy, because the thief is too smart, and he can hurt Nancy to get the jewel back and not get caught. Will she manage to escape and solve the mystery of the stolen gemstone?

5. The secret of the Shadow farm

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The next part in the series of detective novels by Nancy Drew is titled The Mystery of Shadow Ranch! Nancy Drew could finally relax and spend the holidays in Phoenix, Arizona! But once again, with her luck, she finds herself in the middle of an opaque mystery that should have been solved sooner.

This time it’s a ghost horse chasing a ranch and an unknown enemy causing extra damage to the ranch. The locals believe there is a spiritual being behind all this, as well as the curse of Dirk Valentine, a romantic outlaw who was murdered years ago on the Shadow Ranch.

Nancy and her friends are now looking for a hidden treasure that could solve the mystery of the ghost animal and the curse. Nancy uses her clever deduction, but only to expose dangerous events that suggest that this city is more than just an animal spirit and a curse!

6. Red Gate Farm Secret

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The mystery of Red Gate Farm is one of Nancy Drew’s greatest mysteries to date.

Nancy’s girlfriend Bess bought a very expensive bottle of perfume. What seems to be a normal thing we buy and use every day has become the biggest mystery of his life. Nancy and her friends are sure this perfume bottle is linked to many secrets, including conspiracies, a cult and a fake network!

It would be interesting to see Nancy and her friends solve the mystery and discover the truth about the bottle and its secrets.

7. Journal note

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Nancy and her friends witness a fire in the building and are worried that there are people in the building they are trying to save. Instead of asking him for help, all that awaits him is a mystery. And the first clue is an anonymous diary.

What’s the next step? Whose paper is this? Is someone planning a trip for Nancy and her friends or is it just a coincidence? There are so many questions that need to be answered, and there’s only one way to find them: read the next book by Nancy Drew!

8. Nancy’s mysterious letter

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Mysteries and Nancy are two perfect couples in this world. No matter where Nancy is, a mystery will always be solved for her, and this time the mystery is a letter!

The letter is written in Nancy’s name, and when she opens it, she learns that it is a letter from England and assumes that Nancy is the heiress. It won’t be long before Nancy finds out that the letter was written to another person also named Nancy Drew!

But the question is, who is this other Nancy Drew? And why is she returning his letter? Is she safe or in danger? Out of curiosity, Nancy decides to find out the truth about the letter and the people behind it.

9. Twisted candles brand

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In this book, Nancy has a secret that could cost her her friendship with Bess and George, and she needs to use her diplomatic and deductive powers to solve problems.

When Bess and George visit Nancy and ask her to help their grandson, who may be stuck in his mansion. As Nancy learns more about the case and the situation, she discovers shocking information about him. There is so much tension between the two families and friends, and the sign of the twisted candles is the only thing that can help Nancy deal with the growing feud!

10. Password for Larkspur Strip

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The next book in the Nancy Drew series is entitled Password to Larkspur Alley. This time Nancy is confronted not with one, but with two mysteries. The first one is about an old woman who might be held in a mansion, and Nancy has to save her before anything happens to her.

The second secret comes from her friend Helen, who wants her to help her grandparents. Her grandparents see a blue fire that appears at nightfall in the woods near their house on remote Sylvan Lake.

Are the two mysteries connected? Or is she just thinking too much? Will she be able to solve both mysteries at once? To find out, just read Nancy Drew’s next book!

11. Unlocking the broken plug

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In this book Nancy and her friends relax at Misty Lake, and all they want to do is have a good time without any drama around them. And just when they thought they could take a break, a redheaded lady named Cecily Curtis asked Nancy to help her solve two riddles.

The first concerns her fiancé, who is a singer and believes that his partners are cheating on him about copyright. Another mystery is the hidden family treasures from the Civil War. And the clue to the two puzzles above is a half gold medallion!

12. Message to Hohleiche

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The embassy in Paul Oak is a test for Nancy and her ability to solve puzzles. It’s no secret that Nancy is a brilliant detective and has solved many amazing things in her life so far, and everyone admires the young detective. But now that it has become popular, not everyone thinks that someone can be so smart at such a young age, especially if they don’t know her.

A team of professional detectives is challenged by Nancy to solve the mystery. There’s an old hollow tree with a secret message in it, and Nancy has to find out. Will she prove herself to professional detectives or will she make a fool of herself?

13. Mystery of the ivory hornbeam

Nancy Dritsch's book

Ivory Charm Mystery is Nancy Drew’s next book in the series. For a long time it was believed that wearing ivory would keep them out of the way and protect them from damage. Now Nancy has been asked to prove this theory and go into it in more detail, because the royal family could be involved in all of this, and somebody somewhere is involved in an illegal project involving animals.

14. Whispering figurine

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In The Whispering Statue, Nancy is once again confronted with two mysteries at the same time. One about the theft of a priceless statue, the other about a collection of rare books and the merchant who had to check them! Both seem unsolvable, but Nancy has to do her job and solve mysteries.

15. Phantom bridge

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While Nancy helps her father solve the mystery of jewel thieves, she also finds another mystery waiting for her: the riddle of the Ghost Bridge! The fact that Nancy is already injured and that the current case may cause her even more problems, makes this mystery even more adventurous for readers!


So here are Nancy Drew’s books in the order you need to know them. Although you can often read a book in this series yourself, it is still worthwhile to read the books from the beginning to learn the plot, theme and character development of the books.

We’ve done our job by putting Nancy Drew’s books in order, and we hope you found our article useful. Thank you for visiting our site and come back for more in the future.

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