9 Best Silent Hill Games In Order To Play [2022]

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Silent Hill is one of the most recognizable horror franchises in gaming history. The series has spawned nine games and held a long-running franchise that was rated “Masterpiece” by Gamespot for its psychological horror, setting, gameplay mechanics & atmosphere. Check out 2022’s new top 9 Silent Hill games!

“The Silent Hill games are a series of survival horror video games developed by Konami. The series began in 1999 with the release of Silent Hill, which was followed by eight more installments.”

9 Best Silent Hill Games In Order To Play [2022]

When you play a horror game, much as when you watch a horror movie, you receive an adrenaline rush. Horror games are perfect for those who prefer to be afraid and jumpy when playing a game. The horror games are similar to survival games, but they include a fantastic music and backdrop that may make you jump while playing. Although the horror-survival genre is not the most popular, it is unquestionably one of the greatest. As a result, there are a plethora of fantastic horror survival games to enjoy.

Silent Hill is one such game that has captivated everyone’s heart when it comes to playing horror games. Despite the fact that the Silent Hill series began in 1999 and the final game was released several years ago, the game’s fan base continues to grow. Players like the scary themes in Silent Hill games because they give them the goosebumps and keep them on their toes. If you like horror games, you should give Silent Hills a try. And we’re presuming you’re considering beginning the game series as well.

However, if you want to start the game series, you must play the games in the correct sequence. Even if most people would play the finest games in the series, you should know what the right Silent Hill game order is if you want to make a long-term commitment to the series and play in chronological order.

In this essay, we’ll go through the Silent Hill games one by one. So go ahead and look at the next games in order to see how many games you’ll be playing in the series and in what sequence you’ll be playing them.

In No Particular Order: The Best Silent Hill Games

1. The Silent Hill series

In No Particular Order: The Best Silent Hill Games To Play

Silent Hill, the first game in the Silent Hill series, was published in 1999. Even though it was released decades ago, the game was praised for its novel horror aspects and survival techniques that had players on the edge of their seats. The players were introduced to this game for the first time, and their first impressions were favorable. People were also enthusiastic to play the game since it was released on the PlayStation 1 at the time.

The game introduces us to Harry Mason, the game’s primary protagonist. After witnessing a picture of a girl on a winding alpine road, he finds himself lost in the mountains. He then discovers that his adoptive daughter, Cheryl, has vanished. The narrative quickly becomes horrific as Harry panics and attempts all he can to locate his daughter in the misty hills. His quest begins from there, as he encounters numerous scary animals and elements, including an evil cult.

The game includes five endings, which are determined by the decisions you make along the road; this is particularly intriguing since the games may be played several times. There are puzzles, exploration, and battle throughout the game. The aim is to locate his daughter while battling the Hill’s creatures. Overall, it’s a fantastic start to the series, and gamers have praised it.

2. The sequel to Silent Hill

Silent Hill Games In Order

Silent Hill 2 is the following game in the Silent Hill series, and it was published in 2001. It was released first for PlayStation and subsequently for Windows, which pleased gamers who had been waiting for the sequel to the series’ initial edition following a promising start with the original game. Because the prior game’s tale ended, this game tells a fresh story with new characters. The narrative of James Sunderland is told in this game. He’s on his way to the Silent Hills after discovering a letter from his late wife. The protagonist believes the letter when it claims he may meet his wife in a particular spot, so he sets off on a quest to meet her.

As the tale progresses, the horror components begin to emerge, giving you shivers throughout. The game contains creatures, riddles, and several jumpy moments that may frighten you. This game was inspired by Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky’s well-known work “Crime and Punishment” (1866). The game has a cold mood with music in the background. Only small adjustments have been made to the game, making it a fantastic horror title.

This is one of the series’ finest titles, as well as one of the best games in the genre. This might be one of the reasons why this game was more popular than the previous. It’s a psychological thriller, and you’ll be eager to solve the puzzles and encounter the game’s new creatures.

3. Silent Hill 3 (video game)

In No Particular Order: The Best Silent Hill Games

Silent Hill 3 is the next Silent Hill game in the series, and it was published in 2003 for PlayStation and Windows. In the third person viewpoint, the game has a similar exploration, puzzle, and combat experience. Heather Manson, a young adolescent, is introduced as a new protagonist in the game. She made her first appearance in the first episode, when her father saved her from an evil cult. As a result, there are some parallels to the original game.

Heather finds herself in a precarious predicament as the same gang tries to summon the old god once again. She is going through some nightmares in which she is unable to find her way back to reality and is separated from her father. She is making every effort to return to her father and be secure. This, however, will not be simple. When the monsters are around, she has a radio that picks up the radio static.

The horror and psychological thriller components are still there in the game; fans have praised it, and it was a commercial success at the time.

4. The Room from Silent Hill 4

Silent Hill Games In Order To Play

The Room is the fourth Silent Hill game, published in 2004 for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Windows. This game introduces us to a new scenario and location called Ashfield, which is another of the imaginary cities, as well as a new protagonist named Henry Townshend. He is imprisoned in his flat and is desperately attempting to escape.

As the game progresses, a number of mystical aspects emerge, as well as the appearance of a serial murderer called Walter Sevillian. Now, Henry must act quickly to extricate himself before something awful occurs. There are just a few options for him to flee, and a player must discover them as fast as possible.

For the first time, several elements of the game are played in first-person view. Weapons and exploration are restricted. Before they can finish the game, the participants will have to go through a difficult period. The game received mixed reviews due to its departure from the prior three entries in the series.

5. Silent Hill: The Beginning

Silent Hill Game In Order

Origins is the next Silent Hill game in the series. After a lengthy hiatus since the fourth entry in the series, this game was published in 2007. Although, since then, two spin-off games have been produced in the series. Climax Action, the game’s new developer, published the game on PlayStation 2 and PSP. The most intriguing aspect of this game is that it is a precursor to the first one, so you may play it as if it were the first. The tale is set prior to the events in the first game.

Travis Grady is a character in this game who is looking for information about a girl he saved from a fire pit. The plot is set on Silent Hill, where the protagonist investigates occurrences involving otherworldly mysteries and the town’s cult, which will reveal fresh truths.

Fans were pleased to see that the gameplay was similar to that of the original trilogy, with less emphasis on exploration and more on puzzles and fighting. Travis carries a radio and a flashlight, much as Heather Manson in the third game in the series.

Silent Hill: Homecoming (Silent Hill: Homecoming) (Silent Hill:

Best Silent Hill Game In Order

Homecoming, the next game in the Silent Hill series, was published in 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows. Alex Shepherd, a soldier returning to his hometown of Shepherd’s Glen, is the new protagonist in the game series. To his surprise, his hometown has changed drastically since the last time he left. The community is in upheaval, and his brother is on his own quest. So this game revolves on the protagonist being on a quest to locate his sibling.

His adventure eventually leads him to Silent Hill, where he discovers the cult and the order. He’ll also learn about the town’s history, as well as his own.

Because the protagonist is a soldier, he excels at gathering information, battle, and combating the unknown. He knows how to utilize the weapons and develop new maneuvers in the game. As a result, his adventure will be more than typical, and you’d want to be a part of it. So there will be some terrifying moments as well as times when your fighting and survival abilities will be put to the test. If you like using weapons and being a part of fighting, this is a terrific game to check out and play.

7. Shattered Memories from Silent Hill

In No Particular Order: The Best Silent Hill Games To Play

Shattered Memories, the next Silent Hill game in the series, was published in 2009 for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation Portable.

This game is a bit different from the others, and the players will have a fresh experience. The game follows Harry Mason’s quest, which is linked to the previous game in the series. Although the game takes place in a different timeframe or reality, it will be a unique experience. The people and situations from the original game are, however, different. There are five different endings to this game, depending on your choices.

Although there is no fighting in the game, it does have some first-person psychotherapy moments, shoulder exploring bits, and narrative pieces.

Silent Hill: Downpour is the eighth installment in the Silent Hill series.

In No Particular Order: The Best Silent Hill Games

Downpour, the next installment in the series, was published in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Murphy Pendelton, a new protagonist in the game, is a prisoner stranded in Silent Hill when a prison transport van was involved in an accident. As the protagonist may sometimes access the otherworld, the game is about unearthing the protagonist’s memories and unraveling new mysteries. There is also a semi-open world concept with a large number of NPCs in the game. Because the protagonist is a regular guy, he’ll have a hard time fighting or wielding weapons. Although the game has some frightening themes, players found it to be less frightening than they had anticipated.

Silent Hill: Book Of Memories (Silent Hill: Book Of Memories) (Silent Hill:

This is a PlayStation Vita spin-off game from the Silent Hill series that was published in 2012. The hack and slash RPG aspects are included in the game, and the player will journey through dungeons, confront enemies, acquire experience, and upgrade their skills.

There are many stages to complete, each with its own set of puzzle pieces. This game, too, has many endings that are determined by the decisions you make. The narrative revolves on a playable avatar who receives the Book Of Memories, which leads to unexpected dreams inside the book’s places. There are several new aspects and features that will provide you with a unique gaming experience.


So there you have it, the Silent Hill games in the order you requested. The original game in the series was released in 1999, so it’s probable you’ll find it a touch old in terms of visuals or gameplay. Regardless, it has everything you could want in a horror survival game.

That’s all we have for now, and we hope you found what you were searching for, namely the Silent Hill games in the correct sequence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What order should I play the Silent Hill games in?

A: In order to enjoy a videogame, it is important that you start the game at its best point. Silent Hill 1 takes place in prison, so you should play that first before playing any of the other games. Then play Silent Hill 2 and 3 while they take place outside of prisons. Finally, 4-6 are set inside a mental hospital where there can be more monsters around than usual but still stay with your initial playthrough plan as long as you dont jump ahead too much from what was established in 1-3.

What is best Silent Hill game?

A: Better question would be which Silent Hill games were released on PC and what are the best ones. Here is a list of all the PlayStation Silent Hill releases with links to reviews, so you can do some research for yourself.

Will there be a Silent Hill game?

A: Yes, we do have a Silent Hill game in development.

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