A Simple Guide in Choosing the Right Frame (Base) for your Standing Desk

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There are many different types of standing desks that can accommodate a wide range of budgets, as well as a variety of needs and preferences. This guide will help you decide which is the best for your particular situation.

The “standing desk base ikea” is a great option for those who want to be able to adjust the height of their desk. This guide will help you decide which frame will work best for your standing desk.

A Simple Guide in Choosing the Right Frame (Base) for your Standing Desk

All you need to do is purchase the frame or the base if you want to reuse an existing tabletop. If you’re attempting to save money, it’s also a reasonable choice. 

However, purchasing the desk frame is equally as difficult as purchasing the full standing desk. You’ll be wasting money if you get the incorrect one.

Do you want to make your own standing desk and want to know what the finest frames are? The reality is that there are several solutions available. This article will go through the benefits and drawbacks of some of the most popular models, as well as what to look for when purchasing these frames. Furthermore, we have compiled a short guide that will assist you in selecting the appropriate base and frame for work or study.


Before we get into the best models of frames on the market, let’s have a look at why so many people choose to purchase a standing desk frame rather than source their own workstations.

One of the main reasons for DIY is to save money.

As you would expect, one of the main reasons individuals purchase a standing desk frame is to save money. Others use it to add a sense of personalisation, since they have certain specific needs that only they can meet.

Aside from the aforementioned, electric adjustability, stability, and memory settings are all included when purchasing a standing desk frame.

While it’s natural that DIYers are usually looking for the cheapest component, it should be highlighted that this method is not recommended when dealing with electric bases with changeable heights. It’s possible that you’ll have to pay a little extra to buy a more stable desk foundation.

When it comes to picking the correct frame for your standing desk, you should keep in mind that bases built in the United States or Europe are more likely to stay sturdy over time than equivalent Chinese ones.

Calculate the weight of the tabletop you want to use (a thick tabletop or one made of heavy oak or stone would clearly weigh more) and subtract it from the lifting capability of the base to estimate the lifting capacity of the frame.

If you want to use a tabletop that is wider than 59″, make sure it is at least 1″ thick to prevent the table warping over time. It is also necessary to avoid additional side loading on the desk’s raising legs.

If you’re thinking about adding an under desk treadmill to your workplace, it’s a good idea to avoid bases built in China as much as possible since they grow more unstable as the height is raised. When the leg segments of the desk reach a point where there is little or no overlap, the base’s lateral shakiness will worsen to the point where the user will literally be unable to bear it any more.

So, if stability is important to you, you should not be towards the top of the height range. This is especially crucial while typing on such a table; as the desk becomes shakier, your typing accuracy and speed will undoubtedly suffer. As a result, premium bases built in the United States with 6″ leg extensions are preferable. Freedom bases and iMovR Lander are two models that may assist correct for the treadmill deck’s height.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Frame (Base)

Knowing the correct desk height can assist you in selecting the best range for your desk frame. You must also take into account the correct desk height while sitting and standing.

Find out what your optimum desk height is.

Knowing the frame’s height range or stroke capacity is one approach to ensure that the desk will meet your requirements. Finding a proper frame might be difficult, especially if you are taller or shorter than average.

A frame that may reach as high as 50-51″ is required for taller people. Those of average height (5’10-5’11) may find 44-45″ rather comfortable, and frames and standing desks in this height range are readily available on the market.

If you’re petite, you’ll want frames that can go down to at least 23-24″ in length.

While you may examine the height range or stroke capacity of the frame to determine whether the desks will fit your height, being able to physically view the frames or the desk first might get you extra comfort points.

As a result, several customers come into the shop to see the frames or standing desks for themselves. If this is a possible option for you, it will save you money on return costs if the desk does not match your expectations.

What material is it composed of? 

Knowing where the frame is made can give you an idea of how solid or long-lasting it is. 

For example, many standing desk frames, especially the more cheap ones on the market, are built in China. 

Typically, cheap China frames cost between $250 and $300. However, you’ll receive a stingy warranty to go along with the shoddy build.

However, there are frames produced in China that may be suitable for you. These mid-range frames may cost between $500 and $600. The China-made Jiecang base, which can also be seen in Fully Jarvis and Uplift, is an example of this. 

These are more durable than the ones we stated previously, despite being produced in China. The manufacturer threw in a hefty guarantee to boost your trust in these types of frames.

However, if you want frames that are strong and durable, we prefer frames produced in the United States or Europe. These are also the more sophisticated frames, with added features including anti-collision, more sensitive tilt recognition, and a quicker and quieter transition. Furthermore, these frames have a higher capacity.

They also provide a longer warranty, ranging from 10 to 15 years. Fully, on the other hand, provides a similar guarantee with their Jiecang foundation.


In this part, we’ll go through the warranty in in detail.

It’s possible that frames with a stinger warranty of less than two years are a rip-off. Sure, you’ll save money in the beginning. When the frames and their mechanics start to go crazy on you after three years, you’re on your own. 

Repairing a frame may sometimes be more expensive than purchasing a new one.

While frames with a longer warranty might help you save money in the long run. This also demonstrates the brand’s belief in its own goods. Who wants to throw in a longer warranty if the product will be obsolete in less than three years? No one, that is.

Legs with a single stage vs. legs with two stages

What’s the difference between the two?

Take a look at the frames’ telescoping section. The number of telescoping segments on the frame is referred to as the stage. There will be two telescoping segments on single-stage legs and three telescoping segments on dual-stage legs.  

Let’s see how we can put it into layman’s words. 

A three-part dual-stage leg will have a greater height range. It’s also less unsteady and more solid.  

That’s why dual-stage standing desks often appear on the best-of lists. You’ll receive a better deal on your purchase. 

Single motor vs. dual motor

A twin motor frame will give you more bang for your buck. 

A dual-motor frame will have a higher power output than a single-motor frame, despite the extra expense.

As a result, two motors offer a larger weight capability and a faster adjustment speed. They are, however, more expensive.

Even yet, there are times when a single engine is sufficient to meet your demands. It may be sufficient if you are on a low budget and just want a simple desk on which to set a laptop and no more equipment. 

Size of a desktop or tabletop

The width and length of your tabletop must match the width and length of the frames. Otherwise, if you don’t take the right dimensions before buying, you may not be able to fit your old tabletop into your new frames. 


Frames that may be adjusted in width will be more adaptable. You won’t need to buy a new frame if you decide to replace your tabletop in the future. If you’re not sure how to customize a tabletop, check out this guide: How do you decide which tabletop is ideal for your standing desk?

Controls and presets

Control panels will be included with the desk frame. These will be used to adjust the height of your standing desk. It usually comes in two varieties. There is merely an up and down toggle switch or button on the basic control. The most complex models will include an up/down button as well as memory settings. 

Control panels with memory settings are more handy, particularly if the desk is shared. 

If you often change positions during the day, just keep your preferred height settings and press the button whenever you need to shift. As a result, it won’t always be a guessing game.

The price

Of course, the last determining aspect might be the price. But don’t let it happen. Instead, consider the price in relation to all of the other considerations listed above.

That doesn’t imply you’ll be very frugal, nor does it mean you’ll have to go overboard.

Consider all of the aforementioned criteria in light of your current financial situation. Keep in mind which frames will offer you the most bang for your buck.

It isn’t simply about the cost.

Choosing the proper standing desk frame may be just as difficult as selecting the perfect standing desk. 

While you want the finest of the best, you must also weigh your budget against your requirements and desires. 

Also, reading legitimate reviews will give you the finest sense of how a frame or standing desk functions.

Now we’ll take a look at some of the most popular standing desk bases on the market. We’ll divide them into two categories: budget standing desk bases and premium standing desk bases:

Best Budget Standing Desk Bases

The following are some of the most cost-effective desk bases currently on the market:

Base for StandDesk Pro

This unique brand was the first to offer, and although the quality was not as good as it was at the time of first production, the firm has made a lot of changes since then, and in 2017, they debuted their StandDesk Pro. It contains several pleasant and unique elements that are not seen in other Chinese bases, despite the fact that it is fairly similar to a lot of other Chinese bases.


The StandDesk Pro base has a 10-year guarantee on all of its components, which sets it apart from other Chinese rivals. The StandDesk Pro is priced between the Jiecang and Autonomous models, but it provides greater quality. 

Base Jiecang

The Jiecang Base is a frame with changeable heights that is often utilized by standing desk makers and workstation manufacturers that offer low-cost desks, such as Fully Jarvis, GeekDesk, and Uplift 900. The Jiecang foundation, like most others, can be adjusted in width to fit table tops ranging from 74 to 48 inches. It should be noted, however, that extending the base beyond 72″ makes it unstable.

The Jiecang Base usually comes with a digital controller with four memory presets or a basic two-button up and down controller, so seek for this specification when ordering online.

When it comes to dependability, Jiecang base desks seem to have a reputation for not being as dependable as desired in the field. Black, silver, white, or alloy paint options are available. 

DIY Autonomous SmartDesk Kit at the Lowest Price

1637914414_872_A-Simple-Guide-in-Choosing-the-Right-Frame-Base-forThis frame’s pricing may be found here.

This is, without a doubt, the most cost-effective electric foundation available. However, it is unfortunate that you get exactly what you paid for with this design. Despite its low cost, it provides consumers with a poor, unstable, loud, and unreliable platform.

This desk frame comes in both residential and corporate versions. The home model has a weak, sluggish, and unreliable single-stage, single-motor desk, but the business variant has dual-stage and motors. The motors are also protected from overload and have a longer life span.


If you require a frame that will be at the center of your daily work routine, you should choose a better frame, but if you only want the Autonomous SmartDesk Kit, keep reading.

Titan Desk Frame with Single Motor 

1637914417_751_A-Simple-Guide-in-Choosing-the-Right-Frame-Base-forCheck the cost

Almost any style of desk may be used with the Titan electric desk frame. This product allows you to choose the kind of desk you desire. It’s a height-adjustable standing desk that you may customize to your liking.

The programmable button may be used to modify the height. You may also choose between 27″ and 46″ as your chosen table height. This is possible thanks to the memory control. However, you may manually modify it using the tow control buttons.

It’s also one of the few desks that can be adjusted in width. If you have a tiny area, the desk frame is simple to fit in. Its width may be adjusted from 43″ to 53″.

In terms of strength, this single motor steel frame can sustain up to 176 pounds of weight. Furthermore, it is made from cold-rolled steel plate. It’s long-lasting, which means it’ll last a long time. In addition, this sort of material prevents the table from being too hot. As a result, it’s great for individuals who use their laptops virtually continuously throughout the day.

Overall, the Titan standing desk frame is one of the most adaptable standing desk frames available. You have complete control over the surface, as well as the height and breadth of the table.


  • It comes with all of the tools you’ll need to complete the installation.
  • Setup is simple.
  • Height and breadth are each adjustable.
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Indicator of height using LED


  • Wires link the programmable controller to the motor.
  • The wiring seem to be disorganized.

Where can I get it?

Standing Desk Bases of the Highest Quality

As previously stated, the low-cost DIY desk frames are made in China. However, the bases that will be detailed below are either from the United States or Taiwan. They are of better quality, come with longer manufacturer warranties, and are more dependable.

1637914418_286_A-Simple-Guide-in-Choosing-the-Right-Frame-Base-forlander base with complete tabletop from imovr

Lander IMovR

The Lander is a top-notch product in practically every facet of performance. It boasts a 365-pound lift capacity, a comfortable reach that can fit even the tallest users, and a 7-foot-wide workstation. It also comes with a 6-inch leg extension kit that raises the top height to 56 inches, making it the highest desk on the market.


In comparison to virtually any other DIY foundation, building a desk with the Lander base kit is also quite simple and saves time. All components of the Lander are also covered by a ten-year guarantee. It comes in two colors: black and white.

Where can I get this frame?

Vigor IMovR

It is one of the strongest, quickest, and quietest bases available, despite being produced in Asia. It’s one of the few bases that comes with both two and three legs. The three-legged variant is suitable for constructing L-shaped workstations. And it’s one of the few bases that comes in both 24 and 30 inch sizes.


The Vigor is a 5-star rated electric base with a 5-year guarantee on all components and is backed by IMovR in the United States. This is the basis that everyone should use when it comes to heavy lifting applications. It’s a terrific option for any treadmill desk application, with a lengthy lifting stroke, adjustable width of up to 75″, and a top-end height range of 50″.

Freedom IMovR

Freedom is another beautiful desk foundation that maintains its quality rather than cutting shortcuts on metal gauge, technological features, or motor quality. The freedom base’s legs feature unique corners on their down tube, and the coating on its legs is also more scratch resistant and decreases friction.


It comes with a digital controller that just includes up and down buttons, and the stand is available in black, white, or silver. This is another wonderful alternative for you if you require a durable and effective desk stand.


You are more prepared to make the proper option when it comes to picking the appropriate frame for your DIY standing desks now that you have seen some of the greatest desk frames presently available, both low-cost and high-quality ones.

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Standing desks are becoming more and more popular. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right base for your standing desk. The “standing desk legs” is one such option that can be used with any standing desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a standing desk frame?

A: The main factor in choosing a standing desk frame is the height you need to work at. Its important that your seated or working position be adjustable, so that you can use it for any length of time. After deciding on how high up you want to stand and what size frame will fit your desk dimensions, look into different materials as well as options with wheels so you dont have trouble moving it around if needed.

What is the ideal height for a standing workstation?

A: It depends on your needs. A standard height for most people is about 4 feet, 6 inches above the floor. If you require more space under the desk, a higher height will be required. For taller individuals who have lower backs or need to bend eye-level with their work surface at all times, having a standing workstation between 5 and 8 feet high can best accommodate these needs.

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