All of the GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs

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The perfect companion for your Samsung smart TV, this universal remote has plenty of features that make it easy to use. With over 30 million codes already stored in the app and a library of more than 25,000 apps on the device itself, you’ll never be without entertainment or knowledge again.

The “GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs” is a product review that lists all of the codes for GE’s universal remote. The article also includes which model number of the TV needs to be used in order to get the code. Read more in detail here: ge universal remote codes samsung tv.

All of the GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs

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I’ll provide all of the GE Universal Remote Codes for controlling your Samsung TVs in this article.

When You Can’t Find the GE Remote Codes for Samsung TVs

ge remote codes for samsung

We could only dream of having a single device that could control many things in our homes not long ago.

Today, you may simply get such a device — the well-known GE universal remote control. Most TVs (including Samsung) as well as other gadgets in your entertainment center may be controlled with this remote.

The universal remote codes for Samsung TVs are included in the GE literature, however it is sometimes faster to check them up online. This is particularly true if you lose the original instructions, like I did!

Don’t be concerned. I’ve got you covered not just with a Codes Catalogue, but also with some basic instructions.

First, let’s obtain those codes.

Codes Catalogue

A universal remote control code for Samsung TVs is a four-digit identifier that identifies a certain TV brand and model. The codes on Samsung TVs might differ from one model to the next.

How can I figure out the version of the code list I require?

samsung tv

Remove the batteries from your universal remote’s battery compartment. Inside, you’ll find a sticker with the code list version.

CL3 (code list 3), CL4 (code list 4), and CL5 (code list 5) are the three variants.

The codes for each version are listed below.

Model of Samsung Television Codes for GE Remote Controls

CL3 Version GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs

3301, 5471, 5521, 2741, 2961, 3321, 0001, 0101, 0251, 0261, 0331, 0351, 0531, 0571, 0711, 0781, 1191, 1221, 1311, 1501, 1911, 2071, 2141, 2721, 3471, 3561, 4011, 4941, 4961, 1501, 1911, 2071, 2141, 2721, 3471, 3561, 4011, 4941, 4961

CL4 Version GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs

3301, 5791, 5801

CL5 Version GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TVs

3301, 5791, 5801

To save time, I have listed the codes in order of popularity. This means that the first code in every group usually fits most Model of Samsung Televisions.

Your gadget will most likely function with either the first or second code. However, there is a potential that this will not be the case. Continue with the remainder of the codes on the list if that’s the case.

Entering Codes Instructions

The good thing is that you don’t need to know how to program to use this gadget. Now that you know the codes, you may convert a regular remote into a universal remote that will make your life simpler.

To input GE remote codes for your Samsung TV, follow these easy step-by-step instructions:

  1. Switch on your Samsung television.
  2. On the remote control, press and hold the’setup’ button. A red light (either a little light at the top of the remote or the on/off button) should illuminate.
  3. Press the button that corresponds to the device you wish to use (in this example, ‘TV’).
  4. Then, using the numeric keypad, enter the code from the list above. Begin with the very first one. If it doesn’t work, go on to the next option.
  5. Keep entering codes until the red light goes off. This indicates that you’ve discovered the proper code.
  6. Press the power button on your Samsung TV with the remote in front of you.
  7. The TV will switch off if everything is in order. If it doesn’t work, try another code from the list.
  8. To ensure that everything on the remote is operating properly, test the rest of the buttons.

Congratulations! Now you may use a universal remote control to operate your TV.

What Happens If Your GE Remote Codes Don’t Work?

If the first code isn’t working, go on to the next. Yes, it may take some time, but you should be able to discover the correct one in the end.

However, make sure your universal remote control has fresh batteries before inputting all of the codes listed above. The remote will be unable to function if the batteries are old or damaged.

Remember that you only have ten minutes to replace the batteries. The codes set into the remote will be lost otherwise.

Also, make sure the remote and your Samsung TV aren’t separated by a physical barrier. Vases, tables, and couches may all sabotage the whole connecting process.

Tip: Some codes can only perform a few functions. If any of the buttons on the universal remote aren’t functioning, try programming it with a different code from the list.

How to Use the GE Remote Control

ge remoteIf you still can’t find the proper code for your TV, go through all of the codes contained inside the remote.

  1. Manually Switch on your Samsung television.
  2. Hold down the ‘Setup’ button until the red light illuminates.
  3. On the remote, press the ‘TV’ button. Once, the red light will flash.
  4. Press the ‘power’ button on your universal remote and point it towards the TV. This step will allow you to try ten different codes using your remote (the red light will flash for every code sent).
  5. Rep the previous procedure till the television shuts off.
  6. Manually Switch on your Samsung television.
  7. Press the ‘Vol +’ button on the remote while pointing it towards the TV. The remote will transmit the initial code you selected earlier.
  8. Rep the previous process till the TV shuts off (each time, wait three full seconds before pushing ‘Vol +’). To save the code, press and release the ‘TV’ button after it has turned off.
  9. With your remote, turn on the TV and test the buttons.

Resetting the Remote Control Instructions

At any moment, you may return your universal remote control to its factory settings.

  1. To turn on the small red light on the remote, press and hold the’setup’ button.
  2. Press and hold the’setup’ button. The red light must be on at all times.
  3. ‘Mute’ the device by pressing and releasing the’mute’ button.
  4. Press and hold the ‘0’ (zero) button for a few seconds.
  5. If the red light flashes twice, your remote has been correctly reset.


All of the current GE universal remote codes for Samsung TVs are listed above.

Finding the correct one shouldn’t take long, but you should take your time. It’s also a good idea to jot down the code that worked for your Samsung TV so you can refer to it in the future.

You may now binge-watch your favorite programs on your Samsung TV once again. Enjoy!

ge remote codes for samsung

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The “GE CL5 Universal Remote Codes” is a product review that discusses the features of the GE Universal Remote. The remote has codes for Samsung TVs and other devices. Reference: ge cl5 universal remote codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I program my GE universal remote to my Samsung TV?

A: To program your GE universal remote to your Samsung TV, you need to perform a two-step process. First, press and hold the TV button on the front of the unit for five seconds until it starts flashing. Next step is to find this code in your manual or online by looking up Samsung TV Code. Once found, follow these steps:

What is the 4 digit code for Samsung TV?

A: The 4 digit code for Samsung TV is 814.

What is the 5 digit code for Samsung TV?

A: The 5 digit code for Samsung TV is 180427.

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