Avanti Cookie Press Review – Complete Guide

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Press box with Avanti-Cookies

If you are looking for a press to create cookies in a consistent form, an Avanti cookie press is a good option. It is a simple machine that has two functions: pressing cookies in different fun shapes and pressing the glaze that looks spectacular on your cake.

Mother’s Day, Christmas, Halloween. All these days get better when you have a cookie press. But Avanti checked all the boxes. We bought one to find out, so read on for our reactions.

Prior to this article, we investigated a collection of cookies, and here are the results. It’s worth taking a look if you want to compare the best options currently available on the market.

What’s in the Avanti cookie?

This kit contains everything you need to make cookies and ice cream. No matter how well you cook, you want to season it. In fact, you will:

1. Press cookies

Also known as a biscuit gun, this device looks like a trigger gun. There’s a barrel in which you put pasta or icing. The pinion plunger allows the user to pull the trigger and release the biscuits in a perfect size.

Unpacked press with Avanti biscuits. Unpacked Avanti press cookies.

2. Cuckoo slices

It is the floppy disks that determine the form of your cookies. They are made of stainless steel and are hygienic, robust and easy to clean.

The 8 discs offer a variety of fun shapes.

The kit contains eight cookie discs that allow you to create a variety of fun cookies. The shape of the Christmas tree will certainly be a success during the holiday season. There are also different flower shapes and a rectangle for pumping regularly shaped biscuits.

The cookie discs are on the counter. Another type of cookie disk.

Here’s a hint: If you’re hosting a Christmas dinner at home this year, check out our Christmas cooking guide, which covers all the basics and includes some delicious Christmas recipes.

3. Nozzles

You can screw the ice cream accessory to make decorating cakes, cookies and muffins easier. The set contains eight glaze tips that you can use to create flowers, stars, petals, grasses and much more, including the ability to write messages about the glaze in an original way. Birthday cakes will never look like these tips from Avanti.

8 Ice Cakes Ice cakes and cookies have never been easier.

These tips are made of stainless steel, just like the cookie discs, so you should use them for years before replacing them with a new set.

How to use a cookie file

Step 1

One: Make cookie dough. It is very important to use a recipe developed for a biscuit press. If you look online, look for a spray biscuit because it has a softer texture and can easily be pushed through the end of the press. Here’s a delicious recipe for Christmas cookies you might want to try.

Mix the cookie dough. Use a cannula cookie recipe for best results.

Step 2

Put the dough in the barrel of the gun. The secret is to squeeze and push as much as possible to avoid air bubbles. When full, place the biscuits of your choice on the end of the barrel and screw on the plastic nozzle.

Pour the dough into a biscuit press. Fill the dough well to avoid holes.

Step 3

Press the cookie dough onto a tray so that there is an inch between each biscuit.

A quick tip: Despite the fact that we have covered the tray with parchment paper, it is preferable to use a bare tray. Grease the bowl and let it cool in the fridge for 10 minutes. It makes it easier to place the cookies on the tray. The understudy on the set made our work difficult.

Delete cookies. Leave a small space between each cookie.

Below you will find flower-shaped biscuits. It’s not perfect, but think about what my 11-year-old daughter is doing, and it was her first time, so don’t judge too harshly!

Biscuits on a tray. Tube biscuits, ready to bake.

The baked biscuits looked good once!

Baking tray with biscuits. Allow the liver to cool on the baking tray.

Washing set according to

The subsequent cleaning was easy. The biscuit press can be unscrewed to separate the pieces so that you can wash the dishes quickly and painlessly.

My advice would be to clean up as soon as you’re done. Over time, the dough hardens in hard-to-reach places, making it very difficult to move.

Disassembled and washed biscuit press. Rinse the tool as soon as possible for your convenience.

Do you need to buy a press with Avanti biscuits?

This pressure is not a bad option if you need a first level pressure. The details are well constructed so that the biscuits are easy to prepare. Setting up the press is simple and intuitive. However, a guide with recipes and pictures of the shapes that each disc can offer would be useful. Instead, we each had to try to understand what the last cookie would look like.

Cookies in a container next to the Avanti Cookie Press. Store the cookies in an airtight container.

It should be noted that there are negative reactions to this instrument, warning that it has collapsed or was not suitable for its intended use. The main problem seemed to focus on the tip, which is made of plastic and can not withstand the pressure of the well – he jumped. I didn’t have that kind of trouble. However, I recommend that you read our complete overview of the best press tools for working with cookies. Some of the options in this list have a number of advantages over this model. Thus, the Marcato model offers higher quality without plastic parts. Oxo Good Grips has a transparent stem, which is useful because you can see how many tests there are left and also if there are any holes.

You can buy an Avanti cookie press for making cookies at most good DIY stores.

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