Best Modern Ramp Cards 2022

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The best modern ramp cards for the year 2021.

The best ramp cards mtg standard is a product review that looks at the best ramp cards of the year.

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The greatest contemporary ramp cards in MTG let you steamroll your opponents from the first turn onwards. Continue reading to learn about the top ten contemporary ramp cards to have in your MTG deck.

The Top 10 Modern Ramp Cards

Mirari’s Wake is the first book in the Mirari series.

Magic The Gathering - Mirari39;s Wake (189) - Conspiracy

Let’s get this party started with a bang! Mirari’s Wake is a mythic rare enchantment that mainly increases the power and toughness of your creatures by +1/+1.

The real kicker is that you get to add additional mana of the same color as the land anytime you tap it while Mirari’s Wake is in play. If the land generates several colors of mana, you may choose your favorite.

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2. Tithe Suffocation

Magic: The Gathering - Smothering Tithe - Ravnica Allegiance

No serious MTG player can deny that Smothering Tithe is one of the greatest Modern Ramp cards in the game. This uncommon white enchantment is more than worth the casting cost for 3 colorless mana and a single plains, to say the least.

When Smothering Tithe is in play, you get to make a colorless Treasure Artifact every time a player draws a card (unless they play 2 colorless mana to counter the ability). The Treasure Artifacts may be tapped for 1 mana of any color to be added to your pool. However, you must also sacrifice them.

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3. The Altar of Ashnod

Magic The Gathering - Ashnod39;s Atlar (218/249) - Eternal Masters

MTG players often ignore artifacts, which is a huge error. Consider Ashnod’s Altar: for just 3 colorless mana, you may have a formidable tool at your disposal (and it is harder than typical cards for an enemy to target directly).

You may sacrifice a construct and add 2 mana to your pool at any time while Ashnod’s Altar is in play. You may sacrifice as many creatures as you choose since the ability doesn’t require the card to be tapped. What a time saver, particularly when combined with a card like Smothering Tithe.

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4. Lantern with a Chromatic Theme

Magic: the Gathering - Chromatic Lantern (226) - Return to Ravnica

The Chromatic Lantern is another another fantastic Modern Ramp card that any Ramp player should have in their deck. Chromatic Lantern, like the last artifact on the list, costs 3 colorless mana, a modest price to pay for brilliance.

When Chromatic Lantern is on the board, all of your lands may be tapped for a mana of any color you choose. It may also be tapped for the rest of the round to add an extra color of your choosing to your mana pool.

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5. Zendikar’s Avenger

Magic: The Gathering - Avenger of Zendikar - Theme Deck Exclusive - Commander Legends

The 5/5 mythic rare Elemental creature Avenger of Zendikar fits with your Modern Ramp deck. It has a semi-expensive cost, but it’s definitely worth the mana for these nasty powers.

You get to produce 0/1 Plant creatures (green in color) for each land on the board when Avenger of Zendikar enters the battlefield. What’s the greatest part? Because of the Landfall ability, you may give each of your Plant creatures a +1/+1 whenever you play another land.

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Lotus Cobra, No. 6

Lotus Cobra

The Lotus Cobra is a lovely green Snake creature with 2/1 power and toughness, with a casting cost of 1 woodland and 1 colorless mana.

The card seems simple, but it’s exactly the kind of card you should retain in multiples in Modern Ramp decks. Lotus Cobra has Landfall, which grants you an additional mana of any color for the rest of the round whenever a land enters the board under your control.

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Azorius Chancery (number 7)

Magic: the Gathering - Azorius Chancery - Dissension

Azorius Chancery is a traditional double-land card that works well in Modern Ramp strategies. There’s not much to say about this card except that it enters the game tapped and requires you to return a land you control to your hand.

For the remainder of your turn, every time you tap Azorius Chancery, a plains and an island are added to your mana pool.

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The Awakening of the Animist

Magic The Gathering - Animist39;s Awakening (169/272) - Origins

Animist’s Awakening is a card that we’ve seen a lot of Ramp players utilize recently in MTG. The uncommon green sorcery card is certainly unique enough to merit a place in your Ramp deck.

When you play Animist’s Awakening, you pay X + 1 forest and reveal the top X cards in your deck. The tapped state of all land cards revealed this way is applied to the battlefield. The remaining cards are shuffled and placed at the bottom of your deck in random order. 

Isn’t this one of the cutest parts? Spell Mastery is a feature of Animist’s Awakening. If you have any Instant or Sorcery cards in your graveyard, the new lands you bring into the battlefield this round aren’t tapped.

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9. Gear for Adventure

Magic The Gathering - Adventuring Gear (195) - Zendikar

Adventuring Gear is the last artifact on our list of Modern Ramp cards for MTG, and it’s one you may not expect to see here. It may not seem to be a Ramp card at first look… but oh, is it ever!

There is a lot of land hitting the field in Ramp. With Adventuring Gear in play, creatures under your control receive a +2/+2 power and toughness boost each time you play a new land card until the end of your turn. 

Your creatures may double their usual size and crush the opposing lines to bone splinters and dust if the proper cards are played.

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Gladehart, Grazing

Magic The Gathering - Grazing Gladehart (163) - Zendikar

Grazing Gladehart is a 2/2 green Antelope creature with a forest cost of 2 colorless mana. On the surface, the Antelope seems to be a poor species, yet it is armed with Landfall.

You may gain 2 life points for each land that enters the battlefield under your control. See? We are well-versed on the subject! Grazing Gladehart is a shockingly good Modern Ramp MTG card.

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Modern Ramp Cards: Frequently Asked Questions

In MTG, what is a Modern Ramp?

Modern Ramp is an MTG name for a certain playing style. The goal of Contemporary Ramp is to utilize modern MTG cards that allow you to access massive amounts of mana from the beginning to the end of the game. As a result, you’ll be able to play cards with greater prices faster than other players.

Is it True That Modern Ramp Cards Are Good?

MTG has continued to create cards with the same excellent goal in mind as the previous Mana Ramp playing style: to acquire as much additional mana each round as possible. What makes Modern Ramp so powerful is that you get additional advantages like creature tokens, life points, and other boosts in exchange for all the extra land and mana you have.

What’s the Difference Between a Vintage and a Modern Ramp?

The major distinction between Vintage Ramp cards and Modern Ramp cards is that the older (Vintage) cards are now scarce. Don’t get us wrong: vintage Ramp cards are still effective. Modern Ramp cards, on the other hand, have an advantage since they contain the most recent spells and abilities in the MTG world.

The mtg ramp cards are a type of card that is designed for modern-day Magic the Gathering.

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