Best MTG Commander Board Wipes

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With the recent release of the Commander 2013 Edition, players are still looking for the best ways to keep their commander board clean. A lot of people use regular old 2-pump spray bottles to clean up the mess, but times are changing, and there are a lot of new products that are coming out that can make this process a lot simpler.

There’s nothing like wiping the board clean of one player’s forces so you can take over. Discover the best board wipes for the Magic the Gathering Commander game, and choose the one that’s right for you.

Imagine playing a game of Commander with a group of friends. You can’t play the cards you want – they may be too expensive to play now, not be the cards you need, or just be weak for the time you’re in the game. On the other hand, your opponents have built intimidating and impressive signs.

If you don’t do something soon, you will lose. What are your options?

This is exactly when you need a shelf scraper. If you’re new to the game or looking for some tips, we’ve put together this guide to the best board wipes in MTG Commander. We’ll also answer some of your most frequently asked questions about dashboard wipes in general.

What is a board wipe in MTG?

We begin by answering the most important question: What is a board wipe in MTG?

A board wipe is defined as a card that removes all or part of a player’s battlefield. For example, you can focus on specific types of cards. For example, artifacts, creatures, or enchantments. They can be equal, where all players’ cards are destroyed, or one-sided, where the opponent’s cards are destroyed and yours remain intact.

Essentially, a chalkboard wiper wipes the board clean. This may seem awkward, but it is sometimes necessary to prevent someone from winning the game or to reset the board. These cards are usually essential in any Commander deck, as a sort of safety net. You may not use them, but it’s always nice to have them.

Chalkboard napkins work better with some colors than others. You will notice that we have not included green signs in this list, because green is not a good color for signs. It’s not exactly in the color palette of green, and the few board clearances it has are narrowly focused, often on very specific things like creatures with flight.

While blue is one of the strongest colors in Magic (if not the strongest), it also lacks set cleaning, for the most part. However, it has a cyclonic disorder, which we will discuss in more detail later.

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Best Wipes for MTG Commander Tray

Wrath of God

White is one of the strongest colors in the game when it comes to clearing the board. This is the fate of the white man, and nowhere is this more evident than in the wrath of God.

This is a classic and well known napkin. It works great when your opponents have a lot of creatures on the board – especially in token decks designed to create token creature armies.

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In short, Damnation is just a modified version of Wrath of God. It can be argued that black as a color is another strong contender in the arena of erasing paintings, as this color often aims at destruction and dissolution.

If you’re using a black and white Commander deck, consider using Curse and Wrath of God as a last resort, if possible.

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Cyclic error

This is one of the most powerful board swaps in Magic: the Gathering, and it doesn’t feel like it at first. If you play it and only pay the base mana cost, you can only remove one permanent card from someone.

But if you pay the overload cost, you can return all of your opponents’ non-land permanents to your hand. This includes artifacts, enchantments, creatures, and even planeswalkers, which are traditionally hard to fight.

Also, the fact that this card only gives you one opportunity to bounce or pay the overhead for more is very helpful. You never know when you’ll need a quick way to temporarily get rid of a problematic card – like the huge creature your friend is about to attack you with.

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Blasphemy Law

At first glance, the blasphemy law doesn’t seem like a slam dunk, because it doesn’t say anything like destroy or ban. However, it does 13 damage to all creatures, which is enough to kill the vast majority of creatures in the game.

Additionally, the act of sacrilege costs one less creature on the battlefield. It doesn’t even have to be creatures you own – just creatures in play. So the larger the individual armies of your opponents are, the more beneficial it is to play this card. You can even cast it for red mana if you have a lot of it in play.

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On the trail of Garruk

The best thing about In Garruk’s Wake is that it’s one-way. In fact, the game is handed to you on a silver platter, as it saves your board while destroying everything else – including their creatures and planeswalkers.

We know that the mana cost seems significant, and that’s what makes In Garruk’s Wake lower in most other formats where it’s legal. In Commander, a slower format, nine mana is easy to hit, especially if you include disaster in your deck.

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Merciful expulsion

What makes Ruthless Eviction so powerful is one word: Banned. Usually the boards are destroyed, which usually gets the job done. But if your opponents have indestructible permanents or can return cards from your graveyard, destroying cards is not the best strategy.

Exile, on the other hand, is the actual elimination of everything and everyone. With the exception of a small handful of cards that don’t care about exile, almost all cards hit by Reckless Expulsion are removed from play. Their opponents can’t take them back.

The relentless eviction also gives you a choice. You can choose exactly what you want to exorcise, so you can choose the option that hurts your enemies the most and you the least.

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Toxic tide

Black suicide is a popular strategy in black decks. It works as the name suggests: hurting yourself but hurting your enemies even more, and that’s exactly what Toxic Deluge does.

Toxic Flood is so powerful that you can pay a life to apply a -x/-x penalty to creatures. In Commander, a format where you start with a lot of life, paying with hit points is not a big problem. It can even be useful early in the game if you don’t have enough mana.

And because this card applies -x/-x instead of destroy, you can use it to bypass indestructibility.

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Strict command

The fact that we’ve added another carte blanche to this list won’t surprise you. Austere Command is another card that is strong because it gives you choices.

Unlike Ruthless Eviction, here you also have several options to choose from. You can get rid of all the destructible creatures on the battlefield by Z. B. Select the third and fourth options.

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If you want everyone at the table to hate you, play Armageddon. Nothing sets the rest of us back like destroying all their land, which is a big part of their mana base.

Most casual gaming groups have a house rule that personally bans this card. No one likes to play against this, and we recommend that you check with your band to see if this is acceptable before using it.

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All is dust

If you’re playing a tribal Eldrazi or a deck with a lot of artifacts, All is Dust can be the perfect way to clear the board for you. As you can see, it forces players to sacrifice colored permanents they control, which means you don’t have to discard any colorless permanents you have.

Most people don’t use pure colorless decks, so you can get rid of just about anything with it. This card also bypasses Indestructible, as it forces players to sacrifice their cards – it does not destroy them.

Another benefit of this card is that it is a tribal spell for Eldrazi. Everything about Eldrazi cards has to do with it, like. B. Cards that allow you to track Eldrazi.

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Questions and answers on board sweeps

Do board cleaners kill targeted creatures?

No, clearing the board doesn’t kill the creatures, that’s why it’s so effective. With abilities like Shroud and Hex you can’t target specific creatures, while with Wipe the Board you can bypass this by randomly targeting all cards of a certain type.

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Does removing a planeswalker destroy the array?

Planeswalkers are among the hardest permanents to target in MTG, due to their card type. They are not considered creatures, which means that many board cleanses are ineffective against them.

To destroy a planeswalker with a board wipe, you need a card that specifically mentions all permanents or planeswalkers in the target text. If it just means all beings, it has no effect on them.

If you want to learn more about planeswalkers, check out our guide to MTG sets that have planeswalkers.

Do card swipers kill protection?

Defense is another difficult task. Protection protects you from all effects that can be directed at you and harm you, usually of a certain color.

For example, let’s say you have a card that has red protection. It’s protected from cards like Blasphemous Law

that do damage, but not the cards that only say destroy. This is because clearing the board by saying destroy all cards of type x does not specifically target that card with protection.

Can board wipes kill indestructible creatures?

The weakest keyword a removal card can have is destruction. That’s because indestructible cards are immune to these board cleanses.

If you need a board sweep that destroys indestructible creatures, you need something special. Sweeping the board, ejecting all cards of a certain kind, or applying negative values can work both ways.

ending in

If you’re setting up a Commander deck, it never hurts to clean up the deck a bit. Even if you never use them, it’s always a good idea to have them on hand in case someone beats you to it. These cards are perfect for leveling the playing field during tough times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do board wipes kill protection?

The debate on whether or not board wipes kill protection has been going on for years, and like Burrito v. Burrito, it has left many fans divided and distraught. Some believe that board wipes kill protection, while others think board wipes are just more effective at removing pesky creatures. Which side are you on? Are board wipes a great tool for killing pesky creatures, or do they simply just make your removal a little more expensive? Board wipes, in Magic terms, are cards that force a player to discard all their cards. Board wipes are mostly played for their ability to reset the game for a player who is on the losing end. Board wipes are most commonly played during the end game, but can be used during the mid game as well. .

Do board wipes kill indestructible creatures?

With the release of M13 came a new cycle of board wipes. These cards are designed to clean up the battlefield and have many uses. The most common are to reset a board that has gotten out of control, or to clean up after a Planeswalker has been destroyed. Another use is to have a card that can be cast in the mid to late game, that is able to wipe the board while not losing card advantage. This article will explain how well this new cycle of board wipes work, and how they compare to the other board wipes available in the game. For the uninitiated, a board wipe is a card that lets you remove all creatures from the battlefield. Board wipes are some of the most powerful effects in Magic, and are commonly used to clear the way for a late game win. But a recent article claims that board wipes actually help indestructible creatures win the game, since they dont actually die to board wipes. That sounds crazy, so how much truth is there to it?

Do board wipes kill Planeswalkers?

The MTG Arena community has been buzzing about the release of the new “Guilds of Ravnica”, and the inclusion of board wipes to the game. The new board wipes are different from the old ones in that they’re only one color, and can no longer target Planeswalkers specifically, which has caused some controversy. Magic the Gathering is a game with a massive online community. The popularity of the game has only grown over the last 20 years, and the player base has swelled to millions of people. One of the most common types of Magic the Gathering Cards are board wipes. A board wipe is a card that when cast will remove everything from the game field. There are many different reasons that people use these cards in their decks.

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